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Duckie Apr 10
Street cleaners gather beneath crisp tree leaves,
Collecting cloudy tears along the hem of their hoods,
Their oversized coats reminding me of the night
we shared a bench within the downpour of the city,
You demanded I kept my hood down,
Allowing raindrops to trickle atop the bridge of my nose
As your fingers traced the cherry red tips of my ears,
I spent many minutes contemplating how
I would explain my state to my mother,
Settling on the notion to flee to my room the moment I returned,
Soon enough sense turned hazy,
Your violet lips nicked my own,
In a sickly speed.
Old eyes gaze upon
Young faces. So in love they
Were, so young and dumb.
When I'm alone, the rain is wet.
Nothing more nothing less.
But when I'm with you the rain is small drops of life that rejuvenate the earth.
Little sparkles that make pitter patter sounds, which unite in a perfect symphony with my fast heart beat.
Just as the beating slows
One glance from you sets my heart ablaze again continuing the sonata.
Only when you kiss me does the beating stop for a moment,
In shock that my greatest hope has finally became true.
You're scent is best forgotten.
Yet I remember your cinnamon hair,
Everytime the breeze carried the warm smell to my nose I smiled.
Because it meant you were still there with me.
We weren't in love,
Because we are and were,
too young to be having such big emotions.
But I know that whenever I catch the scent of cinnamon on an afternoon autumn breeze.

I will remember you.
Will you remember me?
t Feb 15
       wide and wanting.  
       red and rushed.
reckless becomes my name
as you whisper carelessness in my ear-

you are everything i have ever wanted and more.

cold and burning me everywhere you go,
‘can i see?’
and i would like to say yesnoyesno because that is what i feel but i stare at you instead with

       wide and wanting and where will this go?
and you turn me around and around and we are moving now, quicker than the stars on the edge of the universe.
and the universe is only one word today,

and you
        are next to me with your
       all red and raw and perfect
and i want to ask if you really love me
but i don’t want to ruin this.
     are the curious youth,
drunk on the light of the moon against our arms
and adorned with the fascination of
skin on skin
and kisses returned
and a timeless embrace because

     we don't know what we’re doing but
     i don’t want anything else.
Awake! Awake! Please awake!
The only words she knew as the breath leaves my being
As she sobs, I gained strength
When she stops, my life drifts away.
She's connected with me.

Live! Live! Please live!
Without you I am nothing, I was touched
So deep within my wounds, I felt love sinking through
I was so infatuated.
Even love can heal and I got to experience that.

Breathe! Breathe! Please breathe!
I need you here with me for I am nothing without thee
She vented with her tears, she screamed in anger
I was the hope for her living, the reason at that
She was in love with me.

Don't go! Don't go! Please don't go!
I was at the edge of life,
It was my time to leave scorched earth.
She wept and in her arms is where I died.
She killed herself and I think that was love.
Inspired by past relationships and the relationships that some of my closest friends have been in.
sophie Jan 21
my heart walks the fine, grey line
that hovers between platonic and romantic
feelings for her
or him
probably her

you are so so very incredible
and i continue to trip and fall as i attempt
to balance myself on the fine, grey line

i am so so very confused
as you are my everything
and i feel like nothing when i am not with you

what line is there?
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