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malluraeh Oct 6
should people think or just live their life?
Nina Sep 27
I've already fallen for you
I swore I wouldn't
But i just couldn't stop falling
I know
You've warned me from the start
You're not interested in commitment
And i understood that
You're not ready
Not now
But I've already fallen for you
So that's okay
Use me
If it makes you happy
By all means
Make use of me
It makes no difference
I've already fallen for you
And that already hurts
So use me as your one night stand
It's the same
As one sided love
Either way
I will still get hurt
Because I'm already attach to you

So that's okay
I love you either way
Bede Sep 26
I made grand promises
Of what I'd do
To those that use
And manipulate you
My beauty, my love, my soul.

I don't know anymore
Who you truly love
And if I'm actually
The center of your world.
Brad post Aug 12
You’ve seen her every day,
and she’s quick with a smile.
Always laughing and happy,
and joyful all the while.

She fell in love young,
and married the perfect man.
She has two beautiful children,
and helps others when she can.

You’re envious and jealous,
of the perfect life she leads.
So beautiful and perfect,
and she always succeeds.

I bet you can’t imagine,
that she cries herself to sleep.
That sometimes she’s so unhappy,
that all she can do is weep.

I bet you wouldn’t guess,
that Mr. perfect likes to drink.
Or that he shoots up ******,
over the bathroom sink.

Would you be surprised,
if she lifted up her shirt,
and you could see the bruises,
and scars where he likes to hurt?

Would you be shocked,
if you knew those kids had seen,
the night he broke her nose,
and put a hole in the tv screen?

Would you be understanding,
if she came to you for help?
If she told you everything,
and you could see the welts.

Mr. and Mrs. perfect,
always happy as can be.
Next time take a closer look,
and I wonder what you’ll see.
CL Fjell Jul 14
Crush my spirit
Use it as medicine
For your own benefit
And give it to your friends
And give it to your family
Your dogs and cats too
I have no need for it
I don't want a need for it
Stretched thin and squeezed
Like a summer lemon
Now I'm a lemon
And you're refreshed
Ragna Jul 10
City street lights illuminate the depressed streets, filled with the homeless, fiends, and the city folk. Whilst the city folk go along with their life, not thinking a single thought of their “lessers” not considering how their actions affect them.
City streets illuminate yet another person taking their last breath, they thought they didn’t matter, they thought they were a waste of space.
Yet another fiend sticks a needle in their arm, little did they know there was poison in the needle.

Will the city folk ever wake up and see the death around them? Of course they won’t. Because the death of the “lessers” doesn’t affect them. Until it’s one of their relatives, or even them.
The mayor doesn’t pay enough attention to notice, the governor doesn’t care if they live or die.
The President doesn’t care either. We mustn’t look down on the “lessers”, but instead, lift them up. Stop the death, stop the harm, stop the depression.

But of course, that will never happen. They will forever be stuck in a never-ending loop of self-harm, drug abuse, homelessness, and so many other horrible things that nobody should ever have to deal with.
Here ya go friendos... Hope y'all enjoy!

Let's eat, Grandma!


Let's eat Grandma!

Use commas. Save lives.
Amanda May 5
I wonder what you're doing
Dwelling does not change how I feel
It becomes extremely hard controlling
Painful thoughts that won't let me heal

Time is supposed to mend wounds
I fear it's making them worse
My overwhelming desire for you
Has become the sweetest curse

I wish for a pleasanter plague to punish
Then we wouldn't be connected
Been watching in silent observation
To see if I end up rejected

You are lying in bed
Be free of dark thoughts
Do not be pulled by negative energy
Memory you all but forgot

Why do I coldly imagine what's on your mind?
Sit and find no conclusion
What you don't know is your image invades my brain
Cannot tell if I love or hate the intrusion
If you want to know where your heart is look to where your mind goes when it wanders
Prince eduard Apr 24
Why don't you use less

Our Father,
Papa in Heaven

He told us to love
Not to discourage or anger neighbors

He told us to encourage
For we are encouraged,

Deadly, the word:

So two words:
Use, less
Or not at all
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