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Two broken hearts will not fit into one full heart.
We know this, we have tested this.
But we will try anyways, we both need this.  
Because if for a second it takes the pain away then isn't it worth it?
When you came into
this world,
you were
instantly given
two things;
a life,
and choices.
Use both wisely.
Use your brain and don't make ****** decisions.
What's the use----??
Flower of the Graces
"The Tenth Muse"
"Everyday Use It"
The earth revolves
Around the sun

Minerals Love it
Drink it vitamin C
Mass of energy A-B-C
The gravity every day
We cannot use it_
Became the play money
Copied tainted not the
Bee's honey here's
The everyday economy

One lick of hope the
envelope not much
Everyday- Einsteins
Big profit scope

The brainstorm Reign
All signs detour cabin
Choo Choo train caboose
You nailed it the moose
One footloose
The one-man show

Two women know
The odds to their
Someone is the traitor
Mom is the Tailor
The zigzag lines
Crazy cat felines 

"That's It"  punctuality,
Use your capability
"Technet Technology"
take a walk favorite park
Shiba Inu rollover
The bad ones the
Millionaires homes
flip over the do
or dare

We cannot pay
NYC token fare
Words are our power
For Sale quick sales
Being sold
Too hot whats cold
Those emails trying
to delete

(More casualties
Tombstone mummies
Democracy leading us like
dummies chewing Bear
Valentine gummies)

Like the "Elephant Stampede"
New Orleans parade
Every day please donate
We never know about
our fate too early or late
Every day new Providence

Demon computer virus
Love comes with confidence
Love yourself and Venus
Apples and oranges minus
Use it You have a voice!!!
City clean up cockroaches
Swap your fake Rolex

Watchtower index
Trump tower complex
"Eiffel Tower Use It" to be kissed
Every day we need to cleanse
The "Godly Shower" be blessed
Practical Everday Use It
Magical write poetically
Precisely the right piece puzzle

You are the one
World it's you to dazzle
Every day there is always something lets not complain we were born to earn
Use it you know what to do go for the things that made you who you are today every day you are worth it
Poetic T Jan 5
I was a gift upon the heart of
                                   soiled regression.
Never one to look a gift in the mouth of fallen

For the decaying leaves
                                     left before me,
                    were not for lost causes.

                            But fertiliser of new reflections.
Daniel eason Nov 2018
The natural environment taken over
Leaves once green sadly no longer
Corporations rule our land
Finding glass and plastics in our sand
The sad truth is this
Can we reverse it
Recycle and reduce
Every bit that you use
Stop being lazy and recycle. You may not think much about it, but every action counts.
mjad Sep 2018
It's become a routine
Letting guys use me
I settle for below my league
Or so my friends tell me
From mental disabilities
To family issues
They still get me on my knees
I don't want to be the lock
I want to be the keys
Choosing which door I fit
Not letting them unlock me
Hello Daisies Sep 2018
Well maybe I'm starting to know
Deep down in my being
That to try in this world has no meaning

Maybe I've always knew
But it's overflowing
My entire life the strife has been growing

The harder you try
The harder you fall
But try they say or it'll mean nothing at all

I feel as a fool
Breaking my back
For a life that doesn't love me back

I blame myself
And i blame others
Really i just need to close the shudders

Why unravel thyself to the world
Trying, bending, and overflowing everyway
When we'll just end up closed off and buried six feet under anyway

Theres no point,  
no point at all
We'll all rise and eventually fall

So lets all take a deep breath
Breathe in the truth
That life, love, trying it's all useless there is  no use.
I wrote this a bit ago while going through a hard time and losing a lot in life
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