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Ma Cherie Jul 2016
I'm getting ready
for a Poetic War
all this time
been keeping Score
building a Poetic Army
is a good idea

though we are the Elite
our seat
is with
the Highest Command
in the World
comprised of Genius Ninja's
cloaked in love
sent from above
teaching Mindfulness
praying hands

prepare your Sandbags
the ones under your eyes
are nothing
to the sleep
in counting sheep
you made me lose
and choose
a side

I pick me
you see
like Joan of Arc
I have a mission
to see to the end
my Unpoetic Friend
and Foe

with what I say
my words
you do not stand
a chance
of your dance
I am coming
in my anger
in this
I am ******
into Justice
my pen
for battle
my what I trust.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
All decisions have consequences not good to make enemies with the wrong people :)
I heard don't choose to get even choose to get angry....
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Spin with me. In circles
and spiral. Take this raw
emotion and spin them
through your spindle of
stories. Each string thing
lingering upon your fingers
like a spiders silk.
Emotions raw
Now singled out and wound together. Each emotion trailing into a single thread.

By you gentle hand you tie
my heart through the
needles eye.

Your Eye for me expertly
manipulating me to see the dreamscapes of my heart
So that I may see my
beauty reflected in your
refine(ed) spool.
Unwinding my twisted
cords. Singing to my like a
snake charmer.

Under your feathered
touch and soothing
I cannot resist you
Without hitch
With every stitch
There's not
One knot
Not a knot
For naught of simple
adoration for you
A recent piece made with the inspiration of a fellow poet dear to me

— The End —