Drag me around knowing full well
I cannot resist you.
Leave a trail of breadcrumbs
or promises of love to see how far I'll walk
behind your chariot,
while I idolize your crown
and make excuses for your sins.

EtherealOmega Apr 18

We are not shattered glass for you to attempt to piece back together only to cut yourself using that shed blood as an excuse for us owing you.. We are not shattered glass. We are iron.. Dented by the toils of this world, and the fires of your abuse are tempering us into steel..

... We will steal ourselves away from you time and time again until our hearts learn to understand the difference between love and abuse. Until our hearts learn the meaning of the word "No."... And until yours. do. too.

                            - EPL (EtherealOmega)

It's just a small piece that I thought of. It would make a good end for a longer SW piece.

If I gave you a minute,

a second, a week.

An hour, a month.

And if you loose it,

there is no way to get it back.

So use it wisely.

‪whenever you text or call .. ‬
‪I answer. ‬
‪every word is like a

Slow and painful ...

you feed off of my tears and incompleteness
I try to escape .
But you said you changed ..
you said you'd do better .
You promised .
And I ..
I believe you
I believe you every time.

Death-throws Jan 26

Dabble baby,
I'm your supply,
You'll never know a guy who will get you
Quite this  high.

Smoke Me,
Drink me,
Snort me too.

Slip me onto your tongue,
Under  the sun,
You'll  trip, it's true.

The longer you use me
The more you'll see
No one's abused  the supply
Quite  like me

I'm dead and cold and dark and blue
I've sold my soul for a fix you know it's true

So now nothing makes me happier
Then poisoning  your mind,
Don't stay in my life too long baby
I'm just a fix, you'll find
For all the broken things inside you
You know you'll never fix
I'm just the duck tape
To stop you loosing your mind

Oskar Erikson Jan 16

i tell myself:
                     "To be used; is to be wanted,
                                                                       to be loved."
Only pathetically
can i ever dream
that they be

Oskar Erikson Jan 11

I'll be filed away
Compartmentalised heart
No point asking to stay
i no longer have to play my part

you leave your body , wrapped up in his covers ..
he ain't trying to have a part of it anymore ..
you see him trapping bodies in his mattress , and heart of others ..
and you asking yourself what happened to your happiness ..
That's what you get , you ain't listen when momma told you , you can't love a man who never took time to hold you..

And this is what blues looks like , this it was hurt looks like ..
This is what blues looks like ..

Dark Delusion Nov 2016

Into my ears.
Out of my mouth.

Into my eyes.
Inside my mind.

In my hands.
Under my feet

Locked faces.
Open scars.

Things they do
Thing I do

I know them.
I can use them.
Dirty Little Secrets.

Of Drained batteries
The white plastic robot that uses them
The pink and poppy wallpaper of
Tiny bedroom the robot sits in.
Child too grown to want pink walls.
Doesn't want the toy either
Not since the battery died
Overalls tucked into boots tear down pastel gardens
Paint over the chipped glue in beige.
The Dreamer
Of a drained battery
Of a toy.
Sees the walls from memory now.
Won't open her eyes in the bedroom anymore.
wear beige anymore.
This robots Batteries are hard to replace
Beige Is difficult to charge.

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