the stars lost their glimmer
twinkling to darkness
in the exhale of the universe
a dim light lost
to nothingness
no longer reflected in my eyes
swallowed by the night
like clouds covering the sun
dew drops on my fingertips
falling to the ground
mixed with salty tears
sand between my fingers
lost to the hourglass
this is the road
i travel

Sweater Weather Dec 2017

Hearts beat out of time
Frozen fingers intertwined
Foggy breath, rosy cheeks
Russet eyes play hide and seek
Quivering lips then collide
Everything else now subsides
Fit together, like lock and key
No other place I’d rather be

Evie Wills Nov 2017

Realizing your purpose in life
And then realizing you're too lazy
too even attempt that either.

Evie Wills Nov 2017

I just feel like... Giving up is so much easier
then chasing after a goal
you're not sure that you even want
and just frustrating yourself in the process.

But people say it makes you who you are
when really you don't know what they're talking about
because you don't know who you are.
They could be giving out false hope like adults on Halloween,
some who still want to be kids so they can trick or treat,
but what if the positivity just doesn't have an effect?
What if the candy makes you fatter?

Should you still chase that "dream" when you're not even sure it can be a decent hobby? Or was this passion just planted in your head by those who want you to be happy and will say anything to make you happy?

So what's the point when you doubt yourself so much that it's hard to put pen to paper?
What's the point when all you can think about is this "dream" when you're not even sure that's what you want?
And, finally, what's the point when I can't write for me,
Yet I always try to please you? Think of the people. If you don't like it they won't. Stick with the trends, stick with word play, stick with what's simple and things will be easy.

Maybe this is giving up on me.
Evie Wills Sep 2017

Girl, you're everything I'll never be,
The rising sun, the salty sea,
The gritty sand among the beach.
You're everything I'll never be,
Every hope and broken dream,
Every cheerful memory,
A wife, an author, a mother of 3,
Yeah, You're everything that I'll never see, My unsung tune that's out of key,
And you're also
Everything I'll never have.

Hope you like it
Evie Wills Sep 2017

I'm in love with you,
but you can't love me.
I'm a dog, you're a cat; I'm the sky,
you're the sea. I'm a bat while you're a bird, I'm the leaves and you're a tree;
Incompatible, you and I,
but I'd love to have a try if you don't
mind, if your heart is still breathing,
clinging for a change!

So, take my hand...paw or claw, feathers too, even though I'm an animal, I want to be with you!
Come on! Let's give "us" a try,
Change the pace of the tides,
the stormy seas of you and I;
this messy weather, mostly that I've caused, I know that I'm not human,

But I also have FLAWS!

Let's give us a try, you and I,
if you don't mind, if your soul would be so kind.

I'm a boat, you're a raft,
I'm a calculator and you're the math,
but we can put that behind us, can't we? I'm me,
You're you,
There's nothing we can do!

I'd like to be together dear,
An incompatible you and an incompatible I,
You know two negatives make a positive.
It's science, it's logic, we'll be fine!

Give us a try, give me a try!
Yes, I know I'm not a human,
But I can love just the same,
And I love you more- will always love you more, more than you ever will,
because you'll never feel the same.

After all.... To your kind I'm just game.

I'm proud of this
Thoughts? Comments?
Evie Wills Sep 2017

Hey there. I'm Evie, you might not know me but I'm here.

So.... I'd like to tell you a dumb idea of mine that I came up with two hours ago.

I am sure I want to do this, as immature and humorless as it sounds.

I'm going to write a short story (preferably a children's novel) and it's going to be about a.... A potato.

Yes, a damn Potato. It's going to be called "Why would you do this to me: A Potato's story."

Laugh all you want. I actually want the book to be funny, but I'm not funny, so my brother is helping me.

If you want to have an idea of what it's about, read  my last "poem" I even wonder if someone would be willing to buy something I if I actually made it a career....

Anyway, Thank you for reading....this.

Uh yeah. I'm back btw...
Evie Wills Sep 2017

(sorry, but not sorry)

There once was a potato plant,
(Because potatoes grow on plants...)
This plant harvested baby potatoes.
This was no ordinary potato plant, however,

Anywho, the plant grew several baby potatoes,
Who were harvested and shipped on a crate to a grocery store
in a cold, dark shipping truck.
The potatoes, they weren't scared! Yah know why? Simple.
Because Potatoes don't have FEELINGS!

....but if they did....they'd be scared. Take my word for it.

The potatoes arrived at the store and were bagged, ready for purchase. They sat together in a pile for hours,
thinking about (but not thinking about) what would happen in the future, why they were in this bag, UNTIL, UNTIL a homeless man (he looked homeless) reached into the bag, pulled out a single spud, and RAN! Out the store, down the street,

Well, on his way to.... wherever he was going, he fell and dropped it. That's what stealing does to yah.
It rolled into an abandoned alley, far away from the man's sight. He couldn't stop and look for it, because he was being chased, so he ran away sourly, the potato being left cold and alone, without it's family to be piled up motionlessly beside it.

This potato was different. Unlike it's family, it could feel,
it could think and understand, even without knowing language at all, it's like the potato just knew everything and anything, without a purpose. And, another thing.
This potato, it was hungry. Very hungry.

Only hours later (again)
A parentless child walked the streets, searching for something to eat. They hadn't eaten in days. Of course, the child found the battered potato on the ground,picked it up and smiled.
It was the end of the potatoes life cycle, it seemed.
Or...was it? Seconds until the end, seconds until facing the terrifying wrath of the human's sharp, untaimed teeth, seconds until it got to see if there was a potato heaven or not, JUST SECONDS, something changed.

The spud; it grew. No, it didn't grow in size, but it did grow a mouth, and arms. And it could scream. Oh God, yes, it could wail like no tomorrow, so, quickly adapting to it's new form; it yelled bloody murder. The child threw it at a wall, screaming and running away.

..... Silence from the potato.
Sadly, it could withstand the grasp of a sweaty, homeless dude,
it could bare the growing silence from it's siblings,
it could even dodge the teeth of a starving ape!

But the potato was no match for a wall.
Mashed potatoes for dinner it is. God. This is a great way to say I'M BACK! Isn't it?
Hopefully you laughed. Please laugh....Ha
Evie Wills Sep 2017

My God I feel like crying. It been so long. So many people I knew on here are probably gone. My passion for writing had died.
I was scrolling through my emails and saw a notification from here and I want to be back now,but I don't know how.

Evie Wills May 2017

I don't believe in me anymore.
Things have faded, emotions have died
Loneliness brought to me day and night.
I don't believe in love anymore,
Love just isn't for me;
And if I can't love myself first then
I should just let it be.

Poor attempt
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