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Tate Jan 29
I've doubted your passion towards me in the past
my faith in the past
my faith in our permanence was dwindling fast
But as days go by,
you drift closer to me
and it's easier to see
how compassionate you truly can be
I'd don't want to have your babies
I'd don't want to get married
but I could see getting a dog with you
I found this poem. I wrote it this summer in a notebook I bought just to wrote it into. I loved that **** individual. But we have gone our own ways, and he never knew I wrote poems about things like this.
Serendipity Oct 2019
He smelled like
and fallen angel dust,

Thera Lance Aug 2019
Snow piles up against the walls, but thin clothes are all they wear
As the boy gardens within the greenhouses behind the school,
Red, bright tomatoes slipping out of his fingers, and popping into his mouth
That grins at the bursts of sweetness.
Inches from him, the man by one month pretends not to glance his way
Instead shifting through the bristling leaves to claim breakfast’s zucchini.

He would complain at the theft if the tomatoes weren’t everywhere
Making bland meals of packaged rice and canned beans a savory impossibility.
It isn’t like little indulgence will take away all of the red little briberies,
The secret keys to a reluctant community spreading its arms wide months after the pair stumbled in.

The man scowls, and the boy glances up
Not hiding his interest like his companion.
The solution to anger is always tomatoes,
So the next slip of fingers is against the man’s lips
As he bites down, the sweetness pops away mild irritation in the flavor of surprise.
Neither gives in to smiles, but their shoulders brush more than once as the tension seeps out with the heat into the snow.
I like tomatoes quite a bit, so of course there would eventually be a little cute moment with cherry tomatoes.
-This poem a part of the "Life Will Bloom in Our Shadows" poetry collection on Wattpad
Thera Lance Aug 2019
She’s holding the flat popcorn bag in hand,
Giggling into the phone while the boy
Idles time away rereading a well-worn tale.

It expands,
The bag in hand
Blowing up past her fingers
Onto countertops and kitchen floors.
Partially cooked kernels skid away
From giggles rising to shrieks
That shatter the lights around the pair and tears through the house.

The girl hunches in the kitchen,
Sheepish embarrassment erupting in pink blushes across the face,
While the boy slowly lowers the book made helmet.

His hands tremble, but she does not see,
For he shakes his head in exasperation
And goes for the brooms down the hall.

They spend the rest of the evening bathed in candlelight
Curled up on the couch with the taste of salt on their tongues
From the bag of chips shared between them.
Absent-minded girls with superpowers and the normal boys who might be a little over their heads.
AlexAsh Young Jan 2019
You dance across linoleum floors,
Marble glittering beneath your glow,
With a twirl, you burn the rime away,
And suddenly the reality I know

fractures in your auriferous light,
And gives way to something pretty,
You turn around (your smile is sparkle-bright),
Your lips wake a sleeping city.

There is a ballroom shrouded by,
the grime of life around us,
You shine and the veil melts away,
And as my eyes work to adjust

I feel you faintly squeeze my hand,
And look across in wonder,
I think - If my hand wasn’t so tightly in yours,
I, too, would have been torn asunder

Sometimes, you think you're broken
Because there are splinters through your heart.
You fail to see how you sealed every crack with gold
And made yourself a work of art.
I see you, and I see everything that’s precious. You were blessed by Artemis, your eyes swarm with fireflies.
J Dec 2018
Tiptoeing into the night with you
cold fingers tangled and bluish lips curved

The moon is high above
the stars bright and twinkling

I have my own stars, deep within your dark eyes
and you have your own moon, you, your lips declared

It's silly the things we say, our thoughts,
but we agree

For just like the moon and the stars
we go well together
never one without the other.
deep in the thoughts of you at night
Hello Daisies Nov 2018
Free and flowing
Vivid dreaming
Never knowing
Where I'll be next

Pink and full of fluff
Dancing carelessly
Nothings too rough
With peace and love

Sunshine and smiles
Confidently living
Openly being wild
With my emotions

Beauty and stars
Flowing clothing
Driving fast in cars
With new faces along the way

What am i talking about, you ask?
A life full of peace
A life i feel within my hidden mask
that i want to let shine through brighter then the sun
Im always trying to find myself not knowing who i am but i always come back to these kinds of emotions, soft and at peace. I love colors and i love freedom. I only wish inwas confident in myself the way i imagine to be. Flowing in the wind.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
People of cotton minds.
Implanted with chips of different sizes.
Shaken and stirred is what makes their thoughts...our thoughts??
Floating around in defiance of truth.
Floating around with uncouth language.

"I Don't Care"
That's what you write of fountain pens of sugar-coated darkness.

Floating around in an abstract, broken glass world. A world of a glass maze.
You think that by closing your eyes you can see better.
Open up.
At least then you can see the pain the world.
At least then you can see the problems of the human heart.
At least you can see the shattered glass on the floor.
At least you can learn how to love.

A loveless life is such a loss.
Such a misery of a life.
Without love. There is no life.

Floating around in fluff and wool.
Obliviously in destructive symphony.
Floating around once in a while.
To avoid the problems of the soul...
To avoid the problems of the heart, the world. . .
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