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ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
the words of song pulled strings within my symphony and
made it a song, not of a song of melancholy, or of the cages within my heart which tries to tame me.
its vines pulled me in and the bare flesh of my body doesn't want me to be free it seems, from its curse of a decree.
from the shore, i dived into the difficult waters of the sea and he pulled me in.
i closed my eyes to see.
to see his majesty.
nothing less than a song bursting with life-energy.
hehe. did i mention i loove singing in the shower haha.
see God's majesty without distraction..ahhh
Men are so funny. Well not just men but people. We as people can be filled with greed. We want everything that shines even things that don’t. If it is accessible all takers on deck. It becomes as a game it seems. That looks good let me try it out. I might not be able to afford it yet I want it anyway. Are you bills paid while you are making all of those outstanding purchases? Do you really need or just want that new pair of shoes? Do you have to have take-out every single day? Do you know how to use the stove to prepare food for yourself?
All of these things are of greed and laziness. Showing a lack of appreciation for what you already have. While not taking care of what is already owned. Worst of all forgetting that times get hard and you should preserve what you have. The entire time that you had her, no she wasn’t always happy but she loved you and had your back.
She self-medicated to stay afloat. To deal with the crap that you put out. While you flirted and danced with others when she was out of town. You called and texted and thought that she would not find out.
You forgot her worth, yes there were times that she messed up. When you forgive it should have been forgotten.
My brother you threw it in her face every chance you got.
That was because she called you on your mess. You felt that she was close to blowing up your spot. She should have been the only spot that you blew up.
Now she is leaving you and you are remembering what you had. She probably has a new man that treats her better. Bro you can’t get mad. You should have loved her when you had the chance. Now she is gone and you are all alone. Now you are sad wishing that you would have loved her when you had her.
I hope that things get better got you all. Treat people how you want to be treated. never fails!
CC Aug 2017
I'm very scared of being lost
I'm terrified if I don't belong anywhere
Is there something I was not taught?
That I don't fit into the me shaped peg-hole
It's truly a struggle to become myself
I have no assurance that life will become what I have dreamt of it
I have no insurance because I have chosen to take the risk
Still, I live
I will go on living
In this will is my hope
That the path does not adapt to me
I did not choose what is easy
I will become like liquid to the path
And take it whichever way I am led
It is a path, is it not?
It is a way to somewhere
While I feel like nowhere
My goal is plain in sight
It only takes focusing my eyes
To the way that's right
If you don't admit your own mistakes
How can you know what choices to make?
Take a break from yourself and seek the help you need.
Be focused on what you got to do in life.
You are Manuel Hutchinson III.
Carry a book wherever you need to go.
Speak about what you believe in
Your spirit listens.
Time is ticking.
Choose your decision.
I wrote this after making a terrible choice to smoke **** with the wrong crowd. Hard to learn lessons from burned out crack pipes.
KathleenAMaloney Jul 2016
Tai Chi
Made For Moments
UnAffecting Certainty
Feel The Peace?

Preying Tiger
from Its Home
Of Peace
NaNi Jun 2015
I want to engulf a soul with compassion
Making it inevitable to jilt me
Opening the shell they has been hiding in for so long
you has me at awe , your strength to stand
I want to ******* you with endless love
Acquiring your energy through your smile
Your eyes drawing me closer to you
Close enough to were our bodies aren't physically
But spiritually in-sync
becoming languished in your absence
Feeling so strong I can taste you
In my sleep I can feel you
and in my life? is the real you!

Lenny M May 2015
I stared into Thee Abyss

And focused on the **Unknown
Simran Jun 2014
Every hour
Every movement
Every step I take

This direction of life

It controls me
Taints my mind

I'm too confused
Too focused on then
Not ever now

About a time untold
What is yet to come

Too worried
About an uncertainty

It passes me
But I don't look

Too focused
I've become blind to life
For the first time,
I'm focused on me.
For the first time,
I can look ahead,
without trying to see someone else.

With you,
It is easy to quiet my mind.
With you,
I'm not focused on what's next.

Who would have thought
that it would take a great love
to forget my worries;
To see my future laid out before me.

Not our future....
MY future.
And it all seems so easy.
*With you.

— The End —