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Sally J Sep 21
It was a clear, cool summer night
As i approached you, my heart felt a warm familiar feeling of home
You held my hand
We walked
We talked
For a minute, we forgot our past
This was it
The moment we had been aiming for
We gently started colliding
The universe was the witness of our unspoken love
That Friday night of July
Artemis Aug 31
i like your smile.
i like pretty much
about you.

i want to kiss
your freckles
and dimples
and run my fingers through your hair.

it's easy with you.
it's like breathing.
bella Aug 20
if i called your name in an empty space,
you wouldn't notice me
if i turned you by the shoulder to face me,
you wouldn't notice me
if i screamed and cried and shot a bullet through your chest,
you still wouldn't notice me. not even then
after knowing this, however, there will always be a small part of me that imagines you can't notice anything else but me.
this is an old poem that i found in my drafts
Artemis Aug 8
“You are just a girl.
How can you think this is love?”

“He is just a boy.
How can he know how to love you?”

“You are so young.
What makes you certain this is romance?”

Nothing makes me
think or
know or
of anything.

I am just a girl
and he is just a boy
and we are just kids,
lost together.
Maryan Abdi Jul 15
I was happy then.
So happy.
But then again I didn’t know you that well.
This the kinda love that brings pain.
The kinda love that has tests.
Young love, the harshest love.
Yet the sweetest love.
Bridgette Jun 26
i sat with you underneath the sunset
we fell asleep in the dewey grass
when we awoke the sun was just rising
it was rising just like this feeling in my chest. just for you
and within that night i think i fell
fell for your gestures
and your kind eyes
the way you gripped my hand and
sing me songs only for me to hear
made my heart flutter
in ways only you could
you’ve touched a part of me
that was hidden so deep
i didn’t even know it existed
so when the sun was up and out
i spread my feelings out to you, they were as beautiful as the sunrise
now every morning i think of you
my dearest beloved....
the reason i love sunrises
Would you ever kiss me?

Like, really kiss me.

I’m not talking about a 2 second peck on the lips; when I say kiss I mean grabbing my face, my arms, any part of me that you could grasp and kiss me like you are holding on for dear life.

I’m talking about pinning me against the wall because you want to be so close to me, but you can’t be close enough so you settle for a couple bruises as we tumble around on the floor due to the fact that we are both blind, because who the **** leaves their eyes open when they kiss like that?

Would you ever kiss me under an aging oak tree as the clouds open up and rain begins to pour down from the skies?

Would you ever kiss me gingerly as we are waiting for the 3 am train to Newark because we have to make that flight to Barcelona at 10.

Would you ever kiss me just to kiss me, to see what it felt like, to see if it felt good... if it felt right.

Would you ever want to kiss me?
How the **** do I explain
That every single thing in my life
Revolves around her being here.
If she leaves, I’m ******.
If she stays, I’m ******.
How do you cope
When she loves you back
But won’t do a single ******* thing to prove it.
How do you cope
When she says she doesn’t want a life with you.
How do you cope
When you don’t think
You’ll ever be able to love anyone the way
You love her.
Since you were 13 years old,
It has always been her.
It will always be her.
How do you cope
When to her, it won’t always be you.
Artemis Jun 17
we sat in your car
on a cliff side,
overlooking the world.
i laughed,
you smiled.
(I'm so in love with that smile)
you kissed me
before the city lights
and i couldn't breathe.
your lips were so soft
and your hands so gentle.

is it possible to love someone
this much?
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