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Abby M Oct 2019
If the earth had a temple
Surely it would be the ocean
With its stained-glass fish
And its stately silver sands
Its keening choir of whales
And rocking sermon of waves

The world above is not
A foreign paradise
With its broken-glass windows
And its dingy gas-stained streets
Its keening choir of mothers
And angry sermons of men

If the earth had a temple
Our world would be its end.
Matt Bernstein May 2019
This is a stroll through the valley
of the last Forgotten God.
The walls, overgrown, throw shadows
that whisper when the wind blows

Step gingerly
through the maze ahead.
The temple is fragile
and the slumber of the unknown
is a blessing

After time's cruel neglect,
pray at the empty dais.
The only lost
is losing faith again
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2018
When gone what will my days amount to?
I can be caring yet conceited
But always remained loyal and true,
I somehow ended up lonely and defeated.

I do not pray to a whimsical God,
When I sing I bow my head,
Stumble in a temple or church,
Cannot see the light, worship music instead.

Seems the thing I idolize,
The only solace I've found still innocent,
As I lose myself in the lyrics and bars,
Fear gives way to reassurance; heaven-sent.

In melodies shown the only safety I trust,
For notes and words will continue to resound,
Though miles away from the nearest pew
Headphones become an altar, sermon written in song's sound.
Music is the only thing I worship
b e mccomb Jul 2016
I've a cache of four youth leaders
In the back of my mind
But it's best to keep
Them in the dark.

My fascination with
Binder clips
Just won't leave
My desk.

I swear, I do not
Remember last summer.

I also don't remember
The last four sermons in my psyche.

I will wear this
Nose ring like a princess
But I'm afraid
Of panic attacks and frosted doughnuts.

The water vaporizer and
The narwhals
Frequently run off together
And go to Somalia for Christmas.

I'm begging you not
To remind me of the Chevy t-shirt
Because I cannot get the
Ketchup and pasta off my reasons.
Copyright 5/8/15 by B. E. McComb
When each of us, reach another,
a soul can be eternally saved;
the path has been laid out and
you must be courageously brave!

Are you willing to die to self?
Can you access the mind of Christ?
Do others see that you live for Him?
Do you have… His everlasting Life?

Better than a sermon on your lips,
is a contented spirit of humility;
in Life’s brokenness, you can shine
with His Light and vulnerability.

Christianity isn’t for wimpy souls;
many have died, having been martyred.
Become born-again on this very day;
Faith with Christ, can’t be bartered.
Author notes

Inspired by:
John 3:7; Matt 28:18-20 and

You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.
-Oliver Goldsmith

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
SøułSurvivør Jan 2016
white light, never grey,
you've come to rest
upon my hand
do not fly away!
i am held in awe of you
i'm held in your sway
this is what i wish
this is what i pray
i will not be selfish
i'll be kind today
you'll find a home
within my heart
then maybe
you'll stay...

i'll be truly faithful
i'll be truly meek
i'll be truly patient
i will uphold the weak
i'll lead by example
those who truly seek...

i've been meditating
upon the skies above
what i've searched for
all my life
is your perfect love

true wealth's in the humble
retribution to forgive
the walk will make you stumble
in death we truly live

so i will be long-suffering
and i will release
the joy that is inside me

i will be at PEACE.

(C) 1/16/2016
the dove represents the Holy Spirit.
operating in the Spirit is
absolutely vital for a follower
of Jesus Christ.

humble, faithful prayer
draws the Spirit
but doves are flighty

but only if the Believer is

the attitude to have:


these are attitudes impossible to
maintain without the Holy Spirit.

the above poem is my prayer
for the day.

SøułSurvivør Jan 2016
(gnarly guitar riff)

Here I am again, Jesus freakin'
Are you ready, or still seekin'
Can I talk? Call your bluff?
Do you love the world?
Had enough?

I saw a man on the corner of the street
With a sandwich board
from his head to his feet
REPENT! it said, as he did bray
His face was lined, his hair was grey
People threw eggs into the fray
He continued his say
He began to

Lord, please forgive them
for what they do...
They don't know Christ
They don't know You
They are blindly going through
They think they're right
but it's not TRUE

I was there waitin' for the bus
There wasn't much for us to discuss
I said that I would pray as well
He'd inspired me to speak my tell
My testimony of Jesus Christ
How He literally saved my life...

So I started Jesus freakin'
As I got on the bus I was speakin'
I went to people who would listen
The people who wouldn't were just missin'
I told of mercy, I told of grace
I guess people saw by the light in my face
I said that what I told was true
As I got off the bus I said,


(gnarly guitar riff)*

(C) 1/15/2016
Based on two true stories
and the song by the Newsboys
entitled "Jesus Freak"

I never had the guts to stand on a
street corner though.
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