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Bhill Aug 2020
the silence will shock and the world will rock
when we all can go out and play
the world will be new and a lot less askew
so **** it and stay out all-day

Brian Hill - 2020 # 235
Would nothing be guaranteed?
Can short pain be part of the journey,
when moving towards long run joy?

Although it is always safer not to go on that journey,
Unknown is the path, nothing is guaranteed...

A thousand and one are the hazards of the journey,
many are the pitfalls -
Nothing can be guaranteed...

Will each small piece of love compose to a secure jigsaw?
Didn’t we search for love in a crystal ball?
It was hidden inside,
a *******.

And the seed was very hard and
the sprout had
“very, very limited’ room to meet with treasure for all!

But the seed tried,
she whispered, but assertively,
If it was an effort;
She drops the hard shell.

Does she start moving?
Immediately the light twinkles:
the struggle with the soil, together with the stones,
dancing with the rocks.
By Angel. XJ 04/09/2019
PoserPersona Aug 2018
Riches begot with credit stock
Power bestowed with golden crown
Glory bequeathed with laurel wreath
Marriage beseeched with diamond ring

I hold you 'til the morning dew
Slight modification to my preceding poem with essentially the same meaning, but it changes the tone from pessimistic to optimistic.
Reduction asper daylight hours to worship
will immediately arise after
     2018 North American orbital trip,
viz zits summer solstice (human primal
     solar deification) riding astride spaceship
Earth, albeit 6:07 Ante Meridiem

     Thursday June 21st noticeably slip
ping thru space beginning to harvest
     incremental darkness as Gaia rip
pulls across wrinkle in time
     daylight will undermine a loss,

     and over the next month approximately jip
ping United States kinsfolk, who revere El Sol  
     quotidian solar rays, by one hour
     and eight minutes (i.e. 4080 seconds),
     thence trumpeting seriously
     moonlighting re:

     getting down to brass tacks business - grip
ping a markedly steadfast advancement,
     whence August arrives (watch out),
     cuz cutthroat prime rate (zero APR) doth clip,
and clock about two minutes per diem,
     quite a substantial blip.
PoserPersona May 2018
Million goals set in store
To win your heart back once more
Raise my stock, my self esteem
Never enough, it sadly seems

It's time now...
I know why... But how?
Not to get over it as they say,
but rather accept it. Find a new way
"If Manes can live without Diogenes, why not Diogenes without Manes?" - Diogenes the Dog
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
10 to 5, Job
Of a prediction game
Always a half way to goal
Uncertain market
Let’s bet over Green and Red
A thin balance,
Tracking ups and downs
With a colour change,
Every complexion turns, dull or bright
A calculated ****** expression
Almost ready to express
With some losses, some gains.

Rumors airs,
A political unrest,
Sign of regressing opaque sense
Digital formulas,
Almost rests in vain
There is,
Tug of war, between
Supply and demand
A growling Bears Vs.
A grunting Bulls.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Light House Jan 2017
I have heard them say
should you find true, double-edged ~love~
you ..will be sustained.
& so I turn green ..alone.
Rather bathing in some broth ~~~~
In ..a.stock -- brewing hate -- not at all like
the love I've heard them say will sustain.
Edits*  Working on this piece a bit.  I would like to thank DT for wise words, which made me rethink this a bit ..tweak it, if you will.
Thank you DT.  You are a talented writer & musician/singer, & wise as well.
When all seems lost - take stock of everything,
there was a way which positive thinking might bring,
black became green, red became yellow and said hello,
God looked after you and monitored all you might do;

If you adjust your mindset you can gain success,
It's like a business seminar when more doesn't become less,
you see the guy standing there - saying: 'Yes, I was
like you once - suspicious, wary - solutions were scary.'

Do you know where your going to? Answers may vary -
so you took all these pearls of wisdom and then some,
and waited for manna from heaven, nirvana to come,
not always but sometimes fortune drifted into your kingdom.

Don't despair, help is at hand by strange means or fair,
whichever way it comes after all, someone does care.
georje naïf Jun 2015
His arms is where I was taken
His smile was like my heaven
His innocent face in front of mine
That made him look like an Angel
His manly voice whenever he speaks
Sounds like a beautiful melody for me
His tallness was an advantage
He hugs me so tight
Like he won't let go of me
His presence was enough
To give me more courage
And to made me feel so contented
It was simply taken me back
Because that was all a memory
That make me still **Captivated
Perfection is his name.
Clindballe Apr 2015
Your mind has turned grey and fifteen years back from the reality everyone else is living in. Your mind has not passed the next milestone. Still stock at number 7. Never long enough arms to reach number 8. You lay in your bed of sorrow and despair. Afraid of being left behind with your own thoughts of childhood and imaginary friends. Only your friends have turned to black shadows of what you could have been and never will be.
Written: April 29. - 2015
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