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you wont talk to me anymore. i made sure of that

you wont ever see me dance in up(r)ple rain
or the way my eyes glint in the setting sun
(y)ou wont catch our scent of coffee
or feel the soft lingering of my h(a)nd
you wont taste the cherry o(n) my lips
or hear my unfinished lullaby

you wont talk to me anymore. you made sure of that too.

(you) *******, you(h)eartbreaking familiar stranger
take it all back
(u)nset ou(r) da(t)e and senti(me)nts
(take it all back)
Ghosts are for disappearing and appearing

Humans are for accompanying

Little did i know the roles are reversed
i take deep breaths and pick at my skin

to remind the demons that they wont win

i rather keep quiet and cry

than lie about not wanting to die

i pick at my skin rather than shout

as the evil red comes out

can someone find me and give me bandages?
type erase, type erase

brain tells you youre a burden to all of them

type erase type erase

remember who left and what they said

type erase, type erase


close app

This is why i never ******* hit send
"My chatbox is open for you" they said. No random check-ups I guess?
glad to know you are yourself again
im not.
glad to know you have a shoulder to cry on
i dont.
good to know someone is there to check up on you.
no one does that for me
all of you have all that

because you have me

i dont.
you told me you didn't like snakes
so why the hell did i find out

you went looking for them in afternoons
while i had my back turned?
knowing the shadows are there
insisting that they are not
love has left me
love has left me lost

make me happy again, im begging
end this sadness before it ends me
imagine, right?
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