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Amanda 4d
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Life may be hard
But at least I have you
You make me smile
When skies are grey
The moment we touch
Problems fade away
No matter what you’ll always be
The best thing I’ve ever known
I can’t promise to make it all better
But you won’t have to face it alone
For the one that I love and care for so deeply <3
Nolan Willett Oct 17
Baby, I’ll be your Dracula,
You know all I need is your heart.
You be the wicked witch,
All you will need is a hooked nose,
‘Cause you already cast your spell on me!
Norman Crane Oct 1
by brightness
you are my second sun
though your gravity is such
you are
my only one
Brian Turner Sep 8
Oh mobile you are the one for me
It all started with my Moto Razr V3
If only other could see
The mast on the M4 disguised as a tree

From text to WAP to offnet rendering
More love from you I will be sending
That scratch on the screen I will be mending
I work in Mobile Telecoms. I entered this into a cheesy valentines day competition and won a bottle of champagne, some sweets and a pink inflated balloon. The head of the department (A lady) was not impressed as I stood waiting in the car park with said pink balloon and champagne. For some reason she could not lower herself to ask why I had all of that :) There were many more verses but this is what I remember from 12 years ago. Look out for the mast on the M4 that looks like a tree.
J J Jul 20
I had blood in my eyes but was lost

For years before, drifting like a pupeteered

White shadow being sprung along the pavement.

Remember when I first met you

Your cheeks were like bitten roses

And I could see the hinges of your glasses

As your hair was clipped so short. Broken-hearted Delia

Gambling with someone who'd have done less damage

Left alone. We keep getting ourselves stranded but how far

We've gotten still. I lived long enough to send you the ashes
Of my fallen body double.

You managed to paint the image in the mirror as a butterfly
Without altering a thing. We'll get there.

Remember when I first met you when all we wanted to do was die? Remember when

You first held my hand and I said that that Beatles song didn't sound so cheesy anymore?

No. Because I didn't say that; it would have ruined the moment surely. I might've thought it

Although I'm sorry if I did. When I'm worried I think of the oddest escape clauses; but I'm sure

That moment went by in a peaceful silence. Dead of night.

I ensure your saftey with my life, I think we'll make this worth

every bit of energy we have. Soles slapping the salty concrete

  and capturing frost. The stars are out again. I wonder if they're the same stars. I wonder why they look so different tonight

Than when we look up at them together x
Mrs Timetable Apr 29
Looking for love
    Is it me?
Seeds of love
    Is it you?
Falling in love
    It takes two
Landing in love
    This much is true
Grounded in love
    Can it be me?
Rooted deep in love
    Can it be with you?
Unbreakable love
     Forever please
Our common food love
     It could be cheese
I love cheesy stuff
Sofia Chavez Jan 16
I've been thinking about happiness
And what exactly it is

Maybe it's the cliche

The rise and fall of your chest when I lay beside you at night

Or maybe it's the way you shrug your shoulders when you're cold and wet

The best things are probably your arms wrapping around my waist when I do the dishes

Or when I catch you bobbing your head to the music that we like best

It could be the quiet moments,
when you're sitting in the sun

That special look,
when you've sat down with a book

Or when you're so excited to open mail,
the way you elongate your "yeesss"

It might be when you kiss my forehead,
calling me beautiful when I'm a mess

But it's probably the way you make
every moment
feel like our home
Some cheesey thoughts for the human that fills my heart no matter how far we are. My chosen family. My happy place.
I was a sinner
And made you my saint

Out of breath and so in love
It surprised me you didn't faint

Your body on top of mine
While outside it rained

For those few delicious, blissfull minutes
All our pain was drained.
A "poem" every day.

(Baby ignore the tags hehe I love u to the moon and back)
I wanna take you to the moon so that you can among all the other heavenly bodies
for your eyes project the constellations
and your smile is my favourite part of my conversations,
although I'm still down to earth and a product of humble beginnings
not a day goes by where I'm never reminiscing
on the feelings given
where I see you and I as Emperor and Empress
truth be told that it's you I try to impress
and I'm hoping that someday you won't be out of my league
maybe you could be my cheerleader
and lead all the cheers for me
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