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7.9k · Jul 2015
I have become death
Death-throws Jul 2015
I have become death eater of words
I have become death, destroyer of books
I have become death, Savager of pages
I have become death
neglect at my side
And with no pride
Destroying all that once aided man kind
bringing suffering to all that was written in lines
and hummed in rhymes
and sung in time
knowledge ignored is knowledge consumed in dust
so sit with me and watch the world turn to rust
and they told me ignorance is bliss
6.2k · May 2015
Glass ass.
Death-throws May 2015
doth hate yourself ***,
for an *** with mind is still an ***
flaunting about the property of knowlege,
like every little gasp, saves you from laughing stock

doth Bring yourself justification
for beeing such an ***'
and though you seem a *****,
my lady your still a lass

So bring to me the right kind,
of liquid, intoxicating
and sit back and smile, as i lie here,
4.7k · Apr 2015
Where is my mind? (10W)
Death-throws Apr 2015
Far away from all the things that truly scare it
4.7k · Apr 2015
Death of a poet
Death-throws Apr 2015
A poet dies not when he looses the will to live
But when he looses the will to write
4.5k · Apr 2015
deaths warm embrace
Death-throws Apr 2015
We all die alone
when the time comes
We will all be far from home
the sticks and stones,
didnt brake our bones
yet still I die,
4.0k · Jul 2015
Debits and credits
Death-throws Jul 2015
Debits on the left credits on the right
balancing such wastefull transactions
debits on the left credits on  the right
hating myself for youthful actions
debits on the left credits on the right
Who told you about job satisfaction?
3.4k · May 2015
Mad love, mad, mad love'
Death-throws May 2015
I usually write about pain because of the absence of happiness
now im going to write about pain because of the absence of you

suffering through negligible tasks like floating through a school day
both feet in the air gliding past my peers without a care
I'm numb you know, from the excruciating agony of knowing your not here with me,
I'm crippled with the guilt of knowing that you  feel the same because of me
you should let me love you more, you have no idea what affects you have on me,
glee rolled in ecstasy
fun double dipped in happiness
joy twice fried  in cute and once in trust
you have changed me, I never thought I could love anyone like you
and now look,
I'm loving you,
hearts thumping
like a good remix two songs merge into one
Mad love'

Most of the time I write about pain,
but right now
I want to write about you
mad love...
what a thing to behold
Death-throws Jul 2015
Lack of communication
is an accurate definition of my miss representation

Lack of medication
redirects my mass infection reaping the nation

lack of effective meditation
re infects my self designed disease facing annihilation

lack of representation
forcing myself to find a new nation

barriers affect communication
part of a series im writing while studying buisness,
most of these are inspired from the pure ignorance my teachers present to their students,
hoorah to the student loan
hoorah to the job not needed
hoorah to a life time of debt
Death-throws Aug 2015
Where does this zero go?
when is it o.k to say yes or no?
my transactions arent lining up
and my expenses have run amuck
and i think my buisness has  gone to ****
i think that i am out of luck
Death-throws Mar 2015
I lack inspiration, when sound does not riddle the causeways of my mind
when echos bounce less around my cranium and more from my lips i find..
solace in the fact that no longer am i directed from indirect communications but more from the sound i make,
i learnt to grasp the steering wheel in both hands and turn sharp in the corners,
i learnt that without sound echoing through my ears my eyes work with pinpoint accuracy..
i never noticed the way the grass grows over old cobbles..
i never noticed the way my heart beats
the way it skips, and bleats,
i learnt not to be a sheep, but a profit,
a guider to the blind,
don't tell them I'm blind as-well
because it doesn't matter if i can see or i cant
it does not matter if what i say is truth or lies
but if the fiction of my antiquity compels you to lift your heart up
brings joy from the desolation of your mind but to the fore front of the battle field that is your life i have achieved something incredible, I've achieved peace
peace through happiness, joy through inspiration so read on!
read on young soldier,
your broken mind and battle ready battle wounds are bound too tightly by your compassion to conform
take of your bandages and read on! read forwards and on wards and strive to learn, why
why young soldier i know you've never been trained
and i know your mind is ill with discontent and i know your shoes are whittled to your socks and i know
i know how hard it is to stand with two broken legs and only the solace of that barren bare cranium to lean on
but in my antiquity young soldier
i have learnt that we are all warriors
fighters along a broken line standing our ground against greater odds then you could ever conceive of battling...
i know young solider that many will fall and die
and many will perish to broken minds and hearts and souls,
but the ones who make it through this perishable existence, the ones who fight beyond any compassion  beyond any reason,
god I've met boys who will tear out each others throats with their teeth I've learnt that men are shells of creatures that have never been fully understood,
my existence has been about 
nothing but fighting
and now i have reached an age where i can lay down the rifle of my words, i can leave my blunted knives to rust in a back closet i realized young soldier
the agony of your existence may seem like the end, but its just the start.
and when your reach a  point in your life where you can rest,
savor it,
do not let someone tell you how to exist without your consent , do not fight a battle you do not want to fight,
stand your ground young soldier
re-reinforcements are on the way
for a friend whose struggling... chin up bub x
2.8k · Mar 2016
Toil till death
Death-throws Mar 2016
I watch you spy their futures
Scooping dreams with sillky fingers
Far too frail to dig,
Fear not,
The sweat from my brow will bring us life.
Sustaining and sweet
Care not,
Though you can not see them.
The huming birds sing
2.6k · Mar 2015
Lets build an empire
Death-throws Mar 2015
Lets build an empire
we can start with a single city
lets paint the roofs pink
with ebony black streets
i want power-lines like spiders webs
and *** plants dangling of eves like candy canes
i want love to be the currency
and replicate

lets build an empire
roads joining our cities like spindled wool
lets tunnel through the mountains in our path
and bridge the Atlantic
lets infect the world
our citizens of love,
lets make the only dictionary definition of race define
the act of running from one side of a field to another

Lets build an Empire
A world where dreamers are called human
and your sadness is almost as  irreverent,
as your plan to paint the moon purple
and make tails an optional extra at birth
I want the world joined by routes our fingers traced
on the globe in your room,
i want the stars to spell out or names like the light shade on your ceiling

are my foundations
and with your gracious consent
i would love nothing more , then upon your soil
to lay the foundations of my dreams
our empire.

come my darling, lets make plans
2.1k · Apr 2015
10:16 like 420
Death-throws Apr 2015
im skipping through the day,
flying away like fairy dust and dripping gold like a caramel bar
grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire cat
because most everyone is mad here
and im not altogether here myself
3 parts infected  2 parts sane and 7 parts mad
my heads on a spring like a bobble necked pin
not here !they scream not here!
so my mind leaves,
truances my classes skipping through feilds of poppies and clovers
where all the rainbows end
my Conscience  can hide from the lies my eyes tell
so ive lost it 12 pence at a time,
rounded down to dimes,
raving lunitics prance here, in the halls of my brain
10:16 like its 420 again
why yes? why no
2.0k · Mar 2015
Death-throws Mar 2015
tonight i cut an angel,

her heart in my palm beating away. her words echoing in my brain, theyd been there all along, such beautiful soft words, words that mattered, words that cared , words that helped , words that pushed me up and  onwards

tonight i cut an angel,

her trust was as strong as steel in me, even when mine felt soft as yarn, she allways believed and faught for me without sense and without judgment
even when her sword was too dull to cut and too heavy to swing
her armor was so broken there was no point in wearing it,
but she wore it for me

tonight i cut an angel,

she is more beautiful then i deserve,more caring then i thaught possible, but frailer then rice paper.
she will allways love me, even when i hurt her, she would stand and smile and sow the hole in her heart closed again

tonight i cut an angel,

she wanted what was best, she knew what was best, she allways had and allways would, but my heart was beating to fast, my head was to strong. i screamed and faught and squeezed razors into the heart in my palm
tonight i cut an angel.

and now ill pray that to god he will send her back

2.0k · Apr 2015
Headphones are narcotics too
Death-throws Apr 2015
Slipping in my ear-buds,
To get my daily dose
Feeling so close to the sound that doesn't affect me
Flying over clouds only my mind can see
Bass wobbles, no duds

I'm addicted to the ripples,
My head lulls with a vengeance
"don't bother him man, hes gone"
Passers-by call to  me
So drunk on sound...
My cranium has better acoustics then the great theater
Rhythm's projected with shock waves and powered by hand grenades
I am a supernova charged by AUX
Watch anxiety writhe and burn in my wake
1.9k · Aug 2015
Untitled rhymes
Death-throws Aug 2015
Add me to the list of show horses who've kissed a gun

I'm tired of beeing the beaten one.
No fun.

Sick of beeing the last man to run
I feel like eventually I'll amount to someone
But till that day I'm just a body.
My sports have become  hobies
Sleeping in hotel lobies.
Giving gobbies for coins
There is no fruit in my *****
Just an ache that lies in the wake of my discrimination.
Acting alongside my procrastination
No longer will my forehead bead with

I have become a man that could disappoint a nation
Death-throws Jul 2015
uncurl from your ball child
wipe away those soot laden tears
welcome to the new world
where all is here to fear
sons of the apocalypse she wailed
bow down to your fears
welcome to the new world she wailed
welcome to the fear
welcome to the chaos that i have brought so near
uncurl from your ***** you men
bastars filled with shame
bring forth your sins,
and i shall give them names
Crawl out of your festering holes,
and bring out the young
for a man will say anything,
when he stares down the barrel of a gun

so we came in great swavs
and brought forwards all our rot
and smiled as she told us
that the world would forget us not
1.8k · Sep 2015
If You where icecream
Death-throws Sep 2015
If You where ice cream
and i was the sun
We wouldn't have much fun,
I think you'd Run
and even though it hurt you,
I'm sure you'd love me all the same,
You'd love me even more
if the ground was flooded by rain
because after the clouds parted
and my beams graced you once more
I'm sure you'd find us both, dripping onto the floor
1.8k · Apr 2015
Death-throws Apr 2015
Poetic talent is really easy to fake
When thy sentences doth
No ******* sense make
1.8k · Jan 2016
Petrol and water
Death-throws Jan 2016
Crash test pilot  diving through clutter
My brakes  dont work
But im running out of gas anyway
The pills dont work
But i drank all my water yesterday
Starved of thought
To hungry to thirst
Im feeling like today cannot get any worse
Death-throws Jun 2015
This morning i had to wake up.
curled right next to you
bottoms gone tops my legs twisted around yours like red vines
the feeling sweeter then anything
you woke me with kisses,
soft as hershies
and i giggled bubbly like lemonade
i hope this feeling never fades
waking up
every morning
in sweet sweet love with you
1.6k · Jun 2016
Why not?
Death-throws Jun 2016
I don't thank you,
I never have,
I'm six thousand seven hundred and eight eight days old
and I've never once'd stop to say thank you,
I had a good day today, and I realized ( far too late)
that I often have good days,
days where the sun shines
days where the wind is fine
days where I can take my time,
and smile
yet I've never thanked you,

i exist because of some unknown force, or maybe science, or maybe god
but Ill never know, and so I've never stopped to say hello,
and today I finished  a terrifying assessment,
and today wasn't that bad
so I've stopped to thank you
I don't ask for anything in return,
all I ask is to help others learn
that each day I open my eyes, is a gift from someone who might never materialize, and though you might not hear me, and though you might not exist,
thank you strange force,
I'm so happy I exist
just thank the air around you every now and then, we are lucky to be where we are, no matter where we are, poor, rich, happy, sad,
the fact you even exist is amaizing, so even though their might be no one there,
whats the harm in thanking the air?
1.5k · Mar 2015
modern day zombie
Death-throws Mar 2015
I  am a zombie

the likes of which you have never met.
I do not seek flesh...nor brains nor blood
I breathe, I swallow the food that this world brings to me, the luxuries of its soil.
I have sung....  I have danced... I have felt


I do not feel the air, it rests  in my lungs like ash , I do not taste the food, it  like all things have been grown in salted earth, I do not hit notes well enough to be considered beautiful, and my feet have grown clumsy with time
I wonder without purpose...

I feel no sensation. I see no sensation I hear no sensation ...
I am not a zombie of flesh but a zombie of life,
being driven to such a state of mind takes years of nurturing.
believe it not its hard to grow a child so fractured....a broken relationship a family split in two by alcohol and drugs alike , years of trauma and bullying  its so hard.... its so hard to stand your ground...
its like school yard is a wind tunnel.. and im a a design concept...because every time i stumble and fall  everyone takes their turn to laugh at my designer ,  and in his frenzied panic he strips far to much of me... parts of me they deemed useless.. useless! things no one else would notice i lost my taste stripped from the drugs that sour my soul
my feet replaced with stumps on which I can not dance because the one person I held close enough to my heart to dance with.. I pushed away with lust for regardless venture sometimes i see a broken bottle on the ground  and...just...

but don't read my agony for an attempt at self justification for my state, my life  is not their for your pity, no your reassurance I am self made man!, I carved the marble of my bones from the gravel of the man I used to be and i did it while everyone laughed...while they mocked..
I sat there with a chisel in my hand and thought
"if I was meant to be dead..if I was not meant to be here..I  wouldn't crash or fever or trauma or seizure i would be gone...and the  moment I close my eyes i can rest...the moment I am no longer here I will have a bed where the pillows don't feel like rocks and  my blankets are no longer made of thorns I am allowed to dream..."
everyone mocks the
im not alone..there's hundreds of us...thousands and I bet if I said the word we would rise up and walk the streets like mobs ... an army of tasteless chefs a platoon of crippled ballerinas
a support division of hideous make up artists.
I say this,not because its true..its not... the crippled dancers have merely forgotten how to stand the chefs have their seasonings wrong the make up artists are just using the wrong shade, I say it not because its true... but because that's what where taught is true
enough people saying the same thing has a way of jostling the wires around your mind, i know a girl that used to be a nuclear submarine...
she once needed two keys and a code word and a finger scanner to its just the blunt end of an old spoon and some jostling to get her heart started

you say something.and it doesn't matter if its not true, it will become truth.  when it is repeated.

how bad did you think it was?
because it is so much worse

1.3k · Jul 2016
The beautiful mess
Death-throws Jul 2016
Im confuddled.

Im in love  with you,
So tender and true,
A love as old as time
But still it feels so new

Im learning  every day and night
What monsters keep you up at night
I think i know how to hold  you right

And keep you so amused

Im fearful that ill loose your  attention.
Im terrified of the things i best not mention
But if i do one thing right in my life.

It would be staying with you. My love.
My life
My wife
1.2k · Mar 2015
Black hole
Death-throws Mar 2015
I was never a good boy  , dabbling in the wrong side of the right life,  i stole coins like candy from my grandmothers cookie jar.  Of coarse i was wrong, but i allays...
I always thought i was right , because my world had so little light  i didn't know...
I didn't know what was right, what was i to feel? how i was i to fight?,
i wasn't..
depression is like having a red dot on your forehead and you cant tell if that's from the divines gifting you inspiration to speak or the ****** down the road firing words sharp enough to slit wrists through the ballistic scope of the internet. and how dare you say..
"get over it"
how dare you say"be happy",
because depression is like a black hole
that not even light can escape and where all stuck at the bottom..
only the lucky few get to sit at the top with smiles and wave without being ****** in. throwing in careless well wishes like the coin you stole into a well...wishing that coin would grow and swell and unfurl into the note  of green you think you need.
stop counting your own blessing and count mine,  because down here at the bottom  its to dark to see the notes of happy things you write, and still you throw more and ask for them back but why is it always about you?  why cant i get a helping hand without seeing the back of it against my cheek, because we only get help when its returned..and we can only beat depression when we earn it.  and the only way to earn it is to run faster then light because that's where the answer is...
and im not talking about the kind of happyness that drips from the slit neck of a broken bottle, im not talking about  the kind that seaps from my lungs in the clouds i blow, im talking about that someone ..
the girl with cute socks all fluffy and pink,  the doctor who series box set and waaayyy to many treats..
im talking about  the people who even when my skin is made out of stone see the marshmallow of my heart, even when my worlds falls apart, and the fragments of my reality splinter into stepping stones across a  raging river...
they make the steps not so far apart...
  while upstream my family and my friends rush construction on the dam that will slow the flow enough to cross..
the ones who grab that happiness that outruns my own black hole and dive head first into it m force feeding me spoonfuls of sugar and courage and smiles because  they never saw the swirls of darkness around me they only saw emptiness

And one after another those broken hearted lovers those screaming from slit rists or happyness in there raught minds strip there beds and make a rope from the sheets  and tossed it from the tallest window of the fortress of life and  as soon as it touched the ground..they scream. they scream like animals climb.. climb dam you climb!!! climb like gravities blowing you a wet kiss and  the worlds tied wings to your back CLIMB! and those eat the bottom of the rope .. they  chant your bane  to keep you going...keep moving they say.. and those on the other side who can see the sun rissing and see it getting better they scream hurry! because my lifes passing me by and only they can see it...

and i can say because of them...the friends that care the one who suffer i climb...Ii still do... I haven't stopped and im STILL not at the top but im still going...
and its hard...
and my hands bleed from the effort and the slits on my wrists beg to burst again but i cant...
I  cant **** the rope that love built with my own blood and slip back down
I  must keep going...
thanks to the selflessness of those around me i know that bed sheets aren't for nooses...
there for ropes..
because dreams aren't  knifes there an escape from climbing...
the soft pillow i rest my head on doesn't feel like rocks any more..
because i couldn't dream before and now its all i do,   i  scream it DREAM!  i yell from one ear to the next look at me! smiling with  broken teeth look-at me! my scars aren't scars because I've shaped them into badges of pride because im climbing...
and as long as i climb ill never have to touch the ground...
  as long as i catch the rope when i slip those who love me will cheer me on, iscream it... look at me, not even a black hole could catch me now

a quick spoken word speach
1.2k · Aug 2015
The man who found his wings
Death-throws Aug 2015
A poorly rolled  ciggerette
And a limp **** smothered in regret
He asked the angel who forgot to wear her wings
"How long till my forgiveness sings?"
She smiled non shalontly
"My dear that is quiet a gaunt
But for so long as sinners taunt  the slits on my arms will grin
And so long as cheaters win
The air from my lungs will thin
To long of this I fear and none shall win
But hope in death. Your forgiveness rings
So sit young traveler and rest your weary eyes.
Hide yourself from this world's lies "
1.1k · Mar 2015
Death-throws Mar 2015
Talk to me about indifference
Can anyone define it? Who defines ?
It’s a word we should understand clearly and fluently
Why? Well…Why not?
Because as humans, indifference is valued
Prized even
Genocide in Africa? I’m indifferent
Poverty in our country? I’m indifferent
Indifferent it is a word we should use so much more than we do
Indifferent to the screaming of my next door neighbours wife
Pity           …
OH Indifferent!  INDIFFERENT to the hallowed call of a child at the 6 o’clock news with a swollen belly and flies in his eyes
Indifferent to the passions of a man foresworn to his pride and under the influence refuses to admit to his shame!
Remove my emotional hardware its malfunctioning strip me of my programs their not the normal
Remove my speech circuitry I’ve been lying…
This hole time I swore closeness and collaboration..
Ideals you all share, seeing pain, listing to the agonising news off a car bomb in Syria! 118 dead! Thank god ill never meet them!
Did I know them? No? ! Well ill share a moment of agony and grief and then continue to buy slave made products and feed my mechanicals beasts with petroleum stolen from foreign lands !
Devour my heart it no longer beats, my eyes are desensitized, my spirit aghast at the agony of existing,
The high price of living I was told,
Stand fast and ready your ears like a galleon with no sails and receive the news of your defeat , or would you rather not be there to hear it?
It’s time to listen to the high price,
Social media seems to have developed unto me a craze for the worst ! ive liked pages that post videos of people killing themselves death fascinates me!
I have all of my needs catered for,  
have sources of entertainment
I have a job that allows me  to pillage part of the earth for my enjoyment
I have food that sustains me  and a group of robots that  I call friends, we share the same software  I can relate to them  via USB
And thus the only thing that excites me…that gets me going, that shakes my distraught existence is the thought of..not.
Of not existing
Endure the agony of hearing that our own… brothers and sisters in humanity where killed,
Beings we share the same DNA for and beings we by some estranged number of generations are related to
Pretend to care for a moment
Watch my world ware thin
Watch my skin grow pale
Watch my organs fail
Watch cancer take my loved ones
Watch fear destroy my hope
Alone I stand indifferent

Take me to emotion

This is not the way I was designed
The dull thud in my chest is not of rifle fire
Nor is it requisition of my life force of some higher being calling me home
It is the device that fights my indifference
It is the vessel that commands my soul to walk on broken glass
The dull thud It is the idea that in ideas we will never die , only grow as humans, within humanity
The dull thud ringing through my chest quickens  when I see you,
The dull thud dies down when I grow cold
It is not the pilot aimlessly guiding me through coordinates listed on a fact sheet like a tour guide
But it is the engine that drives me to aspire to be more, the location from witch I draw force, power,
I do not want to be a robot...  I never asked to be made of steel nor carbon nor sparks
An emotionless vessel to power through indignity and anxiety without a notion to an outsider,
Without consideration to feel
Without consideration to feel alive But sick…steel skin does not get ill without strain,
Steel skin does not grow pale or wither with age
The computer in my head will not fade with time
And my heart has never once stopped
I am not of robotics
I am not of steel
I am merely…
And I
Am not
Scream to me the agony! AGH!  Genocide in Africa?  I will denounce myself to humanitarian work!
I will design my life to bring happiness and joy and inspiration to the masses! I will re-write the ground on which I stand in favour of my own desires!
Poverty in my country?! I will rise to be what is needed! And fall to be humbled!  I will writhe with angst until the government I serve hears my cries and writhes also! To change those laws written in stone and redefine what it is to be human! I will cry for every child living like a dog under the stars, under-influence and angry, because I am angry to!
The cries of my neighbor will be brought to append in front of a judge my community will whale together in her agony and burst forth with our love! we will provide! We will carry her down the streets and sing her name she is not a beaten dog but a queen of queens! As we deserve it!
I am not of the programming I was designed,
Nor am I to append the functions I was written for
I am an arm that writes itself hole as it continues down the page..
I am not of machine
I am not guided by that actions of others
But I am the wholeness of myself
Though fractured I am pure,
Though ***** I am clean
Though broken I am definitively joyful.
I am not indifferent, and I will forever refuse to be so
Because if you take away my indifference…you bring me back
You will bring me back…to my humanity,

1.1k · Mar 2016
Death-throws Mar 2016
Labour clenses
I sweat pure evil.
Lifting freight, peddling souls

No thank you
Im not climbing the ranks.
But slowly i begin to grin

I know where i fit
Assosciated with happiness.
Only known by doubt

Through labour i lift my plight
1.1k · Aug 2015
That reply
Death-throws Aug 2015
So you replied
after telling me not to
im sure you lied
but ive decided ive got to
find out why
otherwise ill rot to
i share no pain any more
i just wish we could be more
then enemies on the same playground
because this swing-set is to big for the two of us,
and i have reinforcements hanging on the monkey bars
the feelings arent their any more
but it doesnt mean you dont have to be
Im tired of fighting old ghosts.
i just want peace
1.0k · Sep 2016
Missing pillow
Death-throws Sep 2016
Cotton soft and oh so warm
Here ill wait for bitting dawn,
For my bed is cold as winters night,
No comfort will i find tonight.
Shh, so what if it has a name
1.0k · May 2015
Im in lesbians with you
Death-throws May 2015
I haz only one favorite water bottle;
1.0k · Mar 2015
barbed wire birds
Death-throws Mar 2015
steel is what controls me,
steel emotions wrapped in spikes,
steel skin holding you back
steel eye hiding my vision
but  I'm growing tired of steel
I'm angry at its coldness, the grey flesh and cold heart
the agony of never being warm,
my friends are the same,
we draw our time from the fix,
lets melt ourselves down

I'm braking free
me and my barbed wire birds

I'm done sitting on the fence of angst but not being sure
if I can climb over
I'm done being a nothing following the crowd between rows
of steel and barbed wire
I'm done dancing between laser beams
and nightmare filled dreams
I'm taking my heart in my hands and running ,
Ill treat it like water slipping through my fingers and the only way to survive is by running faster.
so much faster.
Ill not let my heart slip through my fingers as my wings begin to spread me and my pack
of barbed wire birds,
our wings are made of corrugated iron folded to points
and the motion of flying stings my soul
but ill fly
you'll watch me glide
we will dive of the edge our hearts in hands
you'll see me fly, broken bleats from broken wings
bound together with the lust for more then to feel steel against my skin
because I'm flying northbound for warmer skies
lets glide past the the equator and through the tropics
I want to feel the heat that would melt a man

we are the hearts
we are the gods
the deity's of my minds
ill build shrines to myself just to scream
my soul beats free as my barbed wire wings
no longer am i wrapped  in steel
Ill take you with me, swap your heart for mine
scream like banshees
a technicolor passion drives me forwards
we will lay down ourselves to show you
as you sit waltzing through your strip wire fences
Ill turn them to wings ill float so high above you..
Ill scream at the 5 am light and bring up the sun
the world is yours
I am no longer a sheep
guided by lack of sleep
we are a pack
guided by our hearts
by our love
powered by our bleeding
barbed wire wings

massive rant...appreciate it if you told me what you thought :)
992 · Apr 2015
Death-throws Apr 2015
Love me all the same
Love me all the same
I speak about my paradise like  its my own apocalypse
despising my own empty cranium
hold me  higher my love
dont ever let me go
I built empires on the sands of your mind
a grain out of place and civilizations  crumble and burn
love me all the same
love me all the same
you broken sonet
you fouled field
our pasts are fickle and ripe with pain
our falicies where religions decades ago and generations before
they where truths
whispered in hushed shadows
and murmured between soulless corpses
I am a drunk who rambles about sobriety
my dear love me all the same
please love me all the same
my feilds are cracked with fractures more then skin deep
the mountains in my mind are carved from the pebbles of the souls
ive crushed beneath my foot,
you have no idea the weight i carry withen myself
too much for a legion of mules to bare
but just enough weight to bend my sanity,
my dear i beg you
please love me all the same
967 · Feb 2016
Dont worry
Death-throws Feb 2016
Dont tell me not to worry.
It only causes stress
Dont tell me not to worry
It doesnt make me worry any less
The fear of your suffering.
Guides me through the night
And though you have assured me.
It does not aid my plight
Please come home
And  tell me to not worry any more
Please come home
Because it will only stop
When your at my door
961 · May 2015
Come home
Death-throws May 2015
Yell a  little louder, I dare you
Your heart is a megaphone set to loud let it bleat its message
to  the crows and crowds alike

Your mind is a violin, sitting like porcelain  in a satin palace
Singing a somber tone to its audience of no one,
so alone.

Your spirit is a caged stalion
ready to rare, flash its teeth, grip its hind legs and stare

But in my arms you are  a puppet
so warm and soft
I have trouble believing how much you must cost

because the wears you fetch and sell have amassed no fortune
and the hearts you keep in jars have long since stopped beating

move on with me,
skip town, come dance around
free as yetis,
and just as likely to exist,

my presence unkown to you now
will be the dowry on which our lives will finnally start
And in your eyes, I might finnaly exist
Death-throws Sep 2015
I forgave her for eating my chocolate
even though she ate a hole block of it
I Forgave him for forgetting my birthday,
even though hes the reason i was born on that day
I Forgave the puppy
For wanting to use so much of my time for play
I forgave the thief
for taking what wasn't theirs to take
and of all this forgiveness
and all that resent
I find that if I try to forgive myself,
no relief presents itself

anxiety burrows down
and settles itself in your soul,
like a bucket riddled with holes
hope pores strait through my soul
so when i say that you give me forgiveness
when I say your helping me right my wrongs

Don't accept it as a responsibility
take it like a badge of pride
so many wrongs done by my side
that my pride has gathered its things
its no longer with me for the ride

Don't take my forgiveness so willingly,
know that I charge it to you with hope i cannot afford to give
in the hopes that one day
ill be able to forgive
952 · Mar 2016
To hell for a porno
Death-throws Mar 2016
An angel saw my ****
And told me god would forgive
And so i told the angel
If god could forgive me,
I would have wished to never live
I mean come on, my search history is bad
947 · Mar 2015
My writing is my own,
Death-throws Mar 2015
some people think about their poetry
I know many do,
to make sure the  the 3rd and 4th rhyme
to make sure all there lines sing in time
But I have no time for that
Im thousands of years old but bearly 17
so ill blurt
and ill slur
and ill cringe
and ill howl
and ill snip
and ill snap
and splurt
and curse,

I'll walk my fingers to the key board and take of their leashes,
let them run wild in the dog park of my sanity
my ramblings,
they don't need any s
                       ­              r
                           ­          t
                   ­                          e, nor do my sentences need to make sense
why would I conform To YOUR insanity
when I have my own band brewing like a bathtub bomb
Nothing I say needs to work as hard as my hands do
nothing I need to do should feel as heavy as the souls i carry in my
my alliteration literally doesn't need to alliterate its meaning
and I'm so Tired of Ideas being steam pressed into my head by the maid
that runs this mad house
you'll need to use your hands to eat this poem , I've turned the cutlery
into toy soldiers and their currently occupied in overseas service
so dig into my mind
ill open the front door for you just please remember before you
scoop out my brain


919 · Aug 2015
A walk.
Death-throws Aug 2015
Dance to the little drum beats.
Skipping through city streets in **** boy cleets.
Dancing  like its no little feat.

Crawling through allways filled with weapers
I find myself at the top. I might be one of the leapers

Dancing on skyline roofs in my freshman hoofs.
I don't have enough proof.

Just this wide blue roof
Falling upwards with a passion  
No distractions.

Black bag blankets and broken tracking anklets
Desperate situations  call for unecasarry fixations

Ive spent to long wrapping myself in ellation
To notice the devastation beneath me.

I see it now

As I fall

So slowly towards the sky
So I took a walk through my city.  It's amazing what you feel when you feel like nothing at all
910 · May 2015
Im confused
Death-throws May 2015
Im starting to write less and less
and Its scaring me
because I either have no sufferings to write about
or Its all become to much
which one?
how will I know?
whats wrong with my head
Its all twisted up inside
knotted guts struggling to chew through knowledge
am I maturing?
or am I finally turning to dust
I'm sorry if I'm not so sweet to hold,
its difficult when you slip through gaps
like the ones in your fingers
and the holes in your heart
Death-throws Apr 2015
they saw me with hatred.
because when they spat lies my horns grew
they saw me as cold
because their words bounced of my steel skin
now they see me with love
because my eyes aren't the stones they used to be
now they see me as warmth
because my colors aren't as dull as the wardrobe i hide  behind my skeletons
you bring out the fire in my heart
bouncing on those thousand year old  billows,
somehow you make my heart hot enough to melt gold
and large enough to be filled with it,
your a catalyst to my cataclysm
but if its the end of the world your going to cause
ill sit and watch, with an arduous passion
because even in my dieng throws i will be made of steel and stone
yet with you standing by my side
i feel like im made out of plasterboard
906 · Mar 2015
When I say I love you,
Death-throws Mar 2015
When I say I love you,
I line my words in gold,
tinted silver
When I say I love you
I swing my words with the weight of a boulder,
And if the weight of those three words doesn't connect...
The boulder will take me down
Because when I say I love you,
god when I say your mine
I'm trying to brake out of my plastic mold,  to give your my heart
because I mean it... I Truly do
and my heart brakes with anticipation  and my mind
is so riddled with doubt
but i will call your name from my car
and light my next cigarette..
come darling
I love you..

i really do
847 · Dec 2015
Dancing kitten
Death-throws Dec 2015
Dancing little kitten
Plying for my toes
Just the tinniest flinch of movement.
And away your paws go.
To cling to my toes and my fingers
To swing at my nose
Soft kisses  are like wishes little kitten,
They rarely help.
But like wishes, soft kisses
Are allways felt
So  crawl back to my arms
Tears sting skin like sandpaper
Crawl back to my arms little kitten
Ill show you dont need a maker
836 · Jul 2016
Do you?
Death-throws Jul 2016
Do you write poetry to get it all out
Or to hide it?
Do you  write because  you  want to scream
And shout, or because you cant hide it?

I write when  im lonely
When the demons inside me get roudy
When the drugs  come a'howlin
And my familys looking over  me,

I write  when the slits on my wrists  look like the telephone  lines i should be calling
But instead of screaming i just end up scrawling
All my pathetic  overstated  woes
Right here

So  facilitate  me, you strangers
Love this post.  Even though i hate it
Youve no idea the dangers im in
Trying to stay  away from that whole bottle of gin
In the corner

Facilitate  my anxieties
Show me your  all just sheep
Flocking  to  litterature like the  bowls of soup attract the meak

Im not a person here.
None of you really care
Are you even self aware
Do you know That even though its poetry
Theres a person  there?
Why do i even write none of you are even aware of my existance im not an artist
I need help
and all this site does  is facilitate  my resistance
827 · Mar 2015
You are..perplexing..
Death-throws Mar 2015
You are indefinable,
perfectly perplexed between a periapse of compassion
you are..
the light between colors, that blends everything together,
you are the smell of cooking spices and the strut of  a supermodel
you have the smile of an angel, the cheek of a demon
you are a time capsual of happiness and a roving epiphany of delinquent change.
a goddess of chaos and order squished between two slices of cute and served with a side order of Mine
so smile sweet heart, brighten those chameleon eyes
let those lips make points at either side
let your hair hang losely over that speckled forhead
that serves as a runway for my kisses
smile sweetheart.
I love you

806 · Mar 2015
For you diddums,
Death-throws Mar 2015
falling is a weird sensation
I've never failed to fall, tripping on the curb of your hip
more over, I've never failed to fall for you,
that first autumn back lit morning,  the day you caught my eye
and the past is a funny game. i made my move ,
never can i step back to change my ways
and hasn't been easy
and no...never, would i ever change it,
because  the rapids of my home river have shaped the boat in which i use to sail, my soul has been carved from limestone cliff faces dangled over by tight lipped trees to tired to give me their secrets you are..
you are a thought. a being I've never come by before
your a bend in the river where the current slows..
your a cliff face with my name carved into it,
even though I've never once taken a knife to your surface
you are comfort,
like looking into a mirror i see myself, and for the first time in my life
for the very first time..
I've looked into a mirror and smiled
and sweet heart I'm going too look into your eyes
and say softly that I'm glad,
I'm glad your a mountain that's already been climbed I'm glad its not my flag that rests in the arrow like crest of your ginger scrawled hair I'm glad
because the men who charge to summits leave nothing but a flag
and some foot prints
i want to be the man for you, the man who climbs your peaks daily..
the one who makes sure your looked after,
a forest ranger to preserve your sanity, to make sure your soul although fractured and aching.
can roam free,
but I've ranted now,
ill sign of my love letter with but a drip of blood,
and a Liter of love,
continue your course sweet heart and you wont need to steal  the chest that houses my heart
ill give you the key
788 · Jul 2015
Swing me to a lullaby
Death-throws Jul 2015
Swing me to a lullaby
so  soft and soothing i wont wonder why
the world stings so much
and why everyone is in a rush

so swing me to  a lullaby
to cold and dark to work out why
i find myself in  a rush
i wonder when this will become too much

Swing me to a lullaby
so old and cold, and ive found out why
i was in  a rush
to end this life, its far to much
787 · Apr 2015
Death-throws Apr 2015
falling from the inside
like an old building
tho my facade has not changed, nor weatherd with age,
my foundations are cracked like used sand paper
the wallpaper is peeling of the bindings
support me
dont let me colapse apon the ground we have have soiled
dont tell me now the dirt i stood proudly apon  
*has been turned to dust
780 · Apr 2015
small carriage, big load
Death-throws Apr 2015
warm heart,
once brave and strong

                                                               ­                   now foreboding and weak

poor brave heart
the heart that once beat so strong

                                                       ­                            now bleats so meak

sorrowful little heart
to small to carry the load on your masters shoulders

                                                     ­                                   now a slave to insanity

irrefutably damaged heart
to weak to continue
to shallow to pump blood
to cold to warm my skin

poor little heart**

                                             how long untill you stop beating
777 · Feb 2016
How do i get back to that
Death-throws Feb 2016
**** rats and **** boy caps
Gas cans and empty beer cans
No dams in my way
No bills to pay
Just desperate days catching sun rays
Skin decay
Too much play.
I miss the summer months of drug addiction
Planning our lives out like a good fiction
Where the boy gets the girl.
And the premotion
No one told me id have to cross an ocean
Not of water, but sin
Fearfully thin.
Anger took my soul.
Withdrawl has refused to release its hold
Positive actions and negitive reactions
How do i get back to the good old days
Where all i worried about was getting paid
We each had our own way
No fear in the old days
I No longer hold Today
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