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Cana Mar 2018
Dockside and braai
*** and candy on the speaker
Fire crackling merrily
Burgers marinating
*** captivating
Me salivating
The better way to spend the day.
Brent Aug 2017
Every moment away with you feels like
Mornings without the sun and the
Breezy evenings that blow
Every strand of your straight, sweet-scented hair that
Reminds me of summer, right to my face are
Gone and made non-existent but
Every moment I spend with you is a
Miracle for a soul
Like me who holds
On to things so simple like the
Gentle touch of your fingertips to mine,
All of the warm embraces from my heart to yours;
Nothing will ever compare to all of those.
Maw Maw Sez Jul 2016
Long summer nights
the sky is filled with stars
humid breezes across the grass
back porch sitting is required
along with a glass of tea
crickets chirping at the moon
an old hound dog scratching
lightning bugs dancing in the air
the smell of BBQ lingers
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Friendly faces, shallow compliments
Pouring wine and piling plates
I smile and wave muted
Croak "ah" where there was a "thanks'
This makes a nice change at first glance
The lifestyle of the amiable
Each birthday greets the whole town
I make a beeline for food
Nibble and pick until I burst
Washed down with obligatory wine
I'm fed and full, no one gives up
The BBQ is smoking
This will be a long night
I stand feet tired mind sleepy
Wine hates me
I stand by my partners side
His woman to make up the party pairs
I hover like a bee
Fed up
The toilet gives me space to breathe
The bedroom a cozy retreat
They call me outside I drag my feet
Evening draws near I'm cold
Can't leave too rude
I will give up one moment
Any moment now, make my excuses
TV on, party was fun
But solitude is sweeter.
I just made this up as I went along, I'm at my mother inlaw's birthday party right this moment. No edits. Just my thoughts.

— The End —