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CupcakesArePink Jan 2021
light yellow and then some
a little extra i know
this isn't real flavoring

you don't get to question it
if you aren't even real with me
CupcakesArePink Jan 2021
i wear headphones
it doesnt matter

if theyre wired or bluetooth
if its on max volume or not

the music drowns everything out
and keeps the vault under control
CupcakesArePink Jan 2021
i would hang out in your little cottage
as trees swayed in the wind
humming our song, laughing at the end

my lap was your pillow
as we talked with our friends
and the scent of dewdropped flowers tickled our noses

no chaos, just contentment
full of promises and love
the warmth of the sun in spring
in little thank you garden

will it still welcome me when i come home?
CupcakesArePink Dec 2020
My sunset begins as yours comes up
I sip my wine slowly, knowing you’re downing your whiskey at 6 in the morning
The tub of ice cream from last night has melted away
So why can’t you?

This city of lights blinds me, a nice distraction
But I have to run, I have to keep running
Because my demons have your beautiful smile
And I can’t help but stare with melancholy in my heart

My sleepless nights are invaded by your chocolate eyes and velvet lips
If I’m honest, that button on my phone taunts me
It begs me to call, send a text
But I don’t

I don’t and I won’t
You had let go first and danced our dance with your little noelle
O how jolly you must’ve been, staring into her starry eyes
So even if I miss you, I won’t

So I sip my wine slowly as you down your whiskey at 6 in the morning
These devils smile your smile and I look away
I move forward, melancholy and anger and hopefulness without you fuelling me
I hope you miss me as much as I do. But sometimes I don’t
CupcakesArePink Nov 2020
you wont talk to me anymore. i made sure of that

you wont ever see me dance in up(r)ple rain
or the way my eyes glint in the setting sun
(y)ou wont catch our scent of coffee
or feel the soft lingering of my h(a)nd
you wont taste the cherry o(n) my lips
or hear my unfinished lullaby

you wont talk to me anymore. you made sure of that too.

(you) *******, you(h)eartbreaking familiar stranger
take it all back
(u)nset ou(r) da(t)e and senti(me)nts
(take it all back)
CupcakesArePink Nov 2020
Ghosts are for disappearing and appearing

Humans are for accompanying

Little did i know the roles are reversed
CupcakesArePink Oct 2020
i take deep breaths and pick at my skin

to remind the demons that they wont win

i rather keep quiet and cry

than lie about not wanting to die

i pick at my skin rather than shout

as the evil red comes out

can someone find me and give me bandages?
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