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In Limerance
Longing lust lingers
A compulsion
Stroking your skin with my fingers
A sensation
As my body wells with more than just emotion
An impulse
Leading to slow soothing motion
I'm helpless
Against your irresistible body
None of it remains untouched
Expect the parts the animal in me wants so much
Soothing turns
Gasping breaths
Breathing and heaving in unison as I hold you in my clutch

Your whispers
Longing desires of the night
Our breath
Heavier by the minute, we can't control try as we might
The intensity
Heightened with rustling clothes and locked lips
Our clothes
Light thuds as they fall to the floor
A soft moan
Letting you know I want more
Your body over me, the most glorious sight
As I gasp for air and sigh loudly with delight
Our movements make the bed creak and crack
Slow thrusts
Arched backs
I feel you throbbing strongly, as you fill me up with a part of you

The sound of us in ecstasy.
This is where we create,
Our own ****** symphony.
A piece written for and dedicated to the love of my life, Steven.
Nigdaw Oct 6
A little pill
To enhance the night,
At its height,
Lights shining
A little too bright;
Dance crazed
Music is life.
Coming up
On a Mitsubishi,
Living life
In Ecstasy,
Popping no stopping
The party, until…..
Ten years on
I fried my brain,
Dancing still
All night long;
Between the sheets
Home, alone.
Scientists, after experimenting on monkeys, have discovered that Ecstasy can cause Parkinson’s in later life.
I love your eyes
But they terrify me
They are the Atlantic and Pacific
Drowning me in wonder
They are the baptismal waters
Dipping me in ecstacy
Sometimes gray
Sometimes blue
Sometimes ice
Always something new.
I love your eyes
They terrify me
But I love the way they search me.
Sam Tate May 19
It is far too long

since I’ve tasted lust

and passion.

Let me breathe

your curves and

taste your thighs.


then sharply.

Remind my lips

of the sweetness of

Your sweat.

As we lay


vulnerable and


Our bodies

contorting in


Euphoric and


I’ll whisper


in your ears

and you’ll

trust me

with your tongue.

Let’s forget

our names

and exist


in that moment.


my back

with your


Tease out

the blood

with your nails.

Let my lips

draw a masterpiece.

Let my words


a song

and we’ll










I miss terribly,
The feeling of being in love,

The ecstasy,
Expecting to breathe life into,
The leagues of my indulgent seas.

The days and nights that sway a life,
To and fore, aft of the rising breeze.
Seeing as we may only stand here for a moment.

Apt to the expectant themes,
Preening the weathered feathers that have flown me away,
and yet home again,

But still I miss it so.
Stara Feb 24
I just met you
Yet I feel like I know you
Not a type from a box
But someone who got out
Explored the world for yourself
I see myself in you
But I see so much more
You have a depth
But you are still so very much here
Your happiness isn't a given
You have worked to be who you are
I don't  think I would have been ready to meet you
I forgot I had a crush on you
When you leaned in for a kiss
I was distracted by your mind
And our hours of stimulating words
Our visits from others throughout the night
I noticed your sense of hospitality
I feel like I can articulate myself with you
We both have passts
That led us to the people we are

And to each other

Maybe we are too alike
V Oct 2018
we explored one another,
similar to that of how the seven sins
would explore their vices,
corrupting their virtues.

but that's what made the garden blossom,
grow with intense passion that radiated
with a melancholy glimmer, with a dipped
and ragged vine of sweat and sheen
arousal and desire.

  craving, begging, mewling, whining;

gluttony, craving for the excess
sloth, craving for moments of rest,
envy, craving for a bearing of arousal,
lust, craving for a touch, a sinful taste;
greed, craving the moans and swatches,
wrath, craving for sullen destruction,
pride, craving for the fall of a bereaved apology.

    our garden;
a place of virtues, a place of our vices.
you showed me the deepest things,
darkest epithets of what was to be explored,
blossoming a crimson rose of pure desire
in the pit of my abdomen, vines of thorns
wrapped firmly around my hips
and the soft ashen flesh of my wrists
soon to be accompanied around
the thin circumference of my ankles.
the shark divots soon finding their
way around the swells of my breast,
and the tremble of my inner thighs;
body arching, lips quivering,
ecstacy of your words,
your seed planted garden that
became a part of me.

I found the cardinal sins in
the dropping countenance
of your words, of your demands, and of your wishes,
and i bathed in it,
soaked myself up in the lavender of
your scent, the scratchiness of your thorns.

our garden was the place to cast our sins,
delve into them, and it ruined me,
but oh how I solely craved it.

our encounters, our actions, our experiences
putting even the seven deadly sins to same,
forcing them to turn when catching a glimpse
of us. The swells of their cheeks blossoming
with that of a rose tinted hue.
Sara Kellie Jun 2018
Twenty years in the fast lane, speeding
was ecstacy at the time.
Sweet heady bubbles of coke,
buzzing at feeding.
No softeners added, lemon or lime.
My therapy, my medication.

******, my mind on a long vacation.
Knowing this time would
one day arrive.
My restless legs, my tired insides.
My not so central nervous system,
twitching fingers, flickering eyes.
This to me is no surprise.
My therapy, now my reprise.

Peotyr by aKydee.
Drugs saved my life once.
Eyes cast
Beautiful mind
Your energy and mine
Hearts beating fast
Lips locking
Body on mine
Your skin devouring
Deep in your flesh
Minds exploding
Dissolving in pleasure
An instrument to play
Delicious noises
Murmuring in my ear
Words with moarning
Art performing
................. Art performing
Subrat Rath Jun 2018
Dew drops are falling.
Full moon is calm and cool.
The nature is silently shaping my hopes and dreams.
The silence of night is taking me to a new height.
The infinite sky is making the mind to look beyond the deep valleys.
From the horizon are flowing all energies.
The whole existence is dancing in ecstasy.
Inside the dew drops I am envisioning a new life.
The flowers,trees and the mountains are making the mind serene and tranquil.
Being covered by dew drops the whole nature is seeming beautiful.
The reflections of knowledge and wisdom inside the dew drops are showing me the path to peace,progress and prosperity.
Flowers are shining and merging the mind in peace and bliss.
The reflections of the stars inside the dew drops are making the mind more colorful.
Every where is being felt the presence of Almighty.
Dew drops are adding more value to tired and dejected life and inside the slumber of the night I am resting in peace.
Dew drops are very much liked by all and enhance the beauties of nature and add value to creativity.
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