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SWebster Feb 11
Exhaustion tears through my heart
My mind stutters over thoughts
My lungs ache from breathing
And I’m itching for emptiness.
maya cahill Dec 2019
she watched slowly as her mother came later in the night
and her father no longer came home after work
and her sister sleepover at her friend’s house
and her brother lock himself in his room the thumping of the bass vibrating both their walls
and she saw as no one showed up at their weekly sunday brunches.
or when no one was there for breakfast
and no one showed up for dinner
and she never saw her sister anymore
and when she knocked on her mother’s bedroom door in the morning there was never a response
and she missed it,
she missed sunday brunches with her family and no one missing out because her father was the best cook in their family
and when she baked cookies or a big coconut cake for just the five of them on friday nights,
because the were watching the james bond movies or the lion king series all in one night
and she missed it,
because now on sunday mornings she got takeout from ihop and sat at the table alone
glancing at the clock till it read 1.00 and then she picked up the other four plates and washed the clean plates anyway, and on friday nights she’d bake a cake anyway with no one there to eat it.
B1uesx Nov 2019
Head still in the sky, trying to land back on ground
Heavy turbulence
No escape now

‘My ride or die’ I thought,
‘You’ve got my back’

My mind focuses on the passing turbulence

Holding our arms out to the sky
Engulfed in the feeling of the wind.
Laughing and cherishing the light bubbles of laughter

Little did she realize she was the fool
Her throat chokes up dark viscous tar
She’s back in the same bathroom
Looking back at her despising eyes

Her reflection says it all.
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Learn war
No more
6/22/2018 - Poetry form: Footle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Jay M Nov 2019
Racing about
Scattered here and there
Learning all it can
Then, somehow
Reading a work
So inspiring
A true keeper of knowledge
Hidden among them

Seeking improvement
Of works and self
But so occupied
Barely time for such
In a hurricane of stress
Pressure and emotion
Far beyond itself
The student tried
A deed so selfish
Then reflected
A work resembling the moment
Easing themselves in part
That it was released
But horrified
Of what could have been

Looking up
To their mentor
A keeper of knowledge
Held in high respects
But when seen
At the weakest
Cast away
As one of millions
But the student
To be more than one of millions
Pleading to be taught
To be made an apprentice
No more
No more

- Jay M
November 6th, 2019
fool I am
but It only offered once

call me childish
call me immature

I've been hurt
I've died again and again
I must protect myself today

fool I am
but it only offered once.
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2019
It is unknown that gets me of this
A veil, a world beyond exists
Life and reel both
Shows the stills of the worst
But no more
Could mean way more
In ways no one will understand
About what this i

A relief to all unending pain
A permanent erase to all thoughts in brain
harsh reality to those still living
The real problem is in breathing
Liberation and freedom
Aren't for the living
Part of brave around
The chances are faint

A forever is a promise
Not to believe in
Wonder to eyes
All good lies
Simple truth
Is too good for us
Not edible enough
God don't need us

Not here not there
Only best get vacancy
Heaven is housefull
Seven hells down
The burns and fiery thirst
don't stop
Ignition on
You were bad
When you had the chance
Elizabeth Apr 2019
My quill is writing on it’s own,
Trying desperately to engrave
The words my mind has sown:
“Just let go”
In this abyss there is no hope,
My heart is crying
While my mind is dancing.
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