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Brian Ong Aug 2018
Hi. Do you care enough to hear me whine?
I fear that you don’t see me
collecting dust in the dim corner of your room.
And while you stand and stare,
completely absorbed by your own despair,
I remain
ready to serve you  
and your meaningless life.
I can clean your room, yet I can’t clean your mind
of the false reality exemplified by your kind.

We are similar though, you and I.
Wasting our time amassing, acquiring, accumulating.
Honestly, we’re mere specks of life,
surrendering to realities constructed by our minds.
Don’t you know that your beloved earthly pleasures
are one and the same as the ******* that I collect?
Hard-earned, elusive, temporal, disposable.
Its laughable how ignorant you are;
consumed by your own subliminal thoughts,
leaving you searching for the remnants of what is and what is not.

Can’t you see the fallacies present in your head?
Gleaming yet blinding, salient yet obscure.
Armed with benevolent promises
that ultimately leave you for dead.
Can’t you see that what you crave
will inevitably **** you down to your grave?
Incessantly coated with wondrous, tempting illusions
that disguise its true nature--garbage.
Garbage. Connect the dots, you fool.
Can’t you see that you and I are one and the same?
done for class
Oh, how I yearn to write words that matter!
How I prayed to a god made deaf by mournful echos.
Oh, how I type away into this keyboard diligently,
Attempting to justify this rotting mind of mine.

These words have no meaning behind them,
And yet I march on and try to defy sense!

Oh, how I crave to be significant and something
More than just the invisible speck I am!
Oh, how I write these words attempting to uncover
Some truth that had never even sprouted.

These words are my only testimony to you, my friend,
And utter again - I beg - the soul it tried to mend!
Regan Feb 2
Guess what is funny?

I'm not even sure if I loved you in the first place.

I honestly can not remember.

Those emotions are stored in a box

that I have not opened

since I closed it last.

I am sorry

you are meaningless

to me now

and stored away

in a box.
Jessica S Jan 16
Feeling empty
and worthless
and meaningless
and alone
how can I make it stop
I need to make it stop
it hurts
I feel like
i am burning
will it ever stop
please tell me
that someday it will stop
because if not
I need to make it stop
Matthew Jan 15
I woke up one morning
and was welcomed by the dark
that enveloped me.

                                  Introducing me to their void
of abstract reality.
Where I was no longer myself.
I was hovering in this abyss.
Timeless moments went by and,
I was It.
A simulacrum.
My thoughts belonged to others.
Nothing was me.
Hands searching a mind for thoughts to own
a motif
and it was crying
but it was me
but not
It observed how the tears
fell up to the colorless nothing
splashing on a ceiling that was not there

sudden and slow movements of it
moving pictures

I was a camera viewing everything as one
Staring into my body
my soul
the scattered thoughts
the abyss

But it
threw it away with disdain
Inspired by a perfect poem
Matthew Jan 14
We look into the damp, dark recesses of our mind
to look for finite definition
for our actions and expressions.
We are looking for a straight line in a work comprised of curved loops.
How we don't acknowledge the curved loops' flexibility to

We can only see shapes through our narrow minds.
Not the abstract dimensionality.
The straightening of a curved loop is the destruction of true art.
Moving endlessly with infinite pertinence.
That no one
yet everyone
I don't really I understand what I'm saying, but there's this insinuation that makes this feel expressionate.
Lin Dec 2018
They told me
Time heals everything
But they never answered my question
How long time does it take?

Because this feels like forever
and that is a long time
When you've got nowhere to go

I think,
If I ever saw the light again
I will become blind

So what is the point?
ren Dec 2018
i have no confidence whatsoever
and i’m lacking in motivation
so how do i continue
when i have so little?
Dredd Dec 2018
are you actually laughing?
did you fall of your seat because it was that funny?

or was it just a silent filler,
filling those awkward pauses just so you can start another conversation.

was it just an automatic response that doesn't have real meaning?
did it make you LOL
or ROFL?

i didn't think so.
it wasn't that funny.

Colten Sorrells Dec 2018
I wake up every morning
and try to be fruitful
do something, say something
try to be useful
but I realize at the end of the day
that I’m just filling time
with these meaningless things

I play games,
I write things,
get some sleep

feel the burn,
toss and turn,
then I rinse and repeat

and if, for some reason
I didn’t get up
then it’d all be the same
‘cos no one gives a ****

my love says I need help,
and that ****** me off
‘cos I know there’s no pill
that can make this all stop

when you have no desire
too tired to live
those antidepressants
aren’t gonna do ****
Believe me, I've tried
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