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We always smile,
When we meet again.
We hug so tight,
In plain sight,
We escaped from a cruel exile
Of our daily chores.
We always smile,
As through all  our pores,
When we meet again.
With our hands clenched
Not wanting to ever let go,
Then side by side
We start to go,
To nowhere.
Usually, I always stumble
On invisible rocks,
But when we walk like that,
Side by side,
With hands clenched,
To nowhere,
You are the one
Who stumbles now
And we laugh
In unison.
William 7d
Notes scribbled on paper
Glances across the class
A simple smile, A stolen heart
Love used to be easy

Holding hands in the hall
Names scribbled on test
A table at lunch, A ride after class
Love used to be easy

Dinner with your parents
Trip to visit mine
A fight tonight, A fight tomorrow
Love used to be easy

I gave you love
And all I got in return was lies
I gave you my all
And all I got was your worst
I gave you happiness
And you gave me pain

Your words spun to make a victim
My words spun to make a villain

You never wanted me
You lied to me
You ***** me

A young girl who didn't know better
With a man much older than her

She was alone and scared
And he took advantage

I will always blame myself
But you are the one to blame

Grey Mar 5
Oh Luci dear how I miss our time together
The adventures, our love. Our recklessness
Under our tree, your head resting against my chest as you tell me your dreams.
Young lovers with a pack of cigarettes and our baggage
Too quick, too much pain for such a short time
Hard to believe 5 long years have passed since I last tasted those lips.
The memory of a time when I called you mine
Luci you are beautiful beyond words can compare.
I pray the world is kind to you, for you have shared love with me and showed me heartache.
Life be gentle with my dear Luci
Fate bring us together once more, so that I may hold my love again
allison Mar 4
him: love you forever
her: love you always
him: til death do us part
her: promise?
him: promise.
him: forever & always
something i came up with because of a book i'm attempting to write
Grey Feb 23
Even though it’s been too long since I last called her mine..
Seeing you brings it all back, every memory, every kiss.
How could I ever forget?
5 years we’ve said our goodbyes and here I am a smiling idiot
You look very happy, and I hope he treats you like the queen you are

The agony is not having you but knowing you don’t love me
They say to get over you, to move on, forget all of it.
How can I forget the one who showed me true love, our rebellious adventures, those nights parked in my car at smokers corner.
That first kiss at the football game, you were biting your lip and looking at me
For a moment it was nothing but us, just innocence in love.
You still haunt my dreams, I wake up with shaky hands or sometimes tears
Lonely poets that fall in love, the thought of you, forever these words will stay

She was the one, the rare one.
It’s okay, because she’s happy
It’ll be alright because she’s better
She is the girl of my dreams and I hold that love close to my heart
Bruce Demos Feb 11
It's when you blush, my heart explodes
Maybe because, the things I know
Like how I love to hear your laugh
Or how I want to make this last.

Maybe it's how you look at me
Or how you sound when you're sleepy
Could be our laughs laying in bed
Or just the way your nose turns red.

I missed your voice and sharing songs
And looking at the calm blue dawn
Or it might be - I'm glad to say -
How this feels right in every way.
Bruce Demos Feb 11
Kissing you
Staring back
Feeling safe
Breathing fast

Sun hot touch
Angel's skin
Sugar sweet
Free of sin

Young love is
Passion still.
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