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Apr 26 · 139
What do we know?
Do we know where our
time is heading
Where thou the
Walk with faith
New birth for  both
   God promise land

Spiritual hug hand

  *       *        
 Love Yearning
To be punctual or late
Love of fate
Comes when you
Bluest sky high five
 You take a skin- dive

  Good feeling

  Cure healing
*        *        *
The vibration
What do we know?
  Your in control

Your full body
Godly soul
Holy water dive
What do we know?

Go with the flow
Scenic drive
 Your time to survive
To love- run- or hide
Do we smell a rose
I suppose true love
*        *        *        
Heavenly power
All Mighty
   God above sun eyes glow
New birth celebration show
Your birth or what's now
Wake up call or last shot 
Godly light angelic face 
Chosen one rejoice to trace
Embrace your age
Every facet heart of a magnet
Bright sunset you met
Eyes focused all mind-set
  *        *        *
Meditation all healing wet
Godly voice to transform  
But God knows
  *     *     *     *
To envision all conditions
Dressed on a mission
But nothing to confess
Yourself worth in uniform
Somehow you smell the fire  
Darkness feeling a hint of low
But you rise up different world

   *       *        *
Maturing growing
A healing flower
A cactus of fighting pins
Positive win like a genius
A life do we really have the answers and what do we really know appreciate what we have
Apr 25 · 260
Divine Glass of Wine
A glass can shatter
But a love  holds the key
Stay put your life
truly matters  
She rests her head
A steadfast rock don't keep
your eyes

Focused on a useless
Like tick tock what is more?
God has a plan right timing
Like a bet or winning score  
Our minds like shock wave
Glass half filled fingers move

Ballet tip toe beating heart  
Pour a new glass  your lips
turn colors and stay fit
Flying the stars  forms appear
Teardrops of a miracle
Powerful mind with principle

Jesus we trust
Like a rise up shimmered sun
Stained glass
He lift your spirit see through it
  New chapter being happier
Divine glass of wine
Walk the faith you stay* on line__

Hearts floating glass take one
Two sips love dream state
Promise land trip of fate
Your angels tell you spiritually
You are the divine wings

Deep glass opens bright star

       Sunset* We Met
Your glass you sip slow
Never to deceive you
Just a true love to please you
Heavenly father above
Glass flower spiritually
Grows maturely

Just lovely divinely
Like a holy taste of wine  
God delivers Guardian angel *
Like a celebration new you arrival
This is a spiritual great connection to God and Angels and being loved
Jul 2023 · 887
The Last Star *Exit
Robin Carretti Jul 2023
Growing or shrinking
last star exit in mind
New trend
Is life the dead-end?
Star casting kiss
No exit to miss
A friend

Finding courage
Circles and stars breath
Feeling nameless no
picket white fences
Eyes adored last glances
Society- Supreme- be
Forget me not Garden- of- Eden

  Wish upon a star hidden?

The last digging dandelion
yellow ray  
In the end no more suffering
until the day
Like poem book* open and end
Something stiff glued together her life
Paper- Mache
Making amends Sales man

Taking his last exit he picks desire
The spitfire Rare- star sire
Computing- reliving-  dying
Don't settle for scheming
The last star exit

The last scripture
Vivid mixture
Mind storing like a cache
Rare Robin bird great
Recherche last meal al -dente
Smell the last flower herbal- ritual

Petals open up new portal
Blue elf Viola sing like Mona Lisa
*        *        *        *
Autumn red wine star bridge

Grenache field of mirage
Seeing stars you fell
Where's my falling angel
Strong words vocal
If its the last exit don't disconnect

Dots.. and dots.. connect
God casting
Its written stars for all in our name
Starry- end
Things feel like there to sudden not knowing when? We all want the everlasting but we live through a time like bomb blasting take your best moments let them last In life there are all exits
Jul 2023 · 686
The Skirt Highway
Robin Carretti Jul 2023
She surrenders her joys
A-line highway what ploys
Per- day 2 B or not to Be
  B for breakaway
Windy- seaway everyday
endless living
Stay to the right tossing skirt

Gossip throwing unwanted dirt
Smoky bear mountain no harm
  Losing one valuable gift charm
   His name in honor
   feeling complete
  Highway for justice and absolute
   The right way

    Aroma apple pie putting on
       Your husbands
      Graphic artist highway- tie
      How many people on the highway

       Never to confess and lie
      Highway doesn't have any privacy
True saint of shrubbery mountain tops
       curved figure highways
    Reckless cliffs skirt ruffles love
      feeling rammed
       Turn of the century traffic jammed
  Your skirt flew up like wild goose chase

  You rather of went Big- City marathon
    bike race
By- way time -may be- silent have
nothing to say?
Performance piano Steinway
Skirt highway waving flag winning everyday*
Your skirt drenched rooftop concerts

Nest of Blue Jays no highway
Serenity sky draw the deviant
But words can heal even on a highway
My lips are sealed?
Highway to the sky there is no limits what we can do  I love my birds we all have magical talent high up on a rooftop or below Highway you can determine the world is a show
Jul 2023 · 950
Spirit Foretelling
Robin Carretti Jul 2023
A spur of the moment your thoughts     Fly high
                                                                   spirit- within 
            The half- Angel  
           Wings of a falcon  
         Whole family rooftop beacon
Spirit of darkness pulling you through
But you had enough what else can you do?
The inner light afternoon hiking strong sun

Heart- jump the darkness knight  
Turn of the wing lovers- flight
Waves form a word to far__ out- of- sight
Bright karma spiritual meditation
Magical forefinger western saloon
Are we doomed gunslingers
Spiritual voice awakening

Sun full force
The sun of his face
So penetrating/ everlasting  
Spirit foretelling minds/ crashing
Foretelling a tale news/ flashing
Breathe in all the goodness to inhale  
God-like prophetic exhale

Born free feral wild

Certain events foreseen
Spirit touch  us

             as a child*
      Spirit foretelling  
Eloquent of a real man lives us
To his duty

Time is unruly
Middle name Joy
Meaning Something like you
Do you feel its still you
Spirit change inside you
Starting to heal feet its
          S h a k y

Holding the pen
Where are your hands maturing
What then?
Exquisite gardens
   Open and play
Japanese Zen
A beauty to stay  
Spiritual star foretelling
Love- Every Day
Spiritual world angel wing heart that jumps inner-light what we see  I would love to see a sign someone's loved ones words stay happy who you are
Jul 2023 · 1.1k
Internal Flame Solstice
Robin Carretti Jul 2023
To be wed ceremonies
Traditionally brisk time
Wintery- divine sacred
She elevates every success to the
Inner power bells of chime

Sometimes resistance
Need more patience

Internal flame Solstice
Too many humans come
with a price looking into
envision unto whatever will-do
Internal flame nowhere to be tamed
Who is to blame no red carpet
Why do they call it fame?

Winter Solstice chilled wine
      On- our- own- time
Christmas time prayer of hope
Feeling land-locked on tight rope
All disguises internal flame bruises
Masquerade party

On a  deserted Island all booked
But where are the people shell- shocked

Dreams are dangerous internal fire
Sleepwalked no life desired
Some people have it all well- stocked
In the apartment minds go deadlocked
Looking out of a window if we can only
see the same beautiful sky
So many endangered species
                      to- fly

Looking at the bottom
the big family dish
My only wish
Seeing our loved ones
In a starfish
Internal flame its not a game and longer days or shorter we need to be stronger  in set Solstice stay happy look up at the stars
Jul 2023 · 796
But When?
Robin Carretti Jul 2023
Like a life cycle
Moving on again and again
 Seeing a movie life is a short cut
But there is always a but?
Riding a horse beautiful
Flowing hair chestnut

      But when?
Will life change/rearrange/emerge
Can we erase and start over to begin
Smart revenge or perfect win
We never know what will
be coming soon?
The full moon reckoning
The big happening
  Start living  
Falling in a category losing

No crying just loving
Keep trying wasting away dying     
No meddling/ Gifts of giving

Creating loving words
    In writing
  New Birth developing
      But when?
A star to wish upon
Pollution air rushing
Tornado destroying

But two people
Take the moment
True love-  hugging
Good stirring- resettling
But When?
Not everyone

  Will be welcoming
Words crash thundering
Everything has a sign
But when -Good luck
But when is the part seeking
In a flash of an eye we will be gone
Life holds the key to all our questions but sometimes we have problems with answers we get into different situations or revelations stay strong
Jun 2023 · 645
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Being optimistic words
hitting chords drowning
  Overboard smooth sailing
     Poetic-  words

  Time moves on being

   Fresh start  makeup
   Tea-  Rose colored
     Big city- crowded
   Scattered-love tainted
But he has you in his arms
  Before you fainted

Love 3D promising
Can be poisoning
  Missing family
    Ma- Ma Da Da
Smile when your heart is aching

I Gotcha  mind and body
What's inside two
hearts beat or breaking

      I  Gotcha!
Love in the making
    Oh! Susanna
Won't you play a beat
Banjo on his knee

Politician I -Gotcha
Ha -ha
Crimes and leaks
New technology
Longevity - Global
Mentality Longevity

A fake world or true- reality
*       *       *    
I- Gotcha

Now! give me Starbucks Matcha- Latte
Do we get it or it creeps up on us like a fun gadget or lets do the math in digits
Its hits you by surprise I -Gotcha
Jun 2023 · 671
Old Show Face
Robin Carretti Jun 2023

              Fix- it

      Don't -force- it
  *        *        *        *      
Show- it and embrace- it

Facing a timeless jade
Old show façade
Not a test or a grade
Is it old Holiday Parade?
Old show face privacy
Confidence meet bravery
Facelift grave yard shift
*        *        *        *
Scrooge old geezer
Old City Mobster
Old show face
Gets riskier on the run
Once young gun

Serene but sassier
Getting up earlier
New show wiser
In the right place
Old show face
We are all getting older but wiser with time we need to face it  and embrace it
Jun 2023 · 1.1k
Paints our world Anxiety
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Drenches half music blues
Paints my eyes his drips of two's
Like a software of compliance
Superior-what's inside

Anxiety you can tell
  at a glance
In a state of anxiety  
Nature calls cleansing
A world of society

What is at state?
No greener pasture
Present the future

Craziness high anxiety fire
More jobs to hire
Paints- birthstone- sapphire
Picture memories
  to capture  
Anxiety like sanity
Paints wellness next to

Eyes weaken but your heart
We are living in a world with different ailment a lot of people have anxiety and other things I hope this helps
Jun 2023 · 1.5k
Long Healing Coffee
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Liberty bell has rung for the
longest time friends come and go
All the time why can't it be
     The best news*
I ever heard in a long time
Sleepless nights at bedtime
Sunset opens worth waiting for
     Healing- time -heart

We are on Prime- Time
  Long healing coffee
Anytime peace of mind

Waiting for the right time
How come its more the wrong time
We all work fulltime long hours
Hits you in a whole lifetime
Nothing heals I love my trees
Maple cherry blossom wild flowers
Having strong bold coffee in
the Eiffel Towers  

The train is coming but
the wrong one
All alone holding time
With your coffee cup
Please stop to think
Stirring my coffee
Long wait sometimes life stinks
Cell phones and so many links

Long sip- my- neck- out
 Amazon jungle long time -out  
      Long night-out
   Long wait hooked like a bait
Please God! I cannot wait
      *        *        *        *        *

Long sip Villa- man dressed Vet
He stuck his neck out to her
mind and body set
Coffee moments,, Time, simple sip of Coffee what it will do
Jun 2023 · 765
Vivid Color Images
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Yellow field of passages'
Vivid color images
Multicolor pink- red- purple
Days disappear new dawn color
appears two ears, peers
Colors define but smears
Feeling like a baboon

Swinging wizardly
Wanting to come home soon
Something strikes you
Cowardly- profoundly
Technicolor group
New frontier lovely

Career fit bravely
Gods* truth
Amazing* color* birth
Vivid Color images
Red- heart -damages
Piano fingers ironic

Start to panic
Vivid minds go- manic

Ship Titanic
Bake-Awake- mood

  Vivid brain waves
   Vivid parrot caves

Geometric lines Shakespeare
  *       *       *       *       *       *
Vivid color images
Happy New Year
Colors are fascinating but also have reaction feelings
Jun 2023 · 734
Impress or Express
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
To ignite- - like love-fire
Words crossover express
Rollover under the cover
       New- Lover
Eyes- express Lighthouse tower
Caress good news to digest


Express to dress
Don't impress

Lost time to address
Mindful - Express- train  
Open* expression* request*  
 Bucket list Jekyll and Hyde
Secrets dark you decide
  *       *        *       *       *
Yoga stretch two lovers coffee
Picture selfie - express what's mine  
All we need more time
Success *  to express
We don't always need to impress I guess life has its ups and downs do things simple and plain think your thought out before you do them
Jun 2023 · 1.5k
Have Lips We Travel
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Over the top to sail lips float
Oversweet travel in any sort
Two lips sway back and forth
Have lips we travel
Unravel-Hot lips Brazil
       *       *       *       *
Sugary-Syrupy the sky like
Our lips high
canopy travel shaky
Lips met her rivalry
Lips together acceptable

We travel up
Lips frown to fall
color* rich* never* to* be* frugal
First class lips diamond- coral

Forever my lips half open  
Traveling closed lips
       *       *       *
She walks and trips

Museum art
*       *       *       *
Our lips never part
Everyone needs a vacation even if we cannot smile to remember things raise your glass let your lips travel
Jun 2023 · 904
Chasing Our Dreams
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Sounds dreams art form
In age norm- brainstorm
Wake -up alarm rainstorms
    Carmel Clouds
Barking noises and hounds
Chasing to be found

Monstrous- snowstorm

Dreams to heal
In uniform
Please no harm
love embraces  
Chasing the wrong faces

Gazing- engaging- singing
Dreams touch a nerve
Reacting jump ringing*
Chasing and saving
Memory of words
Wild child-hummingbirds

Floating in the air taps
No time like a normal nap
The cell phone pictures
and apps
Chasing big stir coffee sips
Valuable time trips
Chasing our dreams

Is real what it seems?
Lips* met* the *sunset
Eyes water love just met

Chasing- raging- event
Lullaby Lighthouse
Does your dreams make any sense?
Chasing our minds what about our bodies are we always chasing things we will never have? How does your dreams react?
Jun 2023 · 1.5k
The Chosen One
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Are we only spiritually one
A glide or mask
Love burning task
Chosen red brick
Dreaming what's real
Or forever to be tricked
Building sea castle home
The chosen one alone

       *       *       *       *

Is the chosen one cleverly smart?
What's truly inside our hearts
Only one wish

Stars and the moon rush
Shinning on one thought
Cheeks glow feather light- blush
Like unique creation
*       *       *       *
Follow your mission
Be happy make a
new transition  
The chosen one
Chosen One, how one thought can change our thinking
Jun 2023 · 819
The Change of Force
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
The world a force to pray
The months and years  
Looking up at the sky rays
The change of force
Takes over any course
Change of luck
The winning horse
Nature takes the course
Lighting fuse
Change of force
Growing full force
Godly- Rose
Tearing- forgiving
The change of force
Prepares us to a better living
a* change* of* good
Life is about change whether young or old stay strong life can be full of anxiety
Prices are sky rocket to many changes we need a better balance
Aug 2021 · 1.8k
Lips* Lost The Flowers*
Robin Carretti Aug 2021
Lips of the world lost
Evanesce bring to life
Live-Love- Dance

 Prayers>> of >the> Providence
Lips deep--- tears-seeded
    Life unfolds
Loved ones need to be hold
World spins High flower

Are we all connected within?

Anxiety on the rise
Weaken flower transforms to begin
Sun lips gladiolus
Melody of Mozart- Amadeus
Honeysuckle- Rose lips

Healing rain European trips
Winding minds of stairs
They lost the flowers
Bad politics and affairs
I saw the light

Candle-lips star
Lips got healed God sent
Don't dwell on life the big rent
The world is very displeasing I thought I would put some bright colors and flowers to lift the spirit
Aug 2020 · 388
Harmony Help Hour
Robin Carretti Aug 2020
Drifting wave going off a rock
Carefully not forcefully sip the wine
  smooth blend of Burgundy
    Your health depends- on- it
   Your heart from the inside or
outside the world of uncertainty
       (Harmony- Help- Hour)

     We need "Halo Wings" urgency
   Guardian or fairy Godmother
    Eternity and harmony                               
   Miracle lifesaver sunset
better world
   Cleaner and greener
The Eagle Landing             
SOS help we are the world
Temperature rising thermometer

Jupiter or Mars the right stars
      Sweet liberty
More justice for all
Harmony all heroic energetic
Please don't panic virus help tiger roar!!!
    Gulp gulp help

Harmony-Help-Hour-curing rain shower
  Google- Amazon more jobs of power

        *              *            *             *            *
The hospital finding better cures  
Harmony the love halo watching over us
Telling it like it is the world the music is different the world is on edge we need help lots of love
Mar 2020 · 1.5k
Getting Awards Hello
Robin Carretti Mar 2020
Hello! Its me always on the cell phone? I tunes
Hello Hello does anyone acknowledge
Someones hello do not disturb sign movies of art
Getting awards all hearts next role part
Hello private lives desperate house wives
Writers words that move us hello please don't leave us
A friendly hello greetings and deadline meetings

Please don't hurt anyone's feelings

Getting closer no impostor
Stars shine hello my dipper
Like the golden rule running like
A mule the competition
The compromising position
Just the hello- transition
Getting awards surprised

Say what you mean
Words should be
Crisp like lettuce clean
Cafe French roast hello mingle
No awards to be married or single
Instagram beauty
and the beast pictures to hustle
Climbing the diamond door
  Getting awards hello a title

Moving towards the winning line_

  Fast and furious "Valentine"
Computer hello apps trophy
Getting awards your happy
Over the Judy rainbow
Metal awards and plaques
Seeing monuments and hello
Hollywood graves
But no-one hears me

The "Yellow Brick Road"
Were off to see the wizard
Hello! Oz
Like a fantasy getting awards so comforting a smile a friendly hello be happy
Dec 2019 · 3.6k
Curtain Call Sunflower
Robin Carretti Dec 2019
The final words deeply
Rooted well spirited from top
To the wishing well bottom
She writes-- on-- the-- top-line
  Real flower takes action
The Spring Mom affection
Dark- Shades She's the brightest

Star- Poppy make it snappy
Fire red Floppy disk
Movie flick favorite flower
Take a risk perfect pick
Your heart sunglasses got baked
With Moms baking flour
She couldn't see the sun
       Light years away
Words sound alike look at the what!

blue skies just pray we are rooted
     like a gifted flower
       That never dies
       Star Eyes** enter
The flowers frame mirror
   "Sunflower Face"
  *          *          *
Words sprout like

"Mr. and Misses"
The ceremony
Oh! Honey what's your point.....
Red so vibrant laughing Loretta
Crying operetta baby birth flower
 Rudolph running nose red
Homesick cough water spell
chamomile flower bed

Light up Holiday wed
  "Poinsettia" she's tough

Bloom-  make room  
Show Biz flower "Cafe Vienna"
Curtain call sprinkle me
Sunflower voice heal me
Daisies lion- roar- free
The fresh-cut dandelion
Sunflower hats bow

"Kentucky Derby" I reckon
Flower words I beg your pardon
Did I ever promise you the rose garden?
Last curtain call divine sunflower
Sunflowers every year a new blooming curtain call grows and grows
Nov 2019 · 726
OH! Oceania Lips
Robin Carretti Nov 2019
Ice sleet and rain
Oceania swift Ballerina
Doesn't ever complain
Sea shells swirls
Turquiose pool lips subtle
By sand count me Inn sea
A message wine bottle
Two souls million
light years

Star* fish wand of mermaids
Newlywed beds happy lad
A fan of tails what curls
  OH! Oceania lips
       It's a girl!!                    
  Cherubs shy and fickle
   "OH! hiccups to tackle better
   Wishng well weather do tell

   Whether or not together"
Rain drop eyes to lips stain
Driftwood the sea ladies
Hi! gents social events
Sticks and stones wont
break her baby cakes
Words high lakes of birds

On the wire smart phone
Lips swim I-Tune him
Internet surfer
Mansions of mind drifter
Oceania chapped lips
The secret spy gulp
Sailors wave they need help
Nothing but blue skies

OH! you got the tools
By land our lips engraves
the heart of rocks
Oceania sea writing goods
is how you hooked me
Eyes of the sweet rebels
the sea castle
Once upon a fairytale

"Robin Hoods" cobblestone streets

Water adventurer blazng heats
Lets ocean down the kiss of sweets
Do you get my drift fishing buddies
Words like buds weepiing willow
Evergreen shadow swim further
Don't start difting from
Sea space red breast Robins  
Lobster lovers say "Grace"

Home by the sea place
I miss Mother* and Father
Holidays never swim away
Tossing the  sea salt Oceania lips never halt brings on the earth wind and fire  take a swim wash away your problems beautiful birds inside our heart of nature Robins tweet by the sea
Nov 2019 · 573
Princess Owl State Fair
Robin Carretti Nov 2019
Carol of the bells shes the lady
in her arm chair twinkles
Any state jeweled fair
Prayers of garland birds
Zip it Zircon pardon me
December remember the stone
Triumph tanzanite  He's

"Superman Crimsonite"
Debutante Peacock turquoise
Applause noise and noise
"Princess Owl State Fair"
Violin ballantine clock
Her heart key silent night lock
The artist ceilng sings
"Cheeks divine she blushes

Silk fine print brushes"    
Pointsetta ruby wings
"Thomas Kincade" walls
Light the promenade
Princess gown wanderlust
Power pride sleigh ride
Eyes of the owl lady stunner

Plays royalty no brainer
"Princess Owl" tree topper
Holiday lights  they shine the Princess comes through like the savoir any state of the affair eyes of the owl the painting refreshes the time of love the wings take flight so ever bright
Aug 2019 · 634
Sea Turtle Solar Sailing
Robin Carretti Aug 2019
So fatiqued Tuesday-Greens
Don't pick the salad going mad
army of turtles graveyard
sea shifts
All hurdles Wednesday
Go push/pull//lift
A drift to the draft beer
Turtles tuck in those girdles

Prima- Donna
Hearts all crumbled shells
Solar sailing slow as hell
That turtle meeting to
please him?
He hurts the turtles feeling
The Tortoise shell is healing

Taking it like the softshell
  You were homesick
The turtle stamp be quick
Muscles in the hardshell
Shuck a clam shell slow as

Going to masses in her
turtle soup glasses
This is a cute style let not be slow turtle all hurdles we need the fast and the furious weights of muscles like the Army race you look too green in your face  LOL
Aug 2019 · 428
The Rock Untouched
Robin Carretti Aug 2019
So touched writing in stone
Her glass slipper no rock unturned
The rock untouched the stars shape the
donut glazed
Heartbreak Hotel making rounds no return
Rock message "Venus" Our Turn
She touched to dream and gave birth like "Saturn"
This is about the rock how love can roll down but something picked your spirit up for the love of Venus a touch a smile or did something get untouched like a painting of rocks
Aug 2019 · 451
Tropics Mr. Grandeur Mrs.
Robin Carretti Aug 2019
Those frolics the highest
Grandeur "Gin and Tonics"
Mr. and Mrs tropic tongues
Like soft velour don't disturb the door
Bermuda triangle marriage in general
to be in sound mind
Be the human kind

  Tropic lips treasure rare find
The grandeur topics
Mr. and Mrs. climb Ice Queen
Meeting the King mountain
Goggle if the crown fits
Drinks flow in form with hearts
beat in uniform
"Malibu Me and You" sounds cascade
Godly gesture inside and out he reads
Bali water the tropic pours the topics
Single glass marriage "VIP Pass"
love comes with variety of colors
The blue ***** whale

Holiday sale Gold- Rush
Pours and sounds warm lips hush
Stars of atoms instagram post
Love and marriage toast
the whole entire sum it's love
This is like being on a vacation as a married couple but also its for anyone  that love to drink or think of a moment when life made you smile
Apr 2019 · 40.2k
Quack Quack Spa Duckies
Robin Carretti Apr 2019
Your the one son being rebellious little darlings here comes
the sun drenching delicious but wait those cloudy days
watch out the hunters run ducking our heads like babies
wetting and water squirting beds getting too saucy
  ten O clock playpen the daring duck gourmet sauce
Orange you glad all her rich creme spread across
her penpals
Do you trust those gals too country slick on Newsweek

Getting paid he is the longest laid egg all grilled we are
not thrilled here is the "Chuckie Duckie" doll those *****
barbie collectors they are sitting duck Graphic Artist
Not one quack doll plastic surgeon duck lips she thinks
shes the hot stuff romantic "French" lips up the
"Eiffel Tower" splash splash she is out of cash
Those hot items presidential poll what a lost soul

Too much blue yes attention swan dancers Springtime
Not  the red attention yellow instead ****** please
I need a  journey not the "Attorney" such a ****** case
When you need them they always duck
When they have a new quack case they are ruining
my image
Duck tapesty Carol Kings youve got a friend

I'm feeling yellow homesick on your feather duck pillow
The same yellow tie a different atmosphere Go- Spa
She's flirting do you know where your going how is
life treating you he's giggling way too wild on her
goose chase
  Losing our grip down to her chicken bone hip
Duck season not much time for love being hunted

The Spa  la la ha have Merci' oh la la 'Disco Duck"
The wild ones the only ones quack- quack the
lonely ones
At the waterfront trip to "Chinatown" they let
them hang to dry but why Dad? They are better
like the delicacy shark finn soup we need a Spa
lucky green group Irish eyes are smiling stories
of ducks

I am  not buying do you see duck climb the
          "Eiffel Tower" yellow as a canary
All talk-talk is cheap lets talk French Mom walks
With her pretty duck handle umbrella we waddle
The penquin what a beauty swan feather pen
  But she's the"Prima Donna" look out!

The slingshot Marilyn Monroe wiggles out
                  The "Spa- Ma"
                 Don't  Scramble me darlings
                    Breakfast eggs cagefree
                     *          *          
My little chickadees organic brown on my gown
Spa duckies traveled the whole Atlantic town
The longest pond sleeping like "Rip Van Winkle"
twinkle twinkle
doublecrossed the street you get one dermerit
Sesame street Big bird how many words in duck
vocabulary quack- quack who get's the duck star

Mars from Men women go to the Spa like the bad
omen and they don't leave tap tap chop chop
I want it now!! Its now or never why does she always
get ugly duckling book delivered
Lazy goose she is the spoiled rotten egg how
do we love those  I apples
Carrots are for the eyes Mom always gets bird eyes

My little chickadees the Alaskan cute puppies
Big salute to the cutest duck feet "God Bless America"
  Visa  American Express Daffy Duck in Disney mess
the real picture "Mona Lisa" getting the duck
         Prime  chop minister
"Parliament Spa" prices so sinister
"Eat Duck and Pray" the  southern biscuits
more recruits

My cute rookies those duckier cookies another Spa day
So prim and proper teatime with "Queen deck"
  Alice in rabbit hole-Santa candycane poles cute chick
is homesick you better sent her money quick
The ducky bib the Chinese duck soup won ton
The feather fan she loves her Sushi roll Hollywood
Style California all duck drama
The best treatment duck made carpet

On the "Disney Hollywood" deck "Epcot"
On the futon what diction for a duck "My Fair lady"
Got the whole fortunes bed
The duck on the hill what a fool but the monk
Is the whole spiritual existence
The peacock's longest wait for lobster tails
centerpieces red bird Robin fly Robin Fly

Disco ball fancy tails she ended up up up to the sky
Her duck sunglasses a dozen ***** spin's the disco
The Duck Pop singer wants him back
High price or a short mack duck shooter attack
Food for thought homesick all saucy duck tie waiter
Cinderella rags to ducklings I went to "Woodstock"
Imagine me the teenager chick the duck split

Fill wing concert sky made a hit
The blues love is strange chick-lets are yellow
Like clock work what a duck work out orange          
        Duck handle umbrella               
 Duckies I pledge to you College Preppies
The chick feeder Ain't nothing but a hound dog
      Elvis heart breaker bird-brain feeder

  Moms duck sugar cookies
******* Jack one prize quack quack
 Huckleberry Finn paper boat old billy goat
  In the drowned mans eye holy ducks he delivered
I will blow you down duck horn the day you
were born
Having a third eye one duck Wendy 4 for a 4

Notre Dame church tragic but saved
   The  Easter yellow chicks

To Rome lend me your feathers no secret ears
Sticky Fingers she lost her writing finger in the
pond  OH! look whats beyond so kind
With her duckling apron dress he ducked
The chatty cat "City Dr Seuss"

Wearing duck boots those duck lips played her
like the fancy feast
The teachers pet the ducklings cute darlings
Spa cream she quite the flabber belly dancer
The ballet swan achiever "Spa One Day tripper"
The ugly duckling changed to beauty witch
Holy-land or duck pond Mickey's ears

Stand up daffy duck comedian Las Vegas
Godiva Peking duck soup flapping swishing
The Big Ben red whose been sleeping in my
duck wing bed
The car stops he hiccups cute bebops
The guardian angel quack quack any luck
Yummy raspberry pie someone delivered

Christmas Scrooge all tears
New York lights camera I love my
        Serendipity chandeliers
Those duck tear drops last stop
Or you die__your still quacking
       Just in time said I
           Fly Robin Fly

     Saved my baby chick lovely
     Cradled her to love her
          Dr Seuss read
Its about all speculation dreaming need of a nature cool environment ;our eyes up get your cafe favorite cup my baby chicks  words will give flight and I hope you will feel just perfectly right with her duck lips  Quack Quack
Feb 2019 · 1.5k
Backing Up Love
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Oh! Heaven no back path
         To Hell*
Those down days bills
No Jack and Jill 
Up for love of Venus  
Going down memory lane
Here's to our future

The love walk special
Guilt with love
resentment staying
Washed up Queen

  OH! hey  RIP_to VIP

Who named my plot
Calling all girls last shot

Is anyone  *Up For Love*
lovesick from your Ex
Or the *Fed Ex* trucks
A big kick in the pants
"Backing Up" words
We cannot hold
them forever
They swing like Tarzan
Good posture "Mighty Jane
Yes we have" Bananas  
Where to elope

Getting licked through the envelope

Watch your back
Engraved love
Love is healing
Do you want to know
a secret confession
Backing up Love Gods  

 *Strawberries eye patch  
   Stay loyal that's a match"
 Not getting your money back
 I'll be back but he's not
    coming back
     I'll back your
     Wedding steps

  "I Cloud" backup
just ******* 
* Recovery file back up
Slingback Stress-free
Wearing  low back
The camel-back coffee cup
Android never avoid callback

I wish I was back
Pat on the back praise
Top notch raise
Tree grows* in* Brooklyn*
How can I back the world up
On a tablet Duracell
Goes on and on message

Can be a bad habit?

Somewhere over the
    "Rainbow Hobbit"
Being a servant a butler
Your personal trainer
True lover four leaf clover
Or writers block
*Is love always by the clock
We all need a back up plan life can be sweet counting all the hearts love can be the biggest performance  love is fierce like a truce throw of dice backing up love we all need the right advice
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
A dream-- B-dream-C- dream
                D-- Divine- dream
                E-- dream to the end of
                        E- Earth
                 F-- Fit for the dream
                How far it seems
                My first ever dream 
                 A+ "Angels Dream"
                 B-Blood stereo types

      Dreams are so C Computer advanced  
                     One D-Demon -click
             Please come back your way too slick
                      Your running out the door
                Lets be careful what we dream for                    
                        All cliches
                   So Hype flying the parachutes                   

                   Does dreams come in
                   "Navy I Salute"
                    So **** designed cute                  

                   Sunshine awakening did you
                   feel her vibes wait a minute
                  Jump the dream her malamute
                   "To_ live_ a_ dream_ for all
                    the talking no money grabbing
                    Listen to the world what they are
                     ......  asking".......

                    M-L-M marketing tribe
                    Walking like the Egyptian
                   "King Tut Pyramid"
                   Million Stars multitasking
                      My solo flight*
                       A dream is not a dream
                       Until your first cup of coffee                   
                     Names became unknown
                      I must be missing an angel                    
                       Quizzically Q- Queen
                       All the King horses
                    Money is real the dream
                      Like a paper moon

                       Once Upon A Dream
                   Eye mask beautiful to me
                   S-sleeping beauty
                   My Mom is so real
                    her name is Judy
                   I'll be dammed "Miss Scarlet"Red
                    Many broken pipe dreams                  

                   Gone with the wind                   
                    Beyond my words
                    A change is good
                    In my dream "God" was changed
                    My heart brave what defeats
                     The singer dream gently down the stream
                    Our dreams the milky way heats

                       Such emotions pride and joy of passions
                     Heartfelt affections life is filled
                      with destruction
                      Sometimes nightmares the do or dares                    

                      What fears only the lonely  
                       How a new birth is so lovely

                      With love to the  poem to the dream
                       heights the "Medieval Knights"                      
                      Was this my dream it feels so real? ZZZ
A dream are we all dreaming or are things plain as can be. Life is a struggle getting up the same routine feeling frisky drinking fresh brewed coffee too much sugar well that's sweet enough is a dream sweet or scary our flight will see to never give up Dream
Feb 2019 · 3.0k
Goody Two Shoes
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
The London*
Shoes Chatterbox
Choo Choo train
Mr. Earl Gray
Doing cartwheels
Head over heels

Milk the Cow
"Going Moo" in her
Jimmy Choo
The Odd Mom
Cocker Doddle Doo
Goody Two shoes

The women living
in her shoes
All Mighty God
The dog to chew
Her most expensive
The genius
La Cruz

Goody two shoes
That's show biz
Vacation Dr. Seuss
John Hughes
The master of clues
La mousse
Love truce X-File

Instagram, please smile
In her ballet slippers
He's at the Hub
drinking beer
In the London Fog
Her wooden clogs

Ladybird chirper
He's down to his

Got sidetrack hot
fever lovesick
La muse shoes
Cozy at the caboose
Playing golf in the
Gulf of Mexico

You ain't got a thing
if you don't have
the shoes to swing
Kick up your shoes and
start to sing
This is a comedy of all Goodie two shoes tied into one find you we all own a pair of shoes and have some fun
Feb 2019 · 2.0k
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Going once the
One specific lover
What do we uncover
More advice going
twice in (2)
You see an

Like twins with
two heads exact copy
Say Action your movie part
"The offer you cannot refuse"
You cannot duplicate her heart
With another Flower rose
Another heart obligation

"Alaskan Huskies
Twin Adoption"
Two heads better
than one snipper
She- Wolf surf and turf
Mexico taco, at the gulf
Her green planet thumb
Mount Fiji we climb

Right force ruler the heart
divider the duplicate lover
"To Reproduce" over the
a million light-years
duplicated love tears
Years we treasured
It's in our duty

United we stand  
Imagine the world
stopped to be buried
The duplicate became a
twin maid of honor
She lost her duplicated purse

"Twin Identity"
Your heart couldn't
hold on____
Any longer
To reproduce the same
forbidden fruit
voiceover singer

The rare find
someone with a
Giving heart

Having a double
scotch doing the part
The pirate wearing
Eye patch

Twofold twice the gold
one heart match
Poems true believers
One is the snitch

To love life singles or doubles
subjects to catch up in triples
The full house
what a spouse
Your boiling minds
Twice around the
coffee house

The day she or he
was born
The comfort
comes with love
Fire eye lit bedding
(Forever young
double wedding)

You're the one so
gifted hearted
Things become duplicated how we think about them related or love guarded. To be blessed Godly path as one it doubles our happiness like a marriage of two
Let's not lose the one feeling and if it duplicates its a forever love healing
Feb 2019 · 2.2k
Lies I Sir Box
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Going left a smile
green* bluesy* drift
Getting out of debt
The heartedly so flowery
rosy ring around
Gifted box
*Valentine Rosy*

I box heads over
puppy tails
cozy firey
Love diary doing the
Bow Wow parade
Those red hot lips
she's... the... lie...
The hue (Anchor- Blue)
Gotcha  "Eyes Baby blue

To cross my red heart
And hope not to die
The Lady's
finger (Godiva)
  I-spy finger*
Heartless Diva
The fork of the road

Lies of the
dead ringer
He points his finger
Face to two face

a car crash just a dash

Her beats and hearts

What a crush to her
Tell me sweet lies
         I box gift
Oh! Yes you're
Like the scoundrel
The damsel in distress
sweet morsel

I sir box like spots spread
Like the (Chickenpox)
Hearing lies tons of
Like Botox Plastic
I-box ties
Hallmark, I love you lies
Superman Clark
Outfoxed the ballpark

Little lies blue
big shark
Smartphone I Sir bark
Red Valentine love walk
People are the luckiest
      I- wish
Close your eyes sweet lies

Sweet I-Box in Trio

CEO Watching "TV FIO"  
Podcast little lies turn
into big lies
Ballot Political list

Romantic cutout card lies
Tell me, Little Lies he trips
Electric lips music chair
Open eyes full shut lips
This is a little thought turn into a big I box cut out cards I seem to like the most Sweet Valentine or a little lie lets breathe remembering the classics romantically crossing the Atlantic the truth and lies can catch a moment hold onto them electric lips will win
Feb 2019 · 1.8k
Ballads Musical Brain
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Ballads R-U the
Like the Bella baby
Tossing your salad like
The artwork deviant
Like the myriad

The musical chairs
Messages unique piece
Playing the brain organs
The new road of legions
Cerebellum moving
Perky pinks the possum
We move into a certain era

Intense Opera breathing, pacing, dreaming

More feeding the balance of love needing
Musical digestion
Heart rate inside
your movement shows
All themes like soap operas
The nervous system musical brain
Gets damaged like the Asylum

So emotional heartbeat got more
Your hums needing tums
The Lifes crises
But not feeling
accountable the brains works
Every function ballads of love
Inside your heart diction
Like the ballad-making
Your best transformation
Orchestrated hands to lead

The musical brain
Love letters arrive on the train
So tranquil love
physical  momentarily
Has a certain quality
like the ballad of love

We find in life its a long sip
The brain wave long neck
          Giraffe hot cafe

We feel everyone's tragedy
Living so high
in the (Castle) the step up
Not giving up the highness the
majesty the brain depressed
But such a parody foods for
the soul no control eating binge

You want to dodge out
But you're the musical genius
Magical brain fast and furious
Is tricky to remember you have
         The talent
         To be Lucky*
Fill it with love and gravity
He's the laughing stock
of the comics

Like the simple life
He's the built-in love
a ballad with such structure
The popular form of poetry
Musical notes a blend
of symmetry
Chariots of fire the key to love

Whats truly above all we need is love
He takes your breath away
Reading into the
Archie comics and Veronica
Historical moments Cleopatra
The ballads of culture
Songs we remember
I love September the day I was born
Ballads and songs

"My Girl"
"Stop Look Listen to your heart"
"Love is all around"
You came to the right place
Peace and love, please
stick around we love you
Ballads of important dates and places to remember like the day you are born the musical brain I would love to go back one time to memory lane
Feb 2019 · 2.2k
Demon liptalked Angel
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Jeweled.. map... talk
Wipe her... teardrops...
He summoned her
"The Hipster" starry eye
Commando Chief
Trampled the hot item
*     *     *    
 Rubies in the Paradox
Pep-talk thief Fox
     *     *     *    
Red Rhapsody
Hey, Buster, on the
Tip of the "Ice Queen"
"King Speech"
Her lips
Practice what your eyes
Preach whats inside his lips

Lip marooned force
Afterfight doomed


He tapped took a bite
  So vamp lit her lip
Apple stumbles
Mr. Cobbler
Lips got caught to be

Clicks movie flicks
     *     *    
Physiological College of chicks

On her Demon laptop lovesick
Sisters of the Sentinel
Fingers clicking like quicksand
  Ancient lips  touch the shadow
Of his smile
Does anyone have a
soft spot for *Angels

The psychotic broken wing on the verge

The lip pledge Demon
Give him a shot lip
bullet glass
"Red Electricity" he smiled
Certain lip she deserved
The floppy disk
Sweet breath
His baking whisker's

Those baby boomers
Top of the lip rumors
the right kiss
"Emmy" Jet set trips
Their chattering lips
Niagara falls duty calls
"Lip Shoutbox"

Her lips touched on
A nerve

He blew up like the
Cherry bomb we will
succumb dreamily
Could blow his
lips down
How she wore the
red velvet bustier
A+ lip magnet

He's the connoisseur

La Luna melancholy
"The World Is Dying"
No apology

The symphony in line
With the lip up
His chin down is lying
But when your smiling
A poem knows what your
lips are saying  
Are you in way too deep

Lips like cold cuts the
paparazzi mob sheep
The movie cut Deli line
Race her the Italian
Mazzaratti be mine
Demon jungle no plain
Jane's lips
Hurry up your highness

lost his taste for goodness
Do angels die her lips went_?
Angel confession another
One lie please "I am the Angel"
we never live to die
This is a fantasy story about Demons and Angels what kind of lips do you have are they divine do you over talk your stay does your lips love to play too much coffee and red demon talker in your words release it fly like hummingbirds birds are the word and lips will never be absurd they are Godly
Feb 2019 · 1.7k
The Wild One's Gifts
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
The Gifted ones we turn into
The "Wild Ones" to be
The Chosen-Ones of the
Golden- Gods
Wild Oats organically
are grown into
your younger heart

   Like (Cheer)ios
Mysterious Honey O's
Uniquely-- tied-- unknown
Does everybody become ?
The Joker playing poker
Too many "Billygoats"

Wild card players
Playing jeopardy in
To be his chosen one
Miss (February)

True gifts the big ones
(March) in wild ones

The Emerald-Green door
Poems on earth sonnet
(April) no fools I'm cool
Orangutans wild dolphins
Italian vineyards  
Wildlife Fruit surgeons

(May) I click to tease you
Shark bay will bite you
Getting burned with a
flat iron
Walk the talk Sea lions
Sea Cortez smartphones
Married in (June) candy Pez

So personal  in (July)
What awaits through
the__ door*
Mom brightens my August day
I pod imaginary dreamscape
Cat got your tongue
Darkness like Grunge
Amazon Jungle-book in
the lounge

Got Scrooged no gifts
To Google the camel got
your back move to the
frontline with her "Big Cats"
On the Jet gifts and magical hats
It pays to be wild
"The Man's Pleasure" he is 

The most wanted list
Oh! Christ
The last gift watch out
The Brittish are coming
to brighten up your
bucket list

Saint Nick canary slippery
hands tight fist protest
The wild ones "Readers Digest"
Trees and eyes don't lie
Knocking on heavens door
Don't be the swagger
**** Jaeger

White snow sugar dance the
Warm maple brown sugar
I hear the Godly caller
Writers, all doors welcome
The wild ones the good ones but the bad ones seem to be the News story why are the good ones not the gifted ones stealing or too much dreaming the white lie Christmas  the trees don't lie take a piece of her  Wild cherry favorite pie
Feb 2019 · 1.3k
Me Time
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
"Its Time" to hear a story hang your tears to dry the"Me Time" no it's not bath time that's truly fine. Oh! I  "All Mine" just breathe I remember how hard it is to share. Like kids smell the summer breeze so bubbly happily ever me. What about you please just join me The"Me Time." So lovely the nature hanging branches.
      We must have "Me Time" for looking in your starry eyes* filled with romances.
(My time) + Fall 4- Fall (Your time) the eye's wink at glances the weather cozy lackadaisical time is moving with us sensational. Me time fighters political. All the crazies let the truth in your words be told. The smells from my Moms daisies so poetical.
Lets slow things up the time is called the "Me Time" perhaps the tea time everything you thought before its a matter of time.
Make it your time, not the words that are forced to rhyme. No one really knows what's ahead
       You and Me time read a book in bed
The likewise me to see your smile like the sunrise goes through the world of now what was before the future holds your smiles  forever to adore

         "The Me Time"
         Its time for
         "Hello Poetry"
           It's Me
          Just shine 
           Oh! Me O- My       
        Miss Sunshine

           Me and you

           It's Open all the time          
          But that's the problem?
          Who is really listening
           Like free bird Robin
           On your free time
           What about mine
            Like a Bad Omen

             How it grabs you and me
             It's on me__*
              Let me pay
               Don't worry be happy            
              Me Time" just like
               any day look
               at the fine print
               And if you don't
                What do you mean
                 you can't

               Just pray* Me Time
            " They say it's your
                  " Birthday"        
                 Talk to me hurray
                 Count the money
                       "Trust Me"                   
                  You could count me in
                  "Me time" what tastes good

                      Robin Hood so rich
                     Another world poor
                      A person gets evil heads
                      out the door                       
                      "Me Time" Cheers to pour
                       Your time journey
                       I will catch you don't fall
                      A shooting star shot me
                    Whoa that's my wakeup call
                     He avoids me
                     my mind floods me                  
                  Carefre­e all me God Bless the
                  How it set me up
                  Me Time "Never give up"
                  On the edge "Robin Rebellious"                 

                   Do you hear me!! It's contagious

                Young spring chickens
                 you hired old ones fired               
                I see a stranger would he
                Help me I need my family               
                 Me time my flight gravity
                  Not a Stand-up Comedy

                  Nobody cant stop me
                   Who lives above me                    
           I never want to see what is below me                    
                    Keep in touch with me                     

                   Can you pay me in advance
                    Relax make your own time
                     My time travel to France
                          That's the Me Time                     
                         My poems are all I got                     
                   Thank you, (God) and (Mom and Dad)
                   The time went by Fly Robin Fly
                    Never underestimate what you have or why
                           Like the day I was born
                           Called the "Me Time"
Me time so simple to relax sip a cup of tea all me by myself just know how special you are we all have qualities and stop looking so much into the time how fast the hours go just indulge in what you have been happy that someone gave birth to you and gave you Me Time to move forward towards your own time
Feb 2019 · 3.1k
Valiant V
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Hey, another week whispers love to win "W" That womanly wonder I need to take a step back to "V"  just need to vent out.
I'm here not over there? Medieval times "Roman Festival" of love
I have to catch up to get to V- Valentine things are the sublime wake up take a bite the "Viennese Whirls" biscuit "The Cats Meow"
The Siamese to suit me just fine. The Valentine recruit her day of pursuit. Her lower V back to her higher love loot plays up to her **** and boots.

A victory versus the villain Mama Mia striking gold but I am a face to red like grapes. The Italian Villa making love in her red hot chinchilla. But somewhere over her sheer rainbow, he got sidetracked all the way she looks divine in her "Rosy" slingback chair. Read my lips go smack CD track "V-Valiant" multiplying like ants. She flaunts herself such a venom demonstration. The biblical (V)-sword wins her love sentimental. What aims the bow and arrow a heart is her V village daring. Quite shocking and alarming the poems red silk ties her love force the light shines romantically warm red. V Virtual reality Strawbery Sponge cake.

Her V-Valentine the first day she met him. Where she came from will we ever know? What's in the card do we win or lose to know what in store for you?

You will get to know me 
The sweets got her set
The bittersweets only yet
Plays the different drum
The Valiant V venture
Hum all *** about him
The ricochet "Russian *****"

This is not the end of the alphabet
zoomed in like the Zebra
You got me V for Visa
But Y where did the
( L)_ go we are losing some??
More victories firelight sunset

Lionhearted heroic I bet
Did you throw me into Lion's den?
Refresh my L- love ******
"O" only roses pink/red sonic
Zippety do day happier
V Day the wine glasses
L-O-V- E Ecstacy

I suppose another tempting
Dose V vitamins
"Valiant Rose" Face
Such velocity
I feel pretty dancing
high castles

 Herbivore love me messy
Victorian sleeping beauty
Rose Kiss Hibiscus
Vampire rosebuds
Cherubs ****** red
Red Mercedes
Hubs of love

For the "Valiant Smart ladies"
High society noses
Pluto-Venus Starwars
V Valentino and their singles
Cappuccino in Italy Portofino
Chic centerfold V candles
Damask Rose pretentious pose

She's the V Voluptuous
Red devil ventriloquist
Pink/Wink Strawberry mousse
The Bulgarian with her cute
Pomeranian and spouse
Elephant Tusk smells
of musk E-love

"Marilyn Monroe" baguettes
Yves The Saint Laurent
So Valiant bond deep
Cut thorns of Reds
Bergdorf Blondes and
Valentine duet V-shape
Headset  vivacious escapes
So mindset
Never forget the one day

February 14 your
Valentine ring
heartedly set
Salute to the cadet
This is the sweet smell of Valentines day or any day that you have plenty of loving your heart will tell you don't lose that feeling be the mindset to take a sip of coffee to melt your heart inside his love words
Feb 2019 · 3.6k
Everyday Use IT
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
What's the use----??
Flower of the Graces
"The Tenth Muse"
"Everyday Use It"
The earth revolves
Around the sun

Minerals Love it
Drink it vitamin C
Mass of energy A-B-C
The gravity every day
We cannot use it_
Became the play money
Copied tainted not the
Bee's honey here's
The everyday economy

One lick of hope the
envelope not much
Everyday- Einsteins
Big profit scope

The brainstorm Reign
All signs detour cabin
Choo Choo train caboose
You nailed it the moose
One footloose
The one-man show

Two women know
The odds to their
Someone is the traitor
Mom is the Tailor
The zigzag lines
Crazy cat felines 

"That's It"  punctuality,
Use your capability
"Technet Technology"
take a walk favorite park
Shiba Inu rollover
The bad ones the
Millionaires homes
flip over the do
or dare

We cannot pay
NYC token fare
Words are our power
For Sale quick sales
Being sold
Too hot whats cold
Those emails trying
to delete

(More casualties
Tombstone mummies
Democracy leading us like
dummies chewing Bear
Valentine gummies)

Like the "Elephant Stampede"
New Orleans parade
Every day please donate
We never know about
our fate too early or late
Every day new Providence

Demon computer virus
Love comes with confidence
Love yourself and Venus
Apples and oranges minus
Use it You have a voice!!!
City clean up cockroaches
Swap your fake Rolex

Watchtower index
Trump tower complex
"Eiffel Tower Use It" to be kissed
Every day we need to cleanse
The "Godly Shower" be blessed
Practical Everday Use It
Magical write poetically
Precisely the right piece puzzle

You are the one
World it's you to dazzle
Every day there is always something lets not complain we were born to earn
Use it you know what to do go for the things that made you who you are today every day you are worth it
Feb 2019 · 865
Pay Today Pray
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Truly yours today
Were open
Hearts divide
Each-Door Hide/Decide
Pray you don't slip on
The marble floor
Tomorrow_ the greeting
Heart to heart_ rain  pour

Lady Madonna there's
the door

Let's pray to the
Her pencil skirt
London Bridges tomorrow
Her note Goddess yellow
The narrow streets
The good fellows

"He Kisses" the ground you
pray on to pay the pied piper
Etsy Ms. Betsy wiggly feet

"Forget Me Not"

Today future Estate plot
It pays to have a good
heart to nurture
  Her hourglass
Figure to capture
He's the one shot glass
He prays and passes

Faces so still-life she plays
Blinks those eyelashes
Man and Wife deeds
Those worried beads
Beef Jerky London
pubs perky
those, cute labs,
Rub a dub dub

Money and man in the

We thought love stays
forever what a
comical gig never
Pay for a hug
To love her today
every day truer
Today the past
tomorrow the sky bluer

What will I borrow?

Today we pray at
the Temple
Big one
of_ a_ kind
Two kinds like twins
From yesterday sins
Just pray look at the
stray just another prey

Payday today is gone
Deal is done
On her I phone
he's gone
The wed day today
How time passed
Its own entire way

Let me know
This is Quite comical hilarious pay today just see everyone give a prayer or two life is so unexpected to be sour ball light up like the Christmas ball from light to  the Grand ball than darkness let your words light up in your coffee cup
Jan 2019 · 1.4k
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
Keep up the good work
We heard that before
Forevermore the
everlasting time
No riddles just Google
investing in giggles
Magnifico's eyes
on the tiger

Just a spoon full of sugar
Her Meds after
In the afterlife sounds
"Promising more
Love compromising"
A magnifying glass
change your seating
When your chair
Overwhelms you

Take a City bus
Real Estate going
stale bread the
big chill
Houses only a number
What a chill pill

We need more money Bills
Big number head
Magnifying glass cracked
She's been Sherlocked
The snow hibernation
The whites of your eyes
camouflaged feeling raged
Paying your dues
Being Recognized

Dying has no Guarantee's
Those hot buns on the run
So frightened
So fast and furious
The scent of a women
Making no sense
Bigger than life crazy
Never a time to be lazy
Like old bones, you fall

Do you envy the one
Superpower rich you
have the pocket watch
Success chair but the
poor soul was a mess
in her bigger size dress
He was selling magnifying
glass sales rep hippo

magnifying lips bravo
Your home is your

Big Wow Graphic Artist
So magnifying but sweet
lying con-artist
Computer monster chair
She left her magnifying glass
On his X files and wrong
wife's finger

Such dreaming world is
streaming can a chair you
waited for all your life
feel so wanted
he's wanted all over
Is your wish granted?
All tacky glue another
clue little boy blue

One last shooting star
Magnificence by far
To be cherished  and
remembered and loved
But you're still holding the
magnifying glass
 Let's be blessed things
will pass

We will always hear the ring
Forever young "Go Bling"
She will always be young
To Sing
Whats big or small the magnifying glass just a click or touch did we encounter so much. To go beyond our eyes stars and Mars is everything you wished for up to par
Jan 2019 · 813
Birth Fingers
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
Start out baby paint
Hands inquisitive
So relative just live
Fingers baby prints
Cherubs to stirrups
Crying than smiling
Or going frantic 

The womb over the
"Atlantic Ocean"

Her spell fingers
Has the potent
She's about to faint
The blessing their lifeline
So quaint love yourself
From birth

You're the Saint*

Art fingers bunked
into God

The world of modern
Click of the fingers
Her smartphone
Her gift of gab tone
Cute pup labs left
alone? I phone and apps

Her lips start to shrink
Does life truly stink
US debt dark ages
Her art fingers walk the
yellow pages
The triple play bait
Truly her unique trait

She's the honest most
sincere wife
And poems are her life

A birth what do you think
within the time so sublime
Light as a baby feather in
any weather birth gets beyond
A magical place admiring the love
Mother and Father with fingers like Grace
Birth fingers hearts linger how we were born to know its a natural thing
Creation and the masterpiece a love like no other begins
Jan 2019 · 767
Truly Yours
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
What's yours
Years such tears
Hearing the strike
After midnight
clock to love
Admiral the General
Truly mine belong to
Robin birds pasture

Words in Thou
seeds different
needs in nature
The flocks of
Truly-Knocks* indeed

Tic tac those nick-nacks
Hot fire in the nook
Face to face the crook
inside the book
Bomb goes
tick tock
Down the docks

Chicks the great lakes
To give whats to take
hike to be like
Them chances
Bone-chilling slim

  Oh! Yikes
Two I pods before
Red heart bikes
The movie picks
yours truly is he
Truly yours caring
What about sharing?
Drinks lion den cubs
So bearing
No tricks more flicks
Beyond your
wildest dream

Paws and pubs
Cute labs jump for
Tips lips lean
Happiness changes
so mean in between
The obsessions
Divination digging
The worst part the
Truly ours the
fun vacation

Those Gratis tips
Truly delicious invitation
Heavenly coffee sips
"Happy Hips"
Forever to be mine
Your Lips
Orders and top secret

Those "Jetset Lawyers"
Child of mine
Bonded forever like
Valentine lovers
What's yours to be mine
We thought love
forever or whatever?

Truly the dweller
All the time who was
the liar pour the drink
We got ******* to be loved
Truly yours sips the
Life is not always what you think it leaves an impression we need something new like a vacation but we can win or lose but smell the fun of the rose
Jan 2019 · 2.0k
Ginger Snaps
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
Orangey so tangy loosely
her words flowery so
rustic fun  ******  
the panic straight
jacket going ginger
snaps her ticket
Pocketful of sunshine
in your pocket

****** the maestro
In the stars of the cosmos

On the edge but earthly
Let's go slow
Did we miss the
whole entire glow
"So Tickle me Pink"
The stardust funds
of the trust
Having a light fuse
The picturesque
Fields so mystique personality
Lights up unique

Your word against mine
In a matter of fact were in
It's your cue waves pull me in

If so the sky does it remain
always blue such a variety
Of cookies no outrageous
Time for Oreos
What's inside its outside
Cleopatra's eyes snap away
Like a masquerade
Don't rain on my parade
Love of Virginia innocently
Love is the drug

Scrapes on her knees
The western front
Ginger Snaps
Those bottle caps and buzzing
honey bees Tangerine trees
Galavant like General Lee
Ginger the gunslinger
She's the singer
eating Saralees

Whats to boot
But getting closer
To the naked eye
to the surface be wise
"Owl Hoot"
So lovely genuinely
He's husky and ruly
Apps Gingersnaps
Exchanging cat naps

Her lips in higher
states of trips

Trying to get there
Bohemian Rapsody
The Queen of the
Photo editing Unicorn pony
Another brainless wedding
We are the champions
What a snitch like a witch
Bad luck switch the lion's den
Topiary timeless good luck Zen
Loud sirens
Drug trafficker morons
The plastic Surgeons
Backstabber persons

Blue jeans snap taking a
Sniff Shiba Uni howls
To be loved in beauty
My Mom Judy good
earth bounty

Tall and sleek every week
Smells of Ginger
no danger
The earth on her cheeks
Can love be any truer  
Into the Gala the apple
of her eye never goodbye
Sweet baked goods putting food the way love to the end of her fingertips should let go, Ginger, snaps
Jan 2019 · 400
Caves Smile Hot Pink
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
In the pink, it made her truly
Admire something amazing
Not even his smile to think
"The Caves of Dargilan"
It was quite the art like
The caves of wonder magician
He was touched by
her baby pink beauty

The words formed inside
Color divine cerise
Message to heart from
the Prince
The cave smiled
with pride
She felt loved rosy glossy
Like the Epiphany, she hears
his symphony glow the caves show
The perky lovely side of pink
protected who decides

To paint it pink more
to think
Her hot lips magenta
To her fancy the Diva
Merci Beaucoup
Caves The New Year
story whoa what a scoop

No time for blushing pink
bride jury loop to loop
Good heaven's glory
To the highest authority
Caves crafted in his
duty like a ritual her smile
Lifted petal pink gravity

Love of France in a trance
Her eyes what discovery
A balance of love symmetry
Caves are mysterious
Her lips shadow to be kissed
Never missed in the cave
work of art never to part
I hope this
The pink language of the caves in my own world please join us
Jan 2019 · 326
Inner Hands Outer Limits
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
We are so intertwined
Hands and outer thoughts
About the time my sweet
caramel flan
Love caught up needing
a backup plan
Inner mind outer limit hell

Hands touched to be
the heart,
Liberty freedom bell
Inner hands whole world
Of wisdom inside the
wishing well
The Blessed Holy land

Inner heart kingdom
Teamship hands touch
Her outer lips beam
On the outside heart melts
At random
"Worldly Hands So Comic"
the fandom

Only had the right hands,
Prayer to God, he lands
he knows all your traits
Outlooks testing the
Forget me not rise
of flowers  

My talent high digits New Year
Starlight holy rain showers
On the outside, he sees the
inside powers
The wrinkled hand artist
inner circle young ones
Outer tough skin old ones

Scraped knees the outside
Your fragile hands bend
Who sends love in
your head?
The outer lips inner mind
Takes the flight
the fullest moon instead

Will my inner hands meet
the life
I really want positively,
please come soon?
Hands say things about yourself but the inner heart knows your outer thoughts to be saved make it your best thought in the right time
Jan 2019 · 718
Oneself Have Mercy
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
Nothing is said
to be fancy
That lightbulb
To paint oneself
colors like a wand
Wow have mercy

The world turns to dust
Lips like the
powder puff
The dog's world in
his paws
To see oneself Wild West
The guns draw no mercy
at its best

Of love fury to test
the life we know is rough
Her skirt flows to
dig yourself
Please have mercy!
In her dreams, let us think

Well, what shows?
To love yourself
New self-inspired
New leaf page oneself
You got the rage
The science of knowing
oneself not to be

Second shot but
once married Huh?
The object the next subject
Her dignity  oneself on the
New wings Robin redbreast

The"Fort Myers Gulf"

Time can be a blessing

So why do we go down
on our knees
To be selfish to be or
not to be
But make a wish
Like the "Seven Fishes"

Merci beaucoup
Roses secret hush
To say I love you
Many known spirits
Hard times to live it
Be in it the Lotto

You got to win it
The Wholesome sign logo
The wholeheartedly
Oneself dream the Godliness
To wake up shades like
cascades eyes of oneself

So unexpectedly time  
heals join the
Have mercy nothing beyond your fancy spinning in time but feeling the moment dizzy
Jan 2019 · 705
Light Up Divine Cup
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
The lights and camera
The divine energy holds
A multitude of drama
The light up the moment
She's the Wonderwomen
He's the thunderbolt
her divine cup sips to
trips no one's fault

Her cupped hands
Egyptian grain of sand
Light up Divine cup
To the Godly lands
Under her sheer light
But he's the waves

to her heart seascape
Saying light up my
I Apple ring her pictures
On Instagram
Hush sweet
Scarlet lights no
Into the red light district

Don't give a dam  
Orient express
lights up perfect
light up fun dress
Amazing Galaxies
I tune wedding-lights
The million- fantasies
The Shinning cups

Fertilized of Forever
Burning light of Italian
vines the vinelands
My Venus love
of hands
Light of the Titans

The man of
good deeds
In my special cup
To the end of the earth
Light up my divine cup
To eternity higher force
Told the story

Heavenly with fierce
Heart filled with
Glory it is never the same story
The light up the moment we do not usually get somehow the darkness comes but our heart brings on the light cup
Jan 2019 · 3.3k
Expect Paper-Card
Robin Carretti Jan 2019
Only paper to feel our
secret lips sealed to expect
something posted
money is what it is
The blessing Sweet Lord yes
Well I have news for ya

Haha Tra la Oh La La
The laughing stock
Having any luck the
fortune teller 
Tick tock birds
in a flock
His cards race timing
He's so dapper
The double bond of paper
Further apart or closer
_ what?

What did you expect
Oh! what the heck
Tip of the hat  "You Rock"
paper scissors
All resisters fingers scratch
Round paper another match
Did we see the black cat
The movie cut no time
for losers so ****
Out of our head zigzag

On the plane paper card
and I somewhere over
the rainbow
Prepare yourself for the show
Judy's turn and Johnny
be good taking flight

In life, if you play
your cards
Eyes so set to win
Just begin don't dig your
own grave expect to
be saved
The invitation the best
Scotch and match her
Gin standout grin
The Queen of the Ball
Oh! God Godmother
Expect another brother

From strangers to lovers
From birth expected
I will always love my
The lucky number
Fathers birthday January
13th I remember

Morning glory flower
Other peoples money
"The Bee's A= Honey
"Law of Attraction"
Time at birth
Does money grow on
How unexpected
I saw you on your knees
The new year online

The--- world--- we--- all-- shine

Showing your good heart
writing in your diary
He is so loyal his
wedding finger just mastery
Knows her hand and fingers
New lyrics to your song
A card to nose falling
She tingles like the keepsake
"Robin Remake" jitterbug

The silk ribbon heart card
for singles
If its only paper you could
rip to tear
What do you really fear?
The whole world
trigger happy
If your happy and you
know it
Clap your hands
SunFace to Dark world
The Wizard of Oz
It's in your stars
Who is your
biggest fan?
The movie card Tinman
If I only had a heart
or brain
Expect Robinhood train

You better be good
He acts like he's God
Smell the orange zest
Expect your New Year to
be the very very berry best

If its only paper
money flies down
to zero
You're bigger than life
Expect a hero
So many good ones
in poverty
The rich what do
they need
to confess?

Everything goes bam
Uncle Sam chances slim
What's left for
her Social Security,
She-devil with patience
The "Grand Entrance"
The door goes slam
Your health insurance
truly your protector
In paper cutout heart
forged signatures
Camera light fourteen carat
card like copycats
High cheekbones you love
Your I tunes

Whole world feeding lies
Apple computer like a virus
just dies
Your best paper card
remained in your head
Thinking of Valentines day
Its hot Red red red

Like Moms delicious
Nutritious Apple
Paper card coconut- lime
Not a crime "Mon Cherie"
Hear it for the boy's
Taking the New York ferry  
The right words to a card
What you got way beyond
ambition you worked hard

Then smile when your heart
is aching New year we are
expecting you
You will find your words on
the paper card

Some people have no regard
Like poem words so strong
believing who you are
God is not a paper moon
Expect a card real soon
All in the family everyone's
happiness stack of cards
It's in your smile you touched
Someone's heart inside there
card and met "Godliness"
What we expect to stay happy when its hurts stand tall don't pick up the paper if you feel not the person you so really have the best spirit love you for who you are  without such high expectation to only fear
Aug 2018 · 83.1k
Kansas City Meat He
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Where do we meet
    Oh! No He_*
Getting onto
the next courses
Oh La- La "Cheri"

_ Prime spot pretty

 let's >- jump ))) To Love
Please raise the horses

What a skirt steak in her
Petticoat Junction
Going to Kansas City affection
Different tribe or breed
What needs to love me
tender Elvis meet Beavis Buthead
    More  T.L.C  
computer DOC Tick Tock
IRS taking a meat beef
chunk is everybody drunk
IOS what is really the meat
Business Politician Trump

Subscribe well done
Cooked or rare spooked
Taking a Spin City kick
She got canned and licked
The prime meat hot seat

The ******* who arrives
first class steak knifes
Ms. Pork hard chew 
Mr. Beans second rate
Dark pumpernickel
Saloon *******, he
is eating
The young tender
chicken leg

High five thigh? Hands
up Robin Fly
Save the meat "let it be"
  "Let it Be" Beatles
The beat Colonel deep fried
Grade A rare meat slicing

Eating in a board meeting
The pig meat market
of pricing

Doe a deer
he loves
International beer
A very sensitive time
Slaughterhouse no way out
His poker face meets
potato heads beef jerky
Surrender Weds
maple smiles picky
The rich Syrup
Disney Mickey Mouse
Kansas City Wonder
meat house

The beauty of animals
"Moms kettle she is talking
to Parrots" meat
the market for rings riot
Six enemies making
6 rounds
Six servants 666 carats
Robin smiles heartily
"Campbells Chicken" little

He's the Beef Man stew
If you only knew

He's spitting tobacco chew
She peels the potato for the
meathead bad to the
T-bone Dachshund I Bone

Garlic knots heart of the
Sausage wearing the
meat corsage Superbowl
My sweet basil good soul
Grilling your bullhead
Pirate Ribeye steak pupils
Mr. "Billygoat" Bachelorette
Hair flat crepe Suzette

Moms Korean style fuss
what a seesaw
Playing Porgy and Bess
 Scarlet the red rare meat
Rolling stone baking pin
Mississippi one or two
Under my meaty thumb

Comes in three-4-5-6- Lucky 7
-Crazy 8 furries
Nine meat ribs-10 babies
with bibs
Hungry Man meat when!!
Country plaid tablecloth
"Kansas Men" of the cloth
The Pig approval
Kansas City Mayor
new arrival

Family together eating
Don't eat our animals
Why is life so unfair
Feeding the poor
with cans
The bad cut of meat devil
this is not the "Grade A"
This is not a ring
circus trainer Bullseye

Robin coffee animal-friendly
Two peas in a pod I pods
  I tune like Gods
Were the luckiest people to have

The Floridian with dog murals
Palm trees green thumb
plants sunshine events
The symphony dog tails
of hunts
Whats to compare her twilight
eyes hold the moment stare
Talk to the animal's hearts care
The barbecue all the meat men and the women who love their fruit listen to the Owl lady how she hoots those Kansas city slicker boots and the Hehaw have a good time with family and friends treat the animals with tender loving care
Aug 2018 · 16.5k
Long Shot Crackers
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Let's not make this long speech
    my best moment to reach
Day in and Craker Jack out what!!
Please the kiss needs to be longer__

The piano plays incredibly stronger
So short the "Cheez Wiz" visit

Oh! My the lovely edible dish
The long wish
too long its been
way too longare we short on

The strawberry short cake
Please make no mistake
   ******* Barrel crackers
I am Jamming sweet grape jam
Orange marmalade home run slam
New Orleans  Southern hospitality
Don't rain on my parade

A++ Collection can't be beat
King Eternity the Queen *******
Cheese deck what a home wreck
Green Guacamole animal
 crackers green Scrooge

"Long story Witchcraft"
The spell his magic fingers
French Tickler ******* winner
Those finger foods gift matcher
She sees little red riding hood
Getting the right Judge Judy
homemade Country fudge

VIP ******* may I RIP cracked
the code computer hacker
Afterthought but don't
come towards me she's bulletproof
It's today coffee dark swirls
Proud Mary got cracked mug
I only have eyes for

The Leap jump for all
Easter bunny
Long appetizers in her tray
The longer the wait like the
The same star how I
met all the losers

Moms *******
Saltine stuffing
I am longing for English crackers
Like a ritual, out of time lips chuckle
Sweet Berry cheeks and lovely dimples
This life will burn and crumble

Over crumbled crackers?

Dog wear collars of polka dots
Vacation spot Meditterian crockpots
by the sea
Sea salt sprinkling saltine
over the shoulder, good luck
Feeling love sick her revolver
crackers to meet her four leaf clover

This is not only__New York City
  "Apricot" cracked wheat dot dot
What white as a sheet
Longshot transformation
To the Stepford wifes
Robot desperately seeking crackers
The best honey milk

 bedroom eyes like
Star shape crackers
the ship watch your salty lip
The shepherd's pies short skirts
Vampires blood jelly
Be Jolly Santa's baby *******
wicked plot "Santa Claus"
*** of gold belly at a glance

Cheesecake Factory
Trampling over crackers
What a time for a boycott
What fine attribute of
girl scouts
Getting blondie
brownie points

Someone passed her
screen test mirror mirror
cracked the glass shot
Astronaut gravity goes insanty
The third eye three reasons

"Soap Opera Diamonds"
three times got cracked
*** matters lips sensually
Madonna Vogue
The oyster's long love rumors
She just loves her jelly roll and
Mr. Graham crackers

Just appreciate those cracked
wheat ladies
Sesame melba toast short top
of the crack
Whats the matter?
With your daughter
He longs for her divine crackers
That's another short chapter

They crack up those actors
The writer needed to
find more movie extras
Groucho mark with
joke of crackers
The jackpot was hard to hit
Everyone was better to
crack the safe long neck
My lady Giraffe*

The true lover's knot
Your poem is worth the shot
Astronaut I brought you
The perfect flight the men
with the mustache
The salt and pepper shaker
Elvis the King is shaking
Long shot ******* butter fingers
Happy Holiday to all
This is a long shot to wherever you want to go but I cracked the safe what crackers can actually do it is a long shot we arent through
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