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Shaheera Ahmed Nov 2019
One day in summer's delight,
When the sun was shining bright,
I was writing poetry,
While sitting under the cherry tree,
I ate a cherry but strangely it was sour,
When all of a sudden my diary turned  into a door,
I entered the magical door to see,
Which surprise was awaiting for me,
That door opened into a wonderland,
Full of candies and chocolate sand,
It was like a dream and soon I should wake,
Coz houses were delicious cheese cake,
Then a cloud came near to me ,
Made of marshmallows dear to me,
From coned mountains strawberry shake was flowing,
This was all mind blowing,
I saw there was a cherry tree too,
Saying these cherries are also for you,
I sat under it for a greed,
That these cherries might be sweet,
After eating them I felt dizzy,
So closed my eyes and went sleepy,
After a while when my eyes opened,
I did smile but was saddened,
To see that there was no more wow!
The sun was also setting now,
That nap had a great impression,
I thought this should be a written expression,
So "cherry tree " I wrote a poem,
After that I went to home.
Fairy Sparks Mar 2016
You're just a boy
that everybody loves
they're going to do
everything and anything
just to be with you
they're dying to hear your voice

You're just a dream
that every lady
doesn't want to wake up.

If I could just tell to god
to let my hands
fit yours.
By:Fairy Sparks
hope to meet him soon..
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
Oh sleep. Say not a peep.
I cannot hope my words will seep to my dear friend
If sleeping you make her by the end
My short plea to my friend before they slept on me :) they managed a few more messages before nodding off

— The End —