The boy i onced loved became the man i feared
Jarene Jul 7
you had me trapped
by the love
i still had for you
my hands on someone else's body
was a sin  
that formed an indescribable feeling inside of me
one that ate me from the inside out
and crippled me
until i was incapable of functioning
like a human being
i was stuck neck deep in quick sand
ready to fade away
until i met him
he broke the curse
the one you had placed on me
he set me free
free to love again
free to feel again
free to be me again
i am yours
no longer
young love
because when i trace your skin
i can hear music
and when i look into your eyes
i see an ocean
now please tell me how
do i just let that go?
ill never understand why you got so cold.
in my arms
lies someone new
but in my heart
i wish it was you.
i miss you.
Adrianna Roe Jul 4
That one silent moment between the two
That one warm hug, that one kiss
Sealing your moment of white being mixed with passionate red
Both unaware beyond your bubble of serenity
And it feels so good to be alone; a constant binding with you
the way you say my name;
sweet and slow,
as you let the vowels roll
of your tongue, i can only
think of the way i love you.

i won't tell you, of course,
but i have loved you since
i saw you across the room.
you were glowing, i swear.
"who's he?" i remember asking.

i have loved you since you
first flashed me that addictive
smile, since you first told me
i am sometimes the only reason
you smile on your bad days.

and i still love you on the
days we don't text, because
one minute of you could
last me a whole lifetime.
you have me forever, baby.

so the next time i say your name;
fast and soft,
remember the moment you first
saw me, the moment you first
realized you loved me too.
dedicated to the boy who has made me feel whole once more.
hannah Jul 1
amidst all blue,
all pure caribbean,
i thought of the ocean and the blooming gray sky

amidst all metallic
all sunflower yellow,
i thought your eyes could never look so alive.

it was 9 at night
in the backseat, full of sweat

and you looked at me like
everything living between us was silence,
not heated breaths or shaking chests
not your hands dug into the caves of my body.

and i closed my eyes not to forget
but to remember
and i leaned up
amidst the color of your lips
and everything felt like red
for a special boy
Elizabeth Jun 25
I wish it were still like that. I wish we stayed in bed until the sunrise and the birds began their day. We used to talk for hours on the rooftops of broken homes. One of them being mine. We lied upon the stars searching galaxies high and low for forgotten love. I was entranced in the way that you giggled and pointed at shooting stars. My wish was always you. I wished upon a shooting star that I could stay with you forever in the moment of hopeless love. The love we had as kids. At some point in time, the stars stopped shooting and the galaxies lost their shape for I sit alone on rooftops now and search for you but, you’ve never been found.
Remember when we'd watch the sunset?
Elizabeth Jun 25
I went home that day, and I wrote about the boy in the green hoodie. I thought a lot about him, but I couldn't wrap my mind around what exactly it was that I liked about him. It could have been the way he danced at midnight in my mind. Dancing around the moon painting pictures of my thoughts. It could have been the way he made me feel when I had no feelings at all. No emotions to untangle, none at all. I think it was the thought of the memories we would create, the ones I could go home to tell mother about. The thing is though I never figured it out. I never knew of any other boys like the one in the green hoodie but, I never once believed it is true that I’d find someone new that was just like you.
To the boy in the green hoodie, I like you alot.
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