When I look into those green eyes
all I see are stops signs sayin'
"chill out and breathe."

When you look at me,


like this world is slowin' down, but
my heart keeps beating.

I can't

The butterflies are way too much, yet
you keep on speaking

I don't believe you understand
how much i wanna hold your hand.

You call me beautiful,
well, guess what...

You're beautiful too.
Written around April, 2016.

An immature, cheesy, and incomplete attempt to a love song that I cannot forget.
Y Rada Feb 24
​I was young and full of dreams
Wanting to be with you always
So I let my black hair grow long
'Til it would reach your heart​

You glanced at me many times
And I was too shy to confess
I looked at the skies everyday
As I brushed my cascading mane

I imagined your hands on me
Your fingers were so soft
Telling me that you adore me
As you tied up my long hair

The sun gave way to the moon
Silky black turned to gray
But still my hair is flowing
Past my untamed bitter heart

I look sadly at the starlit skies
When I alone brush my long tresses
Remembering regrets of the past
And knowing you bind up her hair.
This is my first poem in 2018. I got inspired with the Beautiful Chinese Music - Binding Up My Hair. The melody is so beautiful and melancholic.
Misty Eyed Feb 20
you are the warmest yellow,
and the coldest blue.

your burnt orange is the blazing fireplace,
in our cozy little home.
your hunter green is the clumps of grass,
that our children's bare feet will touch for the first time.
your pale purple is the dress that I will wear,
on our anniversary date night.
your indigo blue is the 2am,
that I roll over to see your closed eyes next to me.
your maroon red are the blisters on your hands,
when you come home from a long day at work.
your deep grey is the smooth countertops,
that I sit on while you kiss me.
the ash black is the comforter on our bed,
that we lay chest to chest under.

your colors paint our future,
and they are oh so beautiful.

i woke up thinking
today was going to be just another saturday
i experienced the exact opposite
today was unexpected
everything i have been hoping for
- new beginnings

the flood in my heart was dried today
a fire began to take it’s place
- take over my heart

my endless tears
my long days without you
my frustrated mind
slowly began to fade away
-missing you

the words you said
your fast breaths
your embrace
our “i missed you” kiss
made me feel whole again
- you are my missing half

i will treat this love
like it is the most fragile thing in the world
i will love you endlessly
it’s the one thing i always want to do
if i mess this up
i will be even more broken than before
- i would never forgive myself

the world we live in
has plenty of positives
and even more negatives
as much as the positives seem more pleasurable
the reality is that negatives exist too
don’t second guess me
don’t break my heart
please tell me the words you said are true
- i’m more fragile than before
sweeeeeeet like honey
Misty Eyed Feb 16
Your lips,
Your hair,
Your cheeks,
Your eyes,

And your heart is mine,
Forever and always.

They say you look at me
In a special way
And I hope
I desperately hope that's true
love me
Ashley Lingy Feb 2
We were too young from the start.
And damaged deep early on.
And my muddled, stubborn heart
kept faith in a love long gone.
Seven years dragged on, of course we fell apart.
A love nothing more than a lingering fart.
and i guess i am selfish. because i really, really want you to be happy, always. i wanna see that smile that made me fall so hard for you. but i dont wanna see you happy if its with another person. i dont want you happy holding someone elses hand. i dont want you happy celebrating an anniversary with someone else. and i definitely, definitely dont want you to be happy, in love with someone else. because i want to be enough for you, i want you to feel your most excitement and wholeness and inner peace with me. i want you to be in love with me. i cant just be all poetic and beautifully tragic about it. i cant just think "i want you to be happy, even if thats not with me," because its not true. i want you to be happy, and i want to be the person that makes you happy. its as simple and frustrating as that.
love is confusing.
Grace Spellman Dec 2017
you are a type of magic
that i've never seen before

*and i want to learn all your tricks
i was writing my boyfriend his birthday card and one of the lines was "You're a type of magic I've never seen before." and it inspired this. Happy Birthday, e.
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