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Angel Friend
He is an Angel Friend.
Old, Wise, and Designed to have a huge heart

A hard working soul that never quits or did such weaken to bend.
Upon his birth..
Designed for brilliance - the bigger, brighter, and more
significant  of life purposes..

A legacy forged
At his birth
An energy made itself A great and bright start
Elderly ages equals wisdom and a fatherly care
Energy in a heart forged from gold - such strength shared and Naturally    grown
Such vines to sprout and bond
Connections created and they never detach
Away from the one's who have shared such energies, in return.
A beautiful artistic creation
Created through heart's truer matches..
Selfless gifts
Formed from the kindred spirits - like the silk worm's
Carefully generated stitches of silk
From their gratefulness and directed sharing of portions of their life's force

These fibers are  woven into  unmeasurable
Dime Worthy estimated or appraised "trinkets"
of breathtaking Tapestry Blankets or  "clothe windows.."
Joined forever as one, from one starting love's warmth to another,
train on "crazy rails in need of redirection.."
Such souls see and hand over irreplaceable rider tickets

Clothe pieces of spirits joined as one - as  tapestries .
Quilted  generations bonded by their loving and sharing connections in Golden Spirited   worth .
Heirlooms handed down between life's generations
New births of fresh spirits
Climbing the ladders of time
as cherished timeless gifts
Given to those whom he cares for
Bonded to even those outside a "family" pool
until the very last breath.
Spending not a dime.
He shall toil until his spirit leaves the Earth
Then such energies stay with those whom he cared for
All timeless and unmeasurable ticks of the clock
or sands of the hourglass
Light shines upon the extension of the cared one's family births

Therefor , he has always been earning a defined role
"The eternal force of caring.."
"The warrior's toll."
In edition to the medals of honor
Golden Wearable awards, given unto him, by the Creator.
Titled  as the "Creator's Golden Heart" and "Love's earned Crown."

As written in the Latin Life's Wisdom Scrolls" as:

per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
Dedicated to a wonderful friend and supporter Mace Rubinstein. Your spirit is Immortal. To James Sutrina, a true friend and God-Brother. To all who support me, unbiased and unselfishly. Last, to all who have gone unnoticed and misunderstood in this life, who had the heart as detailed in this poetic illustration.
Foggy memories
A dream or a nightmare?
Pain and stress...misery.
Give me the pills for the pain....
****, I'm a little quack!
I strike hard to make the ball a winning shot.
I sweat life ..
all of the remaining strength that I've got.
Down the same old halls...every day.
A gallery of my life.
I smile at the visions.
For I've survived ....
I deserved a name plate...below the art
I survived over every hectic way.
(C)2019 Kevin Michael Kappler Life's Gallery
She has leather
Golden locks
And wears plenty of Lace.
The golden heart
Has shown plenty of Grace,
She has earned plenty of days in Shanghai-La
She's even more beautiful at her age
The gypsy sparkles
As she dances
A "white winging dove"
It sounds like "she has been singing"
Music to my heart
Peace Bells are ringing.
Sparkling from her shine
I've been under her sweet spell for years
My midnight dream is clear
How I wish she was mine.
Dedicated To Stevie Nicks. An angel and sweet legend.
No person ever says, “hello.”

I search for actions

To better my existence

Fake Promises and Infractions

Of crimes plagued upon me

That others voices echoes inside of my head

“laughter “ at this joke

Why? Because he is broke? Or just “Ill?”

Is this a dream? Or a Nightmare?

Am I dead, in this quiet, before the next

Vulture who swoops down on this “seeming dead”

Soul - can’t people see that this is a “human”

in there?

Never taken seriously.

Laughing, aloud, at myself.

I look in the mirror

Like the movie “Pink Floyd the wall”

As steam and shaving foam hit the mirror.

A busted smile remains delirious.

Until my “trial”

Will people ever come any nearer?
I fall in love with possibilities, probabilities,  and potential
You’re reality and the reasons to love scare me into a sleep
Dreaming of all the possibilities it could go wrong
I fall in love with them too
PPP by Kevin Roland  is a song I love to listen to when everything becomes too overwhelming, it has a certain vibe that makes all the wrong possibilities seem not so enormous. Also I have a really big thing about seeing the potential in people whether good or bad and bacing stuff off of that instead of what is before me.
Holidays are of what one makes of them.
No matter where we spend them or with whom we share
these times with....
It comes from the beats
of a Human Heart
from which flavor of the moments in which we place out there
Cheers to staying true,blue, and real
It takes strength to remain in such a beautiful state
The celebration of the one's who share your life
memories of those who passed on
Even just sending a text to those who think of you...
Such are things to cheer and sing
and cut the first piece of holiday pie with a favorite knife.
Traveling,stationary, or in high-octane work modes - we flow
with the beat of this season's cheerful reminder in heart
of the miracle we have been given of family, souls in memories of those we shared our life with, and the moment we have to be free and at rest
or doing such things
that bring out our best
in this life we have only one try
To remain strong, true,blue, and a force that remains
in flow to the next future and also remains in the written books of history.
I seem to be engulfed in an exciting conversation
Topics of sports, politics, creativity, and relation..
The partner and friend that I am enjoying this "flow with"
Is me,myself, I, and the situation of Seclusion.
Brainstorming my escape.
My partner draws in his ideas that are of worth
He is so smart
While the other conversationalist in this duo
Feels like jumping the gun, going on the flight, and leaving people cold and cruel.
I satisfy my urge to release my steam at my partner as he is only the reflection in my mirror.
He sees me so much more clearer
He never talks back or denies a chat
as we are one in the same
A brain hungry for another to plan, create,express,and debate with.
Exactly where to find the moment and place to find such an entity is quite narrow.
As I'm here, there, and I'm almost everywhere
where the right people seem not to be
So, until then, I love my conversational partner
He stimulates and entertains me.
I never feel alone
As me,myself, and I have a date to be and stay free.
I have yet to receive
My mutual love
From that one I put forth energies ,to.
Freedom of feeling uplifted
When the signal is returned
I fly on the wings of the Dove.

Nights go by
No answers to my connection
The one whom I hold dear....
She  seems to never hear
Or has seen the true admirer,near.

What is the price
To receive what love
I selflessly put forth
As  a signal to gain her attention?
Gold,youth,ot fame?
Questions arise as the pain
Of her silence plauges me

Does she fail to see
That id give her my whole world
My life
Just to have her return my energy
My feeling
My true care
My heart?

To create a brave and new miracle
Of a new life
A newer world
Mutually together....
As a brilliant start...

Of a better existence
Than remaining a loner
A drifter
In a large world
Uneeded by those fakers
And those who fail to except
My invite
To a better world
After all we've been through .
Such an answer
To end painful lonely days
With you by my side
Each day ... A paired experience.
No matter with family
Or celebrated solo
Thanks to life and friends
Your soul is no low.
Energy to understand why
Grateful energies lift you up
Is worth more than a dinner
And a wine filled cup.
Thanksgiving is the celebration of
Freedom,strength,life, and appreciation
Not just for friends and family
For every thing you've earned,enjoyed,and the life you are still in
Such things are worth cheers and celebration.
Thanksgiving,life,respect, Kevin Michael Kappler, chrystalyx
That Remains..
Of my soul... ****** dry by the leeches of disaster
My blood is gone... My Zombie-fied  body aches to bleed, once again.
I'm a sponge dried out. Under the Sun.
I need water, to drink. To get back to the fluid master...
of getting "back to life"
Becoming more human.. this boil sets to bust
In need of relief of the torment of walking on eggshells
To avoid a nuclear chain reaction..
Caught in the middle of the battle grounds....
I'm the old and dying car that has been left in the junkyard to rust.
To have the ability to smell the roses, once again..
As my nose has been cut off to spite my face
My rebellion to ask for a "helping hand"
Infected me..then the community like a deadly virus..
It spread throughout my loving community and infected
all to grow green, sick, hard, and drug into crazy days
As an army of those who tossed away their hearts..
Not only destroyed his and their brains..
Hungry for more of "true Feeling" Hunger ways..
"Give me the vaccine or cure"
So I can become beautifully flawed as a Human
Since this Monster's once Human heart
Seems like a bright light which is now dulled to a Memories Blur
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