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Hollie May 31
It is not just the firsts
It is everytime, every interaction
Never growing used to you
Makes for everything to be special
But it's a first for me
To be captivated by someone
To know enough that shouldn't leave me surprised but does eveytime
When you leave it's nothing new
A ping of pain anchored to my heart
But I deny familiarity
I will see you again and all will be okay
A love that never grows old or tiresome but one that has you falling in love again and again, even when that love is one sided
Mrs Timetable Apr 16
Seeing her turn around
Watching him
Walk into the room
Both adorned
Made his way to her
Leaned over the row of chairs
Her upper body pulled towards him
An embrace
His left hand
On her long dark hair
Disheveled upon where
Her neck meets her face
And then a sweet kiss
On her bloomed cheek
Meant just for her

Everything in my mind stopped...
This meant so many things to them
Hello my love
How are you? My best friend
My future
All the meanings of love
I've seen this before
Havent I?
Ever so openly
Simply done
When a older one kisses a baby
A mate kisses you goodnight
Kissing someone you've missed
This simple expression

But this
So secretly beautiful
In full view
Kindness and respect
For each other

In my mind
I looked around
And asked myself
Was I the only one
Who saw it the way I did?
True story.

I love it when a man puts his hand on a womans face and kisses her. I melt.
D Cole Dec 2022
I had tailored denial for my heart
and for each new sun, that fabric became home.
I had lost taste of the lips of love


I started dreaming again... feels as though she'd never left
Igniting obscure euphoria bereft of my heart


I'm trying to convince myself...
that it's just another night when she ruses
me with pills of nostalgia.

Pulling strings that remind my body of the excitement when our skins knead.

Teaching my heart, again, how to skip a beat.

I'm trying to convince myself that it's just another night...
...but she is now an anchor in my dreams,
dragging me to what it felt like
to be in love.
The after effect from the perfume of love,
Even after we fall out, I catch glimpses of what we were
aubrey Dec 2022
my love for him is comfortable
he lies down on my bed
i lay my head next to his
he doesnt ask for more
he doesnt need more,
to love me too
we're just friends i swear
men have never been my forte.
not even my own father has done me right.
I’ve been hurt over,
and over,
and over again.
told constantly of my beauty,
but never of more.
and you know what?
I thought you were different.
I really did.
I thought you wanted me.
not just for my body, but for my mind as well.
god I wish I had known the truth.
did all those late nights spent talking mean nothing to you?
and how about the times that we kissed?
it seemed like we’d never stop.
I could have sworn you felt something
and that I did too.
now I’m not so sure.
am I just a game for you? is that all I am?
do I really mean that little?
I want the real you,
I want more than just your lips.
I want to see your true colors,
but I seem to be blind:
unable to identify what’s right in front of me.
I don’t know if I love you,
but I don’t want to anymore.
I’m tired of guessing,
and guessing,
and guessing.
I’m tired of this feeling,
but I will never be tired of you.
you, my guilty pleasure,
my forbidden fruit,
my biggest secret…
you are not the sun.
I am.
the last poem written by my heartbroken 15 year old self <3 I am happy to say I am now with someone who loves me the right way.
you looked of sanctity
but tasted of sin.
with your wide eyes of blue
& your porcelain skin.

your lips felt so perfect,
right up against mine.
almost as if we were
old stars aligned.

your words were like honey,
they slipped out so smooth.
& so often you spoke,
there was no interlude.

word after word,
I was spellbound.
kiss after kiss,
feelings unwound.

you removed all my layers;
left me stripped bare.
and all that was left were
strands of blonde hair.

were they yours?
were they mine?
were they merely a figment
of my lovedrunk mind?

till now i’m unsure,
but would I like to know?
we’ll leave this unanswered,
farewell my faux beau.
- another poem I wrote at 15 <3 oh the pain of teenage heartbreak…
one morning I woke,
unaware it would be my last.

not my last morning breathing,
but my last without you
on my mind.

I suppose I am to blame.

I am the one who lit the match,
the one who began the game.

now I’ve lost myself.
lost myself in you.

not just in you,
but in your lies
& your lips
& your arms.

you’re everywhere
& now I’m left to wonder…
where am I?
- a poem I wrote at 15
he swore he could provide me with oceans
when all I could give back was a mere
dew drop.
And so I let him go.

5840 days isn’t a long time to be on earth
when you really think about it.
& if all goes well I should have at least another 20440 until I take my last breath.

so why rush so fast into what’s nearly guaranteed temporary?
call me a pessimist, but love is just a feeling.
and all feelings are temporary when you’re 16 years old.

so when such things are so short-lived,
why waste time on exclusivity & commitment?
especially on someone with such different visions on what love is supposed to be.

no one is obligated to provide reciprocation.
despite the other party’s ambitions or
the strength of how they feel,
some things just aren’t meant to be—
some people just weren’t made to love the same.
so be patient.
savor your youth.
& choose wisely your first love.

but when you’re ready to love?
you love hard.
you love recklessly.
you love exactly as you would want to be loved.
because regardless of its ability (or inability) to last,
love is never easy to forget.
and love should not be taken lightly.
- a poem I wrote back when I was 16 & afraid of love
Kaemae May 2022
I love a love story
Warms a heart I’d meant to keep cold
I want a love story
One where all it takes is a rose to start a fever
In a place where I’m delicate and soft
And to keep me
A battle must be won.
We all want to be loved
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