Star BG 6d

I will chant poetic words in gratitude,
like waves inside my voice.
They’ll ride the air like a vessel,
trying to port in a readers eyes.

I shall chant poetic verse for World Peace
sending it out as a psalm.
They will move as if tickling page,
so others gather in its field of type.

I will chant kissing the moment in song.
Giving wings to words to birth smile.
They will travel to one and all
with no cost just unconditional love.

I shall chant everyday anointing many.
Galloping in melody to open hearts
They will enter the silence to give hope
as they anchor inside wind.

I will chant poetic words so miracles come,
as great dreams takes over consciousness.
They surface for new beginnings
as one shifts inside compassion.

I shall chant. I will chant,
singing in a psalmody of light.

StarBG © 2017

Inspired by Harry Roberts. Thank you gifted one.
Ada Harris Dec 2017

This winter wonderland puts me in a trance;
Imagining a life not yet lived; a little glance.
But slumber keeps calling my name.
Snowflakes kiss the air, and glitters all around.
But slumber keeps calling my name.
Seeking the comfort of all things warm; you will find me under blankets and with coffee for days...
But slumber keeps calling my name.
And soaking in the moments I have with those, whom I adore,
I look to brush time away once more,
But slumber keeps calling my name.
As the evening creeps in,
I am pensive as the bustle slows down, and the silence inhabits the cold,
Slumber inhabits me too...

fun with chant, a work in progress..
Seema Dec 2017

The message from our creator
Is like a leashing sword
Crossing a cemetery, chanting his name

Going to college everyday
Is like an everyday job
Sitting for an exam, chanting his name

Applying for a job interview
Is like a yes or no
Waiting for an interview, chanting his name

Getting marriage proposal for the first time
Is like, oh God I hope he's handsome or rich
Proposal results, chanting his name

And the list goes on.....
Everything we do, its a phobia of being unsuccessful
Therefore, chanting Gods name
Most only to motivate themselves
Others to believe
That he hears and delivers...


Star BG Nov 2017

Knock, Knock,
the sun vibrated
as eyes opened and breath anchored.

Chirp, Chirp,
birds whispered inside stream of air.

Chant, Chant,
the moment unfolded with grand dreams.
Beat, Beat
my heart echoed
with song for peace.

Don't know where this came from. LOL  The word knock, entered my mind.
Brandon Cotter Sep 2017

Just another hovering face amidst the millions
Clammy hands twitch like newborn foe
Instinctive to endless madness within us all
As a single entity, we gaze upon the heavens
Tattered clothes mimic these tattered lives
From which we can now be free
Darkness plummets towards earth and all its wonders
Like the master taming the frail
Silence has no place here
As it is chased down and executed in front of all
Damn you for your feathered beauty
And damn you for keeping the calm
Now our voices will be heard across the land
From deep within our lungs we will scream our last chant
Together, our clatter will crack holes in         time
Our sound will travel forever past this insanity
Further than the rage that is instilled in you
Further than the Gods which you pray upon
We will not answer to you no more as peasant flock
Our time is now to revolt against ALL aspects of your life
May our lives be a sacrifice for those who come next
As a platform to disarm the ugly we face
We have the power!
And we have the grace!
To take back what is ours!

Joshua Penrod Sep 2017

Fill her empty spaces
With picket signs
That chant of her beauty.


K Balachandran Jun 2017

The non peril writer,magnificent illustrator,
dexterous editor,all in one of the book of life,
each one, each page,each edition looks and reads
different, yet one in essence, though flavors vary.
We hear  you speak every tongue,Latin, Arabic, Hebrew
and in sonorous Sanskrit,you make us chant"Earth is one nest"
Such profuse creativity  baffles one and all, ever
is your prime possession;  manifestation as well!
The nebulous one, present in each cell,each neuron,
well,  everything ever appeared,anywhere in cosmos,
we attempt to know you in myriad means, give you names
that pleases us, we try to possess you in ways even mean.
We hallucinate our cameras of mind, captures  you right
with the eyes of science; you still prove to be like music.
In our limited resources allotted by neuron collectives,
we make you sit on the throne, of the architect of cosmos,
that evolves and emerge,and itself erases when time is ripe.
The artistic painter of emotions, that has been baffling,
the mix of color happens without any  guide book.
sans blue print of any kind or elaborate plan to execute.
You have no designated place to live, in spite of our wishes
you are omnipresent , the string, player as well as  music,
your thought work we all are, weaved in to one from
strands of of ancient  DNA things preserved,through ages!
Oh! the one that's beyond the realms of winning /losing
the subtlest of all the sublime that in every heartbeats chant,
love to be a work of art that  pleases you, in me present,
Help me from within, in my dissolution as colors,varied
be the painter too and to become that work of art pleases you.

Demy Molentor Mar 2017

Be a lady, young luck!
You're to me so dear.
Light be in the dark!
Don't let pain go near.

Set us all, pretty, free.
Help our honest fight.
Never ever  let us be.
Wield my sword tight.

I finally came up with the homage poem.
Michael Lechner Feb 2017

the wild birdsong
in your soul

Dance madly
upon the grave of
your false self

Chant loudly
the poem
of Love's

Recite boldly
the words
of  God

Sound the gong

Peal the bells

Let your spirit soar
to heights unseen

For today your heart
has been unshackled

This is the day
of your rebirth

© Michael Lechner

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