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deadhead Apr 12
being a child, i remember
loving the tangy taste
of cherry cough drops, thinking
it was pretty good for not being candy.
growing up, i started to realize
that they weren't tangy;
they were medicinal, and that to a
child, they might seem sweet because
they don't know any better.
some people say they miss being a kid
so that they didn't know the things
that they know now. But I would
much rather know what I know
and be capable of making my
own choices then to be kept
in the dark like a child.
JKirin Apr 7
the season of snows and sorrows.
Bygone are its long frozen nights.

Spring brings
the promise of brighter morrows
and wonder to everyday sights.

I watch
as beautiful cherries blossom.
With them,
a light in my heart ignites.
watching cherry blossoms and letting go of the worries
deadhead Feb 24
i think
i remember
you smelling
vaguely like
truck stop
cherry hand
i guess
that's the
way it is
when you
work at
truck stop
Alex Scaife Jan 7
Spilt blood seeps into the cracks of the earth
Floating gently down like a plucked feather
Deeper and deeper into the black soil
Which turns purple, slowly, like a bruised fruit
Carrying its infected blood to the core.
Festering roots grow, a tumour,
Which rises and bursts like an overripe fig
Into the open landscape below which it swelled.
Pink leaves hang from its twisted branches
And casts a black shadow submerging us all
Poem about fascism
pink snowflakes
litter my front lawn

they will melt away
under the watchful eye
of a summer sun

leaving only a stone
surrounded by fruit
J Jan 4
I may be a smoker
but I still think of the fruit
when I hear cherry
I see it all
you, me, us
In the kitchen
dancing in sepia lights

In the mall
between the aisles
bouncing and tip-tapping
when a happy beat comes on

In the bed
between the sheets
with a faint morning light
escaping between the curtains

But now I also see
the invisible bruises
that you left in my heart
and in my mind

The harsh words
that came out of your soft lips
The heavy and strong hands
that played beautiful melodies

I see it all now
like tasting Cherry Wine
that is sweet and bold
but leaves a bitter aftertaste
femininefiction Dec 2020
Manic mimosas
On a syndicate smile
Bourbon scotch cherry blossoms
With cinnamon eyes
He’s the only one who knows
how deeply he affects me.

Tonight I need to drown in you
Feel the loneliness consume me
With no desire to grow
From the garden I was planted in
Staring at Louisiana’s root -
how deeply he affects me.

I don’t want to be beautiful
I don’t want to be happy
I don’t want to be skinny
I don’t want to be strong
Let me drown drown drown

With the sheer knowledge
I’ll be laughing like God
After freezing a man
who sings my name
for him, I will return

To manic mimosas
On a syndicate smile
Bourbon scotch cherry blossoms
With cinnamon eyes
He’s the only one who knows
how deeply he affects me.
mark soltero Dec 2020
between your indecisions
you lie lovingly
for my ravaged tongue
to taste the forbidden fruits of the gods’ labor

so that you may be happy
during the summer evenings
i shall squeeze every last drop
till you’re pleased

intoxicating they are
your garden grows
its untouched  lovely fruit for you and I
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