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IC Feb 22
When you thought you're in the right bunch,
but no you're not.
When you thought it is the right hunch,
but no it's not.

When you treat them like jewels,
and you were just a rock.
When you were so little,
and they're high as ****

Do you have to stay when you know it hurts?
This will never happen if you just shut up.
Do you have to stay just to make it work?
This would never happen if you're not ****** up.
mano wa Feb 4
Pour me a drink
I want my ******* soul to sink
Deep enough to  float and chill
Maybe then i will take it easy

Maybe then i wiĺl fight no more
Maybe then it will all be smouth

Pour me another drink
I dont want my mind to overthink
About the future
Maybe i will **** things up
Wait , things are already ****** up
**** , how did they get ****** up ?

Pour me another drink ( a strong one this time )
I want to sit and overthink
About how did i **** things up ?
Was  i angry  ?
Was i reckless ?
**** no , i actually  was indifferent
So ******* indifferent .
Beat me up

until my skin turns blue

Slice me up

until my blood dries out

Choke me hard

until my throat can't shout

End my life

so i can meet with my lover...

im coming darlin
on the interwebs wanking

and looking for ***

you might get some love

if you put down the tech

I have been people-watching

and the things I observed,

have left me much more

than a little disturbed

our future is doomed

as the youth of our nation

lack basic skills,

like communication

clean their cars out

for Facebook

'cos they think that the world

gives a **** how their face looks

and they want their neighbors,

friends to see

their perfect,

plastic "family"
s Willow Jan 2
Schools should give out vests
Mass shootings are prevalent
Two thousand eighteen

Eat poison on line
Million view it’s worth the death.
Two thousand eighteen

Last male rhino died.
Say goodbye to white rhinos
Two thousand eighteen

Planet’s surely *******
Earth’s imploding on itself
Two thousand eighteen

Do not show *** pride
Electric shock therapy
Two thousand eighteen

We all will die soon
Death cracks out of his own shell
We are all so ******
I was asked to write about 2018. He’s a few haikus. So this is all tre about what happened. Let’s hope 2019 is better
Pastelblitz Dec 2018
I want you out

M o n s t e r

I am loved



It doesn’t feel like it..

I know I’m loved..


Maybe you were right?

Maybe no one will love me..

For your harassment and lies and strong restraining claws

Will no longer slice my thighs or wrist

You monster

Stop I-

You never loved me..
I feel so useless and worthless and I know I’m loved but I doubt it? I ******* doubt it to this day and it’s been over 2 years. You’re such a monster
Sara Kellie Oct 2018
One day you phone
all you'll hear, a dialling tone.
The next time you call
the battery is dead.
I'm unconscious,
a plastic bag on my head.

Oh I'm sorry, was it something I said?
but one more thing before I'm dead.
I'm thinking . . .
as I lie . . .
as I bleed . . .
"What size screwdriver do you need?"
Are we there yet?
Nearly . . .
Nearly there now.
jennifer delong Nov 2018
Reality is knowing the truth
Seeing our lives
Living in such distruction
We fight We ****
We struggle
What changes
We continue to see
the harsh reality
We watch sadly
how things fail
We can only hope
Reality is it's not changing
Reality it's getting worse
How can we be hopeful
How can one live broken
We had chances
But our truth is
We put faith in the misguided
We didn't come together
So here we are living
in the mess of our reality
© Jennifer Delong 11/7/2018
tayarose Nov 2018
Tears fall off my cheek, every night i cannot sleep
Why? i just want to dream, but i'm burden
hurled and threaten by the memories
in the back of my mind filling me like a creek
I want silence, a hushed mind
not a rambling mushed one
Sometimes i may think today will be the last
pick up the blade, take it to the vein
I put it down, can't, cause no more pain
I'll stay in this pain, i don't want no one to feel this way
Bryce Oct 2018
I said it'd be idealistic
the way I would meet someone
but I can't tell with you
If it's **** or something else
There's a strange stirring
The diamonds on your finger
there's something real about you
and it disarms me completely

How slowly it crept on me
a deadly poison
I drank the brackish liquid
nestled in the dunes of my mind
and realized again
what it felt like
to be in love

It makes no sense
you don't say a word
I laugh at every single thing you say
you're the best thing I've ever heard

I stare into your eyes and I am a child
I am lost without myself, my mind wanders
It does not seem real and I am unable to even speak
I cannot tell you
What it means to feel again
How you've so gently warmed my heart
how you've given me hope, a thing, a reason
I want to thank you and It's not even you
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