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Lore and Legend Oct 2019
They say the most beautiful gems are the hardest to grow:
They are rare, precious, and unique
Their journeys are long, hard, painful and slow
But their beauty is of greatest value

They begin as any other rock, average and ugly:
Rough, pointed, and unrefined
Then circumstances pressure them, hold them snugly
'til in the heated heart of earth they are purified

Once formed, they must surface, they must be found:
Rooted, probed, and undermined
Rugged rocks from the cold underground
Are saved from the dark to be seen in the light

The sparkle is there, but still under the surface:
Remote, perdu, and unknown
Cut and ground to reach their true purpose
The glittering gems are at last revealed

When I look at this process, I see my own story
Fallen, broken, and remade
First dying inside, then raised up to glory...
You see my little gem beginning to show
Strive to love the unlovable...because they may be diamonds in the rough.
A  star  is  a

Diamond  in  the


You  are

A  diamond  in

The  *rough
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
And beneath all the lies, is where I lie for laying down my truths beneath the gold of lies like a swarm of flies covering the bodies of the truth. Turning away all who would reach the glorious truth of me. Lies that grow to hide from what you see is a better side to me, the best that I can be, I have not two sides but three. One part shared 'tween you and me. This I tell you honestly.

And yet to be free like a diamond from the dirt wiped cleaned of all my hurts around my heart. My heart may be stone but I tell you I'm a beauty. Don't throw me away, polish me, and then you'll see. The crude form before you it craves to be seen. Unruly, barbaric, yet hidden, my gleam. Take me now gently, wash me down by the the stream,
Cut down the grime and look to my dream,
Cut through to my heart, all is not what it's seems.
A diamond I am yet I yearn to be fire, emblazoned by your light, you gave me my desire
The name can be read in English and Tagalog (Filipino)

Stone hearted people have their own feelings and desires too.

— The End —