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‘Tis a paradox life

One picks up a blade
without yet first conquering oneself

One judges
preceding the revision of oneself

One awaits heaven on earth
without attempting to create serendipity for oneself

One expects love
yet can’t foster the courage
to give it to oneself

The very sword that divides
the world
is the same sword that divides oneself

Earth hath no existence
save the reflection one gives

No isolation to be made of
Heaven, Earth, and Hell
since they coexist within

One may not be able to change the world
can’t one change their own?
I finally found the answers
To the questions I thought were unknown
I shall forever remain a lone wolf
This boat of mine will never reach shore
M-E Jan 27
Screamings is all the order
I can hear
Enclosed in my brain
And launched out, through my mouth

r  a  m  b  l  i  n  g  s  .

Facing the mirrors
And crisscross thoughts
I weaken and frail
Get off the rails
Expressing what I want to say
In front of you
Because I am a speaker
Without a lisp
Without a stutter
Just Screams and Mutters
Without any speaking difficulties
Because I am..Simply
Don't ask me how I was inspired to write this poem. Lol
Nothing is said
to be fancy
That lightbulb
To paint oneself
colors like a wand
Wow have mercy

The world turns to dust
Lips like the
powder puff
The dog's world in
his paws
To see oneself Wild West
The guns draw no mercy
at its best

Of love fury to test
the life we know is rough
Her skirt flows to
dig yourself
Please have mercy!
In her dreams, let us think

Well, what shows?
To love yourself
New self-inspired
New leaf page oneself
You got the rage
The science of knowing
oneself not to be

Second shot but
once married Huh?
The object the next subject
Her dignity  oneself on the
New wings Robin redbreast

The"Fort Myers Gulf"

Time can be a blessing

So why do we go down
on our knees
To be selfish to be or
not to be
But make a wish
Like the "Seven Fishes"

Merci beaucoup
Roses secret hush
To say I love you
Many known spirits
Hard times to live it
Be in it the Lotto

You got to win it
The Wholesome sign logo
The wholeheartedly
Oneself dream the Godliness
To wake up shades like
cascades eyes of oneself

So unexpectedly time  
heals join the
Have mercy nothing beyond your fancy spinning in time but feeling the moment dizzy
EJ Lee Jan 8
The wind blows my strawberry-blond hair
And I think long and hard at where my ancestors came from
On a small ship that traveled a great length
When my mind is thinking
I think about all of the skills that I have mastered
The string going through one hands and the hook in the other
Waving in and out of each other

A pencil in mine hand gliding across the paper in front of me
Without any hesitation
I think again to realize this is the front that I put up on display for every one
It is what they see and learn about me
That surprises them
It’s a matter of asking the right questions
That will lead to what is unknown to them
Enzo Dec 2018
Jobs that pay and jobs that don't
A passion to work in spaces of uninterest
A yesterday that's the same as tomorrow
A beginning carried over and copy pasted until the end
Stressing over the same thing for days on end
Working 9 to 5 in a pencil pushing company
Trapped in an endless cycle of routine and bore
Find me chaos, find me adventure
Take me out Dear Pathfinder in search of true passion and fun
I found my way then but it wasn't what I wanted
So take me away and make me lost for me to find myself again
If I ever land on a boring job I'll lose myself to find passion again
full moon Jul 2018
She who doubt herself never gone outside
Afraid if she does
She might make mistakes
However never in her wildest dream did she know
What's waiting outside
Is a helping hand
A friend who silently looks out for her
Waiting that once she walk outside her comfort zone
She will be welcome with the sweetest smile
And a warmest hug
A friend who loves her so dearly
For once trust yourself and be brave, who knows someone might be out there just waiting to lend a helping hand
Sherenna Jul 2018
When the night turned so cold
And the stars beamed no more,
She felt the ache in her heart

When the moon was lurking behind the darkness
Leaving the night into a full blur,
She wrapped herself around her thoughts
Wishing for it was only a dream
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Confidence is going out in short shorts
With legs a gradient of egg white to fried egg
Too bad this yolk will not break
Trapped in the shell eternally.
darktowers Apr 2018
i am done
tired of you wanting me
to be someone else
I'm sorry to disappoint
its struggle to receive
your approval
you'll fined sometime
well most times
my heart shrinking
within the days
mask peeling away
to unfavorable me
is this what you want
sinking in my bed
with death inside my head
I'm heading somewhere
were don't have to worry
about the future
hurry up let me be
or may find better way
to die
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