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Poetic T Sep 28
I'll never **** with her,
           she's more lethal..
   than a James bond villain…

Her legs have more power
  than a Fukushima releasing
             her poison between
     my hips.

I'm a rod and she's
the water containing my

but she evaporated,
             never watching...


that what I release is like a virus.

           Contaminating the womb
of creative contagion...

You'll float in the abortion of my
         chock hold of words...

You'll never be born, still born words,
                     I'll burn you in a shallow grave.
And you'll realise that I'm never  to be ****** with.

My words were like a machete of gunfire cutting
            you up before you even knew pain.

I'm a nationwide hunt, and you'll be buried
                                                       in my words,
shallow rhymes, given a urinated burial...
                           I'm relieved your here and not in my view.
Nikki nashon Aug 30
Quad faded
whisky in my ***
Light a cigarette
having fun
Summer always was my trigger season
the time were always everything would change

my heart got broken more than once this year
every time you made me feel worthless another piece broke

this cruel summer
I have cried over everything that ever happened to us
I have died about everything that ever happend to me

I have learned how much my own happiness means to me
and that the happiness I always saw in us was dead

loving you was like selfharm,
I know how bad it was and still I could never leave

I needed you to leave first so I could see how much it changed me
the secret sharing stopped, you weren't my favourite person anymore

I wasn't my favourite person anymore

this summer everything changed
I've learned my first crush will be nothing than just a teenage crush
and that it's okay to cry over someone who isn't good for you

this summer I learned it's okay to feel totally ****** up
and that feeling like you are 16 again is totally fine

there is this new someone with beautiful rare eyes and an insanely beautiful smile who I can share my secrets with and be myself with

it's crazy how I can feel more loved and more special with you

you learned me
I am not too much and I deserve to be loved for everything that is me
this summer was a total roller coaster
SomeOneElse Jul 22
**** all you who rush to judge me
When you all don't even know me
**** all of you doubters out there
And those who just pretend to care
**** all you ******* hypocrites
With your intentions counterfeit
*******, you're really not my friend
When you back stab me in the end
******* who play with my feelings
Could care less for my well being
**** this world I'm so sick of it
And the bullies who control it
So ******* and your little lies
Now here is my final reprise
**** all you who rush to judge me
You don't even ******* know me!
A poem written after constantly being rejected and or backstabbed
Noura May 26
There are things that you just wanna ignore
Never come back to
But their remains never leave
They're here to make a scene
To torment you in your sleep
To haunt you in your day
To stay
And you fight
Every ****** day you're alive
You fight
You put on a smile
You work you study you love you laugh
And you live
Some people don't, but you do
Because that's how it is.
Luis Valencia Apr 28
Time slips away
But time was a concept created by man
That makes me think
What if love was a concept created by man
Not some god
Not some other ancient force
But human beings
Who thought that being lonely was a sin
Single people are characterized as
They pity us
They think that we can't function properly
Because we are alone
I say
**** THAT
**** THAT
When did it become mandatory for people to find a soulmate
Seriously why is companionship so important for human beings to have
What type of ****** up spirt created this
And why didn't they give us the option to leave
If companionship is required for us to live then I'm
And Completely ******
**** this **** I opt out
Amanda Apr 16
I know I am lucky
To have someone like you
Who likes me even after
The **** I put you through
So why am I still unhappy?
You try so ******* hard
To break the walls of ice
Around this aching heart
I am perpetually grateful
For what you do each day
None of it is ever enough
To make my misery go away
What I long for above everything else
To make you laugh once more
Be the warm glow lighting up your life
Both of us feeling as good as before
But those carefree days are gone
Replaced by years of strife and pain
Now I’ll  never be your sunshine again
Instead I bring dark clouds pouring rain
My smile has badly broken
Like all our remaining trust
Here we are still putting
Together the pieces of us
Don’t think I don’t appreciate
The fact that you’re still here
Unfortunately your presence
Does not make my sadness disappear

You are perfect that’s plain to see
The problem is not you, but me
IC Feb 22
When you thought you're in the right bunch,
but no you're not.
When you thought it is the right hunch,
but no it's not.

When you treat them like jewels,
and you were just a rock.
When you were so little,
and they're high as ****

Do you have to stay when you know it hurts?
This will never happen if you just shut up.
Do you have to stay just to make it work?
This would never happen if you're not ****** up.
mano wa Feb 4
Pour me a drink
I want my ******* soul to sink
Deep enough to  float and chill
Maybe then i will take it easy

Maybe then i wiĺl fight no more
Maybe then it will all be smouth

Pour me another drink
I dont want my mind to overthink
About the future
Maybe i will **** things up
Wait , things are already ****** up
**** , how did they get ****** up ?

Pour me another drink ( a strong one this time )
I want to sit and overthink
About how did i **** things up ?
Was  i angry  ?
Was i reckless ?
**** no , i actually  was indifferent
So ******* indifferent .
Beat me up

until my skin turns blue

Slice me up

until my blood dries out

Choke me hard

until my throat can't shout

End my life

so i can meet with my lover...

im coming darlin
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