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Cherry blossoms
Fleeting moments
Raining grace
With the wind

Singing about
And dying
in acceptance
Cherry juice and sweet surprises,
how wonderful it is that you light up my eyes.
Cold and refreshing, sip of juice, like the sugary kisses that bright up the room.
Lick my lips, smother me in your lavishing desires, as for one day we will have forever eternal love.
I love to love you.
N Sep 22
She left me with a bouquet of
flowers that never bloomed,
and a muse with bleeding
verses that never rhymed

At nights when her name
is dancing on my tongue,
I hunger for the cherries
she once promised to feed me
Another version.
N Sep 22
I wonder if the filed of lavender
sighs when it yearns for her scent

I wonder if the sunflowers
worship her raven hair
like the sun

I wonder if the moon weeps
with longing over her absence  

I wonder if the sky turns pink
when the spring breeze
touches her silky skin

I wonder if the cherries bleed in her
mouth like my heart when she left
The sweetness of cheery springs from Sun. Sharp rays spread out to the world, lightly tipping, gently dipping into the spacious glass and reflect in the graveness of dark, the beauty of beam. This is the modest delight of a fae song, which divides into many a piece of rose - shaped star, all lightfull and lifefull. So the love letter to a painting stated (with sympathies never returned) back in the Eastern Lands of Winter White. And by the tinkling lights of these sharp rays, for that love we won't mourn.
Maria Mitea Jun 19
The meanest creature
I have ever met,
it was my grandmother's dog
guarding under the cherry tree,
waiting and waiting,
every May of the year
for the stalwart soldier
returning from war.
BLT Challenge " Stalwart"
Stalwart reminds me, how as a child in May cherries ripe and me and my sisters went to my grandmother's place to eat cherries. My grandmother's dog stayed under the three with so much determination until we leave ... My grandmother won't tell us anything, but it felt like the dog and grandma had a complot on us grandchildren. As we walked back home with my sisters, we tried to find out what was going on in all this story with the grandma, the stalwart dog, and cherries ... One day grandma tolled us the story about her son ...
We children cried and felt so much compassion for her and the loyal Dog ...
Kamilla Jun 16
As a love
Whom together,
The art of sin

Not of the wrongs
Nor rights
If the sweet cherry
Seeps or flows

A figure, yet
Merely a reflection
In fruits,
Not leaves

Vanilla cream
One robust
In darkness
And desire

Of vanilla dancing
Upon buds,
Of taste

The willingness
To enable,
The expedition
And art of sin
Do not linger in the shadows
of sakura trees,

you’ll grow drunk on their promises
                                          of love,
her sickly sap, seeps through souls,
stanching your heart silently,
veins from which she can drink from,
taste the longing that you will bring,
                                   in the spring,
                                   in the spring,
the sakura hungers for loneliness;
longing to learn your desires,
leaving you coughing up lonely petals,
solemn kisses made in her long shadows.
Last spring, I was sexually assaulted at 16. One of times having been after seeing the cherry blossoms. Now, I don't associate them with love, but false desire.
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