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Kashish Jul 2020
I need your heat upon my lips
For you’ve set my soul on fire
 I can't wait, I am drowning in passion
And all I can think of is a night full of desire.
When I will look you in the eye and touch your naked soul
I promise you will get a shiver down your spine
I will then grab your waist and kiss you from the neck down,
Melting away all your desires whilst sipping red wine
Your body will be in the state of ecstasy
And you will fail to resist the aroused sensations
I will tickle and touch the most sacred corners of your body,
And you will realize, making love is too great a temptation.
Melissa Mar 2020
Brick by brick keeps staking on my chest, trying to test to see if I'll crack. The more bricks, the more heaver it gets. Now I'm drowning in a puddle I didn't even know exists.
Jack Radbourne Jul 2019
not crayon not water
but watered down
to drown that claw scratch
of its taste it is
most marvellous
sometimes a shocking
mark made here on the page
here here here here
just where my finger points
to whatever past
symbol we all agreed
on then when need
made need obey
for everyone
sometimes a mark memory
asks for from its past
sometimes a real jewel
that fell to earth and
rang as a star and rings still
so get it back
it’s written down
it can’t be difficult
unless you’re blind
unless you’re dead
and even then it is
most marvellous
Diksha Prashar Jul 2019
Finally, it splattered
Washing away the chatter
Lulling me peacefully
Clearing doubts, clattered
Remembering I frown
Time wasted apart
Testing one thing mattered the most
Our love
Sprinkling again like fresh rain
Finally, it splattered rainbow
We breathe again
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
You threw her away
A seed which wasn't being used
She fell to ground
In despair, in a desperate attempt
To make something of herself
The dirt which she fell in, nurtured her
Provided her with all that she needed
Now she stands tall
A beautiful strong tree
Fulfilling her purpose
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
Her mind is a bunch of tangled wires
Waiting to be taken apart individually
By the one man that dares
To wonder through her madness
Akshi Hargoon May 2019
he was her air
giving her a beautiful life
a life suited for a queen
but suffocating
her on certain days - shutting the palace doors
making her see an explosion of colour
but immersing her into a dark dungeon
her mind became a spiders web
trapping her most intense feelings
allowing her to maintain her golden smile
while making sense of her devastation within
this war is hers to fight for she refuses to give up
she still sees the beautiful life and opened palace doors
Abhishek kumar Aug 2018
I was full of emotions
But i failed to express
Nobody was patient enough
To wait,so they left,
before I started to narrat

My stories were never as thrilling as yours
Nor my life as interesting as yours

I'm unique and my tale differs
So the only audience was my mirror

Now I write and then read
Everything thing that I have printed on my sheet

And I wait for more updates
Because my life is adding new lines everyday
e J Aug 2018
‘Real poets’ say the words should flow
That the words just come to you
At random times throughout the day
But what if that’s not my case
What if it takes me a week
Just to put together the right words
Just to get the point across
Does that make me a poser?
Am I a fake poet then?
No it just makes me different
Everyone writes their heart out
Bleeds the words onto the paper
Some people just have a slower flow
Not a gush but a drip
And that’s me.
I have been feeling very stuck lately. Like my life is at a stalemate
J Rodriguez Jun 2018
I fall apart when I take a couple sips can’t help to think how hurt I feel take one more to see if I can go into this different world of no feelings try to forget where I’m at the moment and just float away .Take a sip of *** cause I don’t like anything clear. Take another sip you can’t get near, thoughts running through my brain can’t control it but to fear always open up and break into tears
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