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grace Jun 7
I’m the most stereotypical teenager you’ve ever met.
I spend all my time with my friends.
I like frappuccinos and I’m obsessed
With my social media pages.

I fell in love with a boy;
And, when he broke my heart,
I sobbed on the floor for weeks
And then dyed my hair blonde and moved on.

I wore a pretty blue dress and sparkly heels to prom.
I graduated at the top of my class,
President of the honor society,
Friends with everyone.

I’m your stereotypical teenage girl.
I’m the main character in a Disney channel original movie.
I have everything, I think.
Why can’t I sleep at night?

What they don’t tell you in the movies
Is that when I’m not with my friends, I feel lost and alone.
When I was heartbroken, I fell apart.
I’m successful, but at what cost?

The stereotypical teenage girl gets 3 hours of sleep a night.
I spend most of the night doing work,
But I also spend time texting my friends and flirting with boys.
When I’m alone with only myself, do I still fit the stereotype?
I was always so mad that you wouldn't be able to see me graduate with my class.
I did'nt have to worry about that though, since we graduated alone.
Samuel Hoffmann Jun 2020
Do you know how much energy it takes
to drive a car
From one side of the street
to another.
Always only to avoid
Alternate side parking
sitting at home,
Doing nothing,
Employed by no one,
Draining savings to pay insurance
On a car
Driven a block a week.
Jordan Hudson Jun 2020
Now I graduated, I feel so honored
The time I waited, a junior scholar
I made it, in an open world I feel smaller
The feeling I have there's no words
The competition it hurts
Some fall behind and I know that's worse
Some with the wrong crowd can't go back there's no reverse
Some feel pain and live in vain and feel so cursed
Some live a few years in days they lay in a hearse
A grave they lay, no return
Friends and family feel the burn
Flashbacks play the present blurs
Pleading for help their words all slurred
Can't think can't speak they are never heard
Yelling at this point no more words
Screams and sounds of what they were
Unrecognizable by now
Then some get by I don't know how
Now I graduated, I feel so honored
The time I waited, a junior scholar
I made it, in an open world I feel smaller
The feeling I have there's no words
The competition it hurts
I can see some fall I'm just tall
They don't call they just crawl
Staying down trying to climb
They then drown out of time
Can't help them up I don't know how
I feel fine but they all crying
When I rise they fall it seems like
Am I the one pushing them down?
Could they get up if I jump out?
They suffocate, can't breathe
I feel great, look at me
How can I help? Just dream
Don't proceed, just stay, don't flee
Now I graduated, I feel so honored
The time I waited, a junior scholar
I made it, in an open world I feel smaller
The feeling I have there's no words
The competition it hurts
Amaris Jul 2019
The blossom floats to the ground
It hits so violently all of hell shakes
Heaven gazes wordlessly from above,
Watching our actions, judging us.
One eye follows our every move,
Waiting for failure; maybe I'll never graduate
Let's wander past old brick buildings
(a collaboration)
Forsyte Aug 2018
On the day I first met my diploma
We did not know what to say but I swear
The moment I reached to steal my small prize
A faint salty breeze stood quiet in the air

Restless feet find the shore and pause for moments
The stubborn clamor behind me will rest
Despite crude plans tacked on imploding walls
Instinct takes command, my body turns west

Soothing cries from below hurl their last pleas
My legs march desperately through the waves
There is no escape for those who don't charge
Away from the pleasures they've known as slaves

What was before only spoken by loved ones
Sits in bold against the pale white paper
A voice in a bubble floats toward my ears
With a language unkown it screams not to waver
Josh Jul 2018
What's the smallest living being on earth?
a graduate of music school
First class degree won with some leeway
but that can't pay for my MOT, no way
four hundred and thirty seven quid and 26p to pay
for new suspension ball joints and wishbone, wiper blades and an emission test pass grade
and now my car has scraped a "pass with defects"
I hope someone made a wish as the old bone cracked
as they took it to the tip with the entire contents of my bank account
I wish I was back home again, scared to answer the phone again
but now every phone call I'm praying for a gig.  

For nine grand a year I wonder how well she would do in the next few tests
if she'd have a long career ahead after a short rest or if she would still be run into the ground,
one day kicking the bucket at 90 miles an hour on the M4 back to Cardiff; I recently found
she won't quite make it to one hundred.
One hundred miles an hour!
Such power, so close, but no cigars for me any more - I can't even afford to smoke rollies.
When I'm seventy I'll start again
whether I want to or not, I need that one lifetime guarantee.
If I make it to seventy.
Hopefully boredom, rejection and ******* aren't causes of early mortality.
A W Jul 2018
At only 18 years old;
He was a Jack of all trades

Had the passion of blazing flames.
The free-spirited heart of a dove.
Debating skills that reached high above.
Athletic gifts that even the most talented could adore.
A witty personality that was hard to ignore.
Smatter than most I've ever known.
Reckless with a charm that was hard to condone.
Courage that surpassed the bravest.
Achieved the highest, and came back the greatest.
Friendly as if he had all the love to give.
Always smiling,
leaving everyone breathless.

Conner binded a small community together before and after his departure.  

He may not be here with us to pray, but he can be here to guide us along the way.
No doubt in my mind is Conner going to give up so easilly.  
If his legacy stays, so will he.
He was a blessing to everyone who had the pleasure of having them in his life. Mary and Wendy, the most caring guardians of my friend who passed away two weeks after graduation in a terrible car accident that was devestating. He told someone he wanted to be remembred for something, I hope this surfices ❤ July 9th, 2018
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