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William de klerk Jul 2020
Music Makes Madness
So Much More bearable
Like strangers make lies
So much more wearble

My masks the sober student
Yours is the faithful girlfriend
Right :°[] ?
Stereotypical, I know!
Let's put on a show!

I can be the ****** killer
You can be my arms dealer
I chop and you sell
Later Gator see you in hell
Idk what the **** this was , punny I guess
Carolina Dec 2019
Baby blue, stay between the lines.
Honey dew, smoke it up at night.
Cheering them up, the arrogant boy.
Jazz's getting lost in that hazy joy.
You give them what they want
and they give you what you need.
It's not about the cash,
but about notoriety.
Still thinking of you,
from time to time;
your violent sight,
your Dadá wine.
Carolina Oct 2018
The new car is a facade,
you can see it in his smirk;
there's a black tar soul
under its white bodywork.
He sells his demons
under a snowy form,
he finds his peace
on a green heavy storm.
No one has ever
know him very well
but they know
he's related to a cartel.
He has lots of fun,
too may things he enjoys,
not realizing
he's the devil's toy.
But I think he's the evil,
as cruel as can be.
He preaches his word
of magnetic philosophy.
You're cough just for fun.
Glowing sparks in aquamarine.
Comfy sea-scent room,
you wish to stay in.
You get a sugar rush
every time you see him.
Waiting for his company,
not the best way of being free.
You sit there beside him,
pretend to rely.
He offers you something,
you don't have to pay.
Tho his soft touch
turns your skin into concrete
you find yourself at his door
dying to repeat.
I told her I needed a fix and my dealer mumbled a couple words and then ignored me.
Death-throws Jan 2017
Dabble baby,
I'm your supply,
You'll never know a guy who will get you
Quite this  high.

Smoke Me,
Drink me,
Snort me too.

Slip me onto your tongue,
Under  the sun,
You'll  trip, it's true.

The longer you use me
The more you'll see
No one's abused  the supply
Quite  like me

I'm dead and cold and dark and blue
I've sold my soul for a fix you know it's true

So now nothing makes me happier
Then poisoning  your mind,
Don't stay in my life too long baby
I'm just a fix, you'll find
For all the broken things inside you
You know you'll never fix
I'm just the duck tape
To stop you loosing your mind
Jazmin Ortiz Aug 2016
His kisses are my drugs
He is my dealer
The last time I had my drug was two weeks ago
And I’m addicted
I need it
I can’t think straight without it
How am I supposed to get my drug without my dealer?
He says he doesn’t know if he wants me
But I need him
He keeps me sane
He gives me a high that no one else can
His kisses are my drug
And I’m about to go through major withdrawal without it
without him
Hes not good for me but im addicted
Karmen Mar 2016
Sitting along the curb
Sun shining bright
I await for my drug delivery

Wondering why
It's taking so long
Oh right
They're on Tweaker time

Texting my guy
Asking how much longer
I'll have to wait

The sun is bright
It's heat getting to me
Thinking to myself
Ill be late to work
***** getting ready
I'll pack a bowl
Light it up
Only 2 hits
Then I better get ready

Phone buzzes
My guy explains
He's sent another
To do this deliver

I don't ask why
Or who it is
Just for him to get to me soon

Pace back and forth
Along the curb
I'll be late to work
Why's this guy taking so long

I hear the car
Look up fron the ground
Finally this dude has arrived
But to my suprise
It's you inside

Thinking is it really you
How could this be
It's been a month since I last saw you
I question why
You're the delivery guy
Call you an ***
For not hitting me back up

I ask for the dope
Give you the money
Step out the car
Not saying a word
My hearts filled of hurt
I rush back inside
Text my guy why

He replies why it's a problem
I explain
We spoke about the situation
That delivery guy
He's not just anyone
I didn't want him to know
I've been using dope
Plus he's the reason why
I do more than I can handle
To void the memories
To void the thoughts
Of everything we once were

It's not fair at all
One month passed by
No replies from you
But Instead
I see you
To my suprise
As the new delivery guy
Of this dope
I don't want it anymore

But I must not cry  
And must not think
Pack a quick bowl
Light the flame
Watch the smoke fill
Inhaling and twirling
Exhale, cool
What was it that made me so sad ?

Smile curl
Phone buzzing
Let's go to work
Rush everything
I'm ready to pretend
Like nothings ever wrong
Nameless Feb 2016
Cuts on my arms
And a pipe in your hand
Which, is worse?
My depression
your addiction.
You have a KID!
Oh, and I'm just a kid...
You give ME ****,
About MY scars;
While you're doing
   ****, in the next room?
And I thought I was ready to die...
But you've thrown your ******* life away.
DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2015
You're my drug fueled fantasy
And all i want is you to dance with me
I'm never coming down
Rather overdose than have a peak
Will you intravenously love me for the right price?
I need your high tonight.
And i just might do anything to feel your bite
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