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Tommy Randell Jan 2018
If the Calendar was a colander
Would we sieve the future year?
Would we keep the bright and happy days
And let the wet and ****** days
Never touch us with their tears?
Would we look ahead and mark them off
Before they ever got here?
Vanish them with a little cross,
Delete them with a little cheer?

I never thought I actually would
But getting older has made it clear -
If I could choose my future days
See my time through in a happy daze
I would - Make all sad memories disappear,
Pass by all the lost loves and regrets,
All the anxiety they create every year -
Life is for living, keeping it as good as it gets,
No matter how deep past wounds appear.

Tommy Randell 01st January 2018
Death-throws Mar 2017
I hope you know
Theres a Poloroid of you
On my wall.
4 years and 13 days to the date
You disappeared,
I loved you then
You danced across wood floors
Dropped jaws
You spun me up in your silk

You made me feel flawless from a hundred miles away
I wished I could spend every day with you
I still do

I don't know where you are now,
the world swallowed you whole
Im tired
And cold
And you  brought me warmth
I just wondered if you where wondering
That after all this time
If I still kept that Poloroid  of you
On my wall
You'll never see this.
If you do I hope you know I only ever want the best for you

— The End —