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Ayesha Jun 2023
Vibin on the same wavelength
Sparkling stars light the way
Midnight is our time to wake
For owls our hearts stay
For a dear friend as a bday gift ;)
Makenzie Marie Mar 2019
I was caught in your eyes
Staring at the 3am sky
Watching the snow.
Listening to your voice
So full
Of love and passion
Watching you smile in the most you-ish fashion.
My drink got cold
And I hadn’t a care in the world.
SøułSurvivør Dec 2015
\\                                      //
\\  \                         //  //
\\\\  \                      //  /////
\\\   all night long   ////
I've tossed and turned
been ((●)) sad and ((●)) blue
the candle's \\/// burned/just
because I'm here alone/and
there's nobody on the phone
please, my love, come here
to me/by your side's where I
should be/can you help me? do you
care? please don't give me that blank
stare/I'm not just blue, I'm also bored
twisting up the telephone cord/please
my love, it's almost dawn/all you do is
blink and yawn/are you tired of me
now? If I can change, please show
me how! there are no stars in
your eyes/you lost the love
there's no disguise
there's no disguise
I've lost you now
I want you back
I don't know how
I'd be good/forever
true/ don't give me
that. you know "who!"

(C) 12/16/2015
Woke up a little while ago
and couldn't get back to sleep

Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Talking to you gets my worries away
You make it
So easy (to put)
My head
On the hay

With cotton ball wishes
Our poems we play
Each other a birdsong
To dreamland, away!
Short little piece
Acuriousnature Aug 2014
Spin with me. In circles
and spiral. Take this raw
emotion and spin them
through your spindle of
stories. Each string thing
lingering upon your fingers
like a spiders silk.
Emotions raw
Now singled out and wound together. Each emotion trailing into a single thread.

By you gentle hand you tie
my heart through the
needles eye.

Your Eye for me expertly
manipulating me to see the dreamscapes of my heart
So that I may see my
beauty reflected in your
refine(ed) spool.
Unwinding my twisted
cords. Singing to my like a
snake charmer.

Under your feathered
touch and soothing
I cannot resist you
Without hitch
With every stitch
There's not
One knot
Not a knot
For naught of simple
adoration for you
A recent piece made with the inspiration of a fellow poet dear to me
Acuriousnature Jul 2014
Oh sleep. Say not a peep.
I cannot hope my words will seep to my dear friend
If sleeping you make her by the end
My short plea to my friend before they slept on me :) they managed a few more messages before nodding off
wes parham May 2014
My friend, My friend, Insomniac,
You're ******* crazy.
You asked me to stay up late again,
like every other visit.
We smoked and smoked, We kept sleep at bay,
Held it off with caffeine,
but tempted it with liquor,
and you awoke me in single digits, low ones,
and wanted me to hear that song.
As much as I care for you, I realized something that night...
I'm no insomniac! Just a pedestrian, a faker!
Honestly believing that the sleep deprivation and
Not the drugs, not the alcohol, or the company,
Were actually killing me in the morning hours,
and, mumbling incoherently, I could not appreciate
The thing you wanted me to hear or see.
It might have been both.
So, yeah.
Sorry about that.
You're the best in my book and always will be.
Thanks for some great nights.
Purely experiential anecdote, with Serious apologies to actual insomniacs.  The friend in question, technically, suffered from sleep apnea.
Read here by the author:*******-insomniacs

— The End —