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Jonathan Moya Dec 2019
Mr. Rogers grace exists
in miniature cities of kindness,

the tranquil tones of forgiveness,
level to the eye of a single frighten child.

For him, and in that moment,
that child is the  most precious
thing in the world.

He blesses them with positive ways
of dealing with their feelings;

the benediction of accepting them
for exactly who they are;

even when everything doesn’t
go exactly the way they hoped,

shows them how to smooth the
dissonance into a beautiful inner music;

store up the blessings
of an ordinary day;

love the ratty, special toy,
even as it grows old;

to know with absolute firmness,
as parents, that anything

mentionable is manageable
and to be human-

and that’s ok.
DivineDao Sep 2019
Ranjena si!
Kerry Jul 2019
She took my face and planted it below her waist
Stick your tongue out have a taste
I fell in love with it
Anyone can hit it
But it takes an artist to Picasso
A master piece
At least
Unleash the beast
A kiss to every crease
So lets start off slow
Latricia taught me everything I
needed to know
She gave me the desire and passion
Told me eat it in this fashion
Pay attention to every client
Listen to her curves no denying it
Make her squirm take your time and learn what makes her yearn
Draw your tongue around the ****
Until she screams out a bit
Some like circles some like twirls
Dont be shy give it a swirl
The taste is magnificent
Like the first piece of fried chicken after lent
I consider myself an assassin
After the spasm that leads to *******
So I'll lick swirl twirl flick and ****
Poke kiss plant slide spread
Until you get don't stop but please stop
My pu**y might pop
Wolf Feb 2019
But I can't do anything about it now.
tempest Jan 2019
are we really woke as much as we all claim to be?
or are we woke to ease our minds, which ain't reality?

of course we've signaled heavy change, i won't deny that's true
but let me have your ear for now, give you another view

are you really woke because you post a rant on twitter,
but bop to Chris Brown's music even tho we know he hit her?

are you really woke cause you were born into the slums,
but if you make it out,
you forget where you are from?

are you really woke because you claim to love black hair?
but only like the softer textures, is that really fair?

are you really woke 'cause you admire that 4c?
but put down girls who have relaxers, wigs, or wear a weave?

are you really woke because you claim to love all people,
but if ya boy is gay you will denounce him at the steeple?

are you really woke because you say you know what's right,
but ostracize your fellow blacks,
simply cause "they talk white?"

are you really woke because you claim to love all colors,
but date a darker women? yikes! you'd rather find another

are you really woke because you claim you've got insight,
but if i am depressed, you say that mess is for the whites?

i bring up all these issues not because i hate my own

i bring up all these issues just because they're never shown

and if we are to grow and prosper,
thrive and shed our past,
we need to have these conversations,

                                                 ­                                make sure that they last
In light of the r kelly docuseries, I thought back to this poem I had written about a year ago over the black community tending to overlook issues that are prevalent among us. Conversations about colorism, mental illness, homosexuality, the covering of black artists and entertainers after serious allegations, etc., are always difficult conversations to have, especially when years of culture are intertwined with it, whether it should be or not. In the past decade or so, we've come a long way in opening spaces for these discussions and the R. Kelley documentary is just one of many ways how we continue to do so.
h Dec 2018
you hold my hand and tell me later
I just need a friend right now
which is genuinely okay because realistically we both have issues
but darling i think that you need to understand,
going around holding people’s hands,
it’ll get you in trouble one day

stop being so stubborn and listen to your mother
for once, she just wants what’s best for you
by the way, tell her we aren’t a thing
because you know
I don’t think I want a relationship

but on the other hand
oh yeah, hands
Interlocked fingers are to be saved for
the girl that you’re waiting on
she’s out there somewhere
i don't think i love you anymore, but i still miss the feeling
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
i want to say i love you
but that would be wrong, wouldn't it?
I want to feel your lips
Between the crevice of my breast
I want you to lay me down
And pluck my clothes
Like petals of a flower
I want you to run your fingers through my hair
And make me sing like a harp
I want to be held so tight I can barely breath
Pull me in your arms and wear me like your favorite sweater
Let me keep you warm
When the world is cold
I can be your mittens so your hands are never cold
The socks you put on everyday for work
So you never get cold feet
I want you to kiss me so gently and so hard you make my mind turn to fuzz
Numb and everlasting
Pull my hair to wake me from my sleep
Wrap your hand around my throat when you put your tongue in my mouth
Wipe my tears when I cry cause sometimes it's too much
But not enough
I can never have enough of you
Of this
The sparks that shock me everytime you touch me
The hips you pull to get every inch
The breast you grab to make me sing  
The face you caress to gain your power
And that spot between my thighs that leaks of honey
And sometimes your milk
Give me it all
Hold me down
Pull me close
Treat me well
Make me yours
Nsfw lol
Poet kiri Jul 2018
Run, run, run
Run with the wind
Till the night of the full moon
And fall into tears of joy
To the sight of nature.
As for it is beauty at its best

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Look upon you
And admire all that
Is a blessing
Learn to understand so as to see it
Granted unto you
And appreciate yourself
Till the mirror does back too.
For your reflection is a gorgeous spell

It is I
And my definition
With existence their comes meaning and value
With the world it’s a rule to power.

As red is to…
Seek to see…
We are born to love….

Fall in love to
The sound of life
And the happiness
That we truly deserve

Because we are a being
Meant to love
Born to express, illustrate
And pursue

For as to lose is to gain
And to miss is to know  
From our dear hearts

Born to…we are.

So happy____  to us.

Hello, I hope you are all well and move forward in life to create a better you each day.
I would like to thank you for the continuous support from the community, I am really great full for all the comments and likes.

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Thank you.
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