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nick Apr 26
they say weird words that feint romantic
between the arson of feelings and antics
twisted like kaleidoscope eyes
that's the only way to see you
through a lens not quite right
telling you it'll all be fine
Erian Rose Apr 24
living between
the lens of a telescope,
endlessly staring up
at the planets and stars
skating among the ink
annh Feb 14
Offer sight to a blind man and he may refuse the notion,
Preferring to view the world through the lens of his heart;
Limited only by his own goodness and intention.

Or lack of it, as the case may be. :)

‘I don't think we did go blind, I think we are blind. Blind but seeing. Blind people who can see, but do not see.’
- Jose Saramago, Blindness

A moment in time

Black and white

The lens

Timeless the colours

Changing times
- Nov 2019
nowadays i keep the light on
my desk organized
my bed made
my floor clean
i see world through a different lens
summers have the sun up
even the fog see through
in the winter
i changed my way of living in
On the map there 's a tripod
And an eye blinking trying to focus
Far away on a land called Tierra de Fuego
And there  goes  my Muse's Range Rover
Greenlaning la luz del amanecer
Tracking butterflies orchids grasshoppers and dragons,
Sad salads and fired bananas and dew
And all sorts of bits and bobs
Keeping corrections to a minimum.
If it looks Topaz
She didn't do it !
She's more like aurora,
Traveling long distance with laughter
Or lenses cooking light with cuddles
Or stir frying a full curried moon over the volcanoes
Of seven types of fired bananas
Always worried about aperture and exposure
My muse wouldn't live without her lens bathing
Diving and swimming into the warm and shallow depth of field
Just as she wouldn't live without her daily dose
Of nine megapixels of bioluminescent plankton
Because my Muse is an addict
My muse is a Nikon D800 addict
and an aurora addict as well
Earthing and grounding relentlessly
The inner storms of morning light
Leading to her native archipelago
Of Tierra del Fuego !!
Nylee Mar 2019
What is buried so deep inside
A memory so entwined
many lines and differing angles
The same frame can be seen
Differently with different lenses
Different outcome for every scene
Can alter all the things
And I would not remain
as the person I am
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