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Seanathon Feb 3
The sound of thunder
Long since heard
Off the grain of a Louisville slugger
Shakes the sleep from the eyes
The dawn from the air
And puts dangerous respect
Back into these young lives
The January Lasts

I can't write lengthy stuff. Next pitch.
Katie V-W Jan 20
Collision of            dialogues
                                ­Colliding of           people
                                Colluding of          counterparts
                              ­ Conclusion of         parts
                               Crisis of                   conclusions
                              Critical collisions
Katie V-W Jan 15

Layers add transparency
     Layers make opacity
          Layers make body
               Body makes validation
                    Validation gives weight
                         Weight gives body
                              Body made of layers
                                   Layers are opaque
                                        Opaque avoids transparency
Transparency is avoided

To see through is to see clearly                 Unobstructed?
Does obstruction give interest                 Or avoidance?
To see clearly removes the layers
looking for transparency
removes the layers that are needed
layers of interest and context

                       The work needs to be layerless but be layered
Katie V-W Jan 15
Stitching, embedding, encasing it in,
binding stories
entombed into work
to speak for itself.
Be unseen while being seen,
read less of me,
read my visual language.
                                                                                           Don't understand?
                                                                                  That's not my problem.

I'll dilute it for you,
                  a sprinkle of me to

Maintain the intensity,
judgement on women, expected,
                                         judgement from society, a given.

Sacrifice for it
sacrifice all of it
it does not matter
                                         just the work.

Want them.
Want me.
They are commodities
                                         I am a commodity.
                                     Consume me.
Katie V-W Jan 15
Choosing the cliché,
My ego wants it;
          to be outlived
     beyond my genes
suffering for satisfaction.
Katie V-W Jan 15
Expectations to be
                    freely                    burdened
                              selfishly                     open
          marinating in my practice
Til I pop
                              Or I've lost the plot.
     A true artist.
Xaela San Jan 7
to the moment
our path intertwined
my heart skip beats
as I vividly picture
our arms brushed
as two strangers
momentarily capture
each others gaze
on the elegantly
curved bridge
above a body of water
swiftly in summer's air
like a beautiful
drawn sketch
in an artist pad

we realized that was
a new beginning,
a new journey
for our story to be
though we were
from across
oceans and lands
our meeting
was predestined
a destiny where
fate brought us
together to that day
in the same blue sky
like a perfectly
fited puzzle pieces
called "you and me"

in far-off memory,
even to this day
still this love
I possess is
powerful than
any temptation
then until the sun
cease to shine,
and the time
stopped for me
Let me treasure
this story of
you and me.
A random poem my friend ask me to write so that I can practice more on my writing skills...
Yuki Jan 5
I’ve never loved myself enough
to love another human being.
Love is practice and I’ve
only practiced hate.
I’m a mixture of
fear and boredom.
Never understood what
could make other people
My favorite hobby
has always been guessing
what could hurt me
the most.
And then do it.
How am I supposed to know
joy and gift it?
Cause f*cking up takes practice
I feel I’m well rehearsed
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