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emma Apr 28
i'm tied
i've tried to cut this string
that attaches me to you
but the knotted rope is too thick
and my scissors too dull
the ones who love you will help you find sharp scissors
July Gray Nov 2020
I forgot how much I missed you
Until we started talking again
I've been through lots of painful things
But not many compare to losing a friend

You texted me a week ago
You tried to apologize
It wasn't your fault
(You liked looking in my eyes)

Said you found this jacket
In the picture, it reminded
Me of a 80s quilt
I said you should get it, you did

Adults keep pulling on our sleeves
Telling us to grow up
Keep only what you need
Well I needed connection
And I needed a friend
You were running low on those too
Maybe life's out to get us
Maybe they just don't care
I know it's easier
If I have you there
Alt. title: The aftermath of "Cut off"

I'm glad we're friends again
July Gray Aug 2020
Racing pressure
Under my fingers

Good God I'm tired

Bullets ready
It wasn't me

Down in the shadows
Deeper then our last talk

It won't get you far
Push me away, ok

I guess it was me
Radio silence

I miss our last talk
I wrote 2 poems about this, but the other one's overwhelming so here's this. It's calmer, I think.
Sarah Isma Aug 2018
Now there goes another friend,
Who decided she was better off on another land,
She flew without saying goodbye,
Because if she said she’d miss me
it’ll be a lie,
It was heartbreaking to see,
When someone you love start to leave,
But there is nothing i can do,
When our something isn’t meant to be,
I watch with sullen eyes,
And i choke my tears behind,
Because i don’t understand,
Just how some people can be so unkind,
But that’s just the way the world works,
And these unkind things
will continue to lurk,
Not giving a **** about who then,
would get really, truly hurt.
2/8/18, i was cut off by a friend. She wouldn’t tell me why, she left without a proper goodbye. We said our thanks for beings friends, even if it was just for a little while. Id be lying if it didnt hurt, bit i cant change or beg for her to stay, because as much as i want her to, she wouldn’t want it to. Maybe we’ll see again in the future, maybe not.

... im used to it now, but this time i guess I shouldn’t be too attached. They leave, and i have to adapt.
Pauline Morris Oct 2016
You can call me a Saint,  you can call me the devil
But at lest my head is on nice and level

Yours was not
It was in the wrong spot
It was leaning to one side
You where looking at me kinda snide
I got tired of you showing nothing but scoff
So I chopped it off

With your head now planted firmly on my lap
Lips no longer continually flap
I'll sit and enjoy the silence,  petting you like the Cheshire Cat
Making sure your eyes are turned, enjoy the view of where your body fell flat

Copyright: Pauline Russell   10-5-16
Jim Marchel Sep 2016
When you give someone or something up, it doesn't mean to put it/them on the proverbial shelf to look at every now and then when things get boring.

It doesn't mean you should keep them in the background of your life so you can wander out to them when there's nothing going on in the foreground.

There's nothing uncivil about removing people or things from your life.

I'm not going to give any more of my attention to certain people and all the vices of my past.

Holding onto a piece of them builds the bridge to bring them into my present, and I don't have time to be tempted or distracted from the things that matter to me the most.

If that's cruel, so be it. Some bridges are meant to be burned.
Always keep your focus. Never fear commitment.
Bird Aug 2016
You can't hurt me
If I can't hear you

— The End —