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Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
Sing a song to entertain,
as we sit around a little fire.

We are small, our fire smaller,
so we think we know,
we trust our science,
as taught,
were we, to test a known,
religiously, to prove,
all things.

At once, we think, if it were me,
alone, thinking we may, we might
disintegrate as fuel in fire,
becoming beings we are,
under your skin,
in your sense of wedom,
happening in ever for ever's own sake.
Uselessness of solitude redeemed in thought called prayer in some stories.
degzvdg Jul 2021
I use to say to myself that,
You and I were two parts of a single being.
Hoping to become one.

I was wrong.
Fate was wrong.

I couldn't defy nature for you.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
The soul is something to nurture
To be touched with gentle hands
Will only blossom when cared for
By someone who understands

And your eyes feel like a dagger
Piercing through my skin
Puncturing vulnerable parts
Hidden deep within

Once full of serenity and strength
My body now lies hollow
An ocean of potential dried up
Empty pit where demons wallow

Drawing me in against my will
Like a fish caught on a line
Powerless to escape the hook
Captivity hard to define

Freedom drowned in a sea of regret
Pulled by the tide's direction
Swept up in the undertow
Waves crash and silence objection

Reasons remain a mystery
My heart caged without knowing why
Held hostage by past transgressions
Imprisoned by forces too great to defy
I kinda drifted way from the original meaning with this one
Defy the paradigm,
The escapist void,
Lines of code I refuse to obey.

I defy,
All emotionalogic.
I make no sense,
Or a dollar that pays my way to ignorant bliss.

'Tis the streets upon which I so selfishly make my way and,
My gears turn with no source or destination.

I am the,
Status quo of the chronically out of place.
Take that next step,
Show me.
Transcribe my sine wave,
     Rays like the sun.

Describe the unending normalcy.
   waves crashing: one too many.

Laser-focused against the (g)rain.
        Tsunami enraged.

Defiance is my resonant frequency,
      sorry to disappoint.

I am the way.
rarae aves May 2020
They play a role
in my life,
that i assign.
Not when I was born
Not as a child
But as an adult, I assign the role you play.
It’s upto me now.
Clay Face Feb 2020
There’s nothing to interpret in defiance.
Once you find a set, put place, position and stand.
Work up the vitality to speak in brutality!
There’s no point to declare without defense.

I want to **** in the wind, because *******.
Replace my mind with a button.
Press it, I’ll regurgitate your rhetoric.
I bet you get off to that, stripping autonomy.
Just tickles your ******. Makes you giddy.

I’d starve myself.
But I would eat a bullet if you had your way.

Without a situation, your just without motivation.
Writing in clear ink,
paralyzed in double think.

There’s nothing to interpret in defiance.
A set, put place, stand, or position.
Dissent should never be conveyed,
unclear, blurry, or in repent!

Opinion shouldn’t be followed by different!
Just stand in on stage, speaking sense!
Those that matter will respect,
others will fall to the aspect...
Diána Bósa Jul 2019
Though the air tastes like the chance of defying,
we are about to unrun the siege against the coming havoc tonight
for we already embrace its touch and learned to accept the inevitable.
The light is still scratching at the windows begging us to let it in
at last,
but my soul was bonded: engraved into your shadow,
dreaming about the firmament of stars; an era of freedom
- long before we became the prisoners of our own sun.
Somewhatdamaged Nov 2018
I know what I am,
yet sometimes I find it difficult to understand.
I was walking the path of deceit
....hoping I would find someone who would hold my hand.

I never knew the feeling to be looked at like a person that really matters,
At the verge of my defiance,
I found someone whom I can count on and climb the highest ladder.

You gave me strength,
You gave me hope,
You made me feel special,
I felt like we were bound to be together,
Although to the world I was the Devil!

Loving is hard as people always say,
Yes it was but not as hard to see you walk away.

And then again,
I was all alone but with a different pain
The pain I couldn't bear,
In the path of deceit again,
With the pain you left me with as your share.

Maybe it was me, the reason for us to end,
But wherever you are I hope for the best,
Because now I know who I really am and I never should have let you hold my hand.
this is the first poem I wrote....
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