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Alone she goes in the woods
- dark robes covering her womanhood -
No other thoughts shaping her angular face
But the will to burn Autumn leaves.

A fire set on the auburn ground
- a muddy dough of death -
Begs her coming as flame rise high
And smoke signals the way.

No tears no loud cries
No regrets nor fears
The wish to burn away her past
Stronger than the waving of spears.
Poetry is a
    garden of wild
I've yet come to
MØ Fitas Nov 6
Of roses and others more
Of lovers and jewels of ore:
I collect tears from bright pink fears
And Gregorian chants for my ears.

Of roses and others more
Of poses and artists' core:
A glance of lavender and thyme
As souls swing through time.
Nana Alli Jun 26
License to die,
Contract to ****,
That was the deal,
Buried my heart,
Wore a mask
And blood spills

Inhumanly human,
Tears floods my heart,
Yet, I stand head high
Even with death
Staring into my eyes

No guts!
No glory!
For I am a lethal weapon
And no one dies twice!

As I leave my body
I remain loyal
To Alfa,
Died a Romeo for my country,
Served as Mike,
Till we meet in Yankee,
Even in afterlife my symbol is peace
But my loyalty belongs
To the
Alfa Romeo Mike Yankee.

Things are always not in same order
They get broader and broader...
Take me as an example
Time ago my heart was temple
Now I don’t care anything as I used to
I was not treating people as I do…
My heart was broken many times
But I fool was busy in making rhyme…
People make fun and say I don’t have mind
Someone please go and tell them
I have mind but you don’t have kind
Things are always not in same order
They get broader and broader…
To have someone our heart act
But after sometime it becomes contract
This is surely not god’s creation
If u acts just natural
You will always remain bachelor...
Don’t be what you are and be a fool
Show the world what you can and remain cool..
This is today's happy life mantra (chant)
Live life king size is only a sapna(dream)
Things are always not in same order
They get broader and broader...
When reality hits you hard
Keanu, salvum fac pópulum tuum.
     et benedic hæreditati tuæ;
     Dona ad victoriam imperator,
     super hostes eorum.
     et ex quo imperium tuum,
     habitationem tuam substravisti.
ENGLISH: "Save, o Keanu, Thy Folk / and bless Thy Heritage. / Grant victory to the Emperor / over his adversaries / and by command of Thy Lordship / extend Thy Dominion."
aennij Nov 2019
brewing potion with ritual
reciting chants, merely verbal
niching these little caviar
a mixture of gravitas and war

such ladle so long enough to combine
a ******'s blood with a spoon of wine
perhaps adding a buckskin would suffice
this hellcat's hellacious bliss

a bushel of a misogynist's intestine,
must not forget to hitch gobs of sharks fin,
augment a pair of an old man's sight
then smatter the hogs' teeth bite

sing song this dark lullaby
you ought to hear plead and cry
smell and smear this fatal brew
any life it shall take and shoo

death will come and it will reign
blood will begrime and it will stain
thoroughly toting the daring deathly hex
seeking a prey who must be next
a post halloween poem
Sing me not songs of stars,
Bring your ears to my breast,
You will hear the songs of my heart.
Not just of the moon and sun,
But those of the universe.

Bring me not flowers
Nor butterflies.
Exalt my presence
For you are rose — most pleasant
And you are my butterfly — more elegant.

Take me not to places worth milk and honey,
Take me to your heart
The deepest and calmest part
Let me rest there
Under its gracious sky
With you beside me,
Gazing at the inner beauty of you.
For no treasure is beyond there.

livianna Nov 2019
I will sing my monody with pride
No matter if you happen to cry
a short diddy I made in class
Christian Bixler Sep 2019
Oh! Here in my
heart, in my
heart of hearts,
is the name of my love,
my love.

Oh! Here in the
cleft, in the
deepest of deep
places, sheltered
from the wind,
and the sun,
and the sea,
is the name of my love,
my love.

There, my love
in my heart of hearts,
in the dark
of my fear,
and my sorrow,
and regret,
within me forever;
comfort and

In the fires of
my heart, in the
rivers of my blood,
as life, as the life
of the land, is my love,
my love.

And on my lips,
on the wings of
my breath, is her
name, my love.

In the times
of my gladness,
in the gladness
of my soul,
when my skin
trembles with
the spirit and
sensation, then
am I the gladder,
far more than
any man,
than any at all
in the telling of
this earth,
for I know what
it is to hold
love in my heart.

Yes I know
what it is
to hold love
in my heart.

And I hold you
in my heart,
in my heart,
in my heart.

Oh I tell you
love, you who
dwell within me,
in my breath
as the lands breath,
in my bones
as the lands bones.

If that time too
should come,
if that most blessed
time should
come in its time,
in its time, that
is its own time,
and our lips meet,
seed and seeds
desire, there
after long yearning;
after the longest
of long yearnings.

Oh, I know not
what I'd do,
oh my love,
oh my love.

Oh, to know
what I'd do,
oh my love,
oh my love.

But I think that
I'd burst, oh
my love,
my love.

As the dam in
the springtime,
my love,
my love.

But to feel your
touch, your touch
that burns, and
to drink your eyes,
as the pine and
to know of your
scent, that of
all others is
your own,
and to breathe your
breath, as one,
as one.

To breathe of your
breath, as one,
as one.

Oh for this
do I yearn,
oh my love,
oh my love.

And for this
I'd yet yearn,
oh my love,
my love.

though I withered
in the blaze, oh
my love,
my love.

For in my heart,
in my deepest
heart, yea, in the
deepest of deep
places, there you
are, my love,
and your name is on
the point of my
lips, to fly,
to fly.

To fly as the eagle
flies, swiftly and
with great soaring.

It is you and none
other that I love,
I love.

And in these words
do I tell it, my love,
my love.

Though they fall
unanswered, my love,
my love.

Here is my cry.

Here is my cry.
Inspired by the Kiowa love song tradition, of which I have long known and admired. Meant to be sung.
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