RK Sep 2

I remember the gift I received from you.
The perfect rhythm, joy of harmony.
Your gift was with me everywhere
Until ...

Truth became blurred...

I followed the mood intentionally.
Moving slowly, questioning the intrusions flowing
through me. Bypassing the lie telling me -
I am, broken.

Remembering that rhythm - descending.

I chose to feel thoughts of peace
The noise quietened tremendously
Aligning me,
Albeit temporarily.

Feeling  that rhythm -  vibrationally.

Deep, deep deep I knew,
beneath the turbulence
"I Am " growing , growing in truth - watching affectionately,
knowing and remembering your gift

Re-membering that rhythm,  "I am" already healed.

Ascending graciously.


Hello to all my friends at Hello Poetry.
Please accept my apologies for not responding to you comments or your likes.
I found it extremely difficult to write in any way shape or form over the past good few months. it seemed my mind only wanted quietness and I followed the mood. I lived very quietly and then this evening - this poem came. I hope you understand,  and also enjoy the poem. . I'm hoping to read and write again soon.

used to
being used
useless people...

misty Jul 26

a rabid violation i was, towards those near me
a premeditated prowess full of diligent schemes,
a faucet i constantly found myself turning.

Dharker Jul 13

This idea had no place for me
It consumed my curiosity
Showed up all at once
I wanted you so much
getting what I’ve bitten off

That feeling
Now eats me inside

I denied all of the reasons why

My perspective wore away
I just wanted to play
The game we
Have built with this time

This isn’t the way for me
Inside it warns
Like it always did before
Unable to

They are all judging me
They all see I should leave
They don’t know
That I know they are right
This isn’t the place to be

“Unsafe!” I plead to you
You grasp my hands
Not letting loose
It’s been okay
For so many years
I’ve gotten use to
This abuse

This isn’t the way for me
Inside it warns
Like it always did before
I am unable to

Maria Imran Jun 1

The best and the hardest thing I did for myself was putting a price on my love.
You couldn't love me when you didn't love me entirely.
You couldn't love me only because you needed someone to have conversations with.
You couldn't love me because, and only because, you needed me.
To love me,
You have to be honest.
To love me,
You have to love all of me.

At some points in our lives, we have to draw margins for people. It's too painful, makes you a sorry state. Miserably so. But you have to cut away some ties, you have to know what you're worth, you have to live it strong and live it true. You got to love yourself most.
EtherealOmega Apr 18

We are not shattered glass for you to attempt to piece back together only to cut yourself using that shed blood as an excuse for us owing you.. We are not shattered glass. We are iron.. Dented by the toils of this world, and the fires of your abuse are tempering us into steel..

... We will steal ourselves away from you time and time again until our hearts learn to understand the difference between love and abuse. Until our hearts learn the meaning of the word "No."... And until yours. do. too.

                            - EPL (EtherealOmega)

It's just a small piece that I thought of. It would make a good end for a longer SW piece.

If I gave you a minute,

a second, a week.

An hour, a month.

And if you loose it,

there is no way to get it back.

So use it wisely.

‪whenever you text or call .. ‬
‪I answer. ‬
‪every word is like a

Slow and painful ...

you feed off of my tears and incompleteness
I try to escape .
But you said you changed ..
you said you'd do better .
You promised .
And I ..
I believe you
I believe you every time.

Death-throws Jan 26

Dabble baby,
I'm your supply,
You'll never know a guy who will get you
Quite this  high.

Smoke Me,
Drink me,
Snort me too.

Slip me onto your tongue,
Under  the sun,
You'll  trip, it's true.

The longer you use me
The more you'll see
No one's abused  the supply
Quite  like me

I'm dead and cold and dark and blue
I've sold my soul for a fix you know it's true

So now nothing makes me happier
Then poisoning  your mind,
Don't stay in my life too long baby
I'm just a fix, you'll find
For all the broken things inside you
You know you'll never fix
I'm just the duck tape
To stop you loosing your mind

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