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Mrs Anybody Oct 2020
Dear diary,

Today I
am longing
a lover
Keep me
also check out my other poems!  :)
Donna May 2020
Two magpies fly by
Rejoicing in joy to come
Warm summertime hugs

Love magpies such lovely birds saw two the other day was awesome 🌸x
Stay safe take care stay positive ** 💕
idiosyncrasy May 2020
they say
boys want a girl
that is good
in the kitchen

i just
want a girl
that is good
in my arms
nif Apr 2020
the morning always bring
me and you
and little ones soon
open the window
by the bedside
breeze blows just right
into your eyes
I crawl  
knowing I would
the morning will always bring
I love mornings with you
Beana Apr 2020
I understand you in a way no one else can.
I know to twirl my fingers in your hair all day,
How to play with it in just the right way,
So it's tousled just enough that it looks like you had fun,
But not like you just woke up drunk.
I know I'm all you need,
I'm the one you've been looking for,
No one matches you like me,
We go together like bread and cheese.

Darling please just let us be,
Let all the others go,
I'll always be there in the end,
No need to try them on for show,
And I'd rather just skip to the end.
Let's avoid all the drama,
All that you need is here before ya.
Now let's go to a library,
And you can pick out what we read.
Then at home we can cuddle,
In our fuzzy socks, my heart in a puddle,
Because I just adore you, my little bun,
I love you more than the sun.
Just another in the Secret Admirer series :) One day I'll tell her who I am...maybe
Balaguer Mar 2020
They never come without
love or cuddles.
Despite what anyone may say
they never end.
An absolute necessity,
craving desire,
you always find your way back too.
Loving this much
has made you weak,
kisses are what keeps your soul sturdy.

Kisses, Love & Cuddles
hazem al jaber Oct 2019
Cuddle's language  ...

it's the best place ...
it's a cozy lovely place ...
there where we can ...
feel a warm and peace...
there near the holy part ...
inside ...
where we hold a great heart ...
the heart which gives ...
the love we seek for ...
with no words ...
only you can feel with ...
within it's beats ...

it's the most best language ...
that we can talk with no words ...
we can feel a happiness and peace ...
there where we draw the heaven ...
while we cuddle each others ...
yes sweetheart ...
it's a lover's language ...
with no any words ...
with it all deep feelings ...
to talk with ...
and to create all love with ...

let's talk now sweetheart ...
with no words ...
only with cuddling ...

hazem al ...
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