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Spacecadet Dec 2019
One day
My man, a gentle knight,
Will know the pain in my eyes
Hidden by my streetwise style
He’ll detect the buttoned down toned tight tremble in my chest
the chill of my breath
And he will lay every piece of armour down
To come bravely
With silence to listen to the words and feelings turning the rhythm of my sobs
Into a partner dance
Ears and eyes, heart and soul
Moving our bare bones
to the wisdom presented by hearts that are
Truth faced
And with this presence and kindness
I will surrender knowing finally I am safe.
Janal Rajput Dec 2019
On some cold nights, oh, I miss you,
So I cling for my teddy when I'm alone,
Wishing that I could still call your phone,
So I cling to my teddy when I'm alone,
But he doesn't have your heart-beat,
I can't hear its rhythmic thump in my ear,
Close to my heart where I held you dear,
And he doesn't smell like the way you do,
No trace of your intoxicating sweat or perfume,
Missing a scent that used to be all over my bedroom,
You see, my teddy is soft and furry,
And not firm and steady,
Like the way I remember you,
With my head on your chest,
Forgetting time and space,
You kissing me half-dressed ,
And he doesn't sound like you,
He can't mumble into my chest,
Telling he loves me too,
He can't bite and whisper into my ear,
Making my legs give way as he says,
All he wants to be is here, with me,
He can't breathe down and lick my neck,
Making me double-take in breath,
My body becoming a nervous wreck,
My teddy is warm and comforting,
But he can't pull me closer into him,
Wrapping my legs around his waist,
I can't kiss him to remember your taste,
And he can't kiss me before I go to bed,
Right where I need it, on my forehead,
His paws cant draw lines down my body,
Like the way you could with your hands,
Send electricity through every part of me,
And I can't wear my teddy's clothes,
Because well he doesn't really have those,
But you took all yours, but that's how it goes
My teddy is cute and adorable,
But to compare his face to yours is laughable,
Because you are so beautiful,
Especially when you were joyful,
Some nights alone I miss you,
And I cling to my teddy wishing it were you,
Hoping it to be good enough to replace you,
That it could never be anything close to you,
I'm just clinging to long-past memories of you,
But you're long gone so my teddy will just do,
Because you're not coming back to my room,
You're not going to replace my teddy with the real you,
You're not going to slide next to and cuddle me,
You're not going to come in and say that you love me,
You're no longer even a real person,
But a ghost of memories that continue to haunt me,
But I still want you, desperately, clinging to my teddy,
Trying to regrow the piece of my heart you took from me.
Miss my ex. Wrote this.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I want a cigarette
but I need to stop smoking
to improve my health
and optimise my joy and happiness.
Zuzanna Mar 2019
Red lipped and her smile
Is everything, her teeth shine
Like the pearls against the pale
Skin at the tip of her neck, she
Claws at my skin, the pain throbs
For a second, drawing a little blood
Would you cross her? Knowing her
Hurricane mind? Coming out to play
To feel her tigress soul, wild but free
She doesn't pretend to be anyone
Only herself with a power like no
Other, a control willed by her heart
Motivated by the butterfly in her veins
There is a hunger to pounce, to run with
The wind, she carries class, savagery and
A deep loyalty others had tried to poison
But a paw put down is all that is necessary
To call it a point.
#savage #dangerouswoman #brave #motivated #driven #wildsoul #free
jennifer delong Feb 2019
Desire is delicious
It's the lingering taste upon
my tongue
it's the exsquisite pleasure
of tasting something so delicious
It leaves the trace upon a soul
It leaves you wanting needing more
That temptation to try only a bite
Yet it leaves you craving that tingling
tasteful delightful feeling you get
when you get a little more
You can't have a little
you got to have it once more
So what's your desire so delicious
that leaves you craving more
© Jennifer Delong 2/19
Lieke Feb 2019
i'm a fool for you
one day without you with me
and pop goes my heart.
1 February, 2019
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