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Doenning Jun 16
Heartbroken, cut open,
Your knives stuck in my back.
Misspoken, I'm chokin',
Trying to get my life on track.

Dark places, many faces,
Where I've been and what I no longer see.
Make haste, and go away,
This depression I'm in is killing me.

You model, men ogle,
You're no longer what I fell in love with.
I toggle, and down a bottle.
This alcohol is a poison's kiss.

My heart turns to stone when our eyes meet.
I'm frozen here in place.
Deep red blood now turns to ice,
Flowing through these veins.

Your memory, I'm not forgetting,
I dream of you when I don't try.
I can't erase you, you're haunting,
Me, and I can't live my life.

I resist, yet you persist,
To linger in my state of mind.
I'm not happy, you've stabbed me
In the back two years ago in time.

You cheated, I felt defeated,
My world collapsed around me.
Our photos, deleted
But my mind still won't leave me be.

My heart turns to stone when our eyes meet.
I'm frozen here in place.
Deep red blood now turns to ice,
Flowing through these veins.

Your beauty, shoots through me,
But you're a cancer inside.
You're looming, you've doomed me.
See the pain in these eyes.

I've tried, and I've cried,
Too many tears in the time you've been gone.
It's humiliating, and complicating,
Everything still feels so wrong.

I've fought, and I've sought,
My demons, and anyone for help.
I'm rearranged, and I'm changed,
Not for the better because you've made my life Hell.

My heart turns to stone when our eyes meet.
I'm frozen here in place.
Deep red blood now turns to ice,
Flowing through these veins.

This is a "poetic" version of how I feel after being cheated on in a 4 year relationship.

I haven't seen her in person since the break-up, and I hope that time never comes.
Planejane2 May 19
I can’t be another ***** falling to the same old trap...
Sitting in some ******* because I love yo ***?
Nah, this **** hurt but I’m done with that
On your part, on my part we don’t need to be involved in that.

How you give yourself physically and say it ain’t like that
But you praying with her, spiritually, how you doing that?
You out her ******* and ******* and you spending cash
On a baby, **** is crazy, hope you happy with her ***.

Siting in my face, got me thinking that
Im the one that’s doing wrong. Got me feeling sad
For your *** cuz you tricking me to think like that
Male manipulation, scary, beware cuz you’ll  end up going out sad

Praying for a sign, yea I got that
Ball is in your court, ima go and take it right back
Yea it hurt to leave, but it’s gone be more bad, tragic, Star-crossed accident, if I stay cause I will **** yo ***.
alexa Apr 17
when you were crying over him cheating on you with lily, you should’ve called me.

when he would slap you silly, you should’ve called me.

when you thought about taking your life because of him, you should’ve called me.

you shouldn’t have let him win. you should’ve called me.

but i wasn’t there...
this is a story about my friend being in an abusive relationship but she never told me until later. she should’ve called me.
Olivia Lost Mar 24
I do not want to group every person of your gender in the same bucket but MAN you make me feel the need to.
How can I not when every MAN that promised me loyalty ends up delivering mind games and heart break.
Why do MEN tell me things that make my thighs tingle well you have your head between hers.
When will I stop letting MEN play me like an old video game just for the possibility they will be the "one".
Again and again I fall for men that are falling for too many other women.
Harry Roberts Feb 16
I remember the last time we ******,
It was hateful and thick with unspoken words,
I remember meeting him and thinking nothing,
But I guess nothing became something for you.

Maybe I'm bitter but jealousy died,
**** on that ***** I hope he's a ride,
You know I don't hate you I hate that you lied,
I would have taken my leave while retaining my pride.

But you didn't respect me enough
To tell me you found a new love
It would've been **** but I'd have picked myself up
I found out by seeing you deep in him... ****.

I could've cried for a day but I didn't,
I took my stuff and waved good riddance,
I could've disappeared for a year and hidden,
I wouldn't give in to weakness... that is forbidden.

I've seen you together in town,
You're a team and i cannot frown,
Swam from my feeling 'cause I cannot drown,
I'll find my one or I will be found.
Harry Roberts - Moving on (good bye)
Toxic yeti Feb 9
When they do your
I just hope that the
Pathologist feels
Every waund
I inflict on you
With my ice axe
Being hacked to death
Your immorality
Will be the death
If you
she remains anon Nov 2018
The Actor,
he thinks he’s funny.
Throws around cheap jokes,
has lots of money.
Plays hearts
like he plays old music.
Calls you a part,
of his fever dream world.
You see,
actors they’re good at pretending
you’re the only one that means
Peek out under tinted glasses
at girls;
sweet as molasses.
The thing is
a show only lasts a few seasons
so prepare to be a part of his.
For just as long.
if you like this poem, please check out the others in my “Artists” collection. thanks!!
Harry Roberts Nov 2018
I Still ******* Hate You.
Can't Let It Go, Can't Let It Be,
Can't Even Breath, I'm Suffocating.

My Ire Expands Like Fire.
Why Fan The Flames? Don't Treat Me Like ****, I Know Your Games,
I Climbed From That Pit.

You Turn Around & Tell Tall Tales,
Watch Faces Pale As I Tip The Scales,
You'll Be Left Behind To Bite Your Nails,
Tides Will Turn You'll Hide From Gales.

Watch Me As I Offload My Hurt,
Watch Me Wash Away This Dirt,
Watch Me Wake Up I'm Alert,
Watch Me Wish You Were The First.
Harry Roberts - First Hurt © 13/11/18
Don Bouchard Oct 2018
Same old drudgery,
Papers fresh for grading;
Topics, seldom new,
If honestly presented,
At least encourage worth
In form, in format, in tradition.

Plagiarism creeps up,
Always shocking,
The unauthorized changing
Of voice, of tone, of diction,
Not unlike the sting of a ruthless needle,
The drip of a hollowed, poisoned fang,
The bite of frost, burning a tender cheek...
Sadly familiar, this strident pang.

All hope is lost.

Anger sets in,
Trust wilts,
Hope fades gray.

In plagiarism, the fool's truth lies;
To belie one's honor is to watch it die.
Proverbs 1:17 Surely in vain the nets are cast under the watching eyes of the birds...
Harry Roberts Sep 2018
Make Like A Ghost & Go Quiet,
I'll Lead The Pack To A Riot,
My Wolves Are Done Looking Like Sheep,
I'll Lead Cheaters To Heaps Where They Weep.

Make Like A Ghost & Go Die,
Hope That You Know I Won't Cry,
Shouldn't Have Broken Our Ties,
Shouldn't Have Spoken Those Lies.

Make Like A Ghost & Go Wail,
The Games How You Play & Then Fail,
The Coffin You Knocked In This Nail,
Now You're Stuck Chasing Your Tail.

Make Like A Ghost & Go Haunt,
I Will Ignore While You Taunt,
I Will Just Fly Through & Flaunt,
Guess I Am Just What You Want.
Harry Roberts - Make Like A Ghost © 23/09/18
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