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Hussein Dekmak Oct 2021
At the crack of a new dawn,
I opened the window of my heart and invited:
Love to shelter,
Fragrance of flowers to diffuse,
A spring of hope to bloom,
Blue butterflies to dance,
Nightingale birds to sing,
And nature to chant with her silent language!

Hussein Dekmak
Mark Wanless Sep 2021
breath of solstice breeze
lilac tipped with sun dried grass
cicadas sharp chant
Jennifer DeLong Jul 2021
Tonight , I shall
dance around a open fire
burn the sage
Chant and Dance
Sing to her the mother
Ask for her blessings
for her protection
And she will
answer you
Give unto her your truth
Let her blessing be your guide
Listen to her
As she sings
with the wind
When she rages
fear not the storm
Let her release
her rage is magic
If you stop and feel it
Fear not
In all she does
It's for you and those
who believe
She is truth she is magic
Witch you may say
but let me tell you
That word is precious
Its who she is
its who I've am

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Void Feb 2021
Down now

No, there's
No hope for
You now

Just as
The fire
Dies down

No, there's
No coming
Back now

Slow now

So long,

Lights out
A very old write
MØ Fitas Dec 2020
Alone she goes in the woods
- dark robes covering her womanhood -
No other thoughts shaping her angular face
But the will to burn Autumn leaves.

A fire set on the auburn ground
- a muddy dough of death -
Begs her coming as flame rise high
And smoke signals the way.

No tears no loud cries
No regrets nor fears
The wish to burn away her past
Stronger than the waving of spears.
MØ Fitas Nov 2020
Poetry is a
    garden of wild
I've yet come to
MØ Fitas Nov 2020
Of roses and others more
Of lovers and jewels of ore:
I collect tears from bright pink fears
And Gregorian chants for my ears.

Of roses and others more
Of poses and artists' core:
A glance of lavender and thyme
As souls swing through time.
Nana Alli Jun 2020
License to die,
Contract to ****,
That was the deal,
Buried my heart,
Wore a mask
And blood spills

Inhumanly human,
Tears floods my heart,
Yet, I stand head high
Even with death
Staring into my eyes

No guts!
No glory!
For I am a lethal weapon
And no one dies twice!

As I leave my body
I remain loyal
To Alfa,
Died a Romeo for my country,
Served as Mike,
Till we meet in Yankee,
Even in afterlife my symbol is peace
But my loyalty belongs
To the
Alfa Romeo Mike Yankee.

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