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Jule May 2020
Why do I lie like that
To think I’m protecting your chest
With a head pounding
I’m in need of rest
Somewhatdamaged May 2020
I am a freak of nature
I am control
I am the silence in your voice
When you can't seem to hold
I am the one you push around
Just like a *****
I am the one
You keep begging for more
I am control

All these words
Running through back of my mind
Leave me alone
No I can't stand on my own

Start to humiliate you?
You're acting like you're the only one
With what you've been through
Leave me alone
I will stand on my own

All I am is a **** burden
Then why am I not forgotten?
Calling me just to ******* argue!
Did I disappoint you?
And let you down
You can't even grasp with what I've been through
Leave me alone
No more talking
Through back of my mind!

I'll lead you where you want to go
I'll never let you loose control
I am control!

You made me this way
And I couldn't stay away
Or did I choose to be this way?
Either way
I am my biggest ******* mistake
Mr. Self Destruct!
those endless words that control you...I am my own demise!
neth jones Jan 2020
burn all the study notes
smash the greenhouse windows
destroy the lab equipment
and flood the basement storage

shell anything personal
shuck any valuables
abandon this invested waste
become unpossessed

you think your heart is broken ?
her token is silt in memory
take it to the streets at night
sully it thoroughly
and file off the organs remaining operations
make it un-abusable
and option-less

what about your face ?
bleed away
you recognize nothing
bleed actual jail from your eyes
and crawl from the fight that mauled you
claim your part in the background
a pant of the great huffin'
lose yourself in the noise
the trade
the interference
the indifference

you're a vile version
and drag this edition
to it's rotten point
the lowest style of limb
where you needn't fend
where you are securely unmended

a gentleman approaches...

you peer from pinhole

he looks 'the you' over

you pass the city border
beyond the last streetlight
you have earned ghost
now you may be of some use
now 'you' are not

                                        - canvas
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
So maybe, we are glow sticks,
that need to break to glow.

So maybe, we are caterpillars
who digest themselves during metamorphosis,
to transform into a butterfly.

So maybe, we are stars
that need to collapse
in order to shine brightly.

So maybe, we need to breakdown,
to pick up the pieces and cast ourselves
as someone different.

So maybe, we need to shed
to become a better version.

So maybe, all this
was never a destruction
but a birth to something beautiful.
Qwn Nov 2018
It starts in my chest,
the hate,
the anger.
The urge to destruct clouds
over my eyes,
and all I can see is fire.
I can't sit still.
Everything shakes and falls.

And when it's over
all that's left is smoke.
It floats off my fingers.
Alarms are ringing in my head.
I look and see the mess,
everything I've ruined.
Through the clouds, I can see my home,
my past,
everything I've ever loved,
I burned.

This is what I am.
This is what I do.
Gale L Mccoy Oct 2018
when self-destruct is
coming home after doing all you could
at 24:00
and choosing to drink
and drink
when you have work in the morning

as if i would have had any better luck
trying to sleep
without the alcohol

at least i can enjoy a few hours
before the insufferable grind once again

i sleep better after
a night of drinking
drunk poem. I even recorded it for my podcast... but tbh.... i cant post it cause my parents listen to it
misty Apr 2018
A mocking armour
of rancid tragedy and depleted
self-esteem. He bears it, strong and cruel, in all it’s comical glory.
Trampling on good fortune and cursing the Almighty
shunning the world and it’s people for his own damnation.
Made from his very own hands. Guilty digits
surrounding savage palms.
Contaminated with lust and
a thirst to turn everything into dust.
He is known as man.
Jack Torrance Apr 2018
You’ll only have one,
just one, and that’s it.

                                                            ­                            No, I don’t want it,
                                                             ­                                 I’m done, I quit!

Of course you want it,
cmon, only one.
Besides, you’re much funnier,
and way more fun.

                                                           ­                        I know that’s not true,
                                                           ­                      and it’s killing us slow.
                                                           ­               I don’t want it, please stop,
                                                           ­                                 go away, just go!

Where would I go?
Let’s not talk nonsense.
Just one drink man,
you deserve it my friend.

                                                        ­                          How can you say that?
                                                           ­                            You’re a part of me.
                                                             ­            You know one turns to two,
                                                            ­                      and two turns to three.

Nah, not this time,
this time isn’t the same.
Just have one man,
cmon, for old times.

There ya go......
How about just one more?
crystallaiz Oct 2017
jack-frost blue on snow white
circles of grey around midnight black
against the velvet night sky
the silent constellations
i fell
and fell
and fell

i bathed in your irises
but my feet couldn't reach the bottom
and when i tried to surface
the air was frigid
slicing my consciousness into ribbons
i took a breath
the chill seeped in
first it was my toes
then my legs
my stomach
my fingers
my arms
my chest

then you blinked
the ice fractured
and i
i shattered from the inside
i don't know. i had one of my moods again. haven't had one in a long time. it was not a good feeling.
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