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Go ahead and feel the breezes,
brought to us by the wind and rain;
As the rustling leaves tell their stories,
some of joy and some of pain.

They whisper nightly as dark descends,
upon our sleepy little town;
Forgive me now, they'll often ask,
not wanting to be left alone.

Tears drip softly from those trees,
as their leaves let go and fly;
To the yard in which the children play,
in crisp bundles towering high.

Wild laughter permeates the air,
as each child decides to climb;
And the rustling leaves feel solace now,
when finding their place in time.

Crackling red the Autumn glows,
a roaring fire in every tree;
Brisk waters from the rain above,
cannot dampen their energy.

For Nature gives its soul to us,
from visions that often stay;
Within our hearts for countless years,
and never drift far away.
the gift of Autumn is upon us with sights and sounds that glow, opening hearts around the town, feeding off the restlessness of Nature !
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2018
Some lights clouded
Some are bright
Some glow dim
Some fearfully hide
Some are mesmerizing
Some feel tender
Some seem blinding
Some are lost
Some now finding
Some fluctuate
Others remain wholesome
Yet All are still the same light
Light in different forms shining.

- 2:27 pm Aug 12th 2018.
Are you a lightworker? ...I believe we all are in some ways, since we are all made of and possess that same pure inner light known as the soul/ spirit...
From my Instagram Page
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2018
The path i tread has many unknown particulars

The good choices appear in only perpendiculars

I find at times I get trapped in the luring  circulars

I seek the butterfly but i come across confused caterpillars

The path is flooded with sad, intrusive manipulars

Some are merely spectaculars

Whilst some dare to strike your jugulars

...I wish to find spiritual teachers but I'm surrounded by lost seculars

I peer and search even using my invented binoculars

But this path i tread has very few, calm examplars
A hidden path among all paths
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2018
Love is light that is eternally bright
Love is eternally wishing for all to feel light
Love is feeling eternally Calm
Love is being eternally Kind
Love is observing only the Positive
Love is listening to the single drop of Truth
Love is searching for the Truth.
Love is appreciating attempts of kindness

Love takes every opportunity to encourage the light to glow brighter in others.
Love is interlocking the palms and physically connecting foreheads to unite all energies between two bodies
Love is interlocking the palms and facing upwards to unite all energies of all bodies
8:05pm friday 3rd august, 2018.
Tahirih Manoo Mar 2018
For the Moon

..and the night sky was bright without a sharp glare...
The 5 pointed stars were uncountable-
Glowing, beaming,
The Moon's radiance touched your heart-
Effulgent, calming, unspeckled,
Mesmerizing like none other,
Allowing your soul-
to remember its source.
You could gaze upon the sky and
have all your questions answered,
You become brave,
willing for the next phase-
Knowing that Mā would always be your guiding light.
Her water alone sustains you
And sprouts green tulasi to energize you
She keeps you grounded
Yet lets you soar without any wings
Use your imagination-
For She always believes
in your word Of Pure Intentions and
Lets you exercise control of your own
Wishing that all her offspring awaken
Waiting For them to stop dreaming-
...They had sunken-
Deeper and deeper in the illusion
Enticed by temporary pleasures;
-Of the eye that seeks to admire it all,
Forgetting to watch their step upcoming
-Of the tongue that wishes to taste it all,
Forgetting the one taste above them all
-Of the skin that wishes to feel it all,
Forgetting the hands meant for nurturing
-Of the ear that wishes to hear rhythm , Forgetting to listen
To the sounds of existence
-Of the lips that wish to express emotion
Forgetting to speak
With only tender affection
-Of the nostrils that wish to enjoy fumes
Forgetting the air, like water
must be odorless and tasteless,
without colour.
The offsprings,
Are Buried by the pleasures-
Yet like all our mothers-
Mā patiently awaits
The day we call for her,
Mā? Māma Māā
Her children cry
And Mā comes by our side,
Telling us,
Everything will be alright.
You were just experiencing
Your self-created nightmares,
Now wipe your tears and
Let me show me,
What plane you really exist on.
There, there my child,
ALL will be well-
The Clear Waters are flowing forever,
The Square Blue sky remains permanent,
The Green valleys are stretched endlessly,
Many are still unseen,
Your souls are infinitely bound to me,
Your Mā is Divine , Eternal and Free
You are borne from Her
therefore, so are thee.
Air, Water, Earth- are Infinite.
But Every fire does out,
Every flame burns and destroys-
The Red is fierce and blinding.
The white is calm and Luminating.
3:00 pm Saturday, 31st, March, 2018
Tahirih Manoo Feb 2018
She gazes at the moon in solemn wonder

Contemplating this journey of never ending bends

Hands cradled at her side, a tear trickles from her eye

And she hopes that this journey will soon be over
Saturday 17th, Feb, 2018 - 10:33pm.
Tahirih Manoo Nov 2017
Time does not exist.
It requires no measurement.
For it is stagnant.
WE change,
For better or for worse
And we change our surroundings with us.
The world cannot change on its own
For the elements may have & give life
But we are the sustainers or destroyers of our home.
Together we could replenish the world as a unit;
Opposingly we could destroy
the world
And fight against each other,
Forgetting we are all on the same side. ONE-KIND.
8:17 pm, Thurs, Nov, 2nd, 2017.
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