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May 23 · 390
Ties that bind are not easily broken.
What did you inherit in your bloodline?
For the fruit is a product of the vine.
We are the consequences of words spoken.
Our Ancestors sin is not forgotten,
planting seeds that grew into bitter wine.
They may have passed but we still pay the fines.
Their silence left us nothing but tokens.

The curses may last four generations,
but the blessings endure for a thousand.
We want to leave a good inheritance.
Elders to fight we need your confessions.
To dig and allow the cycle to end,
in order to give the next ones a chance.
What are things ? that you got honest from your family tree? the bigger the tree the deeper the roots
Mar 27 · 2.0k
Corona Virus Haikus
The streets are bare as
the cherry blossoms still bloom.
Life will carry on.

A walk in the woods
will still be enjoyable,
while six feet apart.

Slow down and observe
the beat of nature, for it
is good for the soul.
Three Haikus I wrote because I was inspired during these crazy times
Dec 2019 · 389
Chains of my own design
kept me from the divine.
Two good legs I was given
with wings to touch heaven,
but my mind made shackles
added weights to ankles.

With awesome wings I crawled,
so lost I forgot I’m called.
I added other’s chains
to bury my own pain,
but I wasn’t okay
mind gave heart no say.

Back to where I soared past
these distractions don’t last,
I wanted my freedom
struggle left me bleedin’;
even though I held the key
fear kept me from being free.

No way to cross the goal line,
forced to admit I’m not fine.
My past mistakes forgiven,
I gave myself permission
to let the chains unravel,
so I prepare to travel.

My progress no longer stalled
I remember that I am called.
Chains given to the one who reigns,
who was with me in the pain,
so I take it day by day
my mind is given less sway.

Where I belong at long last,
my resolve is now steadfast.
I am free in the kingdom
to remember mom’s wisdom,
don’t worry I can be carefree
fear can’t keep me. I am free
No longer in a prison of my own making I am back on track
Jun 2019 · 504
They ask, why care so much?
Simple, my ancestors blood and bones
are the foundation of this nation.

But that isn't your blood or mine?
We have come a long way!
True but broken chains
don't free us from shackles,
and half measures
can’t get us across the finish line.

If you hate it so much leave!
In case you missed point one
I'd much rather fix what's broken.
I want to make sure that the stacked deck
is reshuffled. That kids don't have to grow up
in war zones, where the only way out is debt
or a casket. Where people don’t get to profit
from the very thing that took others freedom.
I want a playing field that all can use,
where the rules make sense and the enforcers
are kind. Where I'm not the oddity
for never having been behind bars.
That people realize that there's more
to our culture than our bars.
I'm over the 40 acres
I want 24 Oscar's. Maybe then I'll see
myself on more than just ESPN and MTV.

Others have it far worse than you!
Well then let's elevate them too.
A rising tide raises all ships.
So let's create a flood that washes
out the hate. When will people realize
that we aren't enemies. That the system
crushing you is already destroying me.
If they can put people in cages for where
they were born then Eastside or south
of the border are just bad hands we are dealt.
I don’t know how to fix it
but I care too much to be quiet.
So thanks for reading my thoughts,
but will you stay silent?
My raw feelings this Juneteenth 2019
Mar 2018 · 1.4k
I am not Wakandian.

I wish I could look at a map and say
there that’s where my people came from.
Save money, board a plane, fly
to my ancestral home, and see what made me.

But Africa is a big place
and I’m not Kenyan, Nigerian or Ethiopian.
I have no claims to their past
and no right to their future.

All I know is I have some melanin, ***** hair,
and the knowledge that my ancestors blood and bones
set the foundation for a nation
that hasn’t made its mind up about me.

So sometimes I wonder what if my ancestors
had survived sugar fields instead of cotton.
Faced whips on the islands, instead of the south.
Would I then feel at home because I could look and know.

Or would that leave me emptier since here is still not there
and a claim to there would make me less here.
I guess until I figure this out I’ll take a made-up country
to be my made-up heritage

I am Wakandian
So as black history comes to a close and i feel the blackest i have ever been. yet i am faced with more questions than answers
Feb 2018 · 511
2/21/18 haiku
I have run through snow
and heat before the cherry
blossoms have fallen
a haiku for the heat wave
Feb 2018 · 594
Blood Saint
I am more than I seem,
for I’m Blood bought redeemed.
Gave it all to gain
now serving the one who reigns.
My mission is simple
to live as a symbol,
to bring light to the dark,
and help love find its mark.

My life was brought with a price
thanks to the blood of the Christ.
I’m not better than anyone,
just another adopted son.
I’ll be about my father’s business.
So, apologizes for the realness,
but I got no time to play games
too many people lost to flames.

So, calling all blood saints,
be strong and do not faint.
It’s time to get those robes *****.
Sermons don’t need to be wordy.
Come join us in the trenches
because you also use to be wretches
And the one who saved you
Needs you to help too.
Declaration to my brothers and sisters
Feb 2018 · 2.2k
Black Enough
In my youth I said I was more than black.
That my melanin was skin deep,
just a glance doesn’t reveal anything.
Time has taught me that I’m black enough.

I’m black enough that I got a college degree
to go with the Oreos kids called me

Black enough to pause when a cop rolls
by, even though I’ve committed no crime.
Black enough that I got family doing time.

Still black enough to be excited
about Black Lightning, Black Panther and Luke Cage.
Black enough to know people will see we are more than rage.

Black enough to never
let anyone call me outside my name,
and to rock twists until they became my mane.

See I’m black enough to know
I’m blessed enough to be made in his image.
That every breath in this body is a privilege.

I’m blessed enough to have two parents at home.
Blessed enough that God’s with me when I roam

I’m blessed enough to use these words as weapons,
cutting down all societal expectations.

Blessed enough to know that yes,
I am more than black,
but I’m still black enough.
My response to a poem i wrote when i was still in high school
Jan 2018 · 497
A Son of Shadows
I’m neither light nor darkness,
just the shade that allows people
to enjoy a sunny day.
I have rejected darkness, to fight
for the light of those who reject
me because they don’t understand
why I am the way I am.
I am grateful for the friends
who are the bedrock of my life.
I might not belong in the light,
but I love it just the same.
I will protect all those who seek refuge,
and support those who saved me.
From this day until my last.
The last in a trilogy
Oct 2017 · 2.1k
Me Too
Please don’t say not all men, when me too
becomes me three, me four, then twenty,
two thousand, too many for boy to be boys
or locker room talk.

We can’t talk away when men power grab
for things they have no right to touch,
with 140 characters insincere apologizes.

It’s time to man up and speak out and say
that being a gentleman is more than chairs and doors.
It’s less bro fists, shrugs and awkward laughs.
Instead, it is not cool bro, and really man you know better.

Because we know better, we know what goes on behind
closed doors, and only dealing with it when the doors are open
is not a solution but a symptom of the problem.

Being a nice guy does not give you access to her thighs.
Compliments don’t allow you to pass judgements
and what she wears, where she goes and what she does
does not mean a free pass.

If this culture thinks silence is permission
than I will be loud until no one has to say me too.
I'm not a woman but I can do my part and speak out
Jan 2017 · 728
2016 haiku
Even as the snow
Falls white blossoms continue
to bloom on and on.
A haiku to remember the bittersweet year that 2016 has been and to celebrate 2017.
Nov 2016 · 1.1k
I gave up on tears
Long ago, so I will let
The sky cry for me
My feelings today
Jun 2016 · 638
She was light and chaos
I was ice and dust.
The closer I got to her the brighter I shone,
But I was losing pieces of myself.
I was trapped in this cycle.
I would drift near her we’d have our fun,
But while she brings life
to others she only brought me destruction
Then it was back to the darkness cool embrace.

I swore that that time would be the last time,
But then she would pull me in like clockwork.
It always cost me more than it did her
When will I break free of her gravity?
I need to escape before I burn out.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
To my almost Valentine
As we sit alone drinking wine that was meant for two.
I am reminded again that I'm an idiot.

Honestly given my track record you probably knew
that I can’t be trusted when it comes to my heart, period.

I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t mind getting a sleeve wet,
who would blacken eyes, and ****** knuckles for a smile.

I would stay up all night without a single regret.
Heck for her I look forward to the extra mile.

Yet when it comes time to actually ask her out
I choose not to, so we both sit bored on the weekend.

Another day wasted since I won’t ask for a hangout.
To be honest this pattern is becoming a trend.

She deserves more than what ifs. The chance to answer yes
instead of dealing with my mentally assumed no.
For all the people who didn't have a valentine because they never asked for one
Dec 2015 · 993
Stained lens
My glasses have been dyed in the blood
of my best friend, so I can’t help
it if I see the world differently.
Yes, I know it’s naïve
to look for the good in all men,
but that was what he did.
He saw a beauty that existed in darkness,
and the potential for life in the dead,
so forgive me if I can’t help but see the same.
I’m trying to live my life by this new perspective
and I may make mistakes, but I’ll never apologize
for my change in view. I see love differently now.
I refuse to desecrate his death
by doing less than my best to see people as he saw them,
so I’ll keep looking through these blood stained lenses
because that’s the world I want to create.
A promise for the new year
Dec 2015 · 541
We Stand with You
I seat an ocean away speechless.
We have different languages, beliefs, and cultures,
yet since this nation first emerged fighting
for our right to exist you were there.

On our darkest day when towers fell
and we were afraid.
A continent away these words
were shared “nous sommes tous américains.”

So even though I can’t comprehend
what you may be feeling.
In my own tongue
I declare “We stand with Paris.”

It doesn’t matter what you worship,
where you grew up, or how you live,
we are all human,
so today we mourn for the world.
I wrote this on 11/14/15 on the day that the world was reminded that darkness exist. So I put my feeling on paper. It was published in my school paper, but I never posted it here.
Dec 2015 · 925
Daughter of the mountain
If I had to give you a codename,
I would make it steadfast.
You never back down on what you feel is right,
even if I say otherwise.
Our friendship is built on that bedrock;
no matter the earthquakes or storms
it will stay standing.
I know you’ll never leave,
and you know I’ll be there when you need me
and even when you don’t.
We don’t agree on everything,
But one thing is true.
Our lives are better since we came together.
So here’s to whatever life throws at us
because mountains and shadows
are always there when the smoke clears.
For the other person who helped make me who I am.
Dec 2015 · 709
A plea for the shadows
I have a question to ask.
Where are the shadows to go if the light
rejects them and they fear the darkness?
Those who only see the world in black and white,
will miss all the shades of gray that add depth.

To my family sitting in your ivory towers have you forgotten
what it was like in the darkness embrace.
Nothing more than crows pecking at the trash
hoping the charcoal that coated
everything we touch would be washed clean.
I guess it’s always easier to cast stones
then to try and light a path.

Where you see defiled flesh
I see stained glass for a temple,
Scars and burns just proof
that there is still hope.
Colored hair, metal, and pieces of fabric
are distracting you from the spark
that still burns inside.
If you treat them no better than rubble
what makes you think they will choose you?

Shadows can’t exist without light
and yet you would cut them off
from the very thing they need to be saved.
If you can’t forgive them and show love,
then I’m sure we aren’t walking the same path.
They’re convinced that we don’t want them
even though they need us.
If you don’t take them as they are
they will be swallowed by the darkness.
The hatred has to stop. We are all people who need help.
Dec 2015 · 2.8k
To the green eyed goddess
To the green eyed goddess
I must admit that I have never written
about my muse before, so this may sound strange.
You see she is a green eyed goddess.
Her hair is spun heaven’s gold
and she moves with the grace of falling leaves.
When she dances the stars shine brighter
and my world becomes peaceful.

But what makes her a goddess is internal.
The fire inside is a warm light that says all are welcome.
Even when she is fighting the demons inside;
she always has a smile for me.

Words are under her spell.
She takes those twenty six and creates like paint on a canvas.
A master chef who makes a feast for all to enjoy.
A pure soul who takes everything life gives her and makes it beautiful.

That is why I write to the green eyed goddess.
Praying that for a moment, I can use words to summon the sun
into her darkness. That I can make her smile one more time,
and know that the world is still at peace.
Her hands were made to create,
so I will use mine to protect.
So know you know about my muse.
Continuing the poems about women in my life. No this is not the girl blessed by the sun.
Dec 2015 · 21.5k
Girl blessed by the Sun
The light you bring to our friendship
is indescribable. It’s like a melody
that makes me smile every time I hear.
You could’ve burned me from the start,
but instead showed a gentle glow.
It allowed me to gain a deeper
and larger view of the world.
We walk different paths,
see life in different ways,
but make each other better.
Remember you’re powerful enough to burn
through all the storms of life.
To one of my best friends
Dec 2015 · 510
A dark night
As I lay in my bed I feel trapped
Darkness is all around
I feel like I have no place to go
No place to hide.
This is one of my darkest nights.

Then I remember another dark night.
A night where a young girl struggled to give birth.
Shepherds were trying to control their flocks.
Kings and wise men prepared for a long two-year journey.
And all of heaven held it’s breathe.

Then a shout broke through the night.
The girl, a humble ******, had given birth to a son.
Shepherds were greeted by angels with the most glorious news.
A star shone in the sky to guide the wise men.
And all of heaven rejoiced for a king, the greatest king, was born.

So as I lay in my bed I realized a great thing.
No matter how dark it seems light always shines thru.
I know that this was not the night of that holy child’s birth,
But it doesn’t matter.
The Messiah was still born. He still came to save.

But most importantly he came to die.
Even on this most joyous of nights there was still a little sorrow
For this holy child was destined to become a sacrificial lamb.
But it was his choice; he chose to be the light in the dark,
He chose to illuminate this entire world.

He chose to come and die,
So we all have a choice to make.
Will we remember the reason for this great season?
Will we choose to accept the light?
I know I have, I chose to let him illuminate my night.
Aug 2015 · 1.6k
To the goddess I know
Any man would be blessed to have a goddess in his life.
Possessing all the wisdom, beauty, and grace
worthy of the Greek pantheon.
He prays and makes the appropriate sacrifices
to win a steadfast Hera
to his wayward Zeus;
a queen to his king.
That one girl who could start a war
with a glance.
They seek that one perfect goddess.

Yet I have a problem with that preconceived notion.
My eyes have been opened to the fact that goddesses
walk around us every day.
Women with the wisdom of Athena helping boys
learn what it really means to be men.
Hera’s who hold the family together no matter the cost.
Hestia’s who makes sure there is always a place to call home,
whether it’s a college dorm or rich estate.
Demeter’s who even when their love is taken
they still find a way to brighten the lives of those around them.
Praise to those with the spirit of Artemis
who won’t a silly thing like gender
stop them from achieving everything they want.
Also just because she doesn’t look like Aphrodite
to you doesn’t mean she isn’t one to me.

So thank you to all the goddesses in my life.
You helped to make me a hero when I could’ve been sent to Tartarus.
Never forget that you are special and never settle for less.
You inspire the muses.
Jul 2015 · 682
Blood Bought
Blood for blood
Life for life
That was the demand.
An imperial decree that no man could defy.
Eternal damnation was the sentence.
Darkness reigned and hope silent.
Until light entered paying the price
he shouldn’t have had to pay,
dying a death he didn’t deserve.

So you want to know why I dance and shout.
Why I sow seed, and bow my knees?
I am a blood bought son of the king.
I’m no longer chained I’ve been set free.
The red tide washed away the shadow until only light remained.
He took it all so I’m sold out.
A new covenant was formed.
Grace for blood
Life for death

Sorry not sorry that I can’t stop praising.
I’ve gained too much for counterfeit trash.
His blood is too valuable not to share.
So I’ll keep writing, speaking, dancing, and singing;
until everyone I know is free.
Jun 2015 · 712
A Light in the dark
Imagine it.
Darkness absolute
Total complete.
Then one day a Light was born
Spectacular beautiful glorious
It shines on everything
Revealing all deceptions.
The darkness hates it
Tries to hide
Finally it plots to end the Light.
It attacks the light relentlessly viciously savagely
It kills the Light and celebrates.

Imagine it
The Light’s death
Begins a chain reaction.
Suddenly other lights begin to shine
Small at first
Then bigger and bigger.
The first Light’s revival begins the revolution
It leaves promising to return.
Now the new lights plunge into the darkness
More lights join
For everyone that falls more take its place
This goes on for centuries
But then disaster.

Imagine it
The lights grow complacent
They stop seeking striving fighting
Instead they grows dim
The darkness doesn’t fear them
Now it’s the darkness harassing the lights
The lights have forgotten to fight back
They take it
When will the lights take back their place?
When will they stand and fight
When will they remember it’s all or nothing?
The darkness wants them dead
When will they be?
A light in the dark
Apr 2015 · 572
My sister was my first ward.
When GOD saw fit to send
her to me he forgot to include any warnings.
She would drink all the juice,
and play with all the toys.
She was cuter then me, smaller than me,
and could not sin. At least that’s what my family thought.
I didn’t know it was possible to love and hate that hard until we grew up.
As a fledgling guardian I had to do well in school,
respect teachers, and keep out of trouble
because she followed in my wake.
I was her windbreaker that protected her from the storm.

My overprotectiveness of all Double X chromosome
carriers is pretty much her fault.
I made plans at night on how I would keep us both safe
if we ever had the misfortune of being alone in the world.
I blazed trails and fought demons
so she would never know darkness.
And I failed.
I made her hate me and the weird thing was I was content
with the hate because she was safe.
She’ll never see the horrors of the frontlines.
Never know my scars.

It’s taken two years to get my best friend back.
No matter what happens or the gap that may arise
she will always be my friend.
Now I’ll always mess with her, give her advice,
answer when she calls, remind her of her embarrassing moments,
and I will always be the first to defend her.
She’s my littlest one and I’ll have her back until the day I leave this world.
Love you lil sis sis.
Happy Siblings day littlest one. This one is for you
Apr 2015 · 29.3k
Now you have to understand
that the greatest gift a child can receive is a sibling.
Wrapped up in that hospital delivery is limitless potential.
They can be your partner in crime,
or the key witness in your conviction.
A sibling fights the same battles you do just with different tactics.
Some prefer to pit mom against dad others dad against mom.

No one will ever walk the earth as close to you.
Part of the DNA that makes you unique flows in their veins.
Even if circumstances change that bond can’t be broken.
They will annoy you, steal from you, drive you crazy,
and if you’re lucky enough hate you. And yet they are your best friend,
confidant, and the person who if you’re unfortunate enough will go to hell
and back as fast for you as you would do for them.

So to all the siblings out there.
May you be playmates in adversity and friendly rivals in joy
Happy Siblings Day
Apr 2015 · 873
That Day
On that day blood flowed like satin,
trickling down your sides.
Life draining, courage waning,
yet you love.

Your back lay bare
vision blurring, heart pulsing,
trails of blood
leading from the cross.

The spear enters your side,
blood and water stream out
pooling at your feet.
Your soul is no longer there.

Rivers of blood flow
quenching the LORD’S rage.
Life no longer living hell
blood lead to liberty.
To honor the this day
Mar 2015 · 1.8k
I am more than black
For those who say “I’m not black” you’re right.
For calling myself black limits me.
It limits my destiny to that of a slave;
To a fate of being judged by my skin,
Trapped by every ***** stereotype

To call myself black is to deny the rest of me.
It denies the Cherokee that flows through my veins.
It denies the Irish proud and strong.
It denies the other nations that have made me.
It denies my ancestry.

So for those who say I am not black you’re right.
For what is black?
Is it the descendants of slaves?
Tired and broken. Or is it those of African descent
Or is it more modern
Is it the mother who raises children alone?
Is it the father who is never home?
Is it the children who know not where they belong?
Is it those who grow up in the projects losing hope?

If this is what black is I reject it!
I am more than black.
I am more than the slave in chain.
I am more than the Cherokee proud and free.
I am more than Irish strong and brave.
For to accept any of these is to limit me to its destiny.

I am a human made by God
Made in his image and likeness.
African, Irish and Cherokee it is what helped make me,
But they do not bind me to their destinies.
So those who say I am not black you are right;
I am more than black. I am a child of the king.
And he has written my true destiny.
One of my oldest poems that I feel still rings true
Mar 2015 · 3.3k
As I trudge through this
mashed potato snow. I feel
that it needs more salt.
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
When the dream is realized
I have a dream.
Four simple words that echoed through all of history.
I have a dream.
A powerful statement that shaped a nation.
I have a dream.
Many wonder if it will ever be more.
I have a dream.
Many more believed a Presidential election fulfilled the dream.

He had a dream
But the dream is not yet reality.
He had a dream
It is more than a black white thing,
He had a dream
It is an every race, religion, people thing.
He had a dream
How can we say it is a reality when we look to the south with hate?
He had a dream
When we judge based on pounds of flesh?
He had a dream
When we judge a people by the acts of a few?

There is a dream
For it is still a dream.
There is a dream
And it will remain one.
There is a dream
Till we can all seat down together in brotherhood.
There is a dream
But we can make it a reality together.
An old poem of mine that I feel has special relevance to today
Feb 2015 · 5.3k
Cloud Warrior
A drifter, a shadow,
There one minute, moving on the next
Always watching, always waiting
Loved by some, despised by others
But never caring.

The eternal guardian of the sky
Some celebrate the absence of any,
Others relish in the relief it brings
But regardless it does its job
Whether hated or loved

It can be the solitary loner,
But it always looks for a group.
Whether to enhance the sunset,
Or create a righteous storm
It seeks comrades, it seeks a home.

Never caring whether hated or loved
It seeks comrades it seeks a home
But it still stands resolute.
It will always watch, it will always guard;
Regardless of the opinions of other.
This one is another old one off my facebook notes
Feb 2015 · 1.7k
My Flame
All the ingredients are in place
Then a spark and a flame is born,
But flames are weak.
They must be fed daily
The winds can make it stronger,
But be careful the winds can blow it out.
The flame grows stronger

Soon others notice the blaze
They wonder where I got the flame
I try to explain
If I’m lucky I can see their ingredients
Sometimes watch their spark
Help tend their flame
And sometimes they reject your fire
I strive to keep it burning
Strive not to get discouraged when I can’t maintain post gas explosions

But when it does become an inferno
Then the fun begins
You can’t help setting things on fire
It becomes a shield
Flaming armor that protects you from the enemy
Wings of flame that carry you and your dreams
A shield to protect those you love
A raging inferno that challenges the darkness
A beacon of hope to all who search
And all this came from humble beginnings
All of this comes from a simple spark
An old poem of mine that I cleaned up
Feb 2015 · 821
Orginal Sin
This country was built on greed.
All the white men had desires;
Gold, God and Glory their creed.
Sin loves to travel in packs
wrath came next to spill blood.
The Great Spirit received many guests.

Having desires is not a sin.
Sin entered when men were sold
to backbreaking work for another’s gain.
***** blood fueled the Southern Kingdom
greed begot sloth which begot fear
slavery became too valuable to lose.

So in the great American tradition
compromise became the easy way out.
Why fight for 3/5 a person;
instead bounce between slave and free
making all envy the southern wealth
a perfect illusion hiding white poor.

Fast forward to the Postbellum south.
Half the wealth has become man
equality will mean Southern prosperity’s death.
The south needs labor to rebuild
sharecropping and convict leasing slavery’s *******
will help keep the ***** down.

When men become numbers society fails.
Why not work them to death?
Just grab another to lay rails.
Once being black is a crime
it’s simple to justify white pride.
Fear will keep those ******* inline.

So do not blame Big Business
for the destruction they routinely cause.
Save your petitions to our congress
they can’t even touch the monster.
We devour all that we see
but that’s our countries original Sin.
played around with six six word six lined stanzas. Plus some other things for fun.
Feb 2015 · 643
20 things
On this the day of my birth I reflect on the twenty things I’ve learned. To be fair I learned most of these very young or far too late, but regardless they are lessons learned.

First Family is always family. You don’t chose these people but you do get to choose how you interact with them.

There are people who are more than family. How I met them doesn’t matter. What does is the fact that I would do anything for them for the pure reason that they mean that much to me.

Everyone needs faith, Granted we all don’t believe in the same thing, and that’s ok, but we all need to believe in something.  This life has zero purpose if you don’t have something to believe in.

You can’t chose who you love. I don’t want to go into details with this one but what it comes down to is you are fully responsible for what you do with that love,

Never get in between a relationship. It’s not my place and I don’t like being there.

No one deserves forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift which must be given freely.

It’s easier to be feared then loved, but love is more satisfying.

People will hate me. Some of it I deserve a lot of it no so much. Nothing I can do about it.

If no one hates you it means you never really stood for anything.

Never pick a fight you don’t intended to finish, but if you do finish it leave it alone, Grudge matches never solve anything.

Grudges are a waste of time and energy. It won’t make you feel better and it won’t make the other person feel worse.

Time is one of the few things we control that we have no real control over, so spend it/ pass it/ live it on the people and things you love.

Someone loves you even if it’s not you.

Money is a means to an end not an end. If money for money’s sake become your goal you will wake up very sad one day.

I should do things that I love. Even if they don’t make me money, that’s the point of my day job. People who can do both are truly blessed, but I don’t want my love to become a necessity.

No one controls my actions but me. I will pay for my sins, but I will also celebrate my victories.

No one on this planet is perfect. But find that person that makes you want to be better then you are.

All magic comes at a price. To gain something, something of value must be lost. To live ignoring the consequences is foolishness.

There are fundamental laws that never change. I am finding out what those are for me and making sure I never forget them.

Lastly I’m just a minor character in a story that has been going on far longer than I’ve been alive, but that doesn’t mean I’m not important to the stories around me. I could be that unwavering friend, the annoying rival, the wise one who hands out good advice, or the villain who makes the hero realize something.

At the end of the day I AM HUMAN. I will make mistakes, fail and fall, but I will pick myself up and keep going. I’m far from perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

— The End —