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Cuddle's language  ...

it's the best place ...
it's a cozy lovely place ...
there where we can ...
feel a warm and peace...
there near the holy part ...
inside ...
where we hold a great heart ...
the heart which gives ...
the love we seek for ...
with no words ...
only you can feel with ...
within it's beats ...

it's the most best language ...
that we can talk with no words ...
we can feel a happiness and peace ...
there where we draw the heaven ...
while we cuddle each others ...
yes sweetheart ...
it's a lover's language ...
with no any words ...
with it all deep feelings ...
to talk with ...
and to create all love with ...

let's talk now sweetheart ...
with no words ...
only with cuddling ...

hazem al ...
Donna Oct 22
A cuddle is bliss
It’s warm cozy and lovely
And makes your heart bloom

Xxxx ❤️❤️❤️
Stan Oct 22
It started with wine
But then ended with cuddles

It should have lasted for a while
But ended in struggles

The spark is still there
And I still call him mine

We still have a lot to share
And he still is
My favourite kind of wine
Darryl M May 9
Being in contact,
The kiss that is going and going,
Going to the neck,
Whilst my hands are squeezing your ****,
Up to your waist.

Slide your ***** to the bottom,
Coz it doesn’t belong,
Thrown to the floor,
And you on the bed.

I don’t want this night to be just about magnetism,
I want it to be about something
that another guy can never repeat in your life.
Your pleasure spots,
Need my fingerprints to unlock.

Understand the ritual of deep pleasure,
It’s about how long the sensation lasts.

Let me travel the land of the captive,
The Euphoric,
Where no man wishes to leave.
The ****** sanctuary,
Your privy.

Relax in my touch,
And I’ll sink in, deep.
Completed: 21st July 2018 [16:50 PM]
Darryl M May 9
We cuddled through the winter night,
I felt your heart pounding and pounding,
Until you found rest in my touch.
Your heart realized, it’s where it’s supposed to be.
Home with me.

Lend me your ear,
Forgive me for nibbling your ear lobe.
Do you feel what I feel when we touch?

Clingy it might seem,
I always want to meet up with you.
Because I still can’t believe I killed my Pride on your behalf.
I killed the former, so the latter be a superb lover for you.

Another, might win your heart.
But can I take it?
Not at all.
I want you all to myself.

If this be too real,
If this be too much for you.
I understand.

This might just be where we fall in love.
Completed: 17th July 2018 [21:09 PM]
Pleasure is to paint horizons on your smooth canvass
Privilege is to trace constellations across your milky way
Swallow me whole and let me live under your skin
Plant a million kisses along the shorelines of my body
Drizzle me with warm honey, your lovin’, my majesty
And forever these fingertips will sail across your arms
Driving me crazy, driving me lazy, you’re a poisonous cherry
Come rest in my cotton lullabies, come surrender your tired eyes
Let’s bridge this thin gap between dreaming and reality
Tomorrow will be another day, but right now I’m a slave
To this sweet, enchanting gaze
To the architecture of your face
To the weight of your bones
To this embrace, I call my home.
Shlomo Jan 17
My dreams are made of kisses and cuddles

And nightmares of no Mrs and toddles

Reality is altered in a carbonated fizz

But I’m torturously lonely in this vivid whizz

A bizness man is what I dream to be

To be distracted from the love that you have for me

You claim to love me so dearly

But will you leave me one day seemingly seamlessly

I’m 28, but 18 seems so miles away

Thoughts of you got me feeling like (it was) yesterday

Only to live everyday like it was my last (to)day

With fingers crossed for dates on a Saturday

Waking up has me questioning

my existence and hopes of a better ‘morrow

With gold, myrrh, and some kissing in

To never have, and always yearn for more

I always dream for another me

One with love, respect, sense of dignity

Pushing me to a better me

Beyond the ‘mares, dreams, but in reality.
its a cat and mouse game
with a variety of circus acts to entertain me:

1. giggly, touchy, curly haired cutie
2. nonchalant, arrogant, nose pierced *******
3. bat **** crazy, rebellious leftist
4. jealous, overprotective teenage boy who likes giving black eyes

i know you care deep down
for more than just your friends
the one act i'd like to be in
is the one where i hold your hand through the smoke
and the one where i bandage you up,
by the end of the night

-λεγε τι εγινε;
-can i help βασικα;

-i just kinda want a hug y'know

-i'd give you one
a textual representation of how my thoughts look
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
Twinkle twinkle little star,
Every night you glisten so far,
My grandchildren live afar,
Tell them they are the best by far.
I have no one to say,
Grandma,please don't go,stay,
Only a little while,
I love to see your happy smile.
For long I have not felt you sleep on my shoulder,
A chance to hold you a little longer.
I would love to feed you with icecreams and cookies,
Shower on you cuddles and kisses.
Day and night,
I miss my grandparent right,
To store your beautiful childhood memories,
To form a strong bond that every grandparent cherishes.
The pages of my life have you missing,
For what I have and cannot have
my heart aching.
Remember,though we may be apart,
You will always be in my heart.
My grandchildren live oceans away from me.We meet once in a blue moon.
Amanda Oct 2018
Thoughts of you strike at all hours
Matching memories to mixed emotions
Handsome haunting face appears
Persistent flames burn me with devotion
Inspired inside by inviting eyes
Powerful enough to lock in a gaze
Makes me want to hide within your aura
In a place far from here, get lost in a gaze
Been living a fairytale
Loving through day, all through the night
Evident by how we remove each others clothes
Want you to be the only one who gets to hold me tight
If you are wrapped up next to me in sheets
I look forward to each play-filled day
I can honestly say I am happy with life
If it lasts only a short while that's still okay
Time spent with your hands on my hips
Worth any amount of pain to come
Feelings you rile  within my heart
I will treasure no matter the outcome
I will never forget how your hot breath felt
Tickling my pale exposed neck
Each murmur captured in my brain
Stored in an internal tape deck
Precious moments run around my head
Lips throbbing to touch once more
I will love you until the day I take my last breath
Til the second my still cold body hits the floor
I wrote this for my (ex) boyfriend's birthday not knowing we were going to break-up so soon. He turned 25 Oct 7th, and we may not be together but I still wanted to share because we are friends still. This one is just for you Taylor.
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