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I spent all of Saturday in a kitchen
a whirlwind of
flour and eggs and

one–– or was it two? glasses of spritz
and you looked up behind thick
"your tortellini looks really nice"

I blushed and gulped some moka
cheeks red from too much alcohol
and so much you

my stomach was grapes
and red saucy tagliatelle

the sun crawled across the carpet

and it danced the tarantella
swift quick circles
of bouncing gold

belly full and eyes glazed with juicy affection
we rolled back to your house all cool
all ready to smoke ****

the night slammed shut with my car door
and he texted me
"you are a little more Italian now"
If it involves you, pasta or sunsets count me in.
A "poem" every day.
Empire Jun 6
I upset myself
So I’m watching Star Trek and
Eating some pasta
Hannah Wallace Dec 2018
--A dock in the sea at which boats may anchor

That's the definition Google gave
But if you ask me,
Google doesn't know ****

Because no matter how many pages
I've searched
Or links that I've clicked
Google can never tell me how many times
you've made me laugh
more genuinely
than I thought myself capable

No algorithm can pinpoint
how many hours we spent on that
front porch swing
covered by empty Barefoot bottles
letting our heels sink in awe
of the world we had in front of us

Trust me that no "I'm Feeling Lucky" button
could ever lead me up the steps of
that little apartment
where i learned that your
dollar store pasta,
simple as it may,
will always be my favorite

And may it
not by God or some invisible hand
be the reason i believe in fate


Always my North Star,
together you and I make
a really ****** compass.
But then again we've never held
trust to anything but our guts
to tell us we are
heading in the right directions.

And so many directions we have taken,
to think all the conversations
we've held about
the places we'd end up
were just the billboards
we didn't know we were passing

Okay--maybe Google's definition wasn't so far off then.
You my friend are more than just a season
You are the life, and the warmth, and the beauty
of our favorite June night
even in the dead of winter
The fog on the windows of your house
are reminders of every breath that has escaped you, every
breath you'll never be able to catch
every breath you have stolen

Enough to heat a home.

So i know that no matter how rough the waters
or smooth my ocean's floor,
I, my lonely ship,
know I can always have a place to anchor

Belle Gwilliam Sep 2018
Gonna carry out the feministic agenda
Gonna live, laugh and love lasagna
Gonna save the earth from the ocean
Gonna let the boys show some kinda emotion
Ravioli, yo, that pasta is tenda
Now what should I call ya, Genda benda?
look mum im a poet
Maya Aug 2018
strained is
supposed to be
a word
for pasta
sorry ive been shutting people out i dont know how to cope today was a bad day and i dont know how to feel
Maniac girl Jul 2018
In the blackness of night,

When all the birds are sleeping.

In the absence of daylight,

When my hungriness is creeping.

I am hunting for my prey,

like a cold blooded animal.

I know you won't have anything to say,

Because i am a cannibal.

I crave to eat,

Your flesh and meat.

I want to bite,

Your heart tonight.

Please don't hide

i will never get satisfied.

I want to chew

Come on give the devil his due.

It seems like you are freeze

And scare to death.

I will devour you with ease

And feel your every breath.

I will drink your blood

In this journey of heaven.

Oh you untrained young blood,

And will cut you in pieces seven.

Will eat your heart and your liver,

Use you to make my dream recipes,

Oh! All credit to the giver

I love our chemistry.
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
She told me that she never had real spaghetti before.
Of course she's had spaghetti before but not in the sense that made it worthwhile.
When I asked why she replied that it didn't feel real.
That in a sense it was pasta.
She always broke the noodles when she made it.
She developed a fear that everything would boil over and catch fire.
That part of the noodles would be too crunchy.
All of it would never fit in the ***.
Her mother always broke the noodles so it just became habit.
In the same breath.
She told me at least once,
That she'd like to twirl the noodles around the fork.
The complete taste and feel of what makes it spaghetti.
The cheese blending into the sauce.
The big ball of noodles just wrapping around the fork waiting to be bit.
When I asked about the meatballs she laughed,
She was vegetarian
Chloe Aug 2017
A relationship is like
pamasan on pasta

It's not necessary but
it'll give you a better meal
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