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Zuzanna Mar 3
Red lipped and her smile
Is everything, her teeth shine
Like the pearls against the pale
Skin at the tip of her neck, she
Claws at my skin, the pain throbs
For a second, drawing a little blood
Would you cross her? Knowing her
Hurricane mind? Coming out to play
To feel her tigress soul, wild but free
She doesn't pretend to be anyone
Only herself with a power like no
Other, a control willed by her heart
Motivated by the butterfly in her veins
There is a hunger to pounce, to run with
The wind, she carries class, savagery and
A deep loyalty others had tried to poison
But a paw put down is all that is necessary
To call it a point.
#savage #dangerouswoman #brave #motivated #driven #wildsoul #free
Desire is delicious
It's the lingering taste upon
my tongue
it's the exsquisite pleasure
of tasting something so delicious
It leaves the trace upon a soul
It leaves you wanting needing more
That temptation to try only a bite
Yet it leaves you craving that tingling
tasteful delightful feeling you get
when you get a little more
You can't have a little
you got to have it once more
So what's your desire so delicious
that leaves you craving more
© Jennifer Delong 2/19
Lieke Feb 1
i'm a fool for you
one day without you with me
and pop goes my heart.
1 February, 2019
Laiyn Davis Jan 30
I'm so messed up, and so ******, but your magical, and amazingly pretty….
And every-time i think about you, I can't help but cry,
Because somehow in God’s plan, I earned you, don’t know how or why.
Your an angel, so divine. Completely holy, sanctified.
We don't, cant. It just doesn't make sense.
But without you i'm just so tense….
I'm just another piece of trash, throw me away.
I can earn your love, one day...

Week in, and my heart can't stop pumping,
God, i hope you never hurt or dump me.
Blood rushes to my head,
If this keeps up, one of us will end up dead!
Saying rash things and having bad ideas.
Except now I have a reason,
Write a song and hope to the day,
That you love this one, like you loved the one i wrote yesterday…
Do anything, long as it’s for you!
Even if you ask completely out of the blue!

God I'm, so, stupidly stressed,
Being away from you for so long, makes me want to go on a quest.
Need to save you, from a giant spiky tortoise,
Dodge his fireballs and continue on, I have a crazy purpose….
Get to your chamber, unlock the doors,
Being told your elsewhere, I fall on all fours.
Readjust my shroomy hat, and off I go,
To save my princess, cause you couldn't find a Mario.
But i don't mind, not in the slightest.
Long as I’m on my quest, I’m covered in your brightness.

I can’t breathe, or think, without you listening.
My heartbeat, near you, is incredibly crippling.
I want to... Will you let me?
I'm in young love, and i can't flee.
Wouldn't want to if i could, i love this Spider’s trap,
I'm so enraptured by it, just like rhyme and rap…
Messed up on adrenaline, and the way your hair smells,
I’m hearing the sound of all the school bells,
Signaling we must be apart yet again,
But my love for you is impossible to comprehend...
So wait for me, dearest, I’ll save you yet!
Until, our love, long this poem, is finished, so never I bet.
Vinnie Adams Dec 2018
Be your wants:

you can have it all.
Troy Nov 2018
You say no one cares
You say that there's no one who wants you
No one that needs you around
But I have to ask

Are you blind?
Did you not see my gaze?
Did you not feel my touch?
Did you not sense my feelings?

Did I not voice them to you?
Did you not hear my cry?
Did you not savor my speech?
Am I invisible?

I ask you simply
Am I not enough?
Should I wait in the shadows?
For your glancing touch?

Should I hide and wait?
For something that may never be?
Should I run for the hills?
Never to be seen again?

Why can you not see?
That I was there all along.
Wanting your touch.
Wanting your gaze.

You run around
Talking to all
But here I sit waiting
For you to finally see

See my heart
Laying upon this platter
Beating so softly
Until no more
Destiny M Nov 2018
Is it wrong to..
Feel too much
Do too much
Like too much
Love too much
Trust in your gut and your heart and soul trying to find control.
The balance between **** and fate
Love and hate . Searching finding loving learning ..
....wanting needing getting having ..
L Oct 2018
If your the type
to only breathe through
the stitches
of your camisole.
And if you always taste like mint,
when kissed on the mouth.
Just because you don't want them smell,
the self hate.
That resides in the back
of your throat
in your breath.

You're also the type
to call me up
six am
asking for a
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