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Mhidey Oct 7
We all have everything else under control;
Except the time we want
We lose or use it
Either morning or night;
Or birth till death
So make wise use of it

Time doesn't die at all,
It flys away into thin air
Leaving us empty just to pity;
And counting on time is stupidity
So make good use of it,
For you to benefit.
Äŧül Sep 15
They all have ostracized rhyming,
Poets, themselves they be calling...

The F-words aplenty they use,
And they think they look cool...

Rescue the language if possible,
Listen to its cries, they are not plausible.
My HP Poem #1884
©Atul Kaushal
Myrrdin Jul 14
You never forget how this feels,
Bones setting straight,
Jaw clenching in tune with arrhythmia,
I will always remember how to forget,
Forget sorrow and heartache,
Forget them and their taste,
$50 in my veins is nothing,
Compared to the price of regret.
gabersons Jul 11
I guess my name is Fentyn
And I'm here to **** you all
Head to toe in xannies I don't give a **** at all
I'm coming for your grannies all your underpaid nannies
But first I'll **** your life up bet on every nook and cranny
made a couple asian friends their eyes are always slanting
But now from where you're standing I can do a some more enchanting
Now your boys suckin **** and your girl is dropping *******
This could have been avoided with a tiny bit of planning
It's almost rock bottom now you're panting when you're ranting
You're just another grain or two from hearing angels chanting
If it's death you're really after I'm then pretty close to granting
Just be prepared for landing

Come and meet my friends
Come and meet my friends
The only ones I know who'll be around until the end
They're all I've ever known and the bond has only grown
Look for my obituary, 23, unknown

I'm a little alcohol
Here for good times
And when you sober up its gone
Then you'll know you're mine
When we hang I'm feeling fine
But when you leave I can't ignore the tingle in my spine
A little longer and it hits my face and fingers but I'm fine
Except now I'm seizing and alone but this isn't how I'm dying
No one to reach if I could reach my phone but man I'm trying
Try to change it all you want man our fates are  intertwining
Face it you'll be buried with a fifth of scotch and red wine
Then when you're feeling like the grapes hanging on the vine
Bleed out internally or be a *****
bring a nine to the pines

Come and meet my friends
Come and meet my friends
The only ones I know who'll be around until the end
They're all I've ever known and the bond has only grown
Look for my obituary, 23, unknown

I'm a little doctor, short and stout
Here are your pills, now get the **** out
When I get all steamed up hear me about
Jesus ******* **** me please I really just want out
Swallow the medicine smoke synonyms get the venom in
Bring your inner felon in, it's not a matter of melanin
It's a matter of dosing before you blow your melon in
Wake up with regret take half and try to sell them then
Use the rest on dope and rent and pay them off in 5s and 10s
Visions so blurry think you're paying out in yen
Get some sleep, I'll be here, we can do it all again

I can talk about it because it's okay we're all friends here right?
Love you guys til the end
Dead friends and bad habits
Wyatt Jun 22
Use me, use me
however you like.
Use to your choosing
until my well runs dry.
This feels like a
battle I am losing,
you don’t care
about my plights
as long as you get
what you came for
and that keeps me
up at night.
My well-being is running dry.
Brave Wilson Jun 13
She was the fool
Who danced so wildly
to tunes that were played
by the man of sociaties,
who pray on her love,
and borrowed insecurities,
but returning them soon.
leaving her lost and in pain,
And filled with regrets,
of the gift she had traded
for a single nights pleasure
with men who had wive's
and girls that were bored.
Till she was left all alone
with a burden on her soul,
Desires in her heart,
but damaged beyond that wich one could repair.
-bi sexuality makes twice the curse of a womans insecurities.

I like cooking my family and pets.

Use commas. Don't be a ******.

Amanda Mar 8
Where do you go when my presence is not there?
The absence of my gaze
Who's eyes get captured in a stare?
While you mouth the word "always"
What do you clutch when you're scared?
My hand too far away
Wonder how well you'll fare
On your own when skies turn grey
Does someone gently stroke your hair?
Are you genuinely okay?
Is it difficult to breathe air?
Body caught in a craze
When we are apart are you even aware?
That next to I no longer lay?
Am I nothing more than spare?
Part to use then throw away
For who do you pretend to care?
With constructed words you say
Many times you have said "I swear"
Unsaid it the very next day
Please answer the question "where?"
Where does your heart wander when it strays?
I just want to know..
Two letters,
Scrawled haphazard,
On brick walls,
Speak volumes,
Build barriers,
Save millions,
Never uttered enough,
Sometimes uttered too much,
Etching a duality,
Between inaction,
And stopping oppression,
Strong like steel,
Ethereal as ghosts,
And only you,
Decide its proper use.
This poem was written as a monologue to the intensity of one of the most frequently used words, so small and insignificant while still being one of the most powerful words in all human languages.
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