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Poetic T Jun 2020
I repeated every lesson,
          hearing every drowning

Every syllable that was recast,
       but I never learnt a single...

done over,

Reproduced as another version of
              the same verse..

Everything was!

redone, remade..
   In the fashion of what was before.

But even though I sat in every class..

        I never took a single word in..

The teachers changed, but I remembered
                     that one who made me resit

every lesson....

I cant see anything in this crammed space...

                    But hopefully one day some
one will cover me for a toilet break..

And I'll be peace....

I resit every lesson and still
                      all I see is deathly words..
                                       Never heard,
   but reverberating though hollow bones
Robin Carretti Feb 2019
Going once the
One specific lover
What do we uncover
More advice going
twice in (2)
You see an

Like twins with
two heads exact copy
Say Action your movie part
"The offer you cannot refuse"
You cannot duplicate her heart
With another Flower rose
Another heart obligation

"Alaskan Huskies
Twin Adoption"
Two heads better
than one snipper
She- Wolf surf and turf
Mexico taco, at the gulf
Her green planet thumb
Mount Fiji we climb

Right force ruler the heart
divider the duplicate lover
"To Reproduce" over the
a million light-years
duplicated love tears
Years we treasured
It's in our duty

United we stand  
Imagine the world
stopped to be buried
The duplicate became a
twin maid of honor
She lost her duplicated purse

"Twin Identity"
Your heart couldn't
hold on____
Any longer
To reproduce the same
forbidden fruit
voiceover singer

The rare find
someone with a
Giving heart

Having a double
scotch doing the part
The pirate wearing
Eye patch

Twofold twice the gold
one heart match
Poems true believers
One is the snitch

To love life singles or doubles
subjects to catch up in triples
The full house
what a spouse
Your boiling minds
Twice around the
coffee house

The day she or he
was born
The comfort
comes with love
Fire eye lit bedding
(Forever young
double wedding)

You're the one so
gifted hearted
Things become duplicated how we think about them related or love guarded. To be blessed Godly path as one it doubles our happiness like a marriage of two
Let's not lose the one feeling and if it duplicates its a forever love healing
C Solace May 2018
The world looks at him, and gets lost in the confusion.
  She looks at him, and she is lost in his world.
Passers by stare at her unknown, unaware for the beauty within
  To him, her beauty lies far beneath her freckles.
Many of us can not even muster the courage to talk to one another
  Let alone, hold a candle to the splendor of true honesty & compassion.

Often replicated but never duplicated
  but duplication is within her.
Labeled for life to be a stigma,
  a supposed taboo.
Earthly born to be ‘weak’,
  but Heaven saw fit to grant her a strong heart & even fiercer spirit.
Undeserving of loyalty, for man deems her ‘broken,’
  Her presence screams throughout time,
“I am NOT broken!”
  She was made for him.

He fits to her soul like the last puzzle piece,
  Vibrant, making the whole picture complete.
Racing is his mind, nothing seems to calm,
  until he sees her, his fiery red hair gal.
Excitement is a curious creature,
   It can be wonderful, when expected.
Speaking can be useful, after much altering.
   But he doesn’t have to change for her,
She knows exactly who he is, and even more.
   He knows how to woo her, from the deepest part of his heart.

Very matter of fact, no filtering required
  for this is a special kind of love.
A love that many so often throw aside,
  to glamorize a cheap imitation.
Bright lights, loud stares, and quiet words
  determined to shatter their dreams.
Hollywood glitz & glamour films, tell of impossible tales
   knowing that they themselves, long for something real.
Give us a tale of how we should love,
  how not to cast aside the broken.
For it is our true stories, of undeserving compassion
  How we are loved for everything we are,
Give us a Love Story like Marissa & Billy.

Please visit the link below to know more about their story:

— The End —