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If I could paint you a flower for every hour they would be red. Yet if I could paint you another it would be yellow and if I had to guide you from the night into my heart I would paint you white. If a flower for flowers were a language or choice I would love thee and cherish this voice. One can live where two are together but that flower is so rare I dare not say never. One must proceed when my flower has true color and there paint has no need. I think I shall name it Sabrina.
Sabrina Valentine and Sabrina Kirk
I felt you in a space that no one else can find,
Expressed things that weigh beautifully upon my mind,
Touched by your thoughts I can barely comprehend,
I find myself exposed to a brand new kind of friend,
My mind silenced by the sound of my heart beginning to beat,
I felt lost and yet found while attempting to find my feet,
And as you revived the parts of me I never knew,
Or maybe even forgotten waiting on something true,
How can I express what I've never known,
Or begin in what I've never been shown?
Without question the answers sought never to be found,
Without words you gave me something more profound,
Wonderfully written upon my heart I find them everyday,
Yet still I search for the right words to say,
Now I reflect in the wonder of how I could be so small,
Realizing you showed me how I need not words at all,
Without question... One day I opened my eyes and began to see,
Your heart was beautiful enough to finally find me.....  
  For the love of my life ... Feb. 2 2017
There are no words for the love I have for you. An emotion I thought was familiar suddenly has become unfamiliar and brand new. If time were a language we could express I would know the words to paint such a masterpiece in my mind as beautiful as you. If the future could be told It would only spoil the time it takes to portray a life perfected spent with you. Although I have taken few moments to watch the sun rise I know none of them were as beautiful as the sparkle of life I see in your eyes every time i wake to look at you. You reach deep into my heart with every warm embrace. A place i reserved for company only such as you. Only in my wildest dreams would i ever have thought love was unsettling as I find I could never truly settle for anything less than you. If only my mind were as vast and spacious as the home my heart has built for you. You would know just how much I truly love being forever in love with you. ( your loving heart in and of Christ Jesus who saved us all so long ago)
Da-te Day tell but not for ⛵ did you read about esther this easter? It's a real feaster touch down cap and gown for Je-Di's with a Master degree only then Yo-Da set you free. Mmm Free In-Deed.
As time goes by the world is in constant change. Such is also seen in the voices of our children and in our lives and affecting our fortunes. Trust in a relationship comes by faith theough love of understanding. Patience is a virtue and neccessity. Kindness and the willingness to adapt to the ever changing tides in the human enviroment. Both heart and soul is lost like a ship at sea without understanding it is tossed by storm after storm. The faithful stay the lines and continue to say-all. Destiny would have it say the wind steers the ship but the captain weathers the storm and guides the ship through the stormy seas. The rain is blown in like cool refreshing water to be sure the captain stays alert to save the crew. A successful relationship is said to be based on trust. However, trust is not found without faith but through faith. Faith for faith as it has now been said begins a successful marriage. Just as the crew must trust the captain, the captain must also trust the crew. Vanity leads to both destruction of captain amd crew. Just as a captain must be skilled, so must the crew also be skilled. The husband is like a captain to where the wife is like the crew because this is where our children first arrive and strive to be. Lessons in life may be tough but just as children deserve second chances so do our relationships like captain and crew setting an example for our children. Who can say love is without envy? Love is the desire of the heart and a captain knows best what is to be desired in the mind. Like salt and pepper so is the inter-twining of love righteously seasoned. Thus the salt from the see and the pepper from the ground keeps captain amd crew informed for the children in families that without it would no longer be. There may be a sun and a moon or even earth and sky but nothing is nothing if love exists not in the eyes of the child. The heart that devours then devours itself. The heart that devours only devours nations upon nations. Love is the timeless gift of life and en-sures a future in a place throughout time and space without it all things would cease to exist. Explore with only love's understanding.
Clear Vision 2020
Joseph Preston Kirk Apr 2013
Truth Prevails
when times are good
everything is as it should
when times are hard
revealed is the hidden card
from the deck of life you were given a hand
play it right or it crumbles like sand
one can bluff or even lie
but the truth is known as it meets the eye
be true to thyself or or none can be true
as the life you build will fall upon you
based on deciet a heart can grow fond
but over time you will lose that bond
as with time it will show
the thorns as they rigoruosly grow
truth will consume the you, you think you know
because all the lies will suddenly go
when that moment of judment demandingly calls
and the castle of your lies built suddenly falls
to each their own and to thine own self be true
reap what you sow as it is cast upon you
Martial-law Civil-Law Civility
Joseph Preston Kirk Nov 2013
From yesterday to tomorrow and today we find our way
When my eyes can not see I will listen to her heart
When my soul begins to feel what hers cannot express
when my tongue is tied and can not speak
to what sometimes my arms might not be able to reach
when a loving embrace can not cut quite as deep
when the fire burns yet yet the path is steep
when direction has become a mystery and has no place
and time has forgotten everything but this place
when destiny calls but has been delayed
and life has left you feeling tricked or betrayed
when sadness has blinded you in distress
and everything seems as if it's a mess
when the troubles of the world have fallen upon your path
and wont let up till it leaves an aftermath
when our words are clouded and didnt quite come out right
and paradise is missing and were alone somewhere in this night
when fear has hidden what truth is already made known
and 2 souls carry what cannot be shown
It is then I will be reminded love withstands throughout any storm
because with a little rain everything is made clean taking its previous form
when passion rises and love withstands
sadness can never withhold from love's demands
and the beauty of for better or worse
isnt what some say is a blessing or a curse
the truth is that no matter what today might send
tomorrow were still lovers and together in the end
sometimes life might bring you flowers or maybe a memory of some forgotten discourse
but cast aside your fear and remember love is the strongest and most powerful awesome force
if today was tomorrow or even tomorrow was today
I might even know what it is I have to say
but since sometimes our words might not come until tomorrow and not today
Ill just love you in silence kneel down and pray
because the Lord already knows what we want to really say
'I love you baby and its all going to be OK"

Lets just chalk it up to one of those days.
Bad day for evil
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