LuLu Apr 5

I was confined in a box
The only way I could talk to you was through a detrimental robot
I wish I said more
I wish I wasn't so torn
Goodbye my love.

I cried for so long
Because you couldn't hold on
I daydreamed for so long
Because you kept my spirit going on
Goodbye my love.

Although our time was short
You were my fort,
You were my temple
And I fucking praised you

Goodbye my love.

my pillowcase knows the secrest of us
I remember waiting for you and I thought I needed you more than the steady air in my lungs
like losing you would result in my own self-destruction
two days of silence and tears fell in my sleep
because you were the one and then you were a stranger
and just as briskly as I loved you I lost you
and I felt everything and then nothing at all
and I held you for a makeshift eternity
and you were something divine before I remembered a boy is just a boy

orangesherbet Mar 30

future ex-lovers

sit across from each other


that what makes their hearts flutter

will one day

deplete their tissue boxes

and happiness

captured in their camera rolls

will someday

be wasting space

in their deleted items


one of their dates

will be

an expiry date.

PeonyInTheEve Mar 22

Thank you for letting her feeling something
You let her awake and feel
A feeling of pain
It's much better
Better than feeling nothing and numb

She's grateful you're the one who let her feel something
So in the end of the day
She could forget you without even trying
So she could live her life
Without your shadow in her mind

Death-throws Mar 9

I hope you know
Theres a Poloroid of you
On my wall.
4 years and 13 days to the date
You disappeared,
I loved you then
You danced across wood floors
Dropped jaws
You spun me up in your silk

You made me feel flawless from a hundred miles away
I wished I could spend every day with you
I still do

I don't know where you are now,
the world swallowed you whole
Im tired
And cold
And you  brought me warmth
I just wondered if you where wondering
That after all this time
If I still kept that Poloroid  of you
On my wall

You'll never see this.
If you do I hope you know I only ever want the best for you
teaxstains Mar 9

A little girl once said to a little boy:

"If you leave, leave but know that if you do, my smile leaves with you..."

"What do you mean?", asked the boy

"It means that when you're gone, I'll never smile again..."

"I'm sorry...", replied the boy with downcast look

"...but I really have to go away to this new life and a new school along with a new family. I'll write you letters!"

"With my smile on them?"

"Every each one of them."

The little girl turned away

A tear fell from the little girl's right eye and hit the sand below

As soon as it did, a shoot grew out of it and into a rosebush

A few other rosebushes bloomed around them until the entire bare ground formed a garden around them

Only, there weren't any roses on them

The little boy looked confused

"Why don't any of them have flowers - so I could pluck one to be kept as a reminder of you?"

"It's because..."

The little girl looked deep into the little boy's gray eyes

"...the flowers in my garden will only bloom the day you walk past them, holding our future daughter's hand."

This is the full poem for that tweet (by me - @teaxstains on twitter)
AK Mar 9

I swore I'd never be that girl
I'd keep my backbone
Watch from the stands
Armed with popcorn
And an extra-large slushie
Kick my feet back,
Enjoy the show in front of me
Watch those foolish teens
High on hormones
Fall in and out of love.

I swore I’d never stoop down to that level,
Lose everything
For unforgiving heartbreak.
I would stay
High above
In my impenetrable
Throne in the clouds.

I swore I’d never
As those three words
Ran across my lips.
With an “and I mean it”
Tacked on at the end.

Isabelle Mar 5

This morning will be a different one, for he will meet a girl
With an auburn eyes, a winsome smile and a hair that is curl
Strange she is, but in a beautiful kind of strange

The boy will stop and stare, will be lost in her haunting sad eyes
She will not notice, and will never knew, that cupid has
shot the boys young heart

The boy found a reason to go out every morning
To see her again, he was hoping
For her smile becomes the sun that brightens his day

He will sit from afar, and with an admiring eyes, just watch her
She paints, she reads, and sometimes plays with her dog's fur
He will silently watch and enjoy the beautiful scenario

It goes for almost a week
"I must be crazy, why do I stalk this chic?"
But he doesn't know the answer

All he know is, the girl brings peace to his heart
Her eyes and smiles are a piece of a pure art
and her laughter is a song to his ears

He could not explain it, watching her makes him happy
and sends a warm chill to his heart, very fancy
"I need to know her name"

The next day, the boy waited in vain
But the girl never came
"I'll wait again tomorrow"

It's been a week, but she never showed up again
In his chest a sadness and pain
Could not accept, she looked for the girl

He found out that the girl loves to paint
But the smell of the chemical will cause her to faint
That's why she sneaks out and do it once in a while

He found out that the girl loves reading
But her eyes failed her, every letters are dancing
That's why she sneaks out and pretends to read

He also found out that her hair was just a wig
And her red lipstick was to hide her pale lips
And finally he found out her name

With a sound of a breaking heart
He reads her name
On her graveyard

Happy 1 year to this poem :)
Bella Reed Feb 20

we are tonight
just you and i
laughing by the fire
holding back all desire
ignoring our friends
hoping the night never ends
we are tonight
just you and i
we spill all our fears
and talk about tears
i learn things about you
that i never would have thought to be true
we are tonight
just you and i
we look at the cloudy sky
and try to deny
we talk about kissing
and people that we are missing
we are tonight
just you and i
our moment is ending so fast
it feels like it didnt even last
i can not fight the smile as you say my name
your voice is to blame
we were last night
just you and me
and now we have to face reality

-love at first convo
maggie W Jan 22

We are 9 miles away from D.C.,
the eye of the storm on the twentieth.

The suburbia love we had,
storm- before- the -calm  kind of meeting we had on this chaotic day.

9 miles away is the city we love
It is a refuge for our boredom and our doomed relationship
On the metro ride, on the E street and somewhere near Farragut West
We watched small budget movies, had ice cream or playing with each others' hands fondly.

We are several blocks away from all the barricades,
So why don't we get in closer and go to Chinatown Coffee
and then wandering down the H street.

In the suburb,  I do not feel peace,
Because the storm is coming.
I'd rather go in the eye of the storm,with you
Where you fell for me.

This Capital love of ours , on the outskirts of D.C.
Where in a perfect world we would both live in,
like last time you told me on the way to E street.

Love  in D.C., To Michael O.
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