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14.2k · Sep 2014
Galaxy Cries
Bird Sep 2014
She was an interesting girl,
No one could deny
You could see the galaxy
Every time she cried
Bird Nov 2017
my ex-lovers mouth is not a
place I'm proud of lurking
drowned in alcohol and cigarettes
he said
were from all the stress of working
remind me again why you liked me? it was faulty at best
5.4k · Sep 2014
Bird Sep 2014
As you lay there
my wings are shorn away
I was your guardian angel
but now you've gone away

My back is broken and bleeding
not to different from your soul
and my mind is aching
I can't take a step

I want to fly
but instead of wings
I have holes
a ****** mess
3.8k · Apr 2017
you look tired (of me)
Bird Apr 2017
you leave me breathless and strung out
in the late night, wrapped up but cold
staring at my phone screen waiting for
you to say anything
you tell me to go to sleep
(it's some passive aggressive *******)
i go to sleep anyway
3.1k · Sep 2014
Bird Sep 2014
I need something to take my mind off this anger
this constant pull of
***** you
what the hell did you expect
I'm mad at you
but I can't let you know
I need something to ****
I need something to crush
I need something other than my own skin to split
You've made it clear
that I'm a big fat
Now I need something to take away
this anger
2.0k · Feb 2015
Crushes Crush Me
Bird Feb 2015
I am not shy. I am loud, I am talkative, I am the first to start a conversation, I am not afraid to tell a stranger everything on my mind, I will laugh too loud in front of people, I will cry too hard in front of people, I will tell any secret that is mine to tell, I almost always know what to say, I like to socialize, I enjoy company, I enjoy talking, I enjoy listening. But not when it comes to you. When it comes to you I am so scared to make a wrong move. When it comes to you my heart bursts open into my brain prohibiting logical thoughts. When it comes to you I am painfully shy, I listen too long, I talk too little, I cover my mouth when I laugh, I make small movements, because I do not care what random strangers think of me, but I do care how you think of me. I care if you like how I look or talk and I care if you think I am interesting, and I want so bad to fake who I am just to impress you but I don't think that will be necessary because you seem to like me. And thats good. I like me too.
Spoken Word
2.0k · Dec 2016
Call my Aunt Marie
Bird Dec 2016
You were my
Perfect porcelain doll
I left you buried in a garden,
like that book we both loved

I'm sorry
1.3k · Dec 2016
La fille en feu
Bird Dec 2016
Burn me to the ground, and we're both going down, I'll give you the same respect you've given me and god I wish I could see it all differently, but I deserve no sympathy, what a lovely tragedy, that I leave this mess, this burning house in misery, while you sit content in your unseen demise.
You'd never know but I could never hurt you, I'll keep you safe from this rising fire in my ocean, I'll never hurt you, love, I swear to god I'll never hurt you
I hate you
1.2k · Oct 2014
Bird Oct 2014
on a page
talking to you
but are you listening
because words can hold great wisdom
and words can cause great pain
but in the end the words
are all the same
1.2k · Oct 2016
To you
Bird Oct 2016
972 · Jun 2016
It's in my blood
Bird Jun 2016
The more I find out about family
I realize
That being a traitor
Is simply in my bloodline
I'm a cheap rosé
Pretending to be fine wine
From French nobility
To Spanish pride
My ancestors wrought havoc
On their own modern times
It's time for me to step up to the plate
And make my choice
To grow into the role I was assigned
Or write my own lines
But whatever I chose
The choice is mine
And I know whoever I am
I'll be great
How do I know?
It's simply in my bloodline.
914 · Jun 2016
I'm really not your type
Bird Jun 2016
I will romanticize the things that I am
in poems.
Maybe then I can trick you into falling in love with me.
909 · Apr 2016
She is So Weird
Bird Apr 2016
She is so weird
She is so weird
She is so weird

The other girls all float around with their eyes painted like cats,
Rounded with black and flicked up at the end, but she
Swims with
her eyes painted like fish
One little flick down
One little flick up at the
End and
The other girls whisper about her

She is so weird
She is so weird
she is so weird

She has watercolor lips
In pretty shades of pink
Not sharp
Like the other girls
She is not a collection of edges and shadows, she is
Soft and

She is so weird
She is so weird
She is so weird

She looks dreamy
And sometimes
The other guys whisper that
There is
Not much there
In her head
And that

she is So weird
She is so weird
She is so weird

She has three black lines embedded in the
Side of the
skin on her neck
Stacked like deep
Vs lined under
Each other and once I asked her
If they were birds in flight
Or gills
And she laughed
It wasn’t cruel
She pulled me close
And whispered both
With a smirk
And then she smiled wide
And shook her head and told me

I Am so weird
I am so weird
I am So weird

And though I knew it was an insult
When the cats whispered it
It wasn’t one when it came from the fish
841 · Sep 2016
Dear September
Bird Sep 2016
She is green tea with honey,
summer days and blonde hair.
She is a golden retriever
and a husky,
happy, intelligent, yet reserved.
She is the beach and a sunrise,
campfires and s’mores in the warm air
breathing in the dust and smoke,
laughing about two years ago.
She is incense and paintings,
blue walls and ceilings,
she is a ***** joke said
offhand with raised eyebrows,
she is stacks of books and video games,
she is bubblegum ice cream and
walking through a cemetery.
She is old technology and practicality,
she is punctuality  and arriving
early with a peach smoothie in hand.
She is the cold shock of river water.
She is alternative music blaring from
a ****** car radio and a road trip
where everyone but the driver falls asleep.
She is rock candy and ice cream bars, riding the biggest
roller coaster ten times over again.
She is a content silence and
a sly smile.
She is mine and you cannot have her.
807 · Oct 2016
Bird Oct 2016
Crazy people, lovely people
bashing atoms, creating chaos,
What a supernova- you've created a ******* supernova.
and that's why there's a black hole now.
You're organic, so why live like you're plastic?
live, darling
******* live.
Bird Jan 2017
hello hello hello again
you made me cry again
i said i wouldn’t spill tears over you
i said i was sick of
singing tragedy
i purged you
i burned you
i ran from you
i ran into myself
burning burning burning alive
stop being so casual
this is not a casual conversation
stop breaking my heart
you **** me up
and not in a way I’d like
lets jump off cliffs together
lets become star crossed lovers
you broke my heart
you broke me
stop it stop it stop it
i am not
you were supposed to be strong
i am too weak
to carry this
drop the casualties
776 · Mar 2015
Do they know?
Bird Mar 2015
When I look at him I wonder if he even knows he's addicted. Addicted to the way she laughs, and how the curves of her mouth turn up into a smile. If he knows he is drunk on the way that she sighs at the rain, or how she talks to the cat late at night. Does he know that she is what makes his reality worth it? And at the same time I wonder if she knows. If she knows that he the reason the blood races through her veins. If she knows that he is the reason that her lungs feel so full. That he is the dizzy lightheadedness, the weightless feeling within. Does she know that he is what creates her earth?
Spoken Word
754 · Jul 2016
Thoughts in a jewelry store
Bird Jul 2016
I watched her get her ears pierced and it hurt me more than it hurt her because it made me think of the time I got mine pierced and you were there but now you're gone and I miss you but you don't miss me.
735 · Oct 2014
Bird Oct 2014
A cat
is a fluffy ball
of fur
that is capable
of making everything better
with a rough
and wet lick
against the
warm tears on my
734 · Oct 2016
Thick slice of cheese pizza
Bird Oct 2016
Bitter and angry
Are written into my skin and bones
I walk as a hurricane, an earthquake
You might love the storm,
But you'll never love the aftermath.
We are destined to fall apart.
I was meant to be alone.
Don't lie to me.
I might be a mess, but I know the truth.
Bird Jul 2016
I forget how to speak when I'm around you
And even in my dreams I'm left speechless too
693 · May 2016
you changed, so what?
Bird May 2016
I noticed a slight change in our relationship.
In the old days,
I would apologize for bothering you
and you would say I wasn't.

But now,
If I apologize for bothering you,
you say it's fine.

I guess I am a bother now.
I'm gonna stop bothering you.
This was gonna be really long and deep but then the music I was listening to switched from Keaton Henson to Sistar. And I felt like I had already spent to much time writing for someone would would never read or appreciate my work. So yeah. ******* and all that. No need to make it all unnecessarily complicated.
Bird Oct 2016
So it happens like this
Everyone is watching, and I'm begging
Look at me! Please!
For just a second, hour, day! Please!

Don't you see the issue? I'm constantly
Effecting everyone, every day
Still, I'm not, I'm not,
That important to the whole scheme
Really I should just walk away
Unless someone really cares, I'll fade
Care not, farewell
To the long drop and deep sleep,
I wish, I want, I would, I could if
Only I could give it up, A toast! To
No one, no where, no way, and no how
Bird Jul 2016
I wonder if you will look back and regret this.
I wonder if we will know each other in five, ten, twenty years.
I wonder if we even really knew each other last week.
I wonder what you have planned for your future.
I wonder if you have even considered forgiving me.
I wonder if i want you to.

I wonder what your answer would be, if someone were to ask why we fell apart.
I wonder what mine would be if someone were to ask me the same thing.
"We were too different," I might say.
I wonder if I can blame you for what you did, instead of blaming her.

For now, I am content.
For now, I am not torn up inside.
For now, I have what I want.
I will see you later.
But at the same time, I will not.
Because we are never going to be exactly the same people ever again.
That's just the way time works.

So I will see a version of you again, in the future, wether you want to see me again or not.
And maybe we will catch ghosts of who we are now.
Only time will tell.
658 · Jul 2016
The way your name tastes
Bird Jul 2016
I like the way your name sounds on my tongue
It's unaccented, a little rough, a little rich
It's easy,
but it causes
Little pauses
In the conversation
And I like to think that maybe you're a little tiny bit excited
Because you like the way your name sounds on my tongue
637 · Jul 2016
Bird Jul 2016
I'm sorry.

For what?


I don't understand.

I know.

Will you explain?


Why not?

I can't.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I apologize too much,
I'm sorry I can't explain why,
I'm sorry I never have the right words to say,
and I'm sorry I'm always late to reply.
630 · Dec 2014
Loved Like That
Bird Dec 2014
My chipped nails dig into your hand
and I say I'm sorry
but you tell me not to apologize
you tell me I can hold your hand as hard as I need to
you tell me it doesn’t hurt to feel loved like that
606 · Oct 2014
Galaxy Girl
Bird Oct 2014
We hold the galaxy in our hands, yet we still reach for the things we can't have.
601 · Aug 2016
the price of freedom
Bird Aug 2016
I gave everyone a part of me
until I was a ghost.
573 · Mar 2015
Call Me Mrs. Brightside
Bird Mar 2015
As in the way you stay up late
texting her
Or how we used to talk
every day.
Now you talk
I told myself not to get
I told
But I
failed to listen
to myself
This time
you win.
Bird Mar 2017
Hey lovely,
Let me be the JD
To your Veronica
You said you liked the fact that I'm not crazy
Ha! Good luck with that one
You're right, I'm not into miscommunication
I'm still a little itty bitty bit ******
In the head
That's okay though
I love you, my lovely
542 · Oct 2014
Bird Oct 2014
There was a house overgrown with vines,
that dribbled with silence
when the windows were open
and the wind was high.

A girl and a cat lived in this house
and they were
least to say
cozy as a mouse

They were always happy
and they never did cry
they were immortal
and never could die

Outside the ivy house
was a constant wind storm
but inside they stayed
safe, cozy and warm

But the sharks in the clouds circled
and the vines twisted closer to the house
the girl clung to her cat
and the wind howled strong
the rabbits were swimming
and the fish were dancing along
and the wind got louder and louder

The vines confining
the girl trapped inside
was no longer content
she took her cat
and ran though the gap
into the wildly tangled  world

she sat in a tree
and soon came to find
while being cozy is nice
its not best all the time

so she still sits in her tree at night
petting her cat
and holding him tight
while in the day
she dances away with fish
and she swims with the rabbits
and flies with the sharks
feeling lovely in a world
of lights and darks
521 · Jul 2016
Bird Jul 2016
I'm not a nice girl
I'm a knife girl
I'm a little hard to love
Because the closer you get
The sharper my edges grow
And if you try to tie me down
Then you've just got to go
I'll cut you off
(With much remorse)
And let the roses bud
In your place
I'm covered in thorns
But if you aren't scared
Then by all means
506 · May 2016
Staircases and Oxygen
Bird May 2016
Shaky, stuttered breaths
Like there's no oxygen left
That's what you do to me
I'm sitting in the hallway on the stairs
It's like I was never even there
The light is dim
But I don't care
I wish you were here
To clear
My blurry, sloppy tears
Bird Aug 2016
You can't hurt me
If I can't hear you
491 · Jul 2016
Mirror mirror
Bird Jul 2016
Do my lips look natural?
Because they're not.
Does my hair look natural?
Because it's not.
I'm a synthetic girl
I'm fake
And you could say I
Because I'm not awake
Until I've painted my face
And gone through the daily routine
Of using blonde hair to hide green
As if I could play off 3 colors
As a natural thing
My hair is messy (but cute)
In a natural way
And my cheeks are contoured
Because some girl had the audacity to say
They look better higher up
And I can't (just can't) go back to my old way
I paint my lips slightly thicker
Because that's just the trend
But if you could just lend
Me a hand in understanding
What natural even means?
Because I think it lost its meaning.
Definitely not trying to shame people who wear makeup here- I like makeup too. I just don't like makeup advertising that it will give that "natural look" because it's not.
488 · Sep 2016
Bird Sep 2016
I didn't
have to say
"help me"
because you already
knew what to do.
475 · Apr 2015
we were so close
Bird Apr 2015
When I sit late at night
and I'm alone
When the smoke escapes my lips
and I can't think
When the ***** runs through my veins
like blood
All I want to know is
Do you remember the time we almost fell in love?
Bird Jun 2016
And I will end the year the same way I started it.
I trusted you. I'm not your ******* punching bag.
456 · Sep 2016
You destroyed us
Bird Sep 2016
You can try, but you'll never replace the meaning behind the places you try to rename.

Face the consequences of what you've done.
You destroyed me
453 · May 2015
Finals :)
Bird May 2015
And me?
I became a new age pestilence
gone all the time
I had a new cough everyday
dark circles lined my red watery eyes.
I didn’t sleep
I didn’t eat
and when I did?
I puked it up,
you could sell me on TV
as death with a coffee cup.
I didn’t finish that project
so I took a hammer
to my wrist;
and when we learned that if someone died
during finals
the rest of us would pass?
You all laughed,
but my mind went dark
I began wondering
exactly when could
I slip cyanide
into that poor girls
coffee mug.
Can’t you see
what’s driving me?
These letter grades and GPA’s
are making me lose my mind;
you tell me I’m fine,
it doesn’t matter.
But what if i’m not great
at anything else?
What if I’m not good enough?
I just wanted to be good enough.
451 · Nov 2016
I like to avoid my problems
Bird Nov 2016
Storm storm storm
I storm out of the room
I avoid eye contact out of shame
I shift, I slide
I rain, I reign
446 · Sep 2016
yo amo siempre
Bird Sep 2016
Lo siento.
Tú no mereces estas palabras,
pero yo voy dar a los tú
a todas formas.
Porque, yo voy amo
y te extraño,
Sorry if its conjugated wrong- Spanish is not my first language and I have issues with it. But I'm trying so thats the important part.
446 · Jul 2016
Bird Jul 2016
I am watching you
In my peripheral vision
And counting all the times you look at me (when you think I don't see)
By the end of the night it's at 43
That sounds pretty lucky to me
443 · Jul 2016
as if you were a criminal
Bird Jul 2016
The criminal always revisits the scene of the crime, as if you were the criminal, and lying to me was the crime. Does that make me the victim? Well then who was the witness? Was she your accomplice? We have left this alone for a year, you moved on, I wasn't expecting to find you back here, where I am stuck on this metaphorical street, waiting, just waiting, for the criminal to return to the scene of the crime, all the while I was waving to passerby's and saying "I'm fine!" Was I lying? Would that be a crime? I'm fine, ******* it, I was doing just fine! Until the criminal decided to return to the scene of the crime, what's even the difference between a wrong and right lie? And what if I were to just say goodbye, to you and her and him, would that be okay? It not like we have much to say, part of the same crime, but on different sides, and what if I can't leave this metaphorical spot on the street? You could promise me to never come back, but we both know that would be a lie- because the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.
430 · Jul 2019
to be lonely
Bird Jul 2019
to be in love
and have no one to say it to
426 · Sep 2014
Bird Sep 2014
I miss you
the way you always knew how to listen
and never left when I told you to
because you knew something was wrong

I miss you
I thought I heard you sigh
but I turned to smile and
it was not you
just my imagination

I need you
Right now
next to me
letting my cry on you
and helping me from getting so

You've been gone for only a year
but the cat has already forgotten your name

I miss you
425 · Jul 2016
Like a bad tattoo
Bird Jul 2016
I feel a tad bit emptier inside
I want to text you but I know it wouldn't be right
I never thought this would be a permanent thing
But I just deleted and blocked your number
Why did I do that?
It doesn't matter if I've blocked you or not, I've got your number memorized
424 · Mar 2015
Bird Mar 2015
If I could make a wish
or get my way
I swear to stars
I’d make you stay
the moon I wouldn’t
second glance
if I just
had the chance
to hold your hand
or see the galaxies
exploding in
you eyes
I swear to stars
I tell no lies
Bird Jul 2016
you forgot about things we used to care about together
before everything we had got a little bit harder to have
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