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Death-throws Jan 2017
I'm a little more then lost right now.
A little  more then scared
I thought I knew who to trust
But now I see no one  cares

My heart is aching
My future is shaking
I'm about to loose it all

But I know your smilling
Deep down,there's no hidding
You never really  cared
In one swoop my whole future is about to be swept away from me.
I have no friends
No family
No one who understands
Theres nothing i can do but sit here with my **** in my hand and watch the world burn around me
I'm shaking,
Startled, by my distorted recollections.
They call it the "Infatuated saboteur"
To most it exists as a possessor.
A single unit of energy made from the depths of negative creep.
It's a monster, no doubt
However, it may inspire a blessing.
Most epiphanies lead to reinvention.
A positive construct, mistaken for bad luck
Tirelessly made to show  true human condition.
it lead me to place as old as space-time.
We live within, we feel everything.
It says.

— The End —