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blackbiird Sep 2019
Kateri glover Jun 2018
Every day I wake up
I look at the ceiling
My soul goes back to sleep
Every moment I get up
My body is filled with sadness
Hopefull wishes that don’t exist
Black cloud that don’t belong here
Trying to perfect for the wrong people
Saying to myself every day “I’m not myself.”
Waking up to a smile on my face
But in reality, I really want to cry
I don’t want you to understand
Only I can determine that
Dark black hole
I keep falling in and I can’t get out
Please god help me
The more you say
The more I cry inside
Leila The Kiwi May 2016
Without you by my side,
This throne crumbles to ruin.

Without you by my side,
My crown gathers rust.

Without you by my side,
I'm no longer a queen.

Without you by my side,
I'm just another peasant.

Without you by my side,
I join the countless lost souls.

Without you by my side,
I'm worthless.

I no longer
The woman
You love.
You're by my side.

Jamie Apr 2016
I am a good guy
Who is just a little lost,
In love,
In work,
In life.

Trying to be happy,
Just wears me down,
Some ups,
But mainly downs,
Doesn't mean I'm excused for how I was to you.
Jamie Feb 2016
I haven't been around for months now,
Not the person I was born to be,
Taking it out the those who help,
And those who are around.

A disruptive path,
Damaging everyone around,
The ones who fully don't understand,
Personal pride being the issue.

Alone is what I need to be,
To grow up and out of this shell I have formed,
Now I have to prove I'm not wrong,
Battle to be the person I want to be.
I have been such a **** to someone nice
Jamie Sep 2015
I can't believe where I am,
Having to force myself to look up,
I feel like everyone is above me,
And that I'm not worth anybody's time.

I spent a week being angry at world,
Thinking if the world is treating me this way,
I will treat the world that way too,
But today I'm exhausted.

I don't have any fight,
Work has taken me to Amsterdam,
All the fun that could be had,
But I just want to cry.
Today is a bad day
Just Me Apr 2015
Simmered to a cold frost of what was passion
Converse no more of what was interesting
Confide in less of what was the only
Respect diminished of what was set a high
Importance no more of what was priority
Out of tune, out of touch, out of reach
What of I
Death-throws Mar 2015
lets do drugs,
I want throw my mind to rot, lets find the incomplete sentences.
Complete them
whole heartily with abrupt anticipated humor,
and laugh like banshees
Ill spit in the ***-plant and grin at the first syllable
I'l Furget how to sPell,
and gurgle at the slurs I carve into the page
slow it down, back it up and take a hit
lines like slit wrists I've forgotten how to sleep,
that's the new one right? sleep?  Tramadol, codeine and a line of melatonin to get me going?
some uppers followed by some downers
watch me crash and burn , I'll die brighter then the Hindenburg and 10 times higher then that **** box ever got  I will make you anticipate my agony,
I will watch you suffer in my delights,
look at me stumble
god send me a GPS I've lost my path,
squatting under a pine tree like a bad Christmas present  taking my hits
like a heavy weight
and just like weights ill sink
to the bottom of this cesspool I've dug
so far down...
I'm going to crash
I'm falling off my high
I've found the edge where my lines blur
and i see the way there looking at me
while I'm lost in headphones spewing gold into my ears
the bass vibrates my bones Christ I'm going down
so watch me
because I"m going to burn brighter
then anyone
then anything
you've ever seen before
watch me grin as I burn up
And throw yourself onto my bonfire

                                                        ­                 *LG
come blow on my embers and pretend you cared for me
Jamie Jun 2014
Currently I am drowning
I jumped in when I can't swim
I dug myself this hole
Life will be worse without you

Through lack of thought
Not being the person I was
When I met you
I have hurt you

I have become the person
I said I would never be
Sorry for all I have done
You really did, mean a lot to me
I don't love you and I didn't mean to lead you on.

— The End —