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Won’t someone be my friend?
I’m getting oh so lost again.
I was left here in darkness so long ago,
I searched for love but only found snow.
I searched far and wide each day
and eventually found you on the way.
I thought you were it,
for what I had prayed
I thought you were light,
For my soul you had saved
Too bad you had to go and break,
my already fragile heart.

You Watch it crumble and watch it fry
Your bright orange sun would not subside
You set me a blaze and now i cry,
with painful burns I wonder why.
I gave you my heart for you were my sister,
I asked you to care for it gently,
As it was prone to blister.
My heart had been tormented before.
But you killed it... it won’t beat anymore.

I cared for you for so many years
I kept your secrets, tried to soothe your fears,
yet you take this dagger and plunge it into my back.
You pierced my heart in your viscous attack.
Your fire has gone and your song will not play
So I’m saying goodbye and that’s ok.
I won’t sing your treacherous melody anymore.
I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before...
So goodbye my friend.
Goodbye for forever.
Goodbye my dear love,
I thought you would never
Break my fragile heart... but you did.
Proctor Ehrling Sep 2019
The bridge you've built is toppled
Don't you dare act startled
You are where this started
Cry for mercy choking on the apple

The curse of you is cyclical
First compassionate, then cynical
You act as though it's typical
Body of desire biblical

In the body of water a body to love
Hunt like an eagle, drop like a dove
Or would you rather dive deep in the ruff?
Contemplate regal, incomparable stuff
Freestyle written in 16 minutes (got stuck trying to think of a rhyme for 'cyclical').
Darryl M May 2019
They say:
            Relationships built on lies never last,
     and Relationships built on Truth never start.
But I say:
            It is better that something hurtful never starts rather than it destroying your life.

But the funny thing, is that ours began anyways.
We promised to love one another in all ways.
But that didn’t last in all the days.

The fighting began, I got scared.
The shouting persisted, you got me mad.
Things got worse, it’s like we never cared.
We were about to lose what we had.

Sometimes, you’d speak in the voice of the unknown.
I thought I’d become one of your crazy love stories.
Sometimes, we’d want back what we own.
I love you’s turned into sorry’s.

Let’s forget about the back stabs.
Let’s pack all our troubles, and throw the baggage away.
Let’s not go back to our sway.

We now have a new story to introduce.
Ours goes further than a simple truce.
What it Is, better be better than what it Was.
Titled by: Andiswa S.N. Mzobe
These so called friends have let me down
And made me feel as though I would drown
My heart was broken, like a death to grieve,
These friends of mine set out to deceive.

We had been friends for many years,
With much laughter, fun and tears,
We'd had good times, but that was the past, 
Like many things, they did not last.

They did not ring or call, 
I think that just about says it all.
In my awful dark despair,
I really thought they would care,

They left me crying and so upset,
How could they, and yet,
"I'm alright" they said,
We don't care, we'll go ahead,

No doubt to complain, stir and moan,
But they had left me all alone.
The pain they caused will not go away,
It cuts deep and strong to this day.

How can people be so mean?
When I was always there so keen,
They did not deserve me as a friend,
I finally realized this in the end.

I am better, kinder, than they will ever be,
Love, respect they no longer have for me,
To me they are forever gone,
And in my life they no longer belong.

I realize now they were not real friends,
But used me for their own selfish ends.
I really don't think they will miss me,
But I've left them alone, and let it be

         ©Words of a withering soul
Not all friends stay forever
sacchin sundar Dec 2018
Well I will ring you up
Say I want you back
Chat back stab say I never wanted that
It's just inevitable distance
Twisted bitterness
Give her two months she’ll be over that
mood a lil down
Talia Sep 2018
I wish you had died on that day
then maybe I'd only face grief
and not the betrayal of that double-edged sword you jabbed into my back.
you said that you also wanted to die on that day
then maybe you couldn't have to face the stress of killing me,
and the depressing aftermath of which you ensued on yourself.
دema Jul 2018
I tell myself that I had to go through everything I went through because this is the path that's been written for me. I had to be friends with a girl whose shoulder I cried on multiple times because "my grandpa was sick". It wasn't a lie. It was merely a concealment of my own sickness. My first time going out with a guy had to be me third-wheeling on her date. I had to go to a party just to fall apart on the bathroom floor wondering if this is the last time I feel its coldness, your alligator tears knocked on the locked door asking me to release the broken reflection of me in your eyes. I dreamt of the day I had to travel distances away just so you get hurt a little bit, cry on this shoulder of mine and it be my tears' turn to play disguise.
Priya Gaikwad May 2018
I can keep writing love songs, love stories, love poems,
But nothing will erase the scars of your betrayal from my skin,
I can go on scribbling on paper, rubbing my wounds,
But nothing will heal my back which you stabbed,
When I was looking for love in your eyes.
ryan Sep 2017
spite is simply in my nature
you show me your back and ill show you the knife
i give you the most genuine of my fake smiles
to gain your trust for my agenda and nothing more
and if i begin to feel bad dont worry
it wont last
instead, i cut it off and continue moving
going and going going going
spreading sickly sweet fake smiles
and half truths and things that look and feel like good intentions
"they could never hurt anyone theyre far too kind"
if only they could feel the serrated edge in their spine
as they continue to love and praise me
im. not a good person
Spectre Apr 2017
They see your villainy,
your wretched, writhing trickery,
you let down your guard while
the two-headed snake spat viciously.

You are unjust,
so they say, who dare you trust?
They claim its a product of
your uncontrolled lust.

The heroes' iron will,
cause confrontation for thrill.
No space given for the anti-hero,
its their own allies to ****.
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