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Humbled and haunted
Decided to let go of my breaths
Hold on to terrible and troubled terms
My eyes
Bar tears from encroaching terra firma
For fear of being human
When told I was interstellar

Heavy and hollow
Created chasms between family, friends, and flirts
It's not a sign so cold
But a zodiac killing field sans air
Blame is solely on my solar surface
I'm burning with regret I refused to own
Because I didn't recognize the seeds I've sewn

Heart-ached and hoping
Resign to my final destination
Loved her
Continued to adore
Pouring out olive oil and anointing my tongue to release the finest psalms to surround her name
Blowing kisses to the wind to carry my dedication and declarations to decorate her skin

This Earth's praxis upon invisible axis
To view you
One last time
Before I die again.

Ifeanyichuku Okoro II © 2023
If I cannot cry, then take my eyes and exchange them for rain
Descovia Feb 2021
If I am honest, I would not know where to begin.

I fly by the seat and pray for a soft landing.

Life can be rough, I'm pretty tough
Hit or miss, all I seek is my best first kiss..

Tough being me ha

It's tough being me. This is why I never pretend.  Can't say I have been holy, in a world full of sin.

I know what's it like to be without joy.  So, this why my undying love reaches in volumes which never ends.

Flying by the seat
My eyes replay
All of my memories
Graphic in the form of movies on repeat.

Plummeting down faster than the speed of sound
Remembering grace will embrace me after
my crash-landing, just wish I was in a more stable place.

Where we were able to sit down and talk.
I would bribe the world for more
than just borrowed time
Our words might fly off course, clash and collide
Patience never mixed well with pride
What could have been everlasting
Was forgotten and abandoned.
Even at gunpoint, never would I place you
In a position to be perplexed or stranded.
Throwing myself against the wall
Because I rather take hurt, before seeing you fall
will you still make effort to have an understanding?

Moments before the impact
Remembering it was too late
To turn back (time)
What more can I say?
It's not easy being me.

Miss & Descovia
I'm sorry for what I am
I'm sorry for not being good enough
I try as hard as I can to change
There's some things that I wish would go away
There are parts of me that I wish would just die
I'm sorry for being resentful
I'm sorry for being full of Hate
I try to leave my past behind me, but every time I turn away, it's staring me in the face
I know I can be better
That I can be more
I can see a new me at the end of the tunnel, but my demons hold me in place
I'm sorry for pushing you away
I'm sorry for driving you insane
I may not have much to really live for, but what I have is surely more than enough
I'm sorry for all the wrong I do
Can you forgive me? I love you.
You know what hurt me the most, Larry's last words dying on the phone, "make it better with your dad, you know you love him son" those words stuck in my head the scars have begun, dont Think I'm writing for fun, cuz I tried, you turned your back like it was a lie, Larry's last wish I'd defied, he didn't know the real you, was that a factor, through his eyes, you were a caring chapter, the very next page and I was the laughter, the very next day was disaster, Larry had passed, I didn't do what he had asked, when I told him I would, deep in my mind I was hopeing I could, deep in my thoughts he words are still put, deep in my heart I hate you for good

Farther, mother, Brother, sis, someone pull me from abyss,
Larry im sorry soul, i tried for you but now i fold,
Farther, mother, Brother, sis, someone pull me from abyss,
Larry im sorry bro, i tried for you and i can't let go.
I kept this write to myself for a few years now but it's been 3 years now and it just hit me hard tonight.
Michael Stefan Feb 2020
Righteousness of action
   Assimilation despite protest
      Gesticulating invalid points
         Excommunication for beliefs
Hypercorrection to fit in
   Accountableness and your actions
      Thermodynamic reaction
         Excuse me for a moment

Please forgive my descent in anger
This poem was more of an art project than anything.  I took two words that I feel when I am truly angry at someone.  Then I took the time to find 8 words that resonate how I feel during those moments of absolute anger, forming 8 small phrases that express my feelings.
Bede Sep 2019
I am going out today
To see where I can go
Maybe I won't return again,
Lord i dont even know.

Would it be a blessing or a curse
To just put down my pen?
Why do i write, I feel contrite
To never write again.
Poetry conveys emotion. Poetry conveys power.
kathryntheperson Jun 2018
forgive me
for i am the one you love
for i am one who’s betrayed you
do not forgive me
i deserve it; but I don’t
its my fault    
but please
forgive me
The Unsung Song Mar 2018
I remember a time when I wasn't happy.
I would torture myself for it because I believed that it was my fault.
I would look down at myself like I deserved to bleed.
Like I deserved this pain.

I'm still not happy.
And it's still my fault.
And I still torture myself for it.
But instead of making my pain appear on my arms,
it only appears in my head.

Have you ever thought about that?
Have you ever thought about how you have no clue what that kid across the table goes to sleep thinking about?
I'm not sure about you,
but I don't have a single friend,
of which I've known long enough to tell what I lie awake thinking about.

It is shameful that I am having these emotional breakdowns almost every night,
but my own mother doesn't even notice.

It is shameful that instead of asking me what it wrong,
the person who should love me unconditionally,
lectures me because I didn't apologize for something I should have.


...all I can say,
is that...I am tired of living this lie.
I am tired of living with a mask on my face.

It is shameful that the human race can't think with empathy instead of thinking about what they're going to say next.

Now, look at what I just said.
I didn't say whites,
I didn't say blacks,
Puerto Rican,
I didn't say any of those terms.
I said,
"Human Race".
I leave that with you to think about.
We Are Equivalent in social hierarchy.
Shawn Oct 2017
Please forgive me
for i have not
so innocent
day of departure,
when i promised
to forget you,
i selfishly
promised myself
not to.
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