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754 · Jun 2015
Crippled men must walk
Death-throws Jun 2015
you dont understand
its not in your mind
ive picked my angle
I truely cant rewind
my past lives have died
along with my pride
to choose you
is to choose a side

and though you think i dance
with grass burning freely
i am not a man, not without you, clearly,

i have made my choice, i made it long ago
to dance with you free, in sun wind or snow

but  i will pay my price
and taking my feet bare, walking camly without a care
my life has never been easy, nor soft, nor breezy,
i have never needed or wanted,
but still i have tried,
to crutch my problems, with a joint at my side,
pull away my crutch, and trip me up ,
i will fall
but i wont give up
because the love you give me is like none ive seen before,
and tho i get tired, and riled , and sore,
I find my self falling so softly
needing more
dont go,
please dont
but my crutch will be gone soon,
and my ailments still their,
so please would you help me get from here
to there
Death-throws Mar 2015
I'm .. I.. I'm sorry
please forgive me.
I don't know what I've done
but I think I broke you.
and I understand your life is a roller coster
and that Sometimes existing is too much of a weight to bear
And I get the fact your walk in closet Is  stuffed to the brim with
the skeletons of your past
And I understand. that those useless bags of flesh and bones keep trying to come back to life
and crawl out of the back door and into your mind
but I cant help feel that im to blame,
And I know im not..
but I think I broke you
and I know my well timed excuses threw a spanner in the  tracks of your roller coster
but I thought i was going o.k.
And I know the grip i have on you isn't deadly...
but ive realised that you are nowhere near mine..
you can walk away at any moment and im still the one at fault.
but I love  you
you cought me in both arms when The only other option was to land on my  face
so please dont let me fall now
all This time i thought you where a porcelain doll..
who knew i was made of craft paper
im sorry sweet heart, i didnt mean to drive the peg home.
i hope i havent,
but your walking the tight rope in my cranium again,
please dont fall
Death-throws Mar 2015
come on sweet heart
chin up, don't tear yourself apart,
stand tall,
even though your 5'6'
disregard that , wear your six inch heals and strut with  brutish animosity
your a lion whose collar brandishes six inch spikes facing inwards now take of your leather back straps and show them what you've been working on
let the sun glint of your scars and make dam sure they know  how you earnt them

728 · Mar 2015
My favorite lover
Death-throws Mar 2015
tequila Sundays
***** Mondays
broke pub Tuesdays
and bottom barrel Wednesdays
pay day Bacardi Thursdays,
broke back corona Fridays
angry fix Saturdays
you think I'm dependent on you?
to that i grin
and open another bottle
725 · May 2015
desposing of the past
Death-throws May 2015
how likely am i, to be what i am
then how likely you are to be  but a scar
I am Not A steryotype,
i am archaic in my design, so fail me not in my attempts to justify myself
but allow me to traverse the insantity of my delusion ,

delinquint similarities rattle us to the core, yes.
but thou hast taken to devouring my being
i know i prolong my suffering with intermitten relapses
but my storm in a tea cup is just chaos incarnate,
dont devour my soul , but take my heart, let me love you like only i know how
in a fashion that only you shall recieve

my dear you are not one of thousands, or hundreds or dozens akin
you are only one, and one only for me
dont despise my loss of time, or addiction to the unsavoury,
but take me to a place i have not seen, to see a part of myself
yet unseen
you think i am disposed and discovered, traversed by all manner of explorers,
not true,
you are the first to try unravel how i have formed, geographic mountainscapes carved from a violent and reactive past can be cut down to feilds
just pull me a part one pebble at a time
722 · Oct 2016
Clean up, isle me.
Death-throws Oct 2016
Y.. you want me?
All the little  broken  bits.  Youll take  them
For free?
Youll wrap my wounded heart in yours
Help close all those broken doors
Show me i can sail to such foreign  shores
Are you really what i need?
I dont think i ever saw this comming.
But you might be whats best for me
Death-throws Mar 2015
come mister space man
Dance for me,
I'm so much higher then you-ll ever be
my fingers reach
the ******* stars
i am a man of vision,  and my visions are of you being torn apart
my grins made of quicksilver
my tongue forged from wit
demoiselle come dance with me
my skin is covered in ecstasy
my eyes are vacant as the black holes i skit around
I'm more then sky high  watch me rebound


I bet you cant, not without a rant 700 pages thick,
to long at the **** I've sat chooking bringing clouds of happiness
perfect bliss and complete crash
theirs no clean come down when I'm around ,ill warp your vision
ill distort your mind step closer demoiselle i dare you
it will be your endearment I've warned you
I'm insane, I'm addicted to flesh and ill claw at you to get my fix
your playing in the broken jaws of a lion
who still knows how to raw
so walk carefully now child, dance between my teeth
and watch me lick my lips

im drug maddning-maddning drugs
707 · Jun 2015
Death-throws Jun 2015
Don't be afraid
the man says in tears

Its perfectly normal
the doctor winces

You'll feel better in no time
*the therapist smirks
707 · Aug 2016
I actually did it
Death-throws Aug 2016
Ive succeeded
Ive defeated my demons
And summond the evils that pestered me
Just to **** in front  of them gleefully
Im animalistic im my celebrations
I think  i should plan a vaction
Im drunk  on the joy of succeeding
I've not just  bested my goals,
Ive superpassed them
And now ill end my day
With the widest grin
Death-throws Jun 2016
I see beauty in every step I make,
this world has robbed us of the right,
to see with my own god given gift of sight.
no trust in my reality
only laugh at whats on the computer's screen,
I see beauty in every cobble, in every drunken wobble,
I watch the street lights glow pass through the trees that shelter below
I see the homemade art hanging on your mantle, through the window left ajar so that winters sounds may visit,
and I see the world spinning on its axis, the Pre-printed clouds scrolling past me like a news feed,

green grass and the smell of mud,  the wind disturbs trees that shed leaves as if they where a grand lady, shedding tears to some offensive gesture

the beauty in life is not in screens,
the beauty does not hide behind great outings
the beauty does not rest, it does not settle, it is neither here nor their,

the beauty of life is around us, at every moment,
in every moment.
it just takes time to learn to see
although theirs nothing wrong with social media, after all this platform is in itself social media, theirs more to life, there will allways be moments you miss and things you dont see
but the things you do see will never stop to make me smile,
have a good day x
Death-throws Apr 2015
time lapses and fat rats run in packs
spit wads like cannon ***** the classrooms a war zone,
the geeks have the technological advantage screens spitting words of fire
faster then  fingers can type them
the jocks ridding high have the big desk
the largest land mass,
and the biggest muscle mass
brawling in tight lipped alley ways among themselves the power struggle is as real as the love club
The corner crew is torn up by their civil war
along with their own wrists, their forces bleed dry before the war has even begun
combat peaks at lunch time,
that special point of the day,
where cheerleaders jeer on skateboarders with glee
and the smokers slip away,
because when the car riders come ,
their cavalry fed in gasoline, you know the swooners will come in swathes so ripe and clean
to beg and plead and please and tease and trip through halloweens
so dont you say school is easy
dont you try to tease
my school yard is a battle feild,
and its a fight  i loose with ease
676 · Nov 2016
Perspective is important
Death-throws Nov 2016
Have you ever heard the rain,
Fall softly on a tin shed,
A thousand ball bearings tinkering softly above your head,

Have you ever felt  a mountains breath,
Bite at your fingers as you climb,
The dead stone calling you to fall,
But still you press ahead

Have you ever felt the sun
Scorch the earth, but not your flesh,
Where you bask for warmth,
Plants lie dead

Have you ever felt loves warm embrace
Raw and powerful,
Sweep itself  from your life
Tyranically, full of dread.

Have you ever found yourself  lost
Only to find yourself exactly where you
Need to be.
The good things come with bad. And if your fortunate.  The bad comes with the good x
675 · May 2015
opposites attract
Death-throws May 2015
Your top lip is like the bottom
just upside down
But your heart is just like mine
only the other way around
670 · Dec 2015
Flying kitten
Death-throws Dec 2015
Its good to see your tears are done,
Little kitten,
It hurts me when i see them run.
Ima little smitten,
By the way
Your eyes play
Throughout the day, All sleep, no pay.
Keep hidding behind my toes
(Trust me they'll keep you safe)
Keep bristling against my nose
Whiskers and bells and whistles.
Watching your heart fall like a mistle.
Wishing i put up with the gristle..
I hope you fly
And i hope you dont find out untill you try.
To be taken by surprise and see the world from the sky.
To look down from the clouds and see the sparkles in my eye
657 · Jul 2016
Geographical love
Death-throws Jul 2016
Lost  amongst familure strangers
Holding your foreign  curves
Like homeland  hills
Oceans have grown between us
But luckily i can swim
And i think i know the direction
Your in
Things change  over  time. But that doesnt mean its a bad thing
652 · Mar 2015
The sound of alarms
Death-throws Mar 2015
we sealed the love in ink, on her heart and on my arm
as love casts me i become a man made out off egg shells
supported by craft paper..
let love guide the unweildly.
let it kindle the hearts of the dammed...
let the  light fade out the darkness...
and let my hands take hers again
like nothing has become of my pain
forget all images of suffering
forget everything but cotton...sweet scented on strawberry lips..
forget nothing but my hand on her hips,
take me away. for just one more day,
lets stand aghast the way we used to,
lets run through red light lit streets screaming like banchees
we cheat death by existing! take me to your arms!
let me forget nothing but the love i let you hold
deep in your heart
softly on your hands
Let me feel the love...

before i awake once more

641 · Feb 2016
Cant you see I hate it?
Death-throws Feb 2016
You know what we used to be
You know what we are
And though i pretend its ok to be
I can no longer stand her beeing so close
To me
640 · Apr 2015
Death-throws Apr 2015
and the world will end, not with a bang
but a whimper
a simmer
a cry
a soft sound echoed through thoughtless walls
a trusty hounds screams retched out through countless mauls,
the humanized mother nature we've created has been branded
with logos,
so without us, the Starbucks oil rigs pulling black blood from our soil will collapse
the fields of fast-food will be left to rot,
the web etched network of roads will crack and loose luster
we are the earths bad ex girlfriend,
because when we go, it will sting for a bit
but after a little while, no one will even know that
636 · Apr 2015
Finding peace
Death-throws Apr 2015
i can hear her giggling from the living room
soft giggles, loud smiles, no more bundles of gloom
shes making the boy smile
making me smile too
because the hay stack ive been looking in doesnt even have any needles
and the path i thought i was following has turned out to be my own ,
i thought i was so lost,
i was so scared that i was alone
but as it turns out,
Ive never been far from home,
i love her,
she makes me love myself
ive never wanted to be with anybody else,
im glad that i found you
because in finding you
ive manged to find myself
632 · Apr 2015
Death-throws Apr 2015
Take a little bit of this girl,

I will show you what I'm on,

is this  not the beginning of something ?

It feels like we're living too fast to fall asleep,

Take a little hit of this girl,

I will show you the way tonight,

And I promise,

That this could be everything you needed,

This could be everything you dreamed of,

And I won't waste a minute of time that we're living

I won't waste a day less I'm wasting my days with you,

I won't waste away less I'm wasting away with you,
629 · Mar 2017
Theres this poloroid
Death-throws Mar 2017
I hope you know
Theres a Poloroid of you
On my wall.
4 years and 13 days to the date
You disappeared,
I loved you then
You danced across wood floors
Dropped jaws
You spun me up in your silk

You made me feel flawless from a hundred miles away
I wished I could spend every day with you
I still do

I don't know where you are now,
the world swallowed you whole
Im tired
And cold
And you  brought me warmth
I just wondered if you where wondering
That after all this time
If I still kept that Poloroid  of you
On my wall
You'll never see this.
If you do I hope you know I only ever want the best for you
624 · Jun 2015
Dont dance
Death-throws Jun 2015
I don't dance
Not to this tune.
I won't prance.
Not with this gloom
Two left feet drag like cement bags
Across the room
Old bags with scabs.
Scoweling laughter , certain of my doom
Broken knees like jack knifed trees
I'm threw
So I will pick up my bags.
Lace my cement shoes
And tell the old hags with their scowls
And their gloom

That still I dance.
Across the room
Death-throws Apr 2016
I watch the yard,
You have given it life,
Weeks ago I danced with blades and now
I find
You have saved me,

Your presence warms the sun,
Your fire ignites my fun,
The life I had,
Has nothing on the life I have,
All because of one,
622 · Jun 2015
Dont let them see
Death-throws Jun 2015
Please don't
Broken bits don't get to go home,
Shatterd skulls no longer yaw
Skin cut and flayed does not fall.
Mearly drips,
The essence of my life flows.
I am in less control of this.
Then a river controls its bends
621 · Apr 2015
An addicts truth
Death-throws Apr 2015
Sometimes I'm high
and way of in the sky
I find peace
tripping out of classrooms and landing on my front teeth
spilling **** water like secrets i wasn't meant to tell

Sometimes I'm too high
and The clouds ripple around my head like mountain peaks
scrapping the ******* sky
sky scrapers got nothing on me i use them as shoes scrappers
take the **** of my feet,

Sometimes I come down
and i transform, curling into a space plane
sub sonic I'm pealing back the atmosphere,
red hot to the touch my existence is on another plane
more often then not though...
i wish i as here

Sometimes I just need a hit
just one,
Keep me up
I don't want to go down
I dont want to fall again,
because my fingers are singed and my hair reeks of smoke
my clothes are *****, and my pokets lined with coke

I love you,
not you
in my cone peice
in my lungs

I ******* hate you, i mean it, i mean them , ****  
617 · Mar 2015
under the stars
Death-throws Mar 2015
I like to look up
not down
when i look down i see the curves of my toes
those bent beams called bones
and the scars on my hips nestled against the soft mink of your sleeping bag but looking up..
twinkling softly above me
fairy lights in a Christmas store,
sprinkles on my donuts
white beacons to space pirates
the stars shine
bleating there twinkling beams like butterfly's kisses on my cheek
their glow is not lost against my skin
warmer then the sun i find them,
especially with you pulled so tightly against me
the warmth of your chest against my *******
your thigh pressed between mine
my scars fade in the dull light,
my toes dont feel so crooked
and when i lie under the back-lit-black-backed canopy of our stars
i can carve your name between the constilations
and even though the light has shone for thousands of miles
and my heart lies in the sky
when i crawl into your sleeping bag.
you bring the universe to my thoughts
and fish my heart back from the moon
i wrote this for a special friend :3 have a wonderful evening beautiful x
Death-throws Jul 2016
Talk to me
Just say hey
Tell me the time of day
I applied for a job
That's  preety Kool
I started an old hobby.  
Ive decided im no fool

Im a human  beeing.
I just want to converse
I know you have free time
So i challenge  you to write me a verse
Hey lachrymose and lies.
That means you.
Ive heard your kind of cute,
So tell  me. Will  you rebuke?
613 · Sep 2015
The hate machine
Death-throws Sep 2015
How much hate could i carry
If my heart was made of lead

How much suffering would i bring
if my soul was all but dead

How much pain could I bring forth
If My wings where made of iron

How much suffering would i cause
If you found out i wasn't lying
Sometimes we feel like drones,
sometimes remembering you have skin helps
605 · Oct 2016
Death-throws Oct 2016
Did you know when your ears are turned off,
I whisper "i love you's" in their Thousands.
Did you know that when your smilling at something cute,
that im smiling at you.
your the wind in the wings I didnt know I had,
Your the spark in my eyes I thought had died
if anyone ever tries to say "he doesnt love you"
then dont listen my dear, they're lieing.
Death-throws Apr 2015
Every day He lies
To himself and the world around him
He dons clothing too dark for his skin,
He closes his eyes because when they open
He only sees whats inside
You could say hes so blind to it, that he leans on it
Every morning when he gets out of bed Like a crutch
Hes the kind of broken that can never heal
Hes the bundle of sin that will never be forgotten
Hes the ball of problems that forgot how to roll
Hes dead inside
for you my dear,
600 · Mar 2015
broken locks
Death-throws Mar 2015
Congrats, your first time being a lock smith
and as you are new to the job I shall explain how volatile your position is
Because as you pick away at the fractured mechanisms of those who have come before you
the worn grove of a few different keys,
the click clack of pins cracked by the crushing pressure of their counterweights
your working towards a prize, the problem being this prize has been claimed,
now don't stress,
its been claimed an abandoned like a cute puppy with a bite so steel yourself and keep working
because im a lock,
and i cant show you how i feel until you open me..
and I cant reveal the contents i withhold until you push the right pins into the right slots...
so im sorry if i don't vocalize how i feel
because i want you to get through the steel bars blocking your way to the prize,
so please keep fighting...dont give up one me yet
The lock to my heart has warn out a groove, so im sorry if it doesnt turn as sweetly as it once did.
but whats inside, is still yours
591 · Mar 2015
short supply
Death-throws Mar 2015
i am a drug, abused drug abuser,
you like to pick me up, take a drag
rip a piece
and throw me away in your disgust,
wear me thin...
and while you work on breaking my spirit
i inhale of my own poision..
pulling clouds of happiness into my lungs
for the low low price of my sanity
you picked me up one night and screamed
threw me to the corner and as usual
but this time you cried
you said"im sorry"
i don't know what that means
my soul is gone, i sold it to the devil for a fiver,
grinned as i counted the cents and he laughed away
my anonymity is stripped even the walls know my name
i dip my head as i walk down the street i don't want to meet their eyes
it hurts ,
to see that emotion,
happiness? content? i don't know
since you picked me up like a piece,
and started burning away my sanity
i became a drug

but im in limited supply

not often i write about my addiction to narcotics but its good to achknowledge what brakes you down so you can work on how to improve.. thanks for reading:)
580 · May 2015
Death-throws May 2015
And she said
I don't think I love you any more
You never seem to call me lately
Girl I don't think you know me at all
Because I never thought I'd have to say this
But I don't love you
And I never did look at us
Burning down in flames for kicks
Ripping up roads for licks
But just know
I'm not Writing for your xo
I'm just Writing because it's over
574 · Jul 2016
Death-throws Jul 2016
You haven't  seen me, but ive been feeling rather lachrymose recently,
I know your not the liar you imply to be
But i think it's  your way of saying
You dont apply to me.
Your not  a villian why does  my head go to bad places
Death-throws Oct 2016
Ive found  the edge of the facade,
I peeled  back all the layers.
Only  to find a rotten core,
I found myself  beeing played.
But why do i want  much more,
My skin crawls  when i try to sleep
The screams start when  i close my eyes.

How many  more  times  will you tell yourself  that all i am is lies?

And as crows raise my heart from the gutter
And i find myself feeling pride.
My garden  whimpers and wilts for no good reason.
Till i realized  you might be why it died
Im not picking  bones.  Dont take this as a stab.  Im grieving too believe  it or not
570 · May 2015
on, terrified:
Death-throws May 2015
I am terrified,
beyond all exemption
lost my bones
there shall be no redemption
I've favored a ghost
and lost all that was me
and now I fade
so effortlessly
I tried too hard
to be what was right
and now I loose myself
to the blade of a *knife
Death-throws Feb 2016
Dont dance with me my sweet heart
Liqour pulses in my veins
Dont dance with me my sweetheart
Youll find the steps a pain
Ive cradled my waltz.
Into a foxtrot filled with faults
And lined up my dancing soldiers.
To march  like lightning bolts
I tuned every broken instrement
And muddied the clean floor.
Now i skip through mine feilds.
Never fear about the gore,
The path i dance is a riddle itself
One that can be answered by nobody else
I find the longer i dance to my solem tune
The longer i despise myself
562 · Jul 2016
Pleading to the universe
Death-throws Jul 2016
Im not ok
Im trying
I dont want to be this way
I studied  so hard and it's all for naught
Be mercyfull god
I need a break
I give my happyness away to others  
Every  day
So im hopping some could come  
my way today
I feel as though for weeks all ive done is fall backwards
And then i get up to fall again
Death-throws Apr 2015
Buckle in, actually **** it take the buckles out of the car
Who cares I've given up,
Lets wrap ourselves  in tinfoil instead,
Not so the government can avoid reading our minds
But more over so everyone can see we've tossed them out the window
Gone with the

Oh how unfortunate
My mind was delicate like silk but you wore me like weather
Does my age show? like velvet left in the rain
My shirt is covered in stains but its o.k!
Mad Hatters Make Maddening Hats Madder
We have literally nothing to loose but whats left of our corpses
Because our souls ran long ago, with the wind form our lungs
Buckle in your heart my fallen angel its all you have left
Get ready for the roller coaster with no brakes
We've opened Hades
We've ****** with Pandora's box
We burnt all of our bridges,
But in the this desert island we've dug out of the ocean
with plastic buckets and spaces

In this space we have made our beds my dear
We've stepped to far, Done too much , I fear.
Its time to sleep in the mess we have made
along with our blades and spades
And see if it isnt too much to bare
im done here
(an edit of an old poem i wrote, enjoy :)
554 · Mar 2015
feel the sting
Death-throws Mar 2015
sitting on a park bench i what i realized
among other things
is that the texture of a product...
comes down to the compassion of the owner
because the silk scarf you gave me once sat so softly upon my neck,
it suited everything i wore
its color was vibrant and lively
it made me warm

but now your gone,
with the wind
with my heart,
and the scarf i came to wear as a daily fashion
sits around my throat
a noose made of barbed wire
a rope of thorns,
a necklace of hot iron
but i still wear your scarf,
it sends venom to my heart but i will adorn it with pride
because i know in crowds my face
is one of thousands
but this scarf..
is yours

and im hoping that one day you will see it
and bring my heart back to me
and place it back in my chest
along with yours

553 · Aug 2015
By definition; undefined
Death-throws Aug 2015
I hate defintions
if you define  me i become by defintion; defined

define feces

once feces allways feces
you see?

you define me i have no room left to grow
i have nothing left to change i cant change my personality or my style my job or my lover
definie me and you **** me
so i dont mind that my best friends know so little about me
because the moment they know everything about me,
i become known
and my secrets arent my own
so when someone asks me to tell me about my self,
i like to respond  

"by definition; undefined"
552 · Jun 2015
No good dead
Death-throws Jun 2015
No good dead

I'm no good dead

Rotten meat doesn't sell well

And tainted souls less so.

So chin up boy. Soldier on ,

To long thinking this way,

And you will miss the day

You finnaly get paid
Death-throws Jan 2017
Do you think
You'll ever be tired of beeing mine?
Drunk ****** under two and a half  bottles of red wine.
I know your  kind,
Short and beautiful
Small lips with wolfs teeth
Swallow my soul  whole and carve your sigil into my breast,
Never once did I think you would ever fuel
What's  beating beneath  my chest.

Breathe steady baby, arche your hips
I've never been loved just quiet  like this,
Your hands around my  throat
My mind begins to float
I know before you. I had next to no hope.

"How many miles have you crawled "
You whisper in my ear
"How many smiling faces ,
And run down places have you seen
Before you realized I was your queen?"

"A dozen smiles "
My face turning blue
"And a million miles"
And I know  it's true
"But I know I'll never find another  broken heart that fits so well beside me,  I'll never  find anyone else like you "
536 · Jun 2015
I admit it,
Death-throws Jun 2015
Make it stop
oh how nieve you are
free as a bird
inside a cage
with wings made to fly
from page to page
sure ive burnt papers galore
but my soul, my spirit is no more,
you dont know now,
but you will
the effect you have on me,
no frills
youve made me realize,  that i am two sizes to big for this skin
and my kin ,
im scared
so scared you see,
of this demon lurking beneath me
caged birds dont get to fly to often
its so difficult when without my vice my bones soften
and to be with you is to brake both my legs
and even when my soul pleads and begs.
understand that  to scream at you is to show affection
because i have chosen my direction
to loose myself in you, is to find my way home
and never again,
shall i feel so alone
Im an addict
530 · Mar 2015
10W, stay strong
Death-throws Mar 2015
We all face life, at sixty minutes an hour, indefinitely.

524 · Nov 2016
I give it a year
Death-throws Nov 2016
Call me drunk,
But im stumbling sober.
Call me mad,
But ive allways been alone.
In the end I'll  be dead  by late october,
I hope my soul wanders  far from home
I have everything i ever wanted and i still  hate myself
519 · Feb 2016
Death-throws Feb 2016
Wasting war
Untouched soils, set to rott by a plauge of men
A million miles away
Where the sun sets on hills ill never see.
And the light touches faces ill never meet
The light bends a diffrent way,
Shells raining down upon your feet
Devils steal life and spirits reclaim bones
In the war you left me, to fight
Protecting forign homes
517 · Mar 2015
subtle talks at 5:38 AM
Death-throws Mar 2015
he comes home  to dream of what he left
In someone else s bed

                                                    he should've hugged her and never let her                      
                                       ­                                                                 ­                  go
not that he wanted to, he wanted to clasp her tight
feel her skin
he didn't want this...

                                           he didn't want to be alone

im falling for you, dont even forget that...
516 · Jul 2015
Dance little firefly,
Death-throws Jul 2015
Dancing little firefly round and round and round you fly
up through the sky so high
so little fear and no reason to lie
dancing little firefly round and round and round you fly
drawn up to the stars so high,
not a single reason to cry
my dancling little firefly
no longer will i stand so high
no longer will the world spill lies
because i am here to sheild your eyes
516 · Dec 2015
Broken kitten
Death-throws Dec 2015
Broken kitten.
Spitting fear-***** and choking on bile
Crying at the  foot of my bed
Burried in your head.
Sobbing into soft white mittens
Lips with no tounge.
Tounge with no face.
Life bleeding away' no trace
So curl into my lap little kitten
Not so far away.
Curl into my lap  little kitten
Scare the nightmares away
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