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The sheets and blankets are too big
For such a little bed.  
They drape their fringes on the floor,
And dribble dreams with red.

The brain can’t sluice the nightmares out
Though a grate stopped with cloth.  
Thick curtains collect spiderwebs
And flutterings of moths.
Pyrrha May 2020
Because of him I've come to know what love is truly like
And it's not the way I've written it
Love is painful
Love is insecure
Love is questioning

I've always written that
Love was healing
Love was confidence
Love was knowing

While sometimes it may be all those things, it alternates
Love is bittersweet
Love is longing
Love is searching

Now that I know love, I've come to understand it even less
Love is having constant questions and having the answers just out of sight
Love is wanting to hold someone and them being just out of your reach
Love is desiring the sweetness in a romantic ballad while the sound is deafening

It is both everything I can't live without and everything I wish I could
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
everybody was cheering for you and me we were voted
after all of those waiting i have done do you see that I am Devoted?
because of you I made myself a writer
you given me light on my darkness
you are my precious igniter
until now I'm still Inspired
because you are admired
you are not required
to give back what i just gave
just watch me until our love transpired
love is truly a leap of faith
i know it might end up becoming a wraith
and goes to a bad abruptness
but i will avoid those shortness,
because of you i Accomplished
one of my goals in my life
to fulfill what I promised
that i can wait for you and I think it's polished
so listen to my golden words,
let my silver ballads sink in
and let my lovely sonnets abide you,
because you are my Necessity
of my prosperity,
you are my love that is Easygoing
that is always outgoing
i am thankful i met a woman like you
that motivated me for my growing.
And thats it that is what I wanted to give you but you are being distant so please hear me out okay? Listen okay and let it sink in that I'm thankful for you.
Jack Oct 2019
I watch
High above
Everyone is so small
I see cars and buildings
All so magnificent and tall

Nothing compares
Not to You
And that night on the Balcony
I was trapped in ACT prep so here ya go
you stick your head out of the window to look at the stars.
star gazing.
star tripping.
come down from space !
get your head out of the cosmic cloud you claim is "love" (!!!)
do you not understand ?
you’ve become a black hole devouring me like i am easily replaced.
you crave the attention of other planets,
never satisfied with my atmosphere.
but i would give you the entire solar system if i could.
you wouldn’t take it from me.
you would take it from HIM.
you stick your head out of the window to look at the stars.
i never knew the stars had their own agenda in mind.
i never knew the stars could be so selfish.
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Ballads R-U the
Like the Bella baby
Tossing your salad like
The artwork deviant
Like the myriad

The musical chairs
Messages unique piece
Playing the brain organs
The new road of legions
Cerebellum moving
Perky pinks the possum
We move into a certain era

Intense Opera breathing, pacing, dreaming

More feeding the balance of love needing
Musical digestion
Heart rate inside
your movement shows
All themes like soap operas
The nervous system musical brain
Gets damaged like the Asylum

So emotional heartbeat got more
Your hums needing tums
The Lifes crises
But not feeling
accountable the brains works
Every function ballads of love
Inside your heart diction
Like the ballad-making
Your best transformation
Orchestrated hands to lead

The musical brain
Love letters arrive on the train
So tranquil love
physical  momentarily
Has a certain quality
like the ballad of love

We find in life its a long sip
The brain wave long neck
          Giraffe hot cafe

We feel everyone's tragedy
Living so high
in the (Castle) the step up
Not giving up the highness the
majesty the brain depressed
But such a parody foods for
the soul no control eating binge

You want to dodge out
But you're the musical genius
Magical brain fast and furious
Is tricky to remember you have
         The talent
         To be Lucky*
Fill it with love and gravity
He's the laughing stock
of the comics

Like the simple life
He's the built-in love
a ballad with such structure
The popular form of poetry
Musical notes a blend
of symmetry
Chariots of fire the key to love

Whats truly above all we need is love
He takes your breath away
Reading into the
Archie comics and Veronica
Historical moments Cleopatra
The ballads of culture
Songs we remember
I love September the day I was born
Ballads and songs

"My Girl"
"Stop Look Listen to your heart"
"Love is all around"
You came to the right place
Peace and love, please
stick around we love you
Ballads of important dates and places to remember like the day you are born the musical brain I would love to go back one time to memory lane
iamtheavatar Nov 2016
I'm thinking about you.
In prose and ballads,
I'm writing words I know
I can't personally tell you.

I know we're not
Friends or even acquaintance,
But I can't help looking
At the pictures of you.

I know it sounds crazy
But I assure you,
Nothing is crazier
Than what you did to me.

I want you.

**iamthe_avatar ©2016
A poem for a woman I met on Tinder.
Sasha Ranganath Sep 2016
he sings about a family photograph
in a language i understand no better
than a mathematical equation
and i grasp the strength and weakness in his voice
and the vibrations they send through my wooden table and all its contents
my eyelids flutter open and shut like a dying moth,
trying to be in sync with the music but unable to
i stretch and fold my legs as i hit the replay button,
crack some knuckles and glance around in double vision
as i'm being slowly oxidized to death
i have pictures of a smiling childhood idol
pasted on the wardrobes,
a  series of little pale yellow lights
taped apologetically to the textured, pastel blue wall.
i have writings on my wall in colours i cant find within myself,
and i suddenly pray this poem won't disappear
with the glitches of technology.
i pray to nobody, no god, no spirit.
being the atheist i am, i feel strange closing my eyes,
“please let it be okay” echoing in my head every time.
but these are not my thoughts.
these are not your thoughts.
they simply are.
he continues belting out notes
and i breathe without rhythm.
my lungs are tone deaf.
i get goosebumps on my hairless limbs for a second.
applause resounds, it's a live recording of the song.
short pause, next.
piano picks up pace
and the mellow voice of a different man
of the same tongue fills the room.
a little more lively.
i realize it's not the words you need
to understand what he means.
Brianna Jan 2016
You're the person I could write ove sings about and if I could sing, if scream them to the world.
I would tell them about your sarcastic laugh and wildly outrageous humor that keeps me in shape.
I would tell them both those shady eyes that hide those feelings so easily except you can't hold them back really.

You're the person I could write sonnets about and ballads would blush when they read my words.
I would tell them bout the lips and how they made my body ache.
I would tell them about your arms and how they held stories in your tattoos.

You're the person I could easily be with the rest of my life.
Whether it was easy or hard I would be there.
Through thick and thin.

But you're just that person I keep close enough to remember that we could be something great... If only life worked that way.
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