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KG Mar 14
There's no point writing anymore
when the idea of sharing them again becomes
so droll
Now my thought's wrestle against themselves
and disappear, and unfold
The farther they stretch, the further they fold in
then release, like a breath, for a moment unspun
betrayed tenfold, no matter the compatie.
Friends, turned heathens, turned businessmen, turned faithful, turned deathtrap, turned kindness, turned apathy, turned hoprful, turned apathy, turned tarnished over time, turned hate for the self.
and I'm over here like, bro//
I just want to be left alone.
therein lies deceit, a line I've waited to say for some time.
we all seek something, and it makes want for us all
no matter the source.
Perhaps, that's why some of us still pay taxes.
If you're reading this
Just because you're scared, doesn't mean you're wrong to be. When your scared, though, make sure you're scared for the right reasons. Don't act out in fear, or jealousy, or anger
They cloud your judgement, and distract you from the cause.
they could very well destroy whole chapters and books of a life.

I hope you fix what needs fixing, mark what needs marking, cultivate what needs cultivating, and build what needs building.
I regret to inform you, that I am, in fact, only, but just: a figment of your consciousness, singing into, well, it's.. .
It's own demise.
Diana Santiago Oct 2021
I’m missing how it used to be
How you’d seek me out like a little puppy
The sparks flying between us like fireworks
Anticipation building as we engaged in conversation

Then it finally happened on a steamy summer night
The curiosity we had about our bedroom manners
Discovered in an instant moment of gratification
Our bodies tangled as mouths and tongues tasted one another

But as expected things fall apart
We’ve slowly morphed into distant acquaintances
You pay me a visit only when you need to vent
As I listen in silence about the woman you love and hate

Laying wide awake in my bed
Thoughts of you take me over
Pleasing myself at the thought of your mouth
Gifting wet kisses to that sweet spot

You can’t deliver your message to my face
That this short lived connection was just that
Ceasing your exploration of me and my body
Our association has reached its final stop
Jade Aug 2021
I don’t wanna be your friend anymore
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a dream one week ago:9

when that world came to an end

I saw all the colors in hindsight-eyes bend

cheetahs brush the graves on a pupil in the browns they fade

kisses planted on necks for a goodbye imaginary mates no meet made

stake on the runs

cars jogging in place neon lights with no sun

the packed stuff stumble on frights and screams I can't shut

the hell does it mean when you're choked on fatal without a but

doors abandon left sensations in scare in must

breathes don't do any when opened after this disastrous dust

when the world came to a salty end

a smile in me shattered on no coming backs forever send

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, souls shatter up too:}

dear heart on glass

dear hands on a stance

dear soul on torns

dear fingers on tires

dear mind on empty

dear thoughts on screams

dear God on the heavenly winters

my pen is hindered

because of the dreams I refuse to remember

too hard for me to surrender

to cage my fury into fonts of lavender

I want them back

demand the need demand the lack

of the splutter of my nerves on the thrilling track

can life become more lifeless than that???!!!

want my body on a panic attack?

or the blades to sharpen their steeps their venture

to cut deep to flush the ink and stain it on keep

or maybe an abandonment

shut of the door they said they inclined

tires no more for a feel

Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, my heart aches for the wounds:\

is it when a matter is in the faults???

the puts of the words and the spits of the secrets

moon I swore the hells to I would never say loud

it's like the repressed in her

in her stashes

her hidden ashes dancing in the rests

fearing of the miss

of the outs of the mists

too much of bliss or not

deprivation an official ****

when my chest aches

blessed with the silence

cursed with those disgusting chaos of a waste

transforms to the addicting

an incredulous taste

menaced to me on her fazes she spills

psychotic on the egos what is this???

drown me in an ocean of misery

won't matter as much of the mockery

                                                       ­                       ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I can go on forever:|

what if the worst I can't know anymore

what these fingers are capable are core

what if the blurs are getting to a hold

not even sure how I put that to the bold

what if I'm not here at all

still the same but number for the height of the fall

what if the tomorrow awaits no flesh no dark

the evermore I wrote is a fade is an invisible mark

Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
There’s a small voice screaming.

It sits on the floor,
Legs pressed to its chest

Blood starts to run down its arms,
Never did I notice.
How could I miss such detail.

It’s dying.
Begging for its life.
Hoping for another chance.
But it never would.

The deed is done.
Today was the day, she stopped caring. Recklessness invades and it’s time to listen.
tiredkoalahugs Dec 2020
Is this it?
Is this missing piece
The dancing in the rain,
The everfading pain,
Is this it?
Oh for what is this new feeling that I didnt realize I missed,
And the feeling of what it's like to be kissed
Oh the joy
Is this it?
The end of the puzzle
The end of the search
The end of the pain
This is it isn't it?
This is happiness
To dom, xoxo
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