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Joanna Sep 25
A desert maiden tired and worn came in out of the heat, quite unadorned: in search of her beloved, her turtledove.

Determined yet weary she looked to rise above all the images that held her back, all those things that told her she was full of lack.

A desert maiden quite comely in the form: came in from an east gate seeking to be transformed by the fire of his spirit and the purity of his love.

With only one purpose, to instruct her just as Boaz did Ruth; as a husband of valor sent from above.
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Johnny walker Jun 23
Helen saved my soul she
was my savour sent from Heaven down Earth to save me I was a lost
lonely soul who knew not of life who only knew of loneliness
unsure where life would
I was down and almost out afaid of living just life In general It seemed I had no purpose
or reason for living
but this girl I felt was sent from Heaven down here to Earth
to save my dying soul who breathed knew life Into my body that had almost given up on
I'll be forever grateful for love of this girl I'm convinced was sent from Heaven to
save my
GulRukh Feb 2018
You are untouchable
like scent of sand after rain
more I breath in
more it makes me insane
I am invisible to you
One night whilst I was
fast asleep an Angel
came to visit my dream sent from Heaven for to
save my
For my soul had been
lost to grief but the
Angel sent from Heaven was that of my darling
Heaven sent me an Angel
because of my grief but the Angel sent from Heaven was that of my
She never said,
"Just relax, and let me tend you."
I never wanted to be right, I just --

what's it like, you ****,
to hold your home close,
confident it will hold you?

He never said,
"Just relax, and let me bring you happiness."
I never wanted to be normal, I just
want to be found -- what's it like?

Joke's on my naivete,
ability aside,
I'm scratching asphalt
smooth with my shoes.

As time moves, I move, too.
No key for the lock on my youth.
What's it like having a night
ahead you can look forward to?
I've made myself
Include living freely
Despite the rejections from Heaven

Here I go, one more time
after what I said was
the last time I would
bury my favorite parts.

How can I justify this
deviant behavior to you,
when I'm still learning,
myself, about me?

Can't you just go with the flow?
I'm going alone to the ocean.
Johnny walker Mar 17
Heaven the Angel you sent me when you first heard my cries you who
have decided to take her from me and return her to Heaven where she came
from but what you didn't realise
or maybe It just didn't concern you, the beautiful Angel, you sent me on hearing my
I fell In love with please hear my cries and send my beautiful Angel back to where she belongs here In my arms
Heaven who sent me an Angel
on hearing my cries who then recently took her and returned her to Heaven were you not aware I had fallen In love with this  Angel you sent me so please send her back to me
where she belong In my arms
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Sometimes whilst In my darkest dreams there
come to me memories of all my yesterdays, moments
In my life that I've seen and done, so beautiful there shine's a blinding
the light that brightens even my darkest of the days
Remembering laid In bed with my lovely wife snuggled In to the beautiful charms of her warming
To rest my head upon her oh so gentle rising ******* with every breath she
To catch the gorgeous sent of her perfume filling the air all around our
No closer to Heaven have I ever been, than whilst laid In the arms of my
So many wonderful memories whilst laid In the arms of my lover to keep me through the coming winter
Johnny walker Nov 2018
My prayers where answered In that of
my Angel Helen, the
the day we first met
someone had heard
me pray
I was a loner no one
wanted to know me
but for my Angel who
saved me that
Gave me a life I'd
never had, breathed
the very life back in
to my
Helen my Angel who had
come to me, and turned
my life around, made
me feel human once
again, given to me my life
My Angel sent by someone who had heard me pray Helen was sent to me that day
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Estee Lauder youth-dew
the chosen perfume of
my wife, all she'd
ask for at

Helen would wear it and
I just wanted to lay down
with her, and take In
the beautiful

Rest my head upon her
chest, feel my head gently
rise and fall with every
breath she

To bathe In the softness of her
beautiful body, so well In
her youth she looked
after her
Severed her so well later In
life, even Into her late 40s
she had the body so
smooth, like sixteen
again I always told
her so
Her perfume she'd wear it and smell
So beauriful she wore it so well
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